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South Africa October 2014: Datsun Go almost in Top 20

November 27th, 2014 1 comment

Datsun Go South Africa October 2014Datsun Go

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For the second month in a row, new car sales in South Africa buck the overall economic trend in the country, gaining 5% year-on-year to 59,262 registrations, which brings the year-to-date total to 542,048 units, now down just 1% on 2013. The market is lifted by light commercial vehicles (read pickup trucks) up 14% year-on-year vs. just 2% for passenger cars. The VW Polo Vivo resists in pole position thanks to 3,491 sales or 70 more than the Toyota Hilux, that is however not enough to topple the Hilux from its YTD pedestal at 31,322 units vs. 28,830 for the Polo Vivo. The Ford Ranger brilliantly holds onto the third spot thanks to 3,045 sales and 5.1% share, while the Mercedes C-Class is up a further two spot on September to a splendid 6th place at 1,789 units and 3% and the Renault Sandero continues to progress at #14 and 1.5%.

Mercedes C Class South Africa October 2014. Picture courtesy of Mercedes C-Class is up to #6 this month.

But the big event this month in South Africa is the Datsun Go up 95 spots for its first full month of sales in the country to a world-best #21 with 583 sales and 1% market share. Its previous best was #22 hit last April in India, where it has since receded to outside the Top 40. Let’s not read too much yet into this early success as South African sales charts can tend to be front-loaded for new models, but this is surely a good sign. It is however not (yet?) the best ranking reached by a Datsun model since the brand has been relaunched earlier this year, this honour goes to the Datsun Go+ MPV up to #11 in Indonesia last September.

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Turkey October 2014: Renault Clio and Fluence on top

November 26th, 2014 No comments

Renault Clio Turkey October 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Renault Clio is the best-selling vehicle in Turkey this month.

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Thanks to Yarım Debriyaj for this data.

Turkish new car sales are perking back up at a vigorous +15% year-on-year in October to 66,573 registrations, in contrast with a year-to-date total still down 16% on 2013 to 540,071 units. It’s the Light Commercial Vehicles that lift the market up at +43% to 15,759 deliveries, while Passenger Cars are up a more modest 8% to 50,814 sales. Brand-wise, Volkswagen keeps the lead in spite of sales down 1% to 13.7% share vs. 14.9% YTD. Renault is up 24% to 13.1% share and places the two models it produces in Turkey in its Bursa assembly plant the Clio (4.1%) and Fluence (4%) atop the models ranking and above the YTD leader, the Fiat Linea. Ford and Fiat both hold 10.5% of the Turkish market while Hyundai rounds up the Top 5 at 6.4%. Notice also BMW more than doubling its sales year-on-year at +122%, Mercedes up 66%, Dacia up 43% and Skoda up 75%.

Hyundai i20 Turkey October 2014. Picture courtesy of automagg.comHyundai i20

Outside the models sales charts podium, the Toyota Corolla is faithful to its 4th position, the Ford Courier LCV lodges a second month at #6 vs. #15 YTD, the locally-produced Hyundai i20 Troy is starting to feel the effects of the generation changeover (runout price of the outgoing model mixed with delivery of the first dealer vehicles), up to #7 vs. #11 YTD, the VW Golf is up to #9 vs. #14 YTD, the BMW 3 Series up to #16 and the Mercedes C-Class up to #28. Further down, the Citroen C4 Cactus is up 10 spots on September to #84 and the Jeep Renegade lands directly inside the Turkish Top 100 for its very first month of sales at #90 and 156 units, already and by far the brand’s best-seller in the country with 59% of the Jeep brand’s October sales!

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Full October 2014 Top 44 All-brands and Top 253 All-models Ranking Tables below.

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Europe October 2014: Polo up 28%, Peugeot 308 just off Top 10

November 21st, 2014 No comments

Peugeot 308The Peugeot 308 misses out on a Top 10 ranking for just 239 units.

