France May 2017: Renault Scénic IV breaks into the Top 5

The Renault Scénic IV frankly takes the lead of its segment in May. Picture 

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Finally, the French new car market shows a solid, non-artificial gain in May at +8.9% year-on-year to 191.419 registrations, lifting the year-to-date tally up 3.3% to 904.344 units. Business sales gain 14% to 38.859 units but the good news is private sales for once frankly in positive at +6.7% to 87.478. This renewed dynamism could find its origin in a post-presidential election newfound confidence by consumers and companies alike. There are still signs of artificial gains though with the demo sales channel shooting up 26.8% to 25.226 units, and let’s not forget the private sales share is still declining at 45.7% vs. 46.6% in May 2016. Renault beats the market with a 13% gain to a strong 20% share, with business sales up 23%, demo sales doubling thanks notably to the facelifted Captur and private sales down 1.1%. Peugeot trails the market at +5.9% but its channel mix is solid with private sales up 10.7%, business sales up 32% and demo sales down 23.2%. Citroen is in the same situation with overall sales up 5.7% to 10.2% share but private sales up 21.2% thanks to the new C3.

First podium ranking at home for the new gen Citroen C3. 

Volkswagen is up 12% to deliver its highest market share so far this year at 7.4%, while Dacia remains very strong at +11% to 5.5% of the market and over 10.000 units sold. Ford surges 20% to reclaim the #2 foreign carmaker spot year-to-date off Toyota, up 12% this month. Opel is up 10% solely thanks to demo sales (+44.9%) whereas private sales are down 1.9% and Fiat also shines at +19%. Audi wins the luxury race but only gains 7% vs. +18% for Mercedes whose private sales shoot up 32.4% while BMW is distanced at +2% and private sales down 0.2%. Further down, Seat (+28% thanks to the Ateca), Volvo (+19%), Alfa Romeo (+58%) and Tesla (+181%) show significant year-on-year gains.

The Fiesta (+74%) helps Ford up 20% this month.

The Renault Clio is faithful to its traditional pole position in France but trails the market at +5% while the Peugeot 208, almost 1.000 units below, is up 12%. The new generation Citroen C3, which appeared last August,  breaks onto the French podium for the first time and lifts to #5 year-to-date, overtaking the Renault Captur. It is the first podium for the C3 nameplate (all generations) since October 2014. Despite a 16% drop, the Peugeot 308 remains by far in the compact car segment lead, with the Megane IV up 44% but only ranking 10th. The big news this month is the 5th place of the Renault Scenic IV, its first time in the Top 5 and finally above its archenemy the Citroen C4 Picasso (down 9% to #12).

The Peugeot 3008 II is now #6 year-to-date. Picture 

Another excellent month for the new generation Peugeot 3008 in 7th place, it now ranks 6th year-to-date and continues to dominate its segment at 3.6% share vs. 1.8% for the Dacia Duster (+1%) and 1.6% for the Renault Kadjar (-13%). The Dacia Sandero is solid at +11% in 8th place, and both the Peugeot 2008 (-9%) and Renault Captur (-10%) seem to run out of steam, yet the 2008 remains at a splendid third place so far in 2017 vs. #7 for the Captur. Foreign models perform better than the market as a whole with a 9.9% gain, and it shows in the best-sellers: the VW Polo is up 32% on runout pricing for the outgoing generation, the Ford Fiesta is up 74%, the Fiat 500 up 40%, Opel Corsa up 34%, VW Tiguan up 84% and Opel Mokka up 24%.

The new generation Renault Koleos finally appears in its home sales charts. 

The Toyota C-HR continues to dominate recent foreign launches (<12 months) at #27 with just under 1% market share, with the Audi Q2 remaining inside the Top 50 – just – at #50 and the new generation Nissan Micra up 26 spots on April to #52. In the French ranks, the new Peugeot 5008 pushes the nameplate up 38% to #28 and the Renault Koleos reappears in the ranking – it’s the new model – at #64. Finally, this month we welcome the Opel Crossland at #150 and the VW Arteon at #175.

Looking at the private sales channel only, the Dacia Sandero accentuates its domination with sales up 14% year-on-year and almost 1.500 more than the #2, the Peugeot 208 (-13%). The Peugeot 2008 shoots up 27% to round up the podium and still ranks #2 year-to-date above the 208. The Renault Clio (-15%) and Captur (-29%) struggle but the VW Polo (+26%), Citroen C3 (+33%), Renault Scenic (+83%) and Peugeot 3008 (+117%) all impress.

