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Good old me next to a Dacia Lodgy in Grasse, France August 2012

You are a reader of BSCB and would want more of the car sales nerdiness you see here on your own car website or magazine? Or better still, you want to hear/see what I have to say about the car sales situation in a specific country? You need some background, more info or just a better understanding and an external point of view?

Wait no longer – you can fill in your details in the form below and we can work something out.


If you run or are a journalist for a car magazine/website anywhere in the world and are looking for sales-related editorial, whether it be a one-off focus on a specific country or region or a regular paper, please get in touch! I’m more than happy to provide some content, data and analysis to fuel the ever-growing passion of your readers for sales data…

I have been writing a weekly column called ‘Best Selling Cars Around The Globe’ on the US website The Truth About Cars since February 2011. You can check out the list of all my articles here: Matt’s articles for The Truth About Cars.


In November 2012 I have started collaborating with L’Automobile Magazine, the best-selling car magazine in French language, starting with an article about the Chinese carmakers present in New Caledonia.

Starting in November 2012 as well, BestSellingCarsBlog now collaborates with Auto India, India’s oldest and best-selling car magazine, featuring sales figures in the “India’s best-sellers” section of the magazine.


If something significant car sales-wise is happening in your country and you need an external point of view, some background, or deciphering of some longer-term trends at play, I can do that for you too – just fill in the details below and I’ll get in touch with you.

I was recently interviewed by Alex Helmick from World Radio Switzerland about the evolution of the new car market there. You can listen to the September interview here and listen to the the October one here.