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Luxembourg Full Year 2014: VW Golf and Audi A3 on top

May 28th, 2015 No comments

Renault Captur Luxembourg 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Captur helps Renault lift 16% year-on-year in Luxembourg.

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New car sales in Luxembourg are up a reassuring 7% year-on-year in 2014 to 49,793 registrations, and Volkswagen keeps the lead of the brands ranking with 12.9% share. Helped by the success of the Captur, up to #7 this year, Renault is up two spots and 16% on 2013 to reclaims the 2nd spot it held in 2012 with just above 10% share. Audi is up 3% and BMW up 7% but both manufacturers are down one rank to #3 and #4 respectively, above Mercedes. Notice also Peugeot up 13% to 6th place. One very interesting particularity of the Luxembourg new car market is the extremely high prevalence of station wagons, accounting for just under 40% of all sales in 2014, thus competing for the title of most station wagon-friendly market in the world.

VW Golf Luxembourg 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe VW Golf is the best-selling nameplate in Luxembourg in 2014.

Even more impressive, whereas the entire world is defecting from station wagons to SUVs, the station wagon market share was only 20% in Luxembourg a decade ago… In the models ranking, the VW Golf holds onto its crown as it does in neighbouring Belgium, Netherlands and Germany, ahead of the Audi A3 and Renault Scénic, making for a unique mix of German and French influences. The country’s wealth is clearly visible in the Top 10 best-selling models, with the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes A-Class also present. Note Renault places four nameplates inside the Top 8: the Scénic, Clio, Captur and Mégane  – a stronger performance than at home in France (4 in the Top 9).

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Full Year 2014 Top 10 brands and models below.

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Montenegro Full Year 2014: Dacia Sandero the favourite

May 26th, 2015 No comments

Dacia Sandero Montenegro 2014. Picture courtesy is the only country in the world to crown the Dacia Sandero in 2014.

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For the first time on BSCB and thanks to Siniša Bulatović and Montenegrin publication Autoshop Magazin, I can share with you official sales data for Montenegro. 2,167 new vehicles found a buyer in the country in 2014, with Volkswagen the most popular manufacturer at 13.8% followed by Dacia (10.8%), Renault (10.7%), Toyota and Skoda. Mercedes manages to hop to an outstanding 6th spot, with Audi at #10, BMW at #15 and Land Rover at #17.

VW Golf Montenegro 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe VW Golf ranks #2 in Montenegro in 2014.

In the models ranking, the Dacia Sandero dominates head and shoulders with almost double the sales of any other nameplate in the country and a 7.2% market share. Surprisingly, this makes Montenegro the only market in the world where the Sandero is officially #1 and the 6th where a Dacia is the best-seller along with RomaniaAlgeriaMoroccoMoldova (Logan) and Bulgaria (Dokker). The VW Golf follows at 3.9% with the Skoda Octavia rounding up the podium at 3.7% just above the VW Polo at 3.6%. Notice also the Renault Captur at #5, Toyota RAV4 at #6 and Mazda3 at #19.

Full Year 2014 Top 42 All-brands and Top 200 All-models below.

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Malaysia April 2015: Perodua almost at 40% share, Proton at 11%

May 26th, 2015 No comments

Perodua Axia Malaysia April 2015Perodua Axia

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Paying for the pull-forward sales of March (+14%) in anticipation of the GST implementation, the Malaysian new car market crashes down 23% year-on-year in April to just 45.187 registrations, pulling the year-to-date total in negative at -2% and 213.493 deliveries. According to local website Motor Trader, The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) “believes that May sales will also be as weak due to the general sentiment of consumers who have found their cost of living increased. During this period of ‘adjustment’, any inclination to spend a large sum of money on a new car might be less likely for many”. The two local manufacturers behave in polar opposite ways this month: Perodua manages to keep its sales stable year-on-year thanks to the tremendous success of the Axia and increases its market share to a record 38.9%. Honda (-5%) and Toyota (-34%) take advantage of Proton literally imploding at -51% to just 4.972 units and 11%, the manufacturer’s lowest ever market share at home… Notice also Mercedes up 68% on April 2014 to #6 and Subaru up 64% but Ford down 68% and Mitsubishi down 76%.