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Czech Republic May 2017: New monthly volume record, 6 Skodas in Top 6

The Skoda Fabia is #1 at home for the first time since October 2015. 

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The new all-time monthly volume record set last March (26.786) has only lasted two meagre month: after a small decline in April, the Czech new car market surges another 11% year-on-year in May to lift the record to 27.009 units. Year-to-date sales are up a round 10% to a new best-ever 117.817 units after five months. Keep in mind a significant part of Czech sales (from 10 to 12% of the total market depending on the month) never see local roads and are immediately re-exported to other parts of the European Union. After a slow start of the year, homegrown market leader Skoda is revived: up 17% this month to a flamboyant 33.7% share vs. 31.1% year-to-date. Volkswagen on the other hand trails the market growth at +2% while Ford jumps 31% to overtake Hyundai (-11%) for third place overall. Dacia (+40%), BMW (+62%) and Toyota (+84%) post the largest year-on-year gains inside the Top 10, with Mercedes (+18%), Nissan (+32%), Fiat (+21%) and Mini (+49%) also getting noticed further down.

The Skoda Kodiaq ranks 6th at home this month, making it 6 Skodas in the Top 6.

In April, the Top 5 best-sellers were 100% Skoda for the first time since March 2016. This month the Czech carmaker goes one further, monopolising the monthly Top 6 for the first time ever according to BSCB records. The Fabia stunningly takes the lead for the first time since October 2015 thanks to deliveries shooting up 44% to 2.764, overtaking the perennial leader the Skoda Octavia down 2% to 2.691. The Octavia remains however comfortably in the year-to-date pole position with 10% share vs. 8.4% for the Fabia. The Skoda Rapid (-1%) and Superb (-22%) disappoint but the Yeti is up two spots on last month to #5 thanks to sales up 16% now that the carmaker is clearing existing stock ahead of the launch of its replacement the Karoq later this year. The all-new Kodiaq drops one rank to #6. It’s an excellent month for the VW Passat up 19% year-on-year and 5 spots on April to become the best-selling non-Skoda nameplate in the country. In fact, the VW Group monopolises the Top 8 with the Golf at #8 (+2%). Other great performers include the Dacia Sandero up 102% to #11, the Nissan Qashqai up 55% to #14, the Hyundai i20 up 68% to #17, Dacia Dokker up 54% to #18 and the VW Tiguan up 101% to #22.

Previous month: Czech Republic April 2017: Skoda monopolises Top 5, Kodiaq at #5

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Austria May 2017: VW Group monopolises Top 6 in market up 13.9%

VW Bus sales are up 88% year-on-year in Austria in May.

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A very solid month for new car sales in Austria, up 13.9% year-on-year to 32.426 units, lifting the year-to-date tally up 9.5% to 151.120 units. The two brand leaders advance faster than the market: Volkswagen is up 16% to 17.6% share and Skoda is up 24% to 7.7% but Opel struggles in third place at -24%. Ford (+12%), BMW (+14%) and Renault (+9%) follow, while Seat (+25%) and Mercedes (+60%) post the largest year-on-year gains inside the Top 10. Beyond, a healthy 17 manufacturers beat the market growth, with Mazda (+50%), Dacia (+56%), Suzuki (+69%), Alfa Romeo (+101%), Maserati (+117%), Lexus (+157%) and Tesla (+440%) among the best performers.

The VW Group monopolises the first six spots in the models ranking in May. The VW Golf holds on to its traditional pole position despite an 8% drop, the the Skoda Octavia (+0.4%) is up two spots on last month to #2, overtaking the VW Polo (+30% as stocks of the outgoing generation are starting to get cleared) and VW Tiguan, still boosted by the new generation at +46%. The VW Bus (aka Transporter) shoots up 88% now that the T6 model is well established and the Skoda Fabia gains 36% in 6th place. The Opel Astra is the best-selling non-VW nameplate at #7 but drops 24%. It is followed by the Hyundai i20 up a splendid 40%. The VW Group adds four nameplates in the Top 12: the VW Passat, Touran (+23%), Seat Leon (+34%) and Ibiza. Inside the Top 50, notice also the BMW 5 Series up 132%, the Mercedes A-Class up 188%, Fiat Tipo up 679%, Hyundai i10 up 178% and Mercedes GLC up 153%. The Audi Q2 breaks into the Austrian Top 50 for the first time.

