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Belgium June 2015: Renault Scénic leaps to pole position

July 28th, 2015 No comments

Renault Scenic Belgium June 2015. Picture courtesy largus.frThe Renault Scénic is the best-selling model in Belgium in June.

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It’s a very dynamic new car market in Belgium with sales up 17% year-on-year in June to 55.900 units including commercials. This means the year-to-date total halfway through 2015 is now in positive territory, up 2% on 2014 to 325.087 units. The Renault Scénic brilliantly takes the top spot this month thanks to sales up an astounding 454% year-on-year to 1.717 deliveries and 3.1% share. It is the 2nd time this year after February that the Scénic is the best-selling nameplate in Belgium, enjoying a much greater success here than at home in neighbouring France. The Scénic is however still #2 year-to-date below the VW Golf at 7.662 deliveries vs. 8.379.

Mercedes C Class Belgium June 2015The Mercedes C-Class ranks 5th in Belgium this month.

The VW Polo is up 147% in June to land in third position and is now #6 YTD, Mercedes C-Class more than doubles its sales year-on-year to 869, earning it a fantastic 5th position, the Mercedes Sprinter is up 146% to #8, the Hyundai ix35 up 54% to #10, the VW Passat up 136% to #12, the Citroen C4 Picasso up 72% to #16 and the Mercedes CLA up 101% to #30. Further down, the Renault Espace is up 5-fold on the old model a year ago and 81 spots on May to #57, while the Fiat 500X (#78) and Land Rover Discovery Sport (#97) mark a pause. The four nameplates launched last month climb the ladder while remaining at discreet levels: the Renault Kadjar is up to #175, the Opel Karl up to #187, Mazda CX-3 up to #190 and Jaguar XE up to #213.

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Full June 2015 Top 333 All-models Ranking Table below.

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Hong Kong (China) June 2015: Lexus NX breaks record

July 26th, 2015 No comments

Lexus NX Hong Kong June 2015. Picture courtesy of largus.frLexus NX

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The Hong Kong new vehicle market is up a splendid 25% year-on-year in June to 5.711 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total halfway through 2015 to 28.391 units, up 12% on 2014. Toyota keeps the lead of the brands ranking by far with a particularly strong 30.4% share vs. 24.5% so far in 2014, while BMW (11.2%) overtakes Mercedes (10.5%) for the 2nd spot overall. Isuzu, Honda, Audi and Volkswagen follow. The Top 4 best-selling nameplates all lodges market shares frankly above their year-to-date levels, resulting in a concentration of the HK market this month: the Toyota Hiace leads at 7.3% above the Toyota Crown LPG Taxi at 6.5%, the Toyota Alphard at 5.8% and the BMW 3 Series at 3%. The Lexus NX breaks its monthly volume record at 108 units and leaps up to #8, the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer is up 86 ranks on May to #13 and the BMW 4 Series is up 11 to #15.

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One year ago: Hong Kong (China) June 2014: Toyota Noah #1, Mercedes S-Class #2 YTD

Full June 2015 Top 40 All-brands and Top 186 All-models below.

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Thailand June 2015: New Toyota Hilux shoots up to 21% share

July 25th, 2015 No comments

Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand May 2015. Picture courtesy bangkokpost.com97% of Toyota Hilux sold in Thailand in June are the new generation Revo.

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The Thai new light vehicle market continues to slip away: down another 13% year-on-year in June to just 60.322 registrations, pulling the half year 2015 total down 16% to 369.109 units. Toyota sells exactly double the amount of the #2 brand Isuzu at 36% share vs. 18%, with Honda strong again at 13.1% in third position, Mitsubishi (6.3%) overtaking Nissan 5.2%) above Mazda (4.9%), Ford (4.5%), Suzuki (2.8%) and Mercedes (2.1%). Now that the new generation Revo is in cruising mode (for only its 2nd full month in market), the Toyota Hilux shoots up to 21.3% market share with 12.824 sales, including 12.452 Revo.

Honda HR-V Thailand June 2015. Picture courtesy success for the Honda HR-V in Thailand.

The Isuzu D-Max concedes the year-to-date leadership and lodges a paltry 8.832 sales and 14.6% this month. If the Toyota Vios holds onto the third spot with 4.2% share, it is now threatened for the Thai #1 passenger car title by the Honda HR-V, going from strength to strength and gaining another spot to land at an all-time high #4 with a record 2.453 sales and 4.1% share, overtaking the Honda City (#6) while the Toyota Yaris is up one spot to #5. The Mitsubishi Triton is back up to #7 with the new generation accounting for 84% of sales.