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New car sales in Europe register their strongest year-on-year gains since last March at +7% to 1.12 million units, lifting the year-to-date total up 5.7% to 11.02 million deliveries, the first time since 2007 that over 11 million European new cars find a buyer in 10 months. 25 of the 29 countries included in these statistics lodge year-on-year increases and all the Big 5 do so as well except France (-4%) as detailed in a previous BSCB update. Brand-wise, Volkswagen (+6%) and Ford (+4%) stay on top but slightly under-perform the market while Renault is back on the podium in spite of sales up just 6% vs. 10% for Opel/Vauxhall down one spot on September, a month boosted by the strong UK market. Mercedes (+10%), Audi (+8%) and BMW (+7%) all shine and Skoda posts another Top 10 month above Fiat.

VW Polo Europe October 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frSales of the VW Polo are up 28% year-on-year Europe-wide.

The VW Golf remains the most popular nameplate on the continent by a country mile but being now one year past the launch of the 7th generation, its YOY growth decelerates to 5% to 45.522 sales. That’s 18.000 more than the #2 best-seller, lil sis the VW Polo taking full advantage of its refresh with sales improved by a huge 28% year-on-year. It remains #4 year-to-date below the Ford Fiesta down to #4 this month and the Renault Clio back up two spots to #3. The Opel Corsa continues to be boosted by strong rebates all across the continent on the outgoing model, up 23% on October 2013 to #5, the Skoda Octavia is back up 6 spots on last month to #6,  now threatening the Nissan Qashqai for 8th place YTD and the Audi A3 is up a beautiful 14% at #8.

Peugeot 308 France 2009The first generation Peugeot 308 peaked at a so-so #10 in Europe. Can this record be beaten?

A significant move happens just outside the Top 10: while the Peugeot 208 is down another disappointing 11% to #10 and 16,057 units, its compact stablemate the Peugeot 308 posts a 50% year-on-year increase to stop just 239 units short off both the 208 and a Top 10 ranking, up 6 spots to September to #11 and 15,818 sales. It’s only a matter of time before the 308 reclaims a spot among the 10 most popular nameplates in Europe, as the very successful station wagon reaches its cruising rhythm across the continent. For the record, the first generation 308 only managed to break into Europe’s Top 10 twice: in June and July 2009 when it ranked #10 each time. This generation has the potential to improve on these scores over the next couple of years. Note also the Renault Captur (+10%), Peugeot 2008 (+12%) and Dacia Duster (+72%) continuing their seemingly unstoppable progression.

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Portugal October 2014: VW Golf leads again, Nissan Qashqai #3

November 19th, 2014 No comments

Nissan Qashqai Portgual October 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frNissan Qashqai

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New car sales in Portugal continue on their frank recovery, up another 30% year-on-year in October to 11,795 deliveries and bringing the year-to-date total to 119,201 units, up 35% on 2013. Brand-wise, the Top 7 best-sellers shuffle their way back to the same order as the YTD ranking, with Renault (+11%) in the lead, followed by Volkswagen (+29%), Peugeot (+32%), BMW (+39%), Mercedes (+40%), Opel (+53%) and Audi (+22%) while Seat (+82%) and Nissan (+72%) explode up. Dacia (+89%), Kia (+72%) and Mitsubishi (+112%) also shine.

VW Golf Portugal October 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe VW Golf is the best-seller in Portugal for the third month in a row in October.

In the models ranking, the VW Golf manages a first: staying in pole position for 3 consecutive months thanks to 663 sales and 5.6% share, above the Renault Clio at 5%. The Clio’s YTD pole position is safe though at 6,385 units sold so far this year vs. 4,459 (#3) for the Golf. The Nissan Qashqai is boosted by the new model up to a podium ranking at #3 and 3.2% share, the Peugeot 308 continues its seesaw career, back up 7 spots in October to #4 and both the Seat Leon and Toyota Yaris are up 8 ranks to #6 and #9 respectively.

