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France 1-20 February 2012: Renault Clio and Citroen C4 impress

Citroen C4

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The French car market is down 26% year-on-year over the first 3 weeks of February at 91,400 registrations. In the brands ranking, Renault ranks #1 with 15,685 sales and 17.2% share (-32%) but Citroen is just below at 15,181 units and 16.6% (-23%) leaving Peugeot in third place with 13,581 sales and 14.9% (-43%): the 208 launch is eagerly awaited...

The Renault Clio stays by far the best-selling model in the country and even lodges the smallest decline of the Top 10 at just -4% thanks to 5,202 units sold for a 5.7% market share. The Citroen C3 is #2 with 3,877 sales (-17%) just above the Peugeot 207 at 3,843 units (-47%). Good hold of the Renault Megane at -10% in 4th position, followed by the evergreen VW Polo (-15%) and Renault Scenic (-20%).

The Citroen C4 shines in 7th place with 2,363 sales and 2.6%, if it maintains this rank up until the end of the month it will be this generation's best-ever position, beating the 10th place it reached last December. The VW Golf is still valiant at #8 with 2,338 units, above the Peugeot 308 at 2,220 sales (-33%).

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  1. Rick
    February 26th, 2012 at 20:19 | #1

    Think the C4 is a pretty good car, with a modern, expressive front, decent underpinnings/engines and a nice dash. The rearlights and C pillar are less attractive though.
    Southern Europe seems to appreciate the C4 (and C3) more than northern EU.

    Duster in not in sight – was a surprising new entry in the French Top 10 last year.

    In general, the car sales in the French market are horrendous.

  2. tuga
    February 26th, 2012 at 14:41 | #2

    I’m beginning to warm up to the C4. Still think they could have done a much better job with the way it looks though.

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