MG3 Thailand June 2015. Picture courtesy MG is starting to make its mark in Thailand.

Further down, the Mazda2 is back inside the Top 10 thanks to the success of the newly launched sedan variant, the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport jumps 10 spots on May to #16, the Ford Fiesta is up 8 to #20 and the Nissan X-Trail up 9 to #22. Chinese manufacturer MG is stepping up its game in Thailand with a record 300 sales this month, 280 of which are estimated to be for the new MG 3, which earns it a spot among Thailand’s Top 30 best-sellers.

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One year ago: Thailand June 2014: New generation Honda Jazz breaks into Top 10

Full June 2015 Top 50 models and Top 40 All-brands below.

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Europe 1st Half 2015: Recovery now firmly in place – albeit artificial?

July 24th, 2015 No comments

Renault Captur Europe June 2015. Picture courtesy success of the Captur lifts Renault up to third place in Europe.

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At +8% to 7.410.510 registrations over the 1st Half of 2015, the European new car market is clearly headed towards a second consecutive year of growth. However apart from the UK (+7%), the major part of other positive markets such as Germany (+5%), France (+6%), Italy (+15%) and Spain (+22%) have relied heavily upon artificial ways of sustaining demand such as scrappage schemes or fleet and rental purchases. In these countries, private demand seems to have reached saturation already, so the 2nd Half of 2015 will give a good indication of the long-term prospects of this return to growth in Europe.

Europe 1st Half 2015Source: JATO Dynamics

Brand-wise, Volkswagen manages to outpace the market with sales up 9% to just under 900.000 units with the Golf remaining Europe’s best-seller by far at 276.000 sales, the Polo up 13% to #4 and the Passat up 39% to brilliantly break back into the European Top 10 at #10. Ford underperforms at +6% in 2nd position: the Fiesta is up just 4% at #2 and the Focus up 5% at #6. Renault posts a double-digit gain on 2014 at +10% to 517.000 deliveries, boosted by the Captur up 23% to #12 (and #7 in June) while the Clio is up just 2%. Opel is knocked down to 4th place despite a full year of running it alone in Europe as the Chevrolet brand was discontinued a year ago, the Corsa is up 13% thanks to the new model in 5th place.

Nissan Qashqai Europe June 2015. Picture courtesy largus.frNissan Qashqai sales are up 13% year-on-year in Europe.

Below Peugeot at #5 – the 208 is in difficulty at #8 but the 308 and 2008 both make their way towards the Top 10 – Audi keeps the lead in the luxury race but posts the smallest year-on-year gain by far at just +4% to 400.600 units (#6) vs. +8% for BMW at 372.200 sales (#7) and a stunning +11% for Mercedes at 371.600 deliveries, helped by the success of the new C-Class, A-Class and GLA-Class and before the GLC and GLE with their respective coupe variants hit the market. Skoda breaks into the European Top 10 with sales up 7% to 319.300 but the Octavia is kicked out of the models Top 10 by the VW Passat. Finally, notice the Nissan Qashqai gaining a splendid 13% and one spot vs. a year ago to rank at a best-ever #7.

Full All-brands and All-models rankings will be published in early August.

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Full H1 2015 Top 10 brands and Top 12 models vs. Full H1 2014 figures below.

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France 1st Half 2015: Now with Light Commercial Vehicles data

July 23rd, 2015 No comments

Opel Vivaro France June 2015Opel LCV sales are up 34% year-on-year in France so far this year.

Full H1 2015 Top 12 LCV brands & Top 100 LCV models vs. Full H1 2014 figures here.

The France 1st Half 2015 article has now been updated with LCV data. The French LCV market remains and by far the largest LCV market in Europe due to advantageous taxation for vehicles registered as LCV. Sales are up a shy 0.8% year-on-year halfway through 2015 at 192.429 registrations, and Renault tightens its grip on the brands ranking thanks to deliveries up 5% to 60.758 for a 31.6% market share vs. 30.3% a year ago. Renault now sells more LCVs at home than Peugeot (-2%) and Citroen (-9%) combined, while Fiat improves by 8% to 9.9% share, above Ford (+11%) and Mercedes overtaking Volkswagen (-5%). Nissan tumbles down 17% but Opel lodges the largest year-on-year gain in the Top 10 at +34% and Toyota is up 15%.

Renault Kangoo France June 2015The Renault Kangoo remains the best-selling LCV in France.