Previous month: Austria April 2017: VW Polo and Renault Megane shine in market down 2.9%

One year ago: Austria May 2016: Hyundai Tucson back inside Top 10

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Argentina May 2017: Market up 28%, on track for 2nd best-ever year

The previous generation Chevrolet Onix remains on sale in Argentina as the Onix Joy 

* See the Top 43 All-brands and Top 210 All-models by clicking on the titlAfter a soft 6% gain in April, the Argentinean new car market is back to double-digit year-on-year gains for the 4th time this year at a splendid +28% to 75.570 registrations. The year-to-date tally is up an even more impressive 30% to 365.556 units. At this rate, 2017 will be the second biggest year for new car sales in Argentina below the all-time record of 955.023 hit back in 2013. Brand leader Volkswagen follows the market at +29% to 15.9% share, slightly below its YTD level of 16.6%, and the brands ranking is once again exceptionally stable with the Top 11 unchanged on April (and March). Chevrolet (+53%) and Fiat (+40%) beat the market but Ford (+10%), Renault (+12%), Toyota (+12%), Peugeot (+4%) and Citroen (+15%) all underperform. It’s below that we witness extravagant gains: Honda (+188%) and Mercedes (+54%) round up the Top 10 while just outside, Nissan (+93%), Jeep (+120%), BMW (+132%), Hyundai (+365%), Audi (+109%) and Volvo (+100%) all post spectacular improvements. Chinese Lifan (+330%) continues to climb, ranking just outside the Top 20.

The Ford Ka ranks third in May and sixth year-to-date. 

Over in the models ranking, we witness a concentration process towards most popular nameplates, with the top five best-sellers each more than doubling their sales year-on-year, an extremely rare feat. The VW Gol confirms it has reclaimed its hold on the Argentinean market with close to 4.000 sales this month and 16.808 year-to-date (+47%). The Gol led the Argentinean sales charts in 2014 and 2015 before being toppled by the Toyota Hilux last year. The Chevrolet Onix jumps 197% year-on-year and 3 spots on last month to #2, with sales split almost evenly between the previous generation, renamed Joy (1.650), and the current one (1.517). The Ford Ka is up 157% to #3 and now ranks #6 year-to-date, the Renault Sandero is up 118% to #4 and climbs to #2 YTD and the Chevrolet Prisma is up 273% to #5. Market leader at the same time last year, the Toyota Hilux (-18%) is down to #6 this month and #3 year-to-date. Among recent launches, the Fiat Mobi (#14) and Toro (#17) hit record rankings in Argentina (in the case of the Mobi also hit last month), the Peugeot 301 flies off to #60 vs. #154 in April and we welcome the Audi Q2 at #142.

Previous month: Argentina April 2017: VW Gol cements leadership in market up 9%

One year ago: Argentina May 2016: Toyota Hilux takes the YTD lead

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Japan May 2017: Toyota Prius back to top spot, C-HR #2

Toyota Prius Japan June 2016. Picture courtesy Toyota Prius reclaims the title of best-selling vehicle in Japan. Picture

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The Japanese new car market posts a very solid 12.4% year-on-year gain in May to 372.576 registrations, lifting the year-to-date tally up 8.4% to 2.305.072 units. Regular cars are up 6.1% to 237.512 but it’s kei cars that really pull the market up at +25.3% to 135.064. Partly explaining this rebound: the stop sale in April 2016 of the Nissan Dayz and Mitsubishi ek, both selling no units that month. Accordingly, below Toyota up 9% to 32.4% share, Nissan catches up on lost time with a 75.7% gain to 14.2% share – also helped by the success of the Note – and Mitsubishi is up 110.9% in 8th place. Daihatsu (+25.5%) and Subaru (+28.9%) are the other winners this month. Mercedes (#10 overall) continues to top foreign carmakers above Volkswagen (-3.7%), BMW (+4%) and Audi (-13.1%). Renault (+94.1%), Smart (+70.3%) and Maserati (+58.3%) also make themselves noticed.

