Spain November 2015: Dacia Sandero doubles sales to #1

Dacia Sandero Spain November 2015. Picture courtesy of largus.frDacia Sandero sales are up by a round 100% year-on-year this month. Picture

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After gaining just 6% in October, the Spanish new car market is back to extravagant growth rates with November sales up 26% year-on-year to 82.332 units, the largest November volume since 2009 (86.941), lifting the year-to-date total up 21.5% to 952.060 deliveries, highest since 2008 (1.089.112). If Peugeot managed to outsell traditional market leader Volkswagen last month, this time Opel has the honour of topping the Spanish brands ranking despite simply evolving like the market at +25% to 8% share, toppling Peugeot (+44%), while Volkswagen (+19%) ranks third but is still #1 year-to-date by almost 10.000 units. Renault (+3%), Ford (+9%) and Citroen (+40%) follow, and Land Rover (+51%), Kia (+63%), Dacia (+72%), Smart (+76%), Jeep (+81%), Mazda (+89%) and Suzuki (+255%) all post spectacular gains.

Ford Ecosport Spain November 2015. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Ford Ecosport hits its best-ever ranking in Spain this month at #66. Picture

Model-wise, the Dacia Sandero exactly doubles its sales year-on-year to 2.383 and 2.9%, enough to snap the top spot for the first time since September 2014 and the 6th time ever along with JanuaryAugustDecember 2013 and August 2014. Apart from the Seat Leon stable in 2nd place and now almost certain to score an annual win at home for the 2nd consecutive year, all nameplates in the Top 5 frankly outpace the market: the Nissan Qashqai is up 50% to #3, the Seat Ibiza up 52% to #4 and the Opel Astra up 46% to #5, overtaking the Corsa year-to-date to rank 9th. The Peugeot 308 (+39%) and 208 (+58%) also shine at #7 and #8 respectively.

Jaguar XE Spain November 2015. Picture courtesy XE

Among recent launches, the Hyundai Tucson gains a further three spots on October to get even closer to a formidable Top 10 ranking: #12 for now with 1.368 sales and 2nd best-selling SUV in the country below the Nissan Qashqai. On that note, the Renault Kadjar, based on the same platform and assembled locally, is down 19 ranks and struggles to really make a mark for now at #44, while the Ford Ecosport, labelled a flop in most parts of Europe, is slowly but surely making its way to the top: up 7 spots to a best-ever #66 this month. If most nameplates launched in the past few months mark a pause in November (Mazda CX-3, Fiat 500X, Mercedes GLC, Honda HR-V…), the Land Rover Discovery Sport (#91), Ssangyong Tivoli (#118) and Jaguar XE (#129) continue to progress.

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Saudi Arabia September 2015: Toyota Hilux sovereign

Toyota Hilux Saudi Arabia September 2015. Picture courtesy Toyota FlickrThe Toyota Hilux keeps its crown in Saudi Arabia (1979 and 2015 models pictured).

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After the UAE we are now able to share with you rare sales data for Saudi Arabia in September (72.796 sales) and year-to-date (660.886). Toyota celebrates 60 years of presence in Saudi Arabia by crossing the 40% market share milestone in September vs. 34.3% year-to-date. It is followed by Hyundai (16.5%), Nissan (7.5%) outpacing Kia and Ford, both at 6.2%. Add Chevrolet (3.6%) and Isuzu (3.4%) and you have 83.5% of the Saudi market in September, with no other manufacturer selling over 1.500 units or holding more than 2% market share. Compared to our previous updates, we can now see detailed sales data for Renault Samsung (#10) frankly outselling its parent company (#16), Geely leading the Chinese at #18, Porsche at #20 in-between BMW and Mercedes, and outside the Top 25 let’s single out Chinese carmakers MG (#28) and GAC Gonow (#34).

Toyota 60 years Saudi ArabiaToyota celebrates 60 years in Saudi Arabia (here in the early eighties).