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Full April 2015 Top 46 All-brands Ranking Table below.

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Georgia Full Year 2014: Photo Report and analysis

May 26th, 2015 No comments

Toyota Corolla Georgia 2014bThe Toyota Corolla could be the best-seller in Georgia in 2014.

Today we get a more detailed insight into the car parc of Georgia, an ex-USSR state located in Caucasus with Russia to the north, Turkey, Armenia and Azerbaijan to the south and the Black Sea to the west. Thanks to Marco D’Abbraccio we can get a better understanding of this very secretive market. With Full Year 2014 sales estimated by LMC Automotive at 5.500, this is a very limited market from where no official sales data has seeped through so far. Its location at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia transpires in its car parc.

All Photos below © Marco D’Abbraccio

1. Ford Taurus Tbilissi policeFord Taurus Interceptor Tbilissi Police

The Georgian car parc is a unique mix that reflects various economic ties with neighbouring countries. As it was the case in Eastern Russia, a large part of the Tbilissi car landscape is composed of affordable right-hand drive used imports from Japan coming through Georgia via, with the Toyota Ist and Mitsubishi Delica among the Top 5 most common cars there, used imports from Europe notably the Opel Astra and Vectra, and high end Mercedes from the 1990s as well as luxury SUVs.

2. Fiat Linea Georgia 2015Fiat Linea

As far as new cars are concerned, our bet on the title of 2014 best-seller in Georgia is on the Toyota Corolla produced in neighbouring Turkey and therefore imported with ease into the country. Interestingly there doesn’t seem to be that many more successful Turkish models, apart perhaps from the Fiat Linea pictured above. The Skoda Octavia could also compete for the #1 spot, making Georgia lean towards Eastern Europe, and the Toyota Land Cruiser is also a contender, this time linking Georgia with such markets as Kyrgyzstan across the Caspian Sea or even Mongolia.

7. BMW X5 Georgia 2015BMW X5

Affordable SUVs such as the Kia Sportage and Hyundai Santa Fe are also popular, this time mimicking steppe trends and Azerbaijan best-sellers, with which Georgia shares a border. Some Iranian influence in the shape of a handful of Iran Khodro Samand taxis circulating in Tbilissi, as well as a pinch of Uzbek imports with (only a very few) Uz-Daewoo Nexia spotted by Marco achieve to complete a very multi-cultural new car landscape indeed.

3. Zhiguli Georgia 20154. Gaz 24 Volga 3Zhiguli and GAZ 24 Volga

One of the main learnings about Georgia is that although the countries keep strong ties with most of its neighbours, it has all but severed car communication with ex-ruler Russia. If a lot of Zhiguli and GAZ Volga can still be spotted – mainly outside of big cities – the proportion of Russian models in the Georgian new car market is close to zero…

4. Opel Vectra Georgia 2015Opel Vectra in Tbilissi, Georgia – April 2015.

Active manufacturers in the country that have developed a reasonable network of dealerships include Volkswagen, Hyundai, Kia, Toyota, Skoda and Nissan. As we have seen in 2012-2013, given the small size of the market a large government order can vastly impact the list of best-sellers. After the Transit, Ford looks like it has benefited from another group order in the form of Ford Taurus Interceptor used as Tbilissi Police cars. However this order is much smaller and doesn’t enable Taurus any claims to the #1 title.

6. Toyota Will in Bodbe5. Gaz M21 Volga 1956Toyota Will used Japanese import, GAZ M21 Volga

Other popular models include the Hyundai Solaris, Renault Logan and Nissan Micra/March. Many thanks to Marco D’Abbraccio for this detailed reporting on the Georgian car landscape. If you have access to official sales data for this country, please ensure you get in touch by commenting on this article.

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The Photo Report continues below.

