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  1. Vavon
    September 17, 2011


    Salut Stac,

    Regarde ici: http://www.autowp.ru/toyota/van/ Tu trouveras ton bonheur!

  2. STAC
    September 16, 2011

    Hello all

    Ah! the Space Cruiser, this is the Model F for France!
    My parents had a Model F OX 2.0 90 PS of 1986 white and blue mesh (middle) and gray / black (lower case), leather interior / brown fabric, double sunroof, power steering, 4 lights (including 2 in the front shock front), purchased less than 100,000 km in 1990 and sold to 255 000 km (of original except battery and exhaust,…) in mid 2004. It was a great car very reliable!


    I am always looking supplémentaries information on this model …. and the photos.

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