In the models ranking, the Renault Kangoo is faithful to the pole position it has held since the nameplate’s launch in 2008, but see its share thaw ever so discreetly at 8.8% due to sales down 1% year-on-year. The Renault Clio IV is up a vigorous 26% to 2nd place now that the previous generation has been discontinued, the Fiat Ducato (+9%) rounds up the podium like a year ago and both the Renault Master (#4) and Trafic (#6) gain 11%. The Citroen Jumper breaks into the Top 10 at #9, the Ford Transit 2T makes its appearance at a very satisfying 15th spot, the Peugeot 308 II doubles its sales year-on-year to #17, the Opel Vivaro is up 77% thanks to the new model, the Opel Movano is up 47% to #36 and the Land Rover Defender doesn’t get old: it is up a very impressive 69% to #42.

Full H1 2015 Top 12 LCV brands & Top 100 LCV models vs. Full H1 2014 figures here.

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South Africa June 2015: Ford Ranger resists in pole position

July 22nd, 2015 2 comments

Ford Ranger South Africa June 2015Ford Ranger

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The South African new car market recedes by 4% in June to 50.251 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 302.619 units, now down 2% on 2014. In the manufacturers ranking, Toyota keeps the lead with a comfortable margin at 19.3% share while Ford (14.2%) overtakes Volkswagen (13.9%) and General Motors/Isuzu (10%), Hyundai-Kia (8.1%), Nissan (8%), Mercedes (6.7%), BMW (4.5%) and Renault (4%) hold onto their May ranking. Model-wise, the Ford Ranger manages to stay in pole position and above its archenemy the Toyota Hilux both in June at 3.019 sales and 6% share vs. 2.912 and 5.8% and year-to-date at 17.703 and 5.8% vs. 16.952 and 5.6%.

Fiat 500X South Africa June 2015The Fiat 500X has landed in South Africa

The VW Polo Vivo, Nissan NP200 and Toyota Corolla overtake the VW Polo, the Toyota Fortuner is up 9 spots on May to #9, the Ford Fiesta up to #10, the Renault Sandero up 6 to #16 and the Ford Focus up 9 to #19 but the Datsun GO is down 9 to #32. Among recent launches, the Renault Captur slips down 11 ranks from its inaugural month in May to #31, the Opel Mokka is down 3 to sign a second consecutive month inside the SA Top 50 at #44 and we welcome the Fiat 500X (#115) and Honda HR-V (#127) in the sales charts this month. Notice also the Volvo XC90 back in the ranking at #105 thanks to the new generation and the Citroen C4 Cactus up 19 spots to #111.

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One year ago: South Africa June 2014: VW Polo takes the lead for the first time

Full June 2015 Top 35 manufacturers and Top 229 All-models below.

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Europe June 2015: Renault Captur equals all-time record #7 spot

July 21st, 2015 No comments

RENAULT CAPTUR 1.5 dCi 90chRenault Captur

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Excellent news for new car sales in Europe in June: the market is up 15% year-on-year to 1.41 million units, the largest monthly increase since December 2009 and celebrating 22 consecutive months of gains. According to Automotive News, figures were boosted in part by the Pentecost religious holiday, when retail outlets are closed in several European countries, shifting into May this year from June in 2014. Increases of  13% in Germany and the UK, 14% in Italy, 15% in France and 24% in Spain helped continent-wide sales up this month. However June growth was mainly fuelled by the fleet market, with private demand only gaining 2%. IHS Automotive says “Private demand looks close to saturation point. Buyer fatigue seems to be setting in.”

VW Passat Europe June 2015. Picture courtesy caranddriver.comVW Passat

Far from its Chinese freefall, Volkswagen gains a spectacular 19% to 166.424 sales, Ford and Skoda are up 15% while Audi and Mercedes gain 17%. In the models ranking, below the VW Golf (+13%), the Ford Fiesta (+22%) and VW Polo (+38%) frankly outpace the market, kicking the Renault Clio (-11%) down to #4 while the Opel Corsa and Ford Focus round up the Top 6 like last month. The Renault Captur shoots up to 7th place overall in Europe – its third Top 10 finish after June 2014 (#7) and December 2014 (#9). The Peugeot 208 shows rare year-on-year gains at +19%, the same improvement as the Nissan Qashqai at #9 while the VW Passat, up a stunning 47%, keeps the Skoda Octavia out of the Top 10.

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Full June 2015 Top 10 models and brands below.

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Switzerland June 2015: Seat Alhambra and BMW 2 Series shoot up

July 19th, 2015 No comments

Seat Alhambra Switzerland June 2015The Seat Alhambra is up to #8 in Switzerland this month.