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Liechtenstein Full Year 2014: Seat Alhambra leaps up to 2nd place

May 24th, 2015 No comments

Seat Alhambra Liechtenstein 2014Seat Alhambra

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New car sales in Liechtenstein are down 6% year-on-year in 2014 to 1.800 registrations. Volkswagen (17.6%) and Audi (10.7%) maintain their grip on the market, followed by BMW, Mercedes and Toyota while Seat is up 63% to #6, Mazda up 31% to #11 and Porsche up 46% to #13. The Seat Alhambra is the hero of the year, going from #58 in 2012, #7 in 2013 to a splendid 2nd place overall this year thanks to 59 sales and 3.3% market share (+59%) below only the VW Golf up 30% and two percentage points share at 6.6% and 118 units. The VW Polo (+16%), Tiguan (-25%) and Skoda Octavia (+54%) complete the Top 5. Being a very limited market in a wealthy and mountainous region, the Liechtenstein models ranking features a handful of luxury SUVs in unusually high spots: the BMW X3 ranks #6, the BMW X5 is at #10, the BMW X1 at #15, Audi Q3 at #16, Audi Q5 at #21 and the Porsche Macan at #25…

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Full Year 2014 Top 33 brands and Top 30 models vs. Full 2013 figures below.

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Madagascar Full Year 2014: Toyota edges past Nissan, Hawtai lands

May 23rd, 2015 No comments

Renault Sandero Madagascar 2014. Picture courtesy 4 Madagascar 2014. Picture courtesy FlickrOld vs. new: Renault now sells the Sandero in Madagascar, but the Renault 4 is still ubiquitous in the streets of Antananarivo. Picture © Davidaus

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Only car sales statistics for Madagascar’s capital city Antananarivo are available, however these account for 94% of the country’s new car sales at a stable 2.445 registrations in 2014 (+1%) out of the 2.600 estimated by LMC Automotive for the overall Madagascan market. Three manufacturers fought for the #1 spot this year and that race was won by Toyota (+20%) ahead of Nissan (-28%) and Ford (+7%). However used cars still form the majority of sales in Madagascar – with decades-old Mercedes models leading the way followed by Renault – the 4L being an eternal favourite in Madagascar.

Hawtai Santa Fe Madagascar 2014. Picture courtesy chinaautoweb.comHawtai was the #1 manufacturer in Antananarivo in Q2 2014.

Chinese manufacturers are getting more and more aggressive in the country. Thanks to a government order of 200 Santa Fes partly delivered during the year, Hawtai was even the best-selling brand in Antananarivo in Q2 2014 with a mammoth 14.1% market share, ending 2015 in 7th place. JAC also manages to maintain itself inside the Top 10 for the second year running. Model-wise, a safe bet would be to place the Toyota Hilux at #1 like in over 30 other African nations…

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Full Year 2014 Top 10 brands vs. Full Year 2013 figures below.

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Romania April 2015: Ford and Fiat pull market up 11%

May 20th, 2015 No comments

Fiat 500L Romania April 2015. Picture courtesy of quattroruote.itSecond consecutive month inside the Top 10 for the Fiat 500L.

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New car sales in Romania are up 11% year-on-year in April to 5.482 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 19.915 units, up 9% on 2014. Local manufacturer Dacia keeps control of the market of course with 1.671 sales and 31.3% share, above Volkswagen at 10.8% (+31%) and Ford up a fantastic 122% on April 2014 to 10.2% share. Skoda drops to #4 ahead of Renault and Mercedes (+21%), while Fiat (+62%), Honda (+69%), Mitsubishi (+78%), Jeep (+150%) and Kia (+164%) take off. The Dacia Logan posts a 128th consecutive month in pole position with a strong 17.3% market share above the Dacia Duster at 8.8% and the Ford Fiesta staying on the podium at 4.6%. The Skoda Rapid at #5 makes it two Skodas inside the Top 5 with the Octavia, the Fiat 500L delivers a second consecutive month inside the Top 10 and the Renault Captur is up 17 ranks on March to #11.

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Full April 2015 Top 35 All-brands and Top 100 models below.

