Syria 1st Quarter 2015: Hyundai Elantra, i10 & Kia Sportage lead

Hyundai i10 Syria March 2015The Hyundai i10 holds 12% of the Syrian market so far in 2015.

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Despite being embroiled in civil war with the majority of the country not controlled by Syrian government forces, we have access today to official car sales figures for Syria for only the second time on BSCB and the first time in 3 years, since March 2012. Just under 5.000 new light vehicles found a new home in Syria over the First Quarter of 2015, and the market is more than ever dominated by Korean manufacturers, the only ones keeping an activity in the country. Hyundai leads the charge at 52.5% share followed by Kia at 45.4% with Nissan coming third at a meagre 1.4% share. The Hyundai Elantra is the most popular nameplate in the country with a majestic 26.4% share, ahead of the Kia Sportage at 12.2%, Hyundai i10 at 12% and Kia Frontier Pickup at 10.2%.

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Full Q1 2015 Top 10 models below.

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Syria Q1 2012: Hyundai Elantra and Accent most popular

Hyundai Elantra

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Once again thanks to Ldman I can now share with you official sales data for Syria for the first time on Best Selling Cars Blog. 11,514 new cars were sold in Syria over the first Quarter of 2011, at least, as not all manufacturers’s sales figures are available. As I pictured on YouTube when I started this blog and similarly to neighbouring Lebanon and Jordan, Koreans rule in Syria with Hyundai and Kia trusting almost all position within the models Top 20.

Hyundai Accent

Two recently relaunched Hyundais deliver out-of-this-world market shares: the Elantra is in pole position with 2,054 sales and 17.8% while the Accent is at 1,984 units and 17.2%. The Kia Frontier Pick-up (aka Bongo) rounds up the podium with 1,123 sales and 9.8%, ahead of the Hyundai Tucson at 8.6%, the Toyota Hilux at 7.4% and Hyundai Santa Fe at 6.9%. There are 5 more Kias and 5 more Hyundais in the Top 20 but remember not all brands are represented. The Top of the ranking should be very close to actuals though.

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Full Q1 2012 Top 60 Ranking Table below.

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Syria 2010: Cerato Forte and Elantra fight it out

Syrian consumers have chosen: they are into Korean cars, and nothing else – well, nearly nothing else. Hyundai Elantras can be seen literally on every street corner, which means the model must have been securing at least 10% of the market since its launch in 2006.

Another Korean model which seems to have enjoyed an even more spectacular success since its 2009 launch is the Kia Cerato Forte, with a dozen already appearing on 15 minutes’ worth of 2010 YouTube videos of the streets of Damascus.

Hyundai Elantra in Damascus

Lastly, the third extremely successful model in Syria is the Kia Rio, with other models worth mentioning being the Kia Picanto, Hyundai Accent, Tucson and Santa Fe.

More pictures below.

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