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Sudan 2011: Hilux ahead of an armada of Hyundais UPDATED

Hyundai Accent

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The Sudanese car market is pretty straight forward to decipher as a few cars emerge clear winners. The Toyota Hilux is in all likeliness the best-selling vehicle in Sudan: the streets of Khartoum are filled with the pick-up in its Africa-specific stenciled delivery.

Hyundai i10

Hyundai is extremely strong in Sudan and should place a few models in the Top 10: the Hyundai Accent Era and i10 look like the most recent successes for the brand, partly because they are now assembled in Sudan by Giad (a government company) with relatively lax financial plans.

The Hyundai Atos and Getz for their part seem to have been long time favourites. Other successful models include the Mitsubishi Lancer (old gen) and L200 and the Toyota Camry.

Hyundai Atos

Precise observation of recent YouTube videos of the streets of Khartoum show that the 2000 Hyundai Accent and the 1997 and 2004 generations of Hyundai Atos have enjoyed enormous success in the country, with numerous examples of these models roaming the streets up to this day.

Also the 2000 Toyota Corolla can be seen everywhere, but this has not translated into high sales for the new model purely because a 2010 legislation forbade the import of second hand cars mainly to boost sales of local authorised dealers.

Below are a few links to YouTube videos of the streets of Khartoum which give a better understanding of the structure of the car market in Sudan.

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