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Portugal April 2015: VW Golf and Fiat Punto shoot back up

May 19th, 2015 No comments

Fiat Punto Portugal April 2015Fiat Punto

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The Portuguese new car market confirms it is on the mend with April sales up a very vigorous 22% year-on-year to 15.014 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 61.242 units, up 32% on 2014. Like in March, Renault (11.4%), Volkswagen (10.8%) and Peugeot (10.1%) dominate sales, followed by BMW (+18%) and Mercedes (+26%) while Audi is back up 5 spots on last month to #7, Citroen continues to shine at +51% but Nissan stalls at #13 (-14%). Smart (+71%), Volvo (+73%), Mini (+85%), Kia (+117%) and Land Rover (+124%) take off.

VW Golf Portugal April 2015. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe VW Golf is now #2 year-to-date in Portugal.

The Renault Clio remains the best-selling nameplate in the country thanks to 1.020 units sold for a 6.8%, and this month it is followed by the VW Golf shooting back up 5 spots on March to 2nd place, also edging the VW Polo and Peugeot 208 to claim #2 year-to-date as well. The Fiat Punto for its part is back up 17 ranks to #5 vs. #19 year-to-date, the Mercedes A-Class is up 3 to #7, the Audi A3 and Peugeot 2008 are both up 15 spots to #10 and #12 respectively, the Mercedes C-Class is up 10 to #18 and the VW Passat up 19 to #20.

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Full April 2015 Top 34 All-brands and Top 205 All-models below.

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China April 2015: Focus on the all-new models

May 17th, 2015 No comments

Geely GC9 China April 2015. Picture courtesy auto.ifeng.comGeely GC9

As is the tradition on BSCB, after exploring the April Chinese ranking, we then go into the detail of the all-new models landing into the largest new vehicle market in the world. As always this only concerns the models that have kick-started local production as imports data is still very patchy for China. After welcoming 6 new entrants in March, once again we have 6 new nameplates in the charts in April, a handful of them we just discovered at Auto Shanghai 2015. And once again the listing of new entrants in the market illustrates the longer term trends currently at play in China: local manufacturers back to their former dynamism and of course… the SUV craze. 5 out of the 6 new April entrants are manufactured by Chinese carmakers, and 3 out of 6 are SUVs. I give you the list of new entrants for now, complete analysis will follow shortly.

Geely GC9 China April 2015Geely GC9

1. Geely GC9 (#226 with 1.033 sales)

Geely is finally showing us the benefits of having purchased Swedish car manufacturer Volvo a few years back with this GC9 designed by Volvo’s head of design, and it shows. The GC9 is Geely’s new flagship, unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2015 and an extremely impressive quality leap forward for the Chinese brand. Astounding interior coupled with stylish exterior including a very unique grille make the GC9 a serious contender for the title of best Chinese car ever produced so far. At 4.96m long and powered by a choice of 1.8L turbo diesel, 2.4L or 3.5L petrol engines mated with a 6AT gearbox, the GC9 is on sale at the ridiculously low starting price of 119.800 yuan (US$19.300).

The range extends to a 3.5L “Flagship” tim priced at a still dirt cheap 229.800 yuan (US$37.100). We have found the new Hyundai and its name is Geely. Given this is completely unchartered territory for the brand, a sales prediction is proving rather difficult. The Volvo S60L on which the GC9 is loosely based points at a shy #175 so far in 2015, not much further up the ladder than the GC9’s very first month. Larger Chinese sedans have traditionally struggled, so much so that Brilliance all but stopped producing any for example, focusing instead on smaller sedans and SUVs. So in absolute terms, a Top 100 ranking would validate Geely in its upmarket pretentious.

Bar for success: #120 or 5.000 monthly sales

Haima M6 China April 2015Haima M6

2. Haima M6 (#238 with 905 units)

The Haima M6 wasn’t unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2015 but… 2013! Fast-foward two long years and it finally lands in the Chinese sales charts, albeit for now at a very discreet #238 for its first month in market. Powered by a 1.5L turbo petrol engine mated with a 6 speed-manual or CVT, the Haima M6 is priced from 76.800 to 102.800 yuan (US$ 12.400-16.600), slotting it in one of the most hotly contested segments in China. Weirdly, the M6 doesn’t really distinguish itself from the M5 aka All-new Family, the brand’s best-seller until last year when it ranked at #104. It is almost exactly the same size at 4.70m vs. 4.69 for the M5 and is priced almost identically with the M5 ranging from 76.800 to 98.800 yuan. Needless to say the M6 is going to struggle making its mark both within Haima’s range and on the market overall.

