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  1. Vavon
    December 25, 2011

    It’s more about how the brand is perceived! Most people wouldn’t consider a UK built Honda Civic or Peugeot 206 anything else as being Japanese or French. Whereas a German built Ford Focus or Spanish built Vauxhall Corsa is perceived (by Brits) as British. Other nations tend to see them as German. People tend to look at the brand of the car and not where the car has actually been built… The same goes for every other country, a French built Toyota Yaris is Japanese, a French built Smart is German and so is the French built Bugatti Veyron. Nobody would ever consider the Dutch built Mitsubishi Outlander as being a Dutch car. It’s the brand of car that gives it its nationality, a bit silly maybe, but so very true!

  2. RayCee
    December 24, 2011

    In these modern times, it’s hard to quantify national content of cars. The 206 was assembled in the UK but with high import content. The Focus is imported but with UK sourced engines and a fair bit of design imput.

  3. 406 Driver
    December 9, 2011

    Interesting to see the overall figures but I would have to question your “foreign” comments about the Peugeot 206. At that time the 206 was being built in the old Rootes / Chrysler factory near Coventry so your definition of “foreign” needs to be questioned. Actually the #1 Ford Focus is more foreign than the 206 as all of them were built outside the UK.

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