Peugeot 2008 Portugal October 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Peugeot 2008 outsells the 208 in Portugal for the first time ever this month.

Outside the Top 10, the Mercedes C-Class is down 7 spots on last month to #13 which is still well above its YTD level (#21), the Peugeot 2008 outsells the 208 for the very first time at #14 vs. #15, the Audi A1 is up 15 ranks to #18, the Citroen C4 Cactus up 24 to a best-ever #25, Peugeot 508 at #30 vs. #53 YTD, the Mini up a further 7 spots thanks to the new generation to #33 vs. #52 YTD, the Peugeot 108 up 27 to #36 and the BMW 4 Series up a further two to #37.

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Full October 2014 Top 33 All-brands and Top 214 All-models Ranking Tables below.

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Switzerland October 2014: Fiat Panda flies up to 7th position

November 15th, 2014 No comments

FIAT PANDA 4x4 CrossFiat Panda Cross

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The Swiss new car market is stuck in negative territory this year with October sales down 1% on one year ago to 26,277 deliveries and the year-to-date total down 3% to 245,413 units. Brand-wise, the Volkswagen group lodges a very impressive 1-2 and completely bucks the overall market trend: the Volkswagen brand is up 25% to 3,971 sales and 15.1% share vs. 13% year-to-date while Audi is up 14% to 1,956 units and 7.4% vs. 6.6% YTD. BMW is knocked down to third place but up 7% year-on-year while Skoda remains 4th (-11%) and Mercedes gains a fabulous 16% in 5th place. In the models ranking, both the VW Golf (5.5%) and Skoda Octavia (3.9%) post market shares above their YTD levels, the Fiat Panda shoots up 62 spots on September to a cool 7th place, the Peugeot 308 is up 17 to #11, the Audi Q3 up 25 to #13, the Audi A1 stays at #19 vs. #37 YTD, the VW Up is up 43 ranks to #21 and the Renault Mégane is up 24 to #23. Finally, the Citroen C4 Cactus is up 26 spots to #74 and the BMW X4 remains inside the Swiss Top 100 at #89.

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Full October 2014 Top 35 brands and Top 100 models Ranking Tables below.

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France October 2014: Now with the Top 300 models and All-brands

November 15th, 2014 No comments

VW Golf Sportsvan France October 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe VW Golf Sporstvan is now separated from the Golf and lands at #38.

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Thanks to my correspondents in the place Patricia and Christian and L’Argus I can now share with you detailed actuals for the French models and brands sales charts. Once again a fascinating insight into the depths of French new car sales. First a few adjustments, with the VW Golf Sportsman now very satisfyingly separated from Golf sales, resulting in no foreigner in the Top 10, the VW Polo being the best-selling foreign model at #11, the Golf retrograded to #14 and the Golf Sportsman making its appearance at a beautiful #38 with 1,001 sales. It also means the Fiat 500 at #15 is now less than 300 units off the #2 foreign spot. The Nissan Qashqai II without the first generation loses a hundred sales and drops one spot to #17, it ranks #21 YTD. The Audi A3 is now #26 (+1), the Citroen C1 II #30 (-1), the Audi A1 #35 (+11), the Ford Kuga #41 (-2), Mercedes C-Class #45 (-2) and the Hyundai ix35 #47 (-2).

Nissan X-TrailThe Nissan X-Trail replaces the Qashqai+2 in French consumers’ hearts: up to #59.

Only 67 sales off what would have been its very first French Top 50 ranking, the Toyota Aygo II is up 21 spots on September to #54, the Nissan X-Trail is up a further 8 ranks to #59 with 689 units (678 of which are the all-new 2nd generation), the Mercedes GLA is back down 30 spots to #68, the Ford Ecosport breaks into the French Top 100 for the first time at #86, up 29 ranks on September, the BMW X4 is up 10 to #118 but the Nissan Pulsar is already down 19 to #137. Two all-new nameplates break into the French Top 150 for the first time and for their 2nd month in market: the Lexus NX 300h is up 24 spots on last month to #146 and the Jeep Renegade is up 9 to #149.