What can the M6 aim for? Unless we witness a complete sales replacement of the M5 (still a possible option) in which case a monthly Top 100 ranking is viable, my prediction is this outdated design isn’t going to make much waves. If we look up within Haima’s range, the flagship M8 only sold 50 units in April whereas if we look down the M3 ranked #118 in FY2014 but is down 42% year-on-year in April to #186. So far this year, the Haima S5 SUV is the brand’s best-seller at home, selling 4.014 units in April (#124) ranking just outside the Top 100 after 4 months. Haima should aggressively focus on launching a string affordable SUVs rather than pointlessly duplicating its sedan range.

Bar for success: #150 or 2.500 monthly sales

82. Leopaard CS10Leopaard CS10

3. Leopaard CS10 (#270 with 453 deliveries)

Leopaard was one of my biggest surprises at Auto Shanghai 2015, going from grossly made-up Mitsubishi Pajeros a year ago in Beijing to the very professional, fun and confident unveiling of the CS10 SUV at the Show. Confirming it is now a force to reckon with, Leopaard lands the CS10 inside the Chinese sales charts the same month it unveiled it – contrast this with the Haima M6 being two years late above… At a low #270 for now, the CS10 should climb further up shortly. But just how much further? At 4.66m long this is a compact SUV powered by a Mitsubishi 2.0L turbo engine competitively priced from 96.800 to 125.800 yuan (US$ 15.600-20.300).

Leopaard CS10 China April 2015Leopaard CS10 (back)

When climbing inside in Shanghai I had nothing bad to say about its interior quality, the dashboard is stylish and complete and the exterior design is among the best for a Chinese SUV, especially the back looking rather aggressive. What will limit CS10 sales is the small dealership network of the Leopaard brand. To benchmark its sales performance we have to look at other nameplates from Chengfeng (the overarching brand sitting on top of Leopaard). The Kingbox DUV ended 2014 at #194 but ranks #253 so far this year, the original Leopaard (a facelifted Mitsubishi Pajero) sold just 110 units in 2015 and both the CS6 and CS7 have quietly stepped out of the ranking altogether. Not a great pedigree, which means the CS10 almost instantly became Changfeng’s best-seller at home. This is a giant step forward for the GAC-owned brand, so it should aim equally high. A Top 150 ranking in the coming months will be dynamic start, while cracking the Top 100 will put Leopaard on the map.

Bar for success: #150 or 3.000 monthly sales

Mercedes GLA China April 2015. Picture courtesy wolfexp.netMercedes GLA SUV

4. Mercedes GLA (#278 with 365 sales)

Among the Top 3 Germans, Mercedes is the fastest-growing luxury brand in China, quickly bridging the gap it had let expand over the past decade on Audi and BMW. A capital piece to this sales race puzzle is the GLA SUV which kick started local production in Beijing on April 8, exactly two years after enjoying its world premiere at Auto Shanghai 2013. The GLA hits right into a very soft spot in the Chinese market: compact SUVs are currently being snapped up like cheap dumplings and East Coast consumers are craving the status that comes with owning a European car, let alone a Mercedes. The GLA ticks absolutely all boxes in the current Chinese environment, and its sales should take off to levels unheard of before for a Mercedes SUV, despite its steep 220k-450k yuan price range (US$ 35.500-72.500).

Up until now, the only locally-produced SUV in the Mercedes range was the GLK, oblivious to the GLA launch and up a fantastic 51% year-on-year in April to #91 and 5.513 sales while ranking just inside the Top 100 so far in this year at #95 and 22.000 deliveries. The two most relevant benchmarks to the GLA are its direct competitors the Audi Q3 – #98 with 21.642 sales – and BMW X1 – #137 at 13.542 units. Even though Audi sells more Q5 (35.675) than Q3 and BMW doesn’t produce either the X3 or the X5 locally so these are poor sellers, it is fair to assume the GLA will be more successful than the GLK in China, the same way it outsells it in Europe, one reason being the A-Class on which it’s based isn’t produced locally and therefore ends up being more expensive. The choice for cashed-up city youth then becomes very easy to make.

