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Cyprus May 2020: Toyota RAV4 repeats at #1 in best performing market in Europe (-29.5%)

The Toyota RAV4 is the best-selling vehicle in Cyprus again.

According to data shared with us by our local partners SEMO Cyprus and INNOSOFT, the Cyprus new car market rallies back to just -29.5% year-on-year in May and 790 registrations. This is a drastic improvement on the -77.9% of April and it makes Cyprus the best performing market in Europe in May. The year-to-date tally is now down -26.4% to 3.944. This month the Toyota RAV4 (+37.1%) surges to repeat as the best-selling vehicle in the country, eclipsing the Kia Sportage (+38.2%) for just one unit while the Hyundai Kona (+171.4%) is up 10 spots on April to complete an extremely dynamic podium. The Toyota Yaris (stable) and C-HR (-49.2%) round out the Top 5, which means the Japanese carmaker now monopolises the YTD podium with the C-HR at #1, the Yaris at #2 and the RAV4 equal #3 with the Hyundai Tucson… The VW T-Cross (+420%), Jeep Renegade (+228.6%) and Kia Stonic (+4.2%) also post year-on-year gains in the remainder of a May Top 10 that has no less than 9 SUVs. The Seat Arona breaks into the YTD Top 30.

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Full May 2020 Top 30 models ranking below.

Note: This ranking features the YTD Top 30 models ordered based on their May 2020 sales and may therefore not be 100% accurate.

Cyprus May 2020 – models:

1Toyota RAV4486.1%37.1%11483.8%68.2%411
2Kia Sportage475.9%38.2% –1233.1%-25.0%76
3Hyundai Kona384.8%171.4%13922.3%-34.3%1212
4Toyota Yaris334.2%0.0%91564.0%-30.0%21
5Toyota C-HR324.1%-49.2%21664.2%-24.9%15
6Nissan Qashqai293.7%-45.3%41273.2%-46.4%62
7Hyundai Tucson263.3%-39.5%131483.8%-7.5%37
8VW T-Cross263.3%420.0%51092.8%2080.0%1018
9Kia Stonic253.2%4.2% –1473.7%-45.6%53
10Jeep Renegade232.9%228.6%181022.6%27.5%1113
11VW Golf212.7%23.5%13561.4%-33.3%1916
12Nissan Juke192.4%-20.8%9882.2%-35.8%1314
13Kia Ceed172.2%0.0% –491.2%-78.9%238
14Renault Captur162.0%-51.5%18782.0%66.0%1415
15VW T-Roc131.6%-83.1%31102.8%-43.3%94
16Range Rover Evoque131.6%18.2%21651.6%30.0%1530
17Toyota Corolla131.6%-35.0%13621.6%5.1%1720
18Seat Arona121.5%n/a51411.0%95.2%28n/a
19Nissan X-Trail101.3%400.0%21491.2%-29.0%2222
20Audi Q3101.3%25.0%13471.2%161.1%2429
21Porsche Cayenne101.3%400.0%5441.1%1000.0%27n/a
22Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross101.3%newn/a401.0%new30n/a
23Toyota Aygo91.1%-40.0% –451.1%4.6%26n/a
24Volvo XC4081.0%60.0%5551.4%-8.3%2019
25BMW X170.9%-46.2%9621.6%-3.1%1628
26Kia Picanto70.9%-22.2% –571.4%-26.9%1823
27Nissan Micra70.9%-76.7% –401.0%-14.9%2921
28Kia Rio60.8%-84.2% –1132.9%-37.6%810
29Ford Focus60.8%-45.4%5451.1%7.1%25n/a
30Mitsubishi ASX50.6%new9491.2%new21n/a


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