Toyota Alphard sales are up 65% year-on-year in May. Picture

After the Toyota C-HR historically took the lead of the models ranking last month, in May the Toyota Prius returns to the pole position for only the second time this year after last February and despite sales down 30% year-on-year. With the Nissan Note below 10.000 sales, the Prius also reclaims the year-to-date lead at 73.300 units (-36%) vs. 72.610 (+66%) for the Note. The C-HR, although not #1, remains at a very high level just under 13.000 sales in 2nd place. The Honda Freed is once again the brand’s most popular car with deliveries flying off 254% thanks to the new model. It ranks 4th this month and 5th so far this year, now getting dangerously close to toppling the Toyota Aqua year-to-date, down another 33% this month.

The new model boosts Suzuki Swift sales up 166%. Picture

The Toyota Vitz (+39%) and Subaru Impreza (+81%) lodge the other two impressive year-on-year gains inside the Top 10 whereas the Toyota Sienta struggles at -37%. Further down, the Toyota Roomy (#13) and Tank (#16) both retreat five spots on last month but remain at satisfying levels. The Honda Fit (-44%) tumbles down to #14 overall vs. #4 over the FY2016 and now desperately needs a facelift. Toyota’s MPVs are in great shape this month: the Noah is up 21%, the Vellfire up 24% and the Alphard up 65%. Other impressive gainers inside the Top 30 include the Toyota Harrier (+39%), Mazda CX-5 (+44%) and Suzuki Swift (+166%), the latter two boosted by new models.

The Daihatsu Mira is up 96% thanks to its facelift. Picture 

In the kei minicars aisle, the Honda N-BOX remains in the lead, improving 14% year-on-year to 13.118 units. The big event is the ascension of the Daihatsu Mira from #10 in April to #2 this month with sales up 97% year-on-year thanks to a long-awaited new model. The Mira stays #10 year-to-date for now. It distances this month the Move (+106%) and Nissan Dayz, the only two other kei car nameplates to post five-digit figures for the month. Helped by a new model as well, the Suzuki Wagon R gains 54% on April 2016 but drops two spots on last month to #6. The Toyota Pixis (+23%), Subaru Pleo (+44%) and Mazda Flair (+46%) also shine this month.

Previous month: Japan April 2017: Toyota C-HR climbs into pole position

One year ago: Japan May 2016: Nissan (-26%) and Mitsubishi (-51%) sink

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Mexico April 2017: First year-on-year decline in 3 years

The Nissan Versa is back to #1 in Mexico. Picture 

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It had to happen one day: after 35 consecutive months of year-on-year gains and 27 consecutive monthly records, the Mexican new light vehicle market posts its first decline in 3 years at -3.3% to 114.486 registrations in April. Uncertainty about export tariffs to the U.S. has partly managed to slow down the Mexican market to the point of negative growth. The year-to-date tally remains frankly in positive however at a record 492.761 units after four months, up 5.8% on a the same period a year ago. It’s the best-selling manufacturers that pull the market down this month, with Nissan (-5%), Chevrolet (-15%) and Volkswagen (-14%) all falling faster than the market. Toyota on the other hand gains 17% to remain in 4th place while Kia (+79%) manages to rank at a splendid 5th place for the second time ever after last February. Mercedes (+16%), BMW (+11%), Fiat (+45%), Isuzu (+59%) and Smart (+49%) are among the rare brands posting a double-digit gain this month, in a market showing a very different outlook than what we got used to in the past few years.

The Kia Rio now ranks #11 in Mexico, with 61% or its April total produced locally.

In the models ranking, the Nissan Versa reclaims the pole position it holds year-to-date thanks to sales up 10% to 5.8% market share, dethroning the Chevrolet Spark up 18% to 5.3% with the Nissan Pickup rounding up the podium at +32%. The Honda CR-V is up 123% to 7th place overall: the new model is receiving a warm welcome from Mexican buyers. Just outside the Top 10, the Kia Rio surges 154% to #11 with 61% of its April sales produced locally. The Sportage meanwhile is up 34% year-on-year and 9 spots on last month to #12 with the Ford Figo (+23%), Toyota Hilux (+53%), Chevrolet Cruze (+226%) and Kia Forte (+120%) also posting solid gains inside the Top 25. This month we welcome the Jeep Renegade at #92 and the Nissan GT-R at #196.

Previous month: Mexico March 2017: Chevy Spark, Nissan Pickup top market up 17%

One year ago: Mexico May 2016: Chevrolet teases Nissan in 17th straight record month

Full April 2017 Top 40 All-brands and Top 215 models below.

