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Photo Report: On the Karakoram Highway – China side

Karakoram Highway at Bulong Lake (click on any image to enlarge) After Ürümqi and Kashgar, we continue on our adventure through the Xinjiang Uyghur, China's Westernmost autonomous region. Today we take the legendary Karakoram Highway on the Chinese side for 450km between Kashgar (altitude 1.260m) and the Khunjerab Pass on the…

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Photo Report: The cars of Kashgar, South-Western China

Kashgari man and Jonway UFO A380 After exploring the extraordinary pick-up landscape in Kashgar, some 3.400km away from Beijing in South-Western China, we now go into its overall car landscape. In Chinese classification, we have gone from first-tier city (Beijing), 2nd-tier (Chongqing), 3rd-tier (Ürümqi) and now with Kashgar we are at…

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Photo Report: The Pick-ups of Kashgar, South-Western China

Guarding his Chana pick-up with pride. (Click on any photo to enlarge) After Beijing, Chongqing and Ürümqi, as promised we are now headed 1.080km South-West to the hinterland of the hinterland: Kashgar, China's westernmost city and predominantly populated by Muslim Uyghurs. To give you a rough idea of what Kashgar looks like, the…

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Photo Report: A voyage through Beijing hutongs

Chana Star in Dongsi hutong The legendary Beijing hutongs are tiny, charming alleyways formed by lines of traditional courtyard residences. An endangered species, the real Beijing lives and breathes in hutongs where a warm sense of community and hospitality survives. I was lucky enough to spend some time visiting hutongs during…

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