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Sweden 1965: Volvo Amazon and VW Beetle lead the way

Volvo Amazon (P120)

* See the Top 6 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Rene *

In 1965 the Volvo Amazon dominates the Swedish models ranking with a very imposing 15.4% market share, leading the way above the VW 1200/1300 (aka Beetle) at 11.3%.

VW Beetle

Note 1965 is the first year official car sales in Sweden show a Volvo in the lead. The reign of the Amazon may have started earlier but I don't have any official data yet to confirm it. If you do please comment on this article!

Saab 96

The legendary Saab 96 rounds up the podium with 7.8% share ahead of the Opel Rekord, the Ford Taunus 17 M and the Opel Kadett.

Full Year 1965 Top 7 Ranking Table below.

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  1. TerschellingFRL
    June 1st, 2012 at 20:59 | #1

    I think the Ford Taurus (17M) should be a Ford Taunus 17M. I don’t think there was a Taurus available in 1965 in Sweden.

    • matgasnier
      June 1st, 2012 at 21:10 | #2

      Thanks very much for the pick-up TerschellingFRL! This is now corrected on the post and the sales tables.

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