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Germany May 2017: YTD Top 4 now 100% Volkswagen

The VW Tiguan is up 114% year-on-year in May. Picture

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After dropping 8% in March, the German new car market rebounds back up 13% in May to 323.952 registrations, lifting the year-to-date tally up 5% to 1.459.333 units. Market leader Volkswagen slightly trails the overall growth at +9% but remains in negative year-to-date at -4%. Mercedes posts a very satisfying 25% gain to remain firmly in 2nd place at 9.7% share, followed by Audi (+1%) and BMW (+7%) both losing share year-on-year. Ford (+23%) and Fiat (+36%) are the other two great gainers inside the Top 10, while below let’s single out Toyota (+38%), Dacia (+49%), Mitsubishi (+29%) and Suzuki (+27%). Among smaller brands, Alfa Romeo (+47%), Tesla (+508%), Lexus (+129%) and Maserati (+119%) shine.

The Opel Crossland X makes its first appearance the German ranking this month. 

Model-wise, below the VW Golf down 3% it’s a podium 100% Volkswagen with the Passat at #2 with sales up 19% after dropping 31% in April and the Polo up 16%. The Mercedes C-Class drops two spots on April to #4 but gains 23% and the VW Tiguan rounds up the Top 5 with deliveries up 114%. The result: the year-to-date Top 4 is now 100% Volkswagen for the first time in history with the Golf, Polo, Tiguan and Passat dominating the ranking so far this year. The Mercedes E-Class is up 49% to 6th place, the Fiat Ducato continues to excel (+28%) thanks to camper-van sales ahead of Summer, the Ford Fiesta is up 29% to #17, the Opel Mokka up 35% to #21 and the Mercedes GLC up 79% to #24. Among recent launches, the Audi Q2 is down 14 spots on last month to #53, the Skoda Kodiaq is up 24 to #65 and the Seat Ateca down 5 to #67. This month we welcome in the German sales charts the Opel Crossland X (#163) and Grandland X (#236).

Previous month: Germany April 2017: VW, Mercedes, Audi struggle in market down 8%

One year ago: Germany May 2016: Volkswagen only brand down in Top 35, Audi up 28%

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Norway May 2017: Opel Ampera-e up to #15

Opel Ampera-e

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The Norwegian new car market bounces back up 10.2% in May to 14.175 registrations, reducing the year-to-date decline to just -0.2% at 63.755 units. Volkswagen (-0.1%) remains in the top spot and is followed by a series of six manufacturers posting double-digit gains: Toyota (+13%), BMW (+37%), Skoda (+55%), Mercedes (+26%), Volvo and Audi (both at +42%). Further down, Suzuki (+40%), Citroen (+73%), Tesla (+45%) and Porsche (+55%) shine.

The VW Golf remains the best-seller in Norway, improving 6% year-on-year to 7.9% share with 24% of its sales going to the PHEV variant and 41% to the electric variant. It is followed this month by the VW Passat (67% PHEV) and the Toyota Auris (97% hybrid). The Skoda Octavia leaps up 36% to 4th place and advances to #7 year-to-date but the big news in the Norwegian rankings this month is a little further down: confirming Norway is at the cutting edge of alternatively fuelled vehicles acceptance, the all-new Opel Ampera-e jumps up to 15th place with 1.6% market share and should lift further up in the coming months. Norway has also been hungry with new launches recently, with the Toyota C-HR (#8), Volvo V90 (#10) and Skoda Kodiaq (#14) all instant blockbusters.

Previous month: Norway April 2017: Toyota C-HR, Volvo V90 and Skoda Kodiaq impress

One year ago:

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UK May 2017: Volkswagen #2 brand in market down 8.5%

The Nissan Qashqai now ranks #3 year-to-date in the UK. 

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According to figures released by SMMT, the UK new car market drops 8.5% in May to 186.265 registrations, as the March pull-forward effect of the Vehicle Excise Duty changes is still making itself felt. The upcoming general election may also have had a dampening effect on sales this month. Private sales are mainly responsible for the sizeable downturn at -14% year-on-year to 76.554 units while fleet sales drop 5.3% to 103.657, accounting for 55.7% of the market, and business sales go against the grain with a 20.1% surge to a still discreet 6.054 units. Ignoring the surrounding depressed climate, alternatively fuelled vehicles gain 46.7% to reach a record 4.4% market share. Year-to-date, thanks to an all-time record March figure, the market is down just 0.6% to a still very dynamic 1.158.357 units. Private sales are down 4.2% but fleet sales are up 2.4% and business sales up 5.3%.