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New car sales in Switzerland are up a booming 18% year-on-year in June to 33.119 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 161.798 units, up 8% on 2014. The Top 4 most popular brands all improve at least as much as the market: Volkswagen is up 23% to 13.1% share, BMW up 18% to 7.3%, Audi up 26% to 7.2% and Mercedes up 23% to 6.5%. Reversely, Skoda is up just 4% to 6.1% and down two spots on May to #5. Further down, Seat is up 58% to #9, Citroen up 22% to #10, Peugeot up 31% to #11, Toyota up 38% to #12, Nissan up 75% to #13, Volvo up 43%, Kia up 50%, Land Rover up 53% and Smart up 118%. The VW Golf remains the most popular nameplate in the country thanks to 1.510 sales and 4.6% share above the Skoda Octavia at 1.147 and 3.5% with the VW Polo, Seat Leon (both at 2.1%) and Audi A3 (1.8%) also very solid.

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer Switzerland June 2015. Picture courtesy of largus.frBMW 2 Series Active Tourer

The VW Passat enjoys a second consecutive month at #6, the Seat Alhambra shoots up 47 spots on May to #8, the BMW 2 Series gains 10 ranks to break into the Swiss Top 10 for the first time and become the brand’s best-seller in Switzerland thanks to the success of the Active Tourer MPV variant. Notice also the Opel Mokka back up 51 spots to #16, the Audi Q3 very robust at #17, the Audi A1 up 12 ranks to #23, the Fiat 500X breaking into the Top 50 for the first time, the Mazda CX-3 jumping 137 spots to #79, the Volvo XC90 up 177 to #93 and the Renault Kadjar up 122 to #93.

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Full June 2015 Top 37 brands and Top 343 All-models below.

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Singapore June 2015: Honda up to #2 in market up 3-fold

July 16th, 2015 No comments

Honda Jazz Singapore June 2015. Picture courtesy of sales are up 10-fold on June 2014 in Singapore.

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The Singaporean new car market is now truly taking off, up 190% year-on-year to 6.999 registrations in June alone – that’s more than during the whole 1st Quarter of 2014. Toyota manages to outpace the market with sales up 261% year-on-year to 1.735 units and 24.8% share, while Honda is up 10-fold on June 2014 to land in 2nd place overall at 916 units and 13.1% share. Nissan is in third place with sales up 6-fold year-on-year to 741 deliveries at 10.6%. Mercedes (+65%) is knocked down to #4, Mazda (+233%) ranks 5th, while BMW (+64%) and Volkswagen (+28%) lose market share. Notice also Volvo up 275%, Kia up 227%, Porsche up 295% and Citroen up 573%.

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One year ago: Singapore June 2014: Toyota/Lexus still reigns supreme

Full June 2015 Top 37 All-brands Ranking Table below.

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China June 2015: First monthly year-on-year decline in over 6 years

July 15th, 2015 6 comments

GAC Trumpchi GS4 China June 2015The GAC Trumpchi GS4 sells 10.723 units for its second month in market.

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This is it. I have been correcting numerous analysts describing a “slowing down” of the Chinese market over the first half of 2015, saying that it was instead the growth rate that was slowing down, not the market as a whole. Until this month. In June, sales of new light vehicles in China are down 3% year-on-year to 1.51 million units, the first monthly sales decline since December 2008, while total all-vehicle sales are down 2% to 1.8 million deliveries. In June, only SUVs stayed afloat with sales up a gargantuan 38% on June 2014 to 448.200 units while MPVs are now down 1% to 126.000, sedans down a harsh 15% to 846.200 deliveries and microvans down 22% to 91.000. The year-to-date total is still in positive halfway through 2015 at +5% to 10.10 million light vehicles while sales of all new vehicles (including buses and commercial trucks) are up just 1% to 11.85 million units.

Toyota Corolla China June 2015. Picture courtest of Toyota Corolla is up 3-fold year-on-year to #3 overall with 25.685 sales.

Select manufacturer results show very different evolutions. General Motors saw its sales go up just 0.4% to 246.066 units despite price cuts of up to 20%, whereas for the Volkswagen Group it is a nightmarish month: sales are down 17% year-on-year to 250.000 sales with the VW brand down an abysmal 22% and Skoda down 15%. Ford sales are down 3% this month to 83.506 deliveries. The luxury market sees Audi drop 6% to 47.831 units, BMW up just 0.2% to 40.200 and Mercedes surge 38% to 32.507 sales. Japanese manufacturers are holding the right end of the stick: Toyota announced sales up 42% for June at 100.600 units, its largest year-on-year gain since February 2014, Honda is up 26% to 73.381 sales on the back of blockbuster results for the XR-V/Vezel twin baby SUVs, Mazda is up 14% while Nissan’s gains were a much more modest 0.1% at 93.600 deliveries.

