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Russia July 2022: Russian and Chinese brands see market share surge, sales down -74.9%

The Lada Granta holds a record 20.2% share in Russia in July.

The Russian new light vehicle market slows down its fall slightly in July at -74.9% year-on-year to 32,412 registrations vs. -82% in June, -83.5% in May and -78.5% in April. The year-to-date tally is now -60.5% to 368,850, this doesn’t include Chery, Chery Exeed who have stopped reporting sales, as well as Mercedes and BMW brands who only report quarterly. As stock thins down, sales of brands that have left the Russian market are starting to show significantly larger year-on-year falls, such as Volkswagen (-92.5%), Skoda (-92%) and Renault (-85.2%). Two groups of carmakers fare better than the Russian market this month and this is a mid-term trend: first Russian ones (-62.2%) going from 29.8% share in July 2021 to 46.1% this month. Notably Lada (-67.8%) up to 31.8% share, its highest in over a decade, GAZ (-38.7%) up to 8.8% of the market and UAZ (-38.2%) up to 5.5%. Secondly Chinese brands down just -31.8% and going from just 5.5% share in July 2021 to 15.4% this month keeping in mind Chery isn’t included in the July and YTD results.

Kia (-77.1%) remains in 2nd place while Hyundai (-74.6%) overtakes GAZ to #3. Meanwhile Haval (-32.7%) is up one spot on June to break into the Top 5 for the first time at #5, the first Chinese brand to do so in Russian history. Geely (-24%) follows as it gains two ranks on last month to a record 6th place. The two manufacturers of course break their share record at 6.1% and 5.9% respectively. Renault (-85.2%) falls three spots on June to #8 with Skoda (-92%) and Volkswagen (-92.5%) rounding out the Top 10. Below, Changan is actually up (+24.2%), ending the month at a record #11 vs. #21 year-to-date. FAW (-10.7%) also performs very well, up to a record #14. Dongfeng (+298%) sports a spectacular year-on-year lift and gains 7 ranks on June to a record #16. No other brand manages a positive result in the rest of the market.

Model-wise, the Lada Granta (-39.9%) smashes its record market share at 20.2% vs. a previous best of 11.9% hit just last month. It now holds 8.1% of the market year-to-date. The GAZ Gazelle (-42.2%) remains in 2nd place vs. #6 year-to-date, while the Lada Vesta (-84%) closes out a podium unchanged on last month. The Hyundai Creta (-75.1%) is the best-selling SUV in the country once again at #4 overall, its highest ranking since last November. Below the Kia Rio (-79.4%), the Haval Jolion (+6.3%) is actually up year-on-year and repeats at a record #6, the highest position ever reached by a Chinese model in Russia. Just below at #7, the Geely Coolray (-28.3%) shoots up 8 spots on June to a record #7. In fact, whereas the July 2021 Top 25 contained only one Chinese model (and it was the first time this happened too), the July 2022 Top 20 has four: add the new Geely Atlas Pro at #17 and the Geely Tugella (+344%) at #19. The UAZ Classic Commercial (-29.2), GAZ Sobol (-22.5%) and UAZ Patriot (-46.8%) also outpace the market while the Hyundai Sonata (-26.6%) and Hyundai Elantra (+7.7%) appear in the Top 30 for the first time.

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One year ago: Russia July 2021: Chery and Kia K5 break into Top 10, Geely Coolray first Chinese in Top 25, sales off -6.5%

Full July 2022 Top 45 All-brands and Top 30 models below.

Russia July 2022 – brands:

