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1982 me thanks you for all you have done to make Best Selling Cars Blog what it is today.

Circa 1982, 4 year-old me was shocked to see how dirty some car tail lights were. I developed a mild case of OCD and started cleaning the dirtiest ones… Freaky I know. In the process I learnt how to read by deciphering the car makes next to the tail lights, with the first words I could recognise being Peugeot, Renault and Citroen as this was in Cannes, France.

A lifelong passion was born.

Fast forward to October 2010 when I created Best Selling Cars Blog and it was the start of an adventure that hasn’t stopped amazing me. Never would I have imagined that so many of you would be interested in this blog, coming from absolutely every corner of the planet and sending me a continuous flow of encouragement, praise and information. And I thought this deserved a special place on this blog.

This Thank You page lists out and acknowledges all of you who have helped make this blog what it is right now with your contributions. Please keep them coming! I always mention each and every one of you every time you send me some data that I am able to feature on this site, but I thought I would set up a special page to recognise each of you.

I will keep updating the page each time some you guys send some new data. But PLEASE NOTE: I am still going through the hundreds of emails I have received from you all since the creation of this blog to ensure I include everyone so please forgive me if your name is (not yet) there, I am still working on making the list as complete as possible.

So once again thank you everyone for your contributions, your insights and your visits. This has been an amazing experience and I look forward to continuing to improve it with you. I work every day to make this blog better and I hope you will continue to enjoy it. If you have data you want to share, simply comment on here and enter your email address when prompted (it won’t appear publicly) so I can get in touch with you.

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Thank you very much to (in alphabetical order):

– Adam for 70s/80s HIstorical US data

– Adrian for the Canberra, Delhi pictures and the Middle-East work

– Afshin for the info on the Iranian market

– Alex for the link to latest Iceland data

– Alexandra from L’Automobile Magazine for your support and mentioning this blog in the magazine

– Antek for the link to complete Poland sales

– Andrea for Historical Italy data

– Anthony for more detailed monthly data and Historical Data on Norway

– Audrey for the Scotland and Morocco pics and reports

– Austin Rutherford for all the worldwide figures + Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan by version and all your support

– Bertel from TTAC for your continued support and tips

– Bill for Greece info since 1970 and all the updates at mid-month

– Bruno for Argentina data since 1965

– Carlos for the tip to Spain LCV data

– Chris c for improving the UK and Irish Historical Data

– Christian for German data

– Cristiana from UNRAE for Italy Historical data, Top 50 actuals and for opening the UNRAE archives to me in Roma, Italy.

– David B for the Nairobi video

– David Curry for your continued support and encouragement

– David Z for the complete Australian historical data from 1990 to 2003

– DC for 70s/80s Historical US data

– Eddy for Indonesian data

– Edgar for 2012 Peruvian data

– Erik for Historical Greek data

– Flavio Canetri for Fiat 127 historical Italian and European data

– Florian for German data since 1946, UK data since 1965 and the Interautonews tip

– Fred + G for the tip to Monaco sales

– Furkan for the detailed Turkey data

– Geraldine at for my logo.

– Goran for Macedonian data

– Howee for the Laos 2012 pics

– Igor for Ukraine monthly data

– JB for monthly detailed Australian data

– Joe for the tip to Japan historical data from 1996 onwards

– John for Ukraine data

Joseph Byrne for my business card artwork, your support and encouragement

– Josh Gregg for all your graphs and enthusiasm

– Juan Cortes for Colombian Historical data

– Kalo for Bulgaria data, current and historical

– Kostas for the link to Historical Greek data month by month up to 1998

– Lancia Lover for the translation of the monthly Chinese sales

– Larry for the tip to more complete Taiwan data

– Ldman for the monthly Gulf Cooperation Council and other Middle-Eastern countries data

– Lorenzo for Mauritius data

– Luka for more detailed Croatia data

– Mangis for 2012 Lithuanian data

– Manic for Estonian data

– Marc for Italy historical data

– Marcelo de Vasconcellos for the tip to Brazil data since 1962

– Mariusz for Poland historical data

– Maximus for Renault Duster Russian sales

– Mermou for Algerian 2012 data

– Miguel for South African and Italian historical data

– Mum and Dad for all your support, help and encouragement

– myk for Philippines data since 1995

– Nismo Boy for Paraguay data

– Oscar for Bosnia, Ecuador, Cyprus, Luxembourg and Northern Ireland data

– Øystein for the link to complete Norway monthly models data

– Pachilla for Dominican Republic data

– Pablo for the estimation on Bolivia sales

– Pedro for extensive South Korea and Canada Historical Data

– Piotr for Moldova data

– Rainer for the link to monthly Estonian sales

– Rene for data on the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the USA and new data for Andorra

– Ricardo for Spanish Historical Data

– Ross from Toyota Australia for the Australian data by States

– Rusel for more detailed 2011-2012 Russian sales data

– Ryan P for UK data since 1974

– Sandeep for UK LCV 2011 data

– Seba for Uruguay data

– Skoda120 for keeping the Slovakia data alive

– Steam for faster links to monthly German data

– STAC for France data since 1949 and monthly updates on the less-selling cars in France

– Stéphane for monthly New Caledonian data

– Stephen Bloom for compiling Japanese data faster than me!

– Tomasz for the tip to the Polish monthly data

– Tuga for the Portugal monthly updates, Europe data and the link to Forbes 2011 list

– To all the secret admirers who have chosen to stay anonymous for the complete UK rankings and more

– Vavon+Andrea for the tip to Netherlands data since 1982

– Vic for the huge amount of South African Historical Data

– Voyteck for Estonia and Lithuania 2012 data

– Yves for the regular New Caledonian updates

– Zsolti for Hungary data

Please forgive me and let me know if I have forgotten you.

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