Ford Kuga China June 2015. Picture courtesy Ford Kuga sells a record 16.068 units this month.

In the models ranking, the Wuling Hongguang reclaims the lead off the VW Lavida despite losing more ground year-on-year at -29% vs. -17%. The Toyota Corolla is up a meteoric 216% due to a transition month between two generations a year ago to land directly in third place with 25.685 registrations, its strongest monthly result so far in 2015. Note that with the Levin (12.382) and Corolla EX (3.623), total Corolla sales add up to a stunning 41.690 units which would earn it the overall pole position by far (Hongguang: 36.310).

Nissan X-Trail China June 2015. Picture courtesy auto.qq.comAll-time record 15.558 sales and 19th place for the Nissan X-Trail.

The Nissan Sylphy is solid in 4th place, the Haval H6 and Baojun 730 both recede two spots to #5 and #7 respectively and the Buick Excelle GT is boosted by its facelift to #9. If the VW Tiguan is up 11% to a splendid 6th position, the Polo up 39% to #15 and the Passat up a timid 1% to #20, all other 6 VW nameplates placed in the Top 40 display double-digit year-on-year drops: Lavida (-17%), Jetta (-22%), Santana (-30%), Sagitar (-39%), Golf (-16%) and Bora (-41%). Ford compensates the freefalling of the Focus (-42%) by a very strong #14 spot for the Escort at 17.513 sales, while the Kuga is up 47% on June 2014 to a record 16.068 sales in 16th place and the Edge is already above the bar for success we fixed at #70 and 8.000 units last month at launch: up a spectacular 63 spots to #56 with 8.416 deliveries.

Ford Edge China June 2015Ford Edge

As described above, the SUV segment is the only one left to display year-on-year gains in June, and it shows in the models ranking. Belo the Haval H6, VW Tiguan and Ford Kuga, the ChangAn CS75 breaks its ranking record at #18 thanks to sales up 4-fold on June 2014 to 15.680, the Nissan X-Trail breaks into the monthly Top 20 for the first time at #19 with an all-time high 15.558 units (previous best: 14.121 last November), the Buick Envision remains solid at #23 as do the JAC Refine S3 (#27) and ChangAn CS35 (#28).

Honda XR-V China June 2015. Picture courtesy Honda XR-V and Vezel twins add up to 21.000 deliveries in June.

The Honda XR-V (record 10.956 sales), BYD S7 (10.865) and Beijing Auto Huansu S3 (10.816) all stay at stratospheric heights, but the most impressive performance this month is arguably delivered by the GAC Trumpchi GS4: for its 2nd month in market it is up 66% and 36 ranks to a splendid 44th spot… Notice also the Honda Vezel at #46 (total HR-V/Vezel twins: 21.000 sales – equivalent to a combined 8th spot), Haval H2 at 10.010 units, the Zotye T600 up 102% year-on-year to #60 and the Brilliance V3 – the third SUV launched in May to improve drastically on an already very satisfying first month: up 36 ranks to #78.

Further down, the BYD Qin continues its unstoppable climb: up 16 spots on May and 281% year-on-year to a record #110 and 4.015 sales, the Mercedes GLA is up 69 ranks to #111, the Changfeng Leopaard CS10 up 80 to #135, Geely GC9 up 31 to #144 and VW Gran Santana up 119 to #188.

Buick Verano China June 2015. Picture courtesy Verano

There are only two new nameplates making their entrance in the Chinese ranking in June, and they are all rather shy for now compared to the SUV launches from last month: the Buick Verano, introduced at this year’s Auto Shanghai, lands at #165 with 1.973 sales while the BYD Tang – the hybrid variant of the S7 – arrives at #272 with 412 units over one year after premiering at the 2014 Beijing Auto Show.

BYD Tang China June 2015BYD Tang

If the Verano should fine its way to the Top 50 very quickly, an arrival inside the Top 20 will mean some cannibalisation either from the Excelle and/or the Excelle GT. Much harder to predict the Tang’s career as this is an exclusively hybrid model. Beating the Qin sedan at its own game would open up a new trend towards energy efficient SUVs.

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Full June 2015 Top 366 All-local model Ranking Table below.

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