1Lada  10,32331.8%-67.8%185,03723.1%-63.4%11
2Kia  3,90312.0%-77.1%249,47413.4%-60.6%22
3Hyundai  3,39410.5%-74.6%443,17111.7%-58.7%33
6Geely 1,9025.9%-24.0%89,8122.7%-17.4%1317
8Renault  1,6565.1%-85.2%529,9028.1%-63.2%44
9Skoda  6352.0%-92.0%1015,2844.1%-74.8%76
13Nissan  3161.0%-91.2%1112,9543.5%-55.2%109
15Toyota  2630.8%-96.7%1318,8175.1%-65.5%55
16Dongfeng (DFM)2030.6%298.0%238160.2%1500.0%3345
17Mitsubishi  1880.6%-92.0%177,3732.0%-48.9%1616
18Ford  1670.5%-90.7%155,0761.4%-49.7%1818
23Great Wall980.3%n/a274150.1%n/a40 –
27Opel  450.1%-73.4%295110.1%-50.8%3735
28Lifan380.1%-22.4%37940.0%-80.5% –44
30Land Rover210.1%-96.0%311,1100.3%-71.4%3024
32Iveco200.1%-55.6%351480.0%-51.5% –47
34Hino190.1%new361200.0%new –49
37Volkswagen Vans130.0%-97.3%301,0700.3%-70.8%3128
39Jaguar50.0%-93.9%401190.0%-61.0% –46
41Fiat10.0%-99.0%411080.0%-84.5% –40
42Foton10.0%0.0%4290.0%-71.9% –51
43Brilliance00.0%-100.0% –60.0%-93.3% –48
44Zotye00.0%-100.0% –10.0%-97.6% –50
 –Chery (July data n/a)n/an/an/a –11,1473.0%-38.9%1213
 –Cheryexeed (July data n/a)n/an/an/a –4,3201.2%166.7%1931
 –Chevrolet (July data n/a)n/an/an/a –2660.1%17.7%4241
 –Cadillac (July data n/a)n/an/an/a –1620.0%-88.4%4434
 –BMW (reports quarterly)n/an/an/a –8,9852.4%-61.6%1410
 –Mercedes (reports quarterly)n/an/an/a –8,2792.2%-65.2%1511
 –Mini (reports quarterly)n/an/an/a –6430.2%-59.4%3533
 –Mercedes Vans (reports quarterly)n/an/an/a –4160.1%-51.3%3937
 –Chinese5,00515.4%-31.8% –67,97618.4%29.2% – –

Russia July 2022 – models:

PosModel Jul-22%/21Jun2022%/21PosFY21
1Lada Granta6,54120.2%-39.9%129,9288.1%-63.5%12
2GAZ Gazelle2,2126.8%-42.2%214,5343.9%-39.6%67
3Lada Vesta1,6315.0%-84.0%323,1946.3%-65.5%21
4Hyundai Creta1,3064.0%-75.1%514,7314.0%-66.6%54
5Kia Rio1,1613.6%-79.4%422,2366.0%-55.9%33
6Haval Jolion1,0503.2%6.3%66,3461.7%215.7%14n/a
7Geely Coolray9953.1%-28.3%154,1071.1%-30.9%27n/a
8Lada Niva9803.0%-78.5%714,2113.9%-59.0%76
9UAZ Classic Commercial7572.3%-29.2%85,2231.4%-16.5%19n/a
10Kia Sportage6882.1%-63.8%115,2891.4%-67.6%1817
11Lada Largus PC6502.0%-80.6%99,3732.5%-61.6%911
12GAZ Sobol6311.9%-22.5%124,1381.1%-5.6%26n/a
13Kia Seltos6071.9%-66.6%146,1131.7%-46.5%1527
14UAZ Patriot5721.8%-46.8%25n/an/an/an/an/a
15Renault Logan5641.7%-81.0%106,9321.9%-65.0%1314
16Renault Duster5171.6%-84.8%1610,7652.9%-53.4%810
17Geely Atlas Pro4991.5%newn/an/an/anewn/an/a
18Hyundai Sonata4721.5%-26.6%n/an/an/an/an/an/a
19Geely Tugella4041.2%344.0%29n/an/an/an/an/a
20Skoda Rapid PA II3981.2%-90.8%247,3232.0%-73.5%129
21VW Polo3891.2%-90.8%189,0932.5%-72.2%108
22Hyundai Solaris3851.2%-91.6%1317,2734.7%-54.7%45
23Mazda CX-53631.1%-72.1%205,4981.5%-49.6%1722
24Hyundai Tucson3561.1%-74.1%17n/an/an/an/an/a
25Kia Cerato3521.1%-67.8%233,9101.1%-42.7%28n/a
26Hyundai Elantra3481.1%7.7%n/an/an/an/an/an/a
27Lada XRAY3341.0%-83.6%214,2581.2%-73.2%2519
28Kia Soul3291.0%-54.7%28n/an/an/an/an/a
n/aRenault Sandero3111.0%-85.6%224,5781.2%-70.9%2318
n/aUAZ Profi2560.8%-23.6%301,3980.4%-28.2%n/an/a
n/aFord Transit1670.5%-90.7%n/a5,0761.4%-49.7%2020
n/aLada Largus LCV1610.5%-79.8%193,3960.9%-47.3%n/an/a
n/aRenault Kaptur1420.4%-89.9%n/a3,8321.0%-66.8%2925
n/aNissan X-Trail1280.4%-90.5%n/a4,8471.3%-52.5%2224
n/aNissan Qashqai1080.3%-93.0%n/a5,6361.5%-49.7%1621
n/aMitsubishi Outlander1070.3%-92.4%n/a4,5151.2%-49.3%24n/a
n/aToyota RAV4900.3%-96.8%n/a7,6592.1%-65.0%1112
n/aToyota Camry620.2%-98.0%n/a4,8631.3%-73.0%2113

Source: AEB

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