Nissan Patrol Saudi Arabia September 2015Nissan Patrol (pictured in Dubai)

Logically, Toyota places no less than seven nameplates inside the September Top 10 models. The Hilux is sovereign, boosted even further up by the new generation to 10.3% share vs. 6.8% so far this year. The Hyundai Accent (5.7%) and Elantra (5.6%) impressively outmanoeuvre both this month and year-to-date the perennial passenger car leader the Toyota Corolla (5.2%), itself under threat by its smaller sibling the Toyota Yaris (5%). The Land Cruiser (#6) improves vastly on its FY2014 ranking (#14) as does its Pickup variant at #9 vs. #23. The Fortuner makes it to the Top 10, just. Notice also the Nissan Patrol shooting up to #13, the Nissan X-Trail appears at #51, the Geely Emgrand EC7 leads all Chinese nameplates at #60 and the Volvo XC90 is up to #68 thanks to the new model. Complete rankings are below.

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Portugal October 2015: BMW on podium, Peugeot 2008 hits record

Peugeot 2008 Portugal October 2015. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Peugeot 2008 ranks 6th overall in Portugal this month.

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Another month of strong growth for new car sales in Portugal with October up 16% year-on-year to 13.724 units, lifting the year-to-date total to 151.992, up 28% on 2014. Mercedes is finally dislodged from the freak pole position it held for two months running, down to #4 but still displaying the strongest year-on-year gain in the Top 15 at +44% to 1.204 sales and 8.8% share. Renault (+30%) is back to #1 with 11.8% of the market followed by Peugeot (+19%) at 10% while BMW leaps two spots on September to third place with 8.9% share (+23%). All German luxury carmakers are in great shape with Audi up 39% in 6th place.

BMW 1 Series Portugal October 2015The BMW 1 Series leaps to 5th place in October.

Volkswagen marks a pause and its sales up just 1% pull the brand down two ranks on last month to #5 vs. #2 year-to-date. Notice also Ford up 41%, Smart up 177% and Mazda up 62%. Model-wise, the Renault Clio and VW Golf dominate, with the Peugeot 208 up a whopping 78% to #3 thanks to its facelift, the BMW 1 Series jumping 9 spots on September to #5, the Peugeot 2008 up 50% to hit a record 6th place, the Renault Captur up 52% to #7, Mercedes A-Class up 56% to #9, Citroen C3 up 64% to #14, Ford Focus up 152% to #15, Mercedes CLA up 180% to #19 and VW Passat up 250% to #22

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Hong Kong (China) October 2015: BMW 2 series Tourer shoots up to #1

BMW 2er Gran Tourer Hong Kong October 2015. Picture courtesy autobild.deBMW 2 Series Gran Tourer

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New car sales in Hong Kong are still compiled by a separate organisation (HKMTA) even though it is now technically part of China and show new car sales up a meagre 0.6% year-on-year to 4.652 units, with the year-to-date total now standing at 46.330 registrations, up 5% on 2014. Below Toyota down a worrying 21% to 1.054 sales and 22.7% share, BMW is up a spectacular 72% on a year ago to 688 deliveries and 14.8%. This fantastic result is partly due to the exceptional success of the BMW 2 Series Tourer: thanks to 215 deliveries of the all-new Gran Tourer, the BMW nameplate simply takes the lead of the Hong Kong models ranking in October with 273 sales and 5.9% share, outselling the perennial leader the Toyota Hiace at 235 units and 5.1%.

Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Hong Kong October 2015The Mercedes-Mayback S-Class breaks into the Hong Kong Top 50 this month.

Audi also impresses with sales up 3-fold on a year ago to 253 units and 5.4%, as do Land Rover (+131%) and Volvo at a round +100%. Over on the models ranking, notice the Honda Stepwagon remaining at #3, the Toyota Spade at #5, Toyota Sienta at #7, BMW 1 Series at #10, Mercedes S-Class at #11, Land Rover Discovery Sport at #18, Volvo XC90 at #28 and Mercedes GLE at #30. Finally, the Mercedes Maybach S-Class brilliantly breaks into the Hong Kong Top 50 at #42 with 26 units sold this month.

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Ukraine October 2015: Renault takes control in market down just 5%

Renault Logan Ukraine October 2015. Picture couertesy autocentre.uaRenault dislodges Toyota to become Ukraine’s #1 carmaker in October. Picture

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In our last Ukrainian update dating from July, we stressed the fact that the local new car market was ‘recovering’ with sales down 21% year-on-year. The situation got a lot darker since – with August volumes down 46% and September down 24% – before getting a lot better: October deliveries are down just 5% year-on-year to 5.596 units, the strongest month of 2015 so far. Keep in mind we are still evolving at just one-third of the sales levels of just two years ago, before the Ukrainian market got obliterated by the Crimea crisis. In fact, sales recorded over the past four months (18.780) are only marginally better than October 2013 alone (16.081)…

ZAZ Sens Ukraine 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruThe ZAZ Sens, #1 in 2014, is back to pole position at home in September.

