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Canada August 2021: Market off -11.4%, Lexus (+27.8%), Subaru (+10.9%) swim upstream

The Lexus NX is up 45.4% year-on-year in August.

New light vehicle sales in Canada are estimated to skid -11.4% year-on-year in August to 146.925 according to DesRosiers Automotive Consultants, and off -19.2% on August 2019. The year-to-date tally is now up 18.9% to 1.160.029. We at BSCB forecast a Full Year 2021 tally up 8% to 1.68 million units. The seasonally adjusted annualised rate of sales is down to 1.62 million this month, the second lowest of 2021.

Group-wise, all major manufacturers still reporting monthly are down but less than the market: Toyota Motor is off -1.4%, Hyundai-Kia down -6.7% and Honda Motor down -4.3%. Looking at brands reporting, Mazda (-3.2%), Toyota (-4.4%), Honda (-5.3%) and Kia (-5%) all contain their losses while Hyundai (-11.1%) matches the market. Subaru (+10.9%) is the only mainstream brand to show a year-on-year increase and lodges a record August volume at 5.853 sales. All remaining reporting brands are up: Lexus (+27.8%) surges ahead to a sixth consecutive month of record sales, Acura and Volvo are both up 5.6% and Genesis soars 415.7% thanks to the arrival of its two new SUVs.

Looking at models with available August data, the Honda CR-V (+11.3%) overtakes the Toyota RAV4 (-31.2%) to lead the SUV charts while the Toyota Corolla (+12%) passes the Honda Civic (-10.9%) to become the best-selling passenger car in the country. The Toyota Highlander (+19.8%) and Subaru Crosstrek (+86.5%) also show great health near the top of the ranking whereas the Hyundai Kona (-28.5%) is in difficulty and the Hyundai Tucson (-0.8%), Mazda CX-5 (-2.1%) and Hyundai Elantra (-8.6%) limit their fall to the single digits. Further down, the Hyundai Santa Fe (+23.4%), Mazda CX-30 (+46.7%), Toyota 4Runner (+97.8%), Toyota C-HR (+84%), Lexus NX (+45.4%), Kia Niro (+93.6%) and Hyundai Sonata (+80.8%) stand out.

Previous month: Canada July 2021: Toyota, Lexus ignore market back in negative (-5.7%)

One year ago: Canada August 2020: Volvo, Kia, Subaru defy market down -8.9%

Full August 2021 data for selected groups, brands and models below.

Canada August 2021 – groups:

Toyota Motor Co.21,309-1.4%163,64738.0%
Honda Motor Co.14,763-4.3%87,528-2.9%
Volvo Cars NA1,1005.6%7,34642.9%

Canada August 2021 – brands:


Canada August 2021 – models:

Honda CR-V5,83711.3%32,55331.8%
Toyota RAV45,264-31.2%49,87454.0%
Toyota Corolla4,26812.0%28,99241.3%
Honda Civic4,255-10.9%24,498-12.2%
Hyundai Kona2,634-28.5%21,12734.1%
Mazda CX-52,577-2.1%19,44434.1%
Subaru Crosstrek2,56886.5%16,279106.2%
Hyundai Tucson2,435-0.8%18,82031.9%
Hyundai Elantra2,375-8.6%17,45021.3%
Toyota Highlander1,86319.8%14,33684.6%
Kia Forte1,678-4.0%10,84923.6%
Hyundai Santa Fe1,64023.4%10,61934.7%
Kia Seltos1,346-24.4%10,42762.8%
Mazda CX-301,33846.7%8,77768.7%
Toyota Tacoma1,300-4.3%10,03728.8%
Toyota Camry1,209-17.0%8,67042.7%
Subaru Outback1,18710.7%7,17922.2%
Hyundai Venue1,1773.4%7,71952.1%
Kia Sportage1,15415.3%8,71839.2%
Subaru Forester1,145-16.5%8,02216.3%
Honda HR-V1,103-5.2%5,557-13.6%
Toyota 4Runner98397.8%5,87952.1%
Kia Sorento949-47.9%6,920-22.5%
Toyota C-HR92254.7%6,15645.9%
Kia Carnival917new3,225new
Lexus RX88416.9%6,23640.7%
Toyota Prius85284.0%4,80028.0%
Toyota Venza841new3,882new
Lexus NX82045.4%5,26152.2%
Honda Accord7649.3%4,0990.2%
Kia Soul7573.0%5,0940.3%
Toyota Sienna722-28.4%7,81458.1%
Acura RDX7200.6%4,176-10.7%
Honda Pilot557-4.9%4,810-2.7%
Hyundai Palisade541-38.1%5,21220.4%
Acura MDX51622.9%3,44276.1%
Kia Niro48293.6%3,42485.7%
Toyota Tundra482-39.3%4,337-21.2%
Hyundai Ioniq467-11.9%2,262-20.3%
Mazda CX-943910.3%3,73865.0%
Kia Rio424-14.7%4,02371.6%
Hyundai Sonata40580.8%2,47145.3%
Mazda CX-3396-36.2%4,3267.5%
Honda Odyssey375-39.5%2,465-36.6%
Lexus UX36438.9%2,22656.7%
Kia Telluride353120.6%3,17798.1%
Subaru Impreza310-57.2%2,351-37.1%
Subaru Impreza WRX29467.0%2,20244.6%
Subaru Ascent260-25.5%2,29128.6%
Acura TLX249-2.4%782-47.7%
Honda Passport234-24.3%1,492-28.5%
Genesis GV70225new651new
Lexus IS21566.7%1,836161.9%
Kia K5175new970new
Genesis G7015258.3%79841.7%
Lexus ES131-23.4%1,06327.0%
Genesis GV80119new1,082new
Kia Stinger108-26.5%90314.9%
Hyundai Santa Cruz90new90new
Subaru Legacy88-38.9%609-17.6%
Hyundai Veloster76-39.2%483-30.7%
Acura ILX68-13.9%60153.7%
Honda Ridgeline50-80.5%1,632-22.0%
Mazda MX-5 Miata40-29.8%93794.8%
Lexus GX3715.6%212-26.9%
Toyota Land Cruiser31-58.7%22749.3%
Toyota Supra29-45.3%32687.4%
Genesis G8024n/a224183.5%
Lexus RC21n/a17045.3%
Lexus LX19171.4%316-30.4%
Honda Clarity FCV18-71.0%184-66.6%
Toyota Avalon18-48.6%132-18.0%
Lexus LC15150.0%170529.6%
Toyota Sequoia15-68.8%28514.9%
Honda Insight11-72.5%204-20.6%
Genesis G9060.0%3218.5%
Honda Fit4-97.9%344-67.3%
Acura NSX20.0%18-5.3%
Kia Sedona2-99.6%187-92.5%
Lexus LS2n/a2981.3%
Toyota Mirai20.0%27285.7%
Subaru BRZ1-98.4%171-66.9%
Acura RLX0n/a1-92.3%
Toyota 860-100.0%69-58.4%

Source: DesRosiers Automotive Consultants, ANDC, GCBC

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