May sales 2001-2017. Source SMMT

The brands ranking is once again completely reshuffled. If last month the three German premium brands were the ones shining, this time Volkswagen climbs to 2nd place overall with a contained 2% drop to 8.4% share vs. 7.4% year-to-date. It’s the second time this year after last February that Volkswagen ranks #2 in the UK. Mercedes gains 7% to rank third with 7.9% share vs. 7.2% so far this year and Audi is down just 1% to 5th and 7.4% vs. 6.4% in 2017 so far. Mercedes and Audi assuredly benefit from solid fleet sales this month. Struggling are Ford down 14% to 11% share vs. 12.2% year-to-date, Vauxhall down 14% to 7.5% and BMW down 17% to 6.8%, albeit securing a higher market share than its year-to-date level of 6.8%. Further down, Skoda (+9%), Seat (+11%) and Volvo (+7%) are the only other manufacturers posting year-on-year increases in the Top 20. Below, Porsche (+25%), MG (+33%), Infiniti (+153%) and Abarth (+21%) make themselves noticed with substantial gains.

Model-wise, the Ford Fiesta remains faithful to the pole position, following the market at 8%. It is followed this month by the VW Golf back up five spots on April but down 5% year-on-year and the Nissan Qashqai improving 6%. The VW Polo (+10%), Vauxhall Astra (+7%) and Mercedes C-Class (+13%) also post year-on-year gains while the Mercedes A-Class remains inside the Top 10 at #10 and stays #9 year-to-date. Following another disappointing performance (-17%), the Vauxhall Corsa drops two spots year-to-date to #5, allowing the Nissan Qashqai to lift its ranking to #3 – if maintained until the end of the year this would be an all-time record – and the VW Golf to #4.

Previous month: UK April 2017: Qashqai teases Fiesta, two Mercedes in Top 4 in market down 20%

One year ago: UK May 2016: Brexit uncertainty cools market growth to +2.5%

Full May 2017 Top 10 models and Top 42 brands below.

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Sweden May 2017: Volvo XC60 outsells S/V90

Volvo XC60

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The Swedish new car market evolves at record levels in May with the highest ever May tally recorded at 35.326 (+2.5%) and a record year-to-date tally at 155.206, up 2.6% on the same period last year which was the previous record. Bertil Moldén, managing director of BIL Sweden, explains sales could have been even higher this month but deliveries were limited by freight forwarders’ transport capacity just as several general agents have full order books. Local behemoth Volvo beats the market with a 10% increase to 20.3% share, well ahead of Volkswagen struggling at -6%. Kia confirms the third spot it held last month thanks to stable sales, distancing BMW (+2%), Toyota (-6%) and Mercedes up 21%. Renault (+50%) and Peugeot (+21%) lodge the other two double-digit gains inside the Top 10 whereas outside, Citroen (+46%), Seat (+37%), Mitsubishi (+36%), Tesla (+263%) and Alfa Romeo (+500%) shine.

Model-wise, the Volvo XC60 surprises once again with a third ever pole position after last December and last month, and sales more than doubling at +110%. The XC60 outsells the S/V90 for the month even though the S/V90 keeps the year-to-date lead for 483 units. It appears the discontinuation of the V70 has triggered a strong sales transfer towards the XC60, equivalent to the trading up to the new S/V90. An additional explanation for the good health of the XC60 could be the fact that the new generation will soon arrive and Volvo dealers are offering generous discounts to clear stock. Historic leader over the Full Year 2016, the VW Golf tumbles down 34% this month and is now out of reach of the year-to-date pole position which will return to Volvo this year, The VW Tiguan Tiguan is still benefiting from the new generation launch with sales up 5-fold year-on-year this month, as is also the case for the Citroen C3 (+323%) and Peugeot 3008 (+580%). Just outside the Top 10, notice the Renault Clio (+46%), Mercedes E Class (+41%) and Renault Captur (+91%) posting very solid year-on-year gains.

Previous month: Sweden April 2017: Volvo XC60 snaps top spot in market down 9%

One year ago: Sweden April 2016: Volvo above 20% share in record pace market

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