Smart Forfour France October 2014The Smart Forfour nameplate is back inside the French Top 300 at #260.

Finally, the BMW i8 is up 10 ranks to #249 with 13 units sold – same as the Porsche Cayman, we welcome back the Smart Forfour in the French Top 300 eight years after the first generation was discontinued: it re-enters at #260 with 8 demo units sold in October and a total of 12 so far in 2014, the Land Rover Discovery Sport pops up at #268 with 7 sales and the Suzuki Celerio at #304 with two units sold.

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Full October Top 300 models and Top 50 brands Ranking Tables below.

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Romania October 2014: Dacia Logan and Duster overperform

November 14th, 2014 1 comment

Dacia Duster Romania October 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frDacia Duster

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Nothing seems to be able to stop the progression of the Romanian new car market this year: up another 31% year-on-year in October to 7,344 registrations which brings the year-to-date total to 58,908 deliveries, up 26% on 2013. Brand-wise, Dacia is up a fantastic 35% to reach 32.3% share, above its YTD level of 31.3%, ahead of Skoda up just 1% and only two units above Ford up a gargantuan 122% on October 2013. Inside the Top 10, Renault (+36%), Opel (+46%), Fiat (+115%), Hyundai (+38%) and Mercedes (+46%) also outperform the market.

Dacia Duster Pick up Romania October 2014Dacia has started selling a pick-up variant of the Duster in Romania – albeit in small numbers

The Dacia Logan (20.1% share) and Duster (7.4%) are back in control of the models sales charts and both deliver scores above their YTD levels of 19.6% and 6.2% respectively. Note the Logan MCV accounts for 15% of overall Logan sales this month. Notice also the Dacia Dokker up to #8, Fiat 500 up to #9, Renault Captur solid at #14 vs. #21 YTD, the Ford Mondeo up to #16, Fiat 500L up 37 spots on September to #18, the Opel Mokka up 38 to #20, the VW Touareg at #25 and the Opel Antara up a spectacular 41 ranks to an excellent 26th place.

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Full October 2014 Top 100 models and Top 35 All-brands Ranking Tables below.

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Singapore October 2014: Mercedes best-seller

November 14th, 2014 No comments

Mercedes-AMG C63 Singapore October 2014Mercedes is the most popular manufacturer in Singapore this month.

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The Singaporean new car market continues its impressive recovery, up another 69% year-on-year in October to 2,775 registrations which brings the year-to-date total to 22,899 units, up 22% on 2013. This return to form for new car sales in the country is linked to receding of the price of Certificates of Entitlement’s price (essentially the right to drive a car in Singapore), making mass market brand affordable again and now hitting premium carmakers. If BMW is down 24% this month (-12% YTD) and Audi is down 11% so far in 2014, Mercedes completely bucks the trend, improving by 46% to take the lead of the brands ranking for the first time since last February thanks to 488 sales, and increasing its year-to-date gain to 21%. reduced new car sales to mainly premium brands. Toyota-Lexus is knocked down to 2nd place despite sales up 55% but remains in pole position YTD with a 61% gain. Mazda is up a huge 333% on October 2013 to climb onto the podium with just under 10% share, Honda is up 6-fold to #5, Nissan up 259% to #7, Kia up 473% to #9, Hyundai up 529% to #11 and Subaru up 729% to #12 while Porsche doubles its sales year-on-year to 38 units.

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Full October 2014 Top 34 All-brands Ranking Table below.

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Russia October 2014: Datsun on-DO above Opel Astra & Ford Focus

November 13th, 2014 No comments

Datsun on-DO Russia October 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruThe Datsun on-GO is off to a great start in Russia.