H2 monthly sales 2013-2015 – Ukraine:

UKR Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2013 17,984 22,195 20,333 16,081 15,444 17,047
2014 6,818 6,402 5,788 5,891 6,802 7,629
2015 5,344 3,464 4,376 5,596

BMW X5 Ukraine July 2015. Picture courtesy bit.uaThe BMW X5 is up to #12 overall in Ukraine in September…

A lot is changing in Ukraine in these exceptional times. Toyota had established itself as the #1 manufacturer in the country in 2014 and so far in 2015. Geely was #2 last year but has sunk to #12 in 2015. Yet in October Renault well and truly takes control thanks to sales evolving at a very fast pace: +46% to 578 units for a 10.3% market share, the first time in recent memory that the French carmaker manages to cross the symbolic 10% mark. Renault’s success is solely due to its “access” range: the Logan (#1 year-to-date), Duster (#9) and Sandero (#11) account for 83% of its sales so far this year. Toyota (-26%) is knocked down to #2 while Ford is up a smashing 47% to third place and 7.3% share edging past ZAZ (-10%), Skoda (-11%) and Nissan (-14%). Other brands helping the market stabilise this month include Kia (+52%), BMW (+71%) up to #8 vs. #26 in FY2014, Chevrolet (+173%), Mercedes (+67%) and Chery (+73%).

Audi Q7 Ukraine October 2015…while the Audi Q7 breaks into the Top 20.

The models ranking is available with one month delay, so we will analyse September data. If the Logan stays on top year-to-date, remaining the only nameplate to sell over 1.000 units at 1.090 and 3.6% share, in September ZAZ aggressively monopolises the Top 2 spots with its twins the Sens (#1) and Lanos (#2) adding up to 308 units and 7% market share. The Skoda Rapid and Ford Fiesta both jump 9 spots on August to #4 and #5 respectively, the BMW X5 is up a further 3 ranks to reach an incredible 12th spot, the Toyota Prius ranks #15 and the Audi Q7 breaks into the Ukrainian Top 20.

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Photo Report: The cars of Taipei, Taiwan

1. Toyota Corolla Taipei 2Toyota Corolla taxi and Taipei 101 tower in background.

Today we interrupt the U.S. North to South series for a quick Photo Snapshot of Taipei in Taiwan, on my way to the Guangzhou Auto Show. At 423.829 registrations over the Full Year 2014, Taiwan is one of the smallest markets in the world to benefit from dedicated models and designs reserved for local car buyers. Its geographical status as an island off the coast of China has a lot to do with this situation. My 10 hour-layover in Taipei enabled me to take the High Speed Rail from the Taoyuan International Airport to the country’s capital city Taipei, home to 4 million inhabitants – out of the 23.5 million the country counts as of 2015. It’s a 20 minutes trip at a peak speed of 250kph.

4. Toyota Wish Taipei 2Toyota Wish and Mercedes A-Class in Taipei, Taiwan. 

Once in Taipei, the bias towards taxis is evident: they represent a little less than half the passenger cars streaming the busy streets of the capital. Among them, the Toyota Wish is by far the most popular. In fact, 4 out of every 5 Toyota Wish I spotted during the few hours I was in town was a taxi. The Toyota Corolla follows, 1 in 3 is a taxi – justifying its national sales pole position, ahead of the Toyota Camry.

6. Luxgen S5 Turbo TaipeiLuxgen S5 Turbo Police, Ford Transit in Taipei, Taiwan.The Taipei Police for their part are using a variety of vehicles, among them BMW scooters and Luxgen S5 Turbo sedans.

2. Taipei street scene 4Taipei 101 Tower

10. Luxgen U6 Turbo TaipeiLuxgen U6 Turbo

As far as local manufacturer Luxgen is concerned, it is established in the Taipei traffic, granted, but is by no means dominant. In the limited area I got the opportunity to observe, the M7 Turbo MPV was the most frequent by far, with a few lonely U6 Turbo SUVs also spotted.