Bar for success: #100 or 6.000 monthly sales

Haval H8 China April 2015. Picture courtesy zhuayoukong.comHaval H8

5. Haval H8 (#287 with 252 units)

Originally launched in November 2013 but cancelled in January 2014 when bashed by the local automotive press for gross shortcomings, Great Wall’s SUV brand Haval has swallowed its pride, went back to the drawing board, made the required improvements and relaunched the H8 this month. This delayed launch may have hurt the model’s sales potential – some local media say it actually shows maturity and a willingness to take responsibility – but if in 2013 the H8 was a critical addition and the flagship to the Haval range, in the space of 18 months a lot has changed for Haval, enjoying absolutely euphoric sales gains, correlated to a lineup widening at lightning speed.

Relieving some of the pressure on the success of this model, the H8 does not top Haval’s range anymore, this honour now goes to the H9 launched last November, priced at 229.800-272.800 yuan ($37.200-44.100) vs. the H8 at 201.800-256.800 yuan (US$ 32.500-41.400). This isn’t cheap by Chinese standards but still a bargain compared to the Mercedes GLA for example (above). Havel now sells the H1 (#74 in April), H2 (#22), H5 (#159), H6 (#2 overall), H8 and H9 (#230) and has just unveiled both the H6 Coupe and H7 at Auto Shanghai 2015. Sales-wise, the H8 should find a spot above both the ageing H5 and the flagship H9 to claim success.

Bar for success: #110 or 4.500 monthly sales

Huasong 7 China April 2015. Picture courtesy 7

6. Huasong 7 (#334 with 60 deliveries)

As detailed in my review of the most impressive Chinese carmakers at Auto Shanghai 2015, Huasong is a new brand launched by Brilliance, offering upmarket MPVs based on Jinbei technology. A quick flick through Chinese media makes it pretty clear that Brilliance is aiming for the Buick GL8 with this first nameplate, the Huasong 7. At 5.00m long, the 7 is priced between 237.700 and 287.700 yuan (US$ 38.300-46.400), a steep ask for a Chinese nameplate and for an interior that isn’t actually that impressive. Second handicap: the Huasong 7 is sandwiched price-wise between the – outdated but still somewhat prestigious previous generation – Buick GL8 Classic (209.000-248.000) and the current GL8 (299.900-399.900). Brilliance is taking a risk with the Huasong 7, but its attractive exterior design may help. One one hand, the targeted GL8 is flying high at #69 overall in April and #79 in 2015 (26.700 sales), on the other hand the cheaper Jinbei Granse on which the Huasong 7 is based didn’t cracked the Top 200 in 2014 (#205) nor has it so far in 2015 (#226 with 4.316 units).

Bar for success: #200 or 2.000 monthly sales

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Hong Kong (China) April 2015: Toyota Alphard hops on podium

May 15th, 2015 No comments

Toyota Alphard Hong Kong April 2015. Picture courtesy response.jpToyota Alphard

* See the Top 40 All-brands and Top 175 All-models by clicking on the title *

New vehicle sales in Hong Kong are down a painful 13% year-on-year in April to 3.638 registrations which brings the year-to-date total to 18.382 units, still up by a robust 10% on 2014. Toyota remains on top of the brands ranking with a strong 25.2% share thanks to 915 deliveries, BMW jumps to 2nd place with 13.2% share above Mercedes at 12% and Honda at 6.5% while Isuzu crumbles back down to 5th place and 4.9% after hitting #2 in March. Notice also Porsche leaping up to 8th place with 122 units and 3.4% share vs. 2.3% so far in 2015. In the models ranking, Toyota monopolises the podium with the Hiace in pole position as usual followed by the Crown LPG Taxi and the Alphard boosted by the new model. The Mercedes C-Class is back up 55 spots on March to return to the 4th place it holds year-to-date, the BMW 3 Series is up 14 to #5 and the Mercedes CLA is up 17 to #6 while the Porsche Macan is up one further rank on last month to reach a world-best 11th place.

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Full April 2015 Top 40 All-brands and Top 175 All-models below.

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