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After dropping 26% in August and 20% in September, the Russian new car market is down ‘only’ 10% in October to 211,365 deliveries, thanks to the combined effect of a new scrappage incentive supporting the sales of domestic models and the sharp decline of the Ruble raising the short-term demand for imported models as consumers fear prices will get steeper and are ‘rushing’ to buy. The year-to-date total is now down 13% to 1,991,312 registrations. Full analysis will follow shortly. There are two main events this month in Russia. Firstly, local manufacturer Lada, now owned by Renault-Nissan, posts its first year-on-year gain in 18 months (since February 2013) with sales up 1% to 37,788 units and 17.9% share compared to 16% in October 2013 and 16.1% YTD. The main culprits are the best-selling vehicle in the country, the Lada Granta, up a fantastic 26% to 16,807 sales and 8% share vs. 5.7% a year ago, the Lada Largus (a rebadged previous gen Dacia Logan MCV) up 14% to a best-ever 4th place, also hit last May and June, and the veteran Lada 4×4 solid at #7 and 2.4% share and back up from #14 to #11 YTD.

Lada Granta Russia October 2014The Lada Granta is up 26% year-on-year at home.

Secondly, Nissan’s low-cost brand Datsun which landed in Russia last month at #38 with 520 sales, takes off to #22 with 1,779 units sold and 0.8% share, instantly becoming and by far the most successful new manufacturer to launch in 2014 with 2,299 sales ahead of Changan (902), Acura (656) and Brilliance (517). Most significantly, in October Datsun already passes such established brands as Land Rover (1,728), Lexus (1,678), Suzuki (1,521), Honda (1,460), Subaru (1,430) or even Peugeot (1,388) or Citroen (1,311)! Also interesting is the fact that Datsun already outsells all Chinese brands present in Russia bar Lifan (2,067) which it should have no trouble passing next month at this rate. Russia is the 4th (and last) country where Datsun was reintroduced as a low-cost brand this year after India, South Africa and Indonesia, with only one model for now: the on-DO sedan, none other than a rebadged Lada Granta produced in the same AvtoVAZ Togliatti plant. 1,779 on-DO sales are only 255 units off a Top 25 October ranking and above both the Opel Astra (1,609) and Ford Focus (1,574), granted in particularly bad shape, but still an astounding performance.

UAZ Patriot Russia October 2014The UAZ Patriot shoots up to #13 in October, benefiting from scrappage schemes.

In other news, the Renault Logan gains 50% on October 2013 thanks to the new model, the Nissan Almera confirms its success with sales up 106% year-on-year at #8, the UAZ Patriot is boosted by the scrappage scheme and shoots up 112% on October 2014 to #13 with 3,428 sales vs. #31 in 2013, the Kia Sportage is up a nice 23% to #14, helping the Korean brand snatch the #2 overall manufacturer spot off Renault, the Mitsubishi Outlander is up 9% to #15, the Skoda Rapid impresses again at #18, the Toyota Camry is up 48% YOY, the Skoda Octavia up 35% and the VW Tiguan makes a comeback inside the Russian Top 25 at #23. Brand-wise, if UAZ (+75%), Lexus (+25%), SsangYong (+6%), Skoda (+5%), Mazda (+4%), Mercedes (+2%), Lada, Mitsubishi (+1%) and Toyota (+0.4%) all manage to gain ground in the Top 30, Volkswagen (-26%), Ford (-34%), BMW (-39%), Chevrolet (-37%), Citroen (-45%), Geely (-46%), Peugeot (-49%) and Daewoo (-69%) all fall dramatically.

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Full October 2014 Top 25 models and Top 55 All-brands Ranking Tables below.

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USA 10 months 2014: Discover the Top 275 best-selling models

November 13th, 2014 No comments

Lincoln MKC USA October 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comThe Lincoln MKC is one of only two new nameplates in the Top 200.