3. Taipei street scene 2Taipei street scene

5. CMC Veryca Taipei 2CMC Veryca 2015

But the big surprise is the most frequent non-taxi vehicle in the streets of Taipei: hands down the CMC Veryca mini-truck, in both its van and pickup variants and including a fair amount of 2015 facelifted models. The Veryca was up to #2 overall in October but my observations denoted a long heritage of purchase patterns for the Veryca by most small businesses in the capital. Staying in the light commercial aisle, the Mitsubishi Delica comes at a close second below the Veryca, while the Zinger is also very frequent, as is the first generation Toyota Innova – still not replaced yet in Taiwan!

8. VW Transporter TaipeiVW Transporter Ambulance in Taipei, Taiwan.

The VW Transporter is also seen relatively frequently, notably as Ambulance. The Ford Transit is the other Western light commercial vehicle that has been met with strong success in Taipei, including the current generation.

9. CMC Veryca Taipei 4CMC Veryca

The Taipei (and by extension Taiwan) car landscape offers an interesting mix of ultra-dominant Japanese vehicles, a local manufacturer – Luxgen – slowly but surely imposing itself, and a healthy count of luxury European brands: Volvo is notably very successful, through the V40 and XC60 mainly. Finally, Taipei’s wealth is clearly apparent on the streets: in the space of a few hours I spotted multiple new generations Mercedes S-Class, as well as multiple Porsche Cayenne, Macan and Panamera.

BMW Scooter police TaipeiIt’s BMW scooters all the way for the Taipei Police.

The Full Photo Report (20 pictures) continues below.

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Europe October 2015: Volkswagen limits fall to 0.2%, Peugeot 308 at #8

VW Passat Europe October 2015The Passat is up 81% year-on-year in October and makes it 3 Volkswagens in the Top 5.

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With Germany and France both up just 1% and the UK down 1% – the first year-on-year drop in almost four years, European new car sales slow down their growth to just 2% in October to 1.144.094 registrations. The year-to-date total is still up a very vigorous 8% on the same period in 2014 at 11.921.587 units, almost one million additional sales on last year. The most anticipated result is of course Volkswagen in the wake of the emissions scandal that looks far from being resolved. So far, the German carmaker resists very well with a tiny 0.2% drop on October 2014 at 141.921 sales, bringing its year-to-date total to 1.452.416 units, up 7% on 2014. Volkswagen places the Golf as #1 as usual with an unreachable 19.000 unit-advantage over the #2, the Polo, while the Passat climbs back up 12 spots on September to #5 with sales up a whopping 81% thanks to the new model.

Peugeot 308 Europe October 2015The Peugeot 308 hits its highest European ranking ever this month.

Ford (+1%), Renault (+0.4%) and Peugeot (+2%) follow while Opel/Vauxhall drops 2.5% at #5. Audi reclaims the #1 luxury spot and manages to outpace the market at +3%, albeit at a much slower rate than competitors BMW (+13%) and Mercedes (+10%) catching up below thanks respectively to the tremendous success of the 2 Series Tourer and the launch of the GLC and GLE SUVs notably. All Top four models lose ground, with the Renault Clio and Ford Fiesta the hardest hit at -14% both. The Clio even slips down to #4 year-to-date, overtaken by the VW Polo. At #6 the Peugeot 208 delivers a very encouraging 22% year-on-year gain thanks to its facelift, with its big sister the Peugeot 308 also in great shape: it lodges a 4th European Top 10 ranking in 12 months, equaling the best-ever #8 ranking it also hit last December thanks to sales up 15% to 18.403 units. But most significantly, this month the 308 ranks 2nd in its segment below just the VW Golf, outselling the Ford Focus, Opel Astra and Audi A3.

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New Zealand October 2015: Rental season pushes Corolla back to #1

Toyota Corolla New Zealand October 2015The Toyota Corolla holds 10.5% of the New Zealand market in October.

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New car sales in New Zealand are up 7% year-on-year to deliver the highest October since records began in 1975 at 12.686 registrations, lifting the year-to-date total up 5% to 112.184 – still well on track to pass the 130.000 annual sales mark for the first time in history, with an option to even push it to 140.000… Summer approaching means rental car companies are starting to stock up and impact greatly on the models ranking. The Toyota Corolla, with the added incentive of a facelift this year, leaps to 10.5% share thanks to 1.334 units – 1.087 of which were sold to rental companies. The Corolla now trails the Ford Ranger by just 135 units year-to-date and should swallow this gap easily before the year ends.