* See the Top 275 best-selling models, Top 38 brands and Top 15 groups by clicking on the title! Now with complete analysis *

As is the tradition on BSCB, after exploring the US sales charts for October, we look into the year-to-date rankings to try and extract longer term trends. In October the US new light vehicle market has stabilised at a sturdy 6% year-on-year growth, the same rate it displays year-to-date at 13.72 million units. Lifted by GMC gaining 9% on 2013, General Motors accentuates its advantage over Ford in the groups rankings, adding up to 2.43 million units in 10 months vs. 2.06 million (-1%). Toyota Motor Corporation goes with the market at +6% to 1.97 million sales and though FCA Fiat Chrysler is catching up (+15%) it is still 250,000 units below vs. 370,000 a year ago. Nissan Motor (+13%) passes Hyundai-Kia (+4%) for 7th place overall.

Maserati Ghibli USA October 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Ghibli has lifted Maserati above 10,000 US sales in 10 months for the first time in its history.

Brand-wise, Ford continues to struggle at -1% year-on-year to just under 2 million sales in 10 months, while Chevrolet (+3%) keeps Toyota (+6%) at bay for now with a 17.800 unit-advantage vs. 14.900 a month ago but 56.900 a year ago. Nissan continues its march forward at +14% and now 74.100 units below Honda vs. 196.400 a year ago. Jeep remains the best performer in the Top 33 (!) at +46% to a record 571,585 sales, already well above its Full Year 2013 result (490.000 units). Other great performers include Subaru (+20%), Ram (+26%), Lexus (+14%), Audi (+15%), Lincoln (+14%), Mitsubishi (+29%) and Maserati (+265%).

Mitsubishi Mirage USA October 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comMitsubishi is up 29% thanks to the arrival of the Mirage (14,240 sales).

In the models ranking, just as the first 2015 generation F-150 rolls out of the production line, the Ford F-Series holds at -0.5% and despite being outsold by the GM full-size pickup truck duo Silverado/Sierra for the third month in a row, is in no danger of losing its pole position, having sold almost 200,000 units more than the #2 the Chevy Silverado. Haloed by another very strong showing in October, the Ram Pickup is frankly catching up on the Toyota Camry for the annual third spot, nearly halving its gap on last month from 15.000 units to 8.400. At this rate it will jump up to third place next month. The Honda CR-V is also gaining ground on the Civic for #8.

Lexus IS USA October 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comLexus IS sales are up 59% so far in 2014, the biggest gainer in the Top 100 bar the Jeep Cherokee.

The only two changes in the YTD Top 20 are the Ford Focus getting back above the Hyundai Elantra at #15 and the GMC Sierra kicking the Chevrolet Malibu out to #20. The only American models in the Top 100 to gain more than 25% on 2013 are the Jeep Cherokee launched exactly one year ago and the Buick Encore at +55%, with the other best performers being the Lexus IS (+59%), Toyota 4Runner (+47%), Nissan Sentra (+45%), Kia Sportage (+41%), Subaru Forester (+35%), Acura MDX (+33%), Kia Soul (+28%), Mazda CX-5 (+27%), Toyota RAV4 and Mazda6 (both at +26%). Notice also the GMC Yukon at +54%, Chevrolet Corvette at +146%, Mercedes S-Class at +105% and Audi A3 up 1889% to #150 thanks to the new sedan.

Acura TLX USA October 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comThe Acura TLX is now the best-selling new nameplate in the US so far this year.

Now that the Jeep Cherokee and Ram ProMaster are out because one year old, the Acura TLX becomes the best-selling all-new nameplate in the US after only 3 months in market at #171 and 11,060 sales, up 28 spots on last month. It is followed by the Lincoln MKC at #189 and 8,615 units (+1), the Ford Transit at #207 and 5,567 examples (+14)  and the Porsche Macan at #208 and 5,390 deliveries (-2). The BMW i3 at #214 (+11), Mercedes GLA at #234 (+16) and BMW i8 at #260 (+5) also move up.

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Full 10 months 2014 Top 275 models, Top 38 brands and Top 15 groups Ranking Tables below.

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