Toyota Highlander NZ 2014. Picture courtesy of Highlander

Two additional Toyota nameplates benefitting from the rental season are the Highlander up a tremendous 86% year-on-year to #3 and 3.4% share vs. #15 and 1.8% so far in 2015 and the Yaris up 13 spots on September to #4 and 3% vs. #10 and 1.9% year-to-date. With the Hilux at #5 and the RAV4 at #6, Toyota places no less than five nameplates in the New Zealand Top 6 this month. Notice also the Mazda6 at #17, the Ssangyong Korando at #20 and the Hyundai Tucson at #27. Brand-wise, Toyota unsurprisingly leads the dance at 26.2% share above Holden (10.3%) resisting much better than at home in Australia, Ford (9.6%), Mazda up 66% (8.1%) and Hyundai (5.8%). Mercedes is up 40%, Ssangyong up 60%, Fiat up 43% and Land Rover up 55%.

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Full October 2015 Top 30 models and Top 62 brands below.

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Netherlands October 2015: Peugeot 308 and VW Passat superstars

Peugeot 308 Netherlands October 2015Its Dutch pole position helps the Peugeot 308 to a European Top 10 in October.

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The Dutch new car market is solid in October with volumes up 11% to 39.006 units, lifting the year-to-date total up 6.5% to 340.057 registrations. Utterly unaffected by the emissions scandal, Volkswagen sees its sales climb 32% year-on-year to reclaim the brands pole position off Peugeot at 5.413 deliveries and 13.9% share vs. 4.410 and 11.3% (+11%) for the French carmaker. Renault is down 6% but up 3 spots on September to #3, Volvo is also up 3 to #4 and Ford is down one to #5 but up 36% on October 2014. Notice also Toyota up 16%, Mercedes up 24%, Hyundai up 90%, Mazda up 110%, Porsche up 176% and Tesla up 437%. The Peugeot 308 remains the best-selling nameplate in the Netherlands for the 2nd month in a row at a spectacular 2.636 sales and 6.8% share, now adding up to 12.916 units year-to-date (+49%). At this pace it will overtake the Renault Clio (13.694) and VW Golf (13.140) and could finish 2015 at #1. The VW Passat also impresses, up 14 spots on September to #3 and up 5-fold on 2014 year-to-date. The VW Polo at #4 makes it three Volkswagen in the October Dutch Top 4. Notice also the Toyota Auris at #6 vs. #23 year-to-date, the Mitsubishi Outlander at #11 vs. #20 and the Volvo XC90 shooting up 120 ranks on last month to #33.

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Switzerland October 2015: Hyundai Tucson leaps up to 6th place

Hyundai Tucson Switzerland October 2015The Hyundai Tucson is the best-selling non Volkswagen Group model in Switzerland.

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After four consecutive months of double-digit year-on-year gains, the Swiss new car market falls back into recession in October at -4% to 25.236 registrations, with the year-to-date total still up 8% at 264.829 units. The three flagship brands of the Volkswagen Group account for a large part of this year-on-year drop: both Volkswagen (#1) and Audi (#3) are down 14% while Skoda (#4) is down 8%. Mercedes takes advantage of the situation by climbing to #2 overall with sales up 17% to 1.724. BMW is surprisingly down 12%, Renault is up 22%, Suzuki up 10% and Mazda up 46%.

VW Bus T6 Switzerland October 2015. Picture courtesy autobild.deFirst Swiss Top 20 ranking for the VW T6.

In the models ranking, though embattled VAG monopolises the Top 5 with the VW Golf, Skoda Octavia, VW Polo, Passat and Audi A3 in the lead. The Hyundai Tucson is the hero of the month with a 13 spot-gain on September to a stunning 6th place overall. Notice also the Seat Alhambra up to #8, the Suzuki Swift up to #9, the Ford Kuga up 22 ranks to #10, the VW T6 (6th generation Transporter) up 54 to #19, the Suzuki Vitara up 7 to #28, the Fiat 500X up 31 to #36 and the Volvo XC90 up 48 to #53. Finally, the Peugeot 2008 tumbles down from a record third place last month to #63 in October.

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Full October 2015 Top 40 brands and Top 336 models below.

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