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Tonga Full Year 2019: Toyota Hilux reclaims lead in market up 29%

The Toyota Hilux signs a 5th annual win in the past 6 years in Tonga.

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Our exclusive South Pacific islands coverage returns on BSCB. No other automotive media will share this data with you. Tonga is a Polynesian archipelago composed of 177 islands spread over 700.000 km2 (270.000 sq mi) and stretching over 800 km (500 mi) in a north-south line, about a third of the distance from New Zealand to Hawaii. It has 100.651 inhabitants, 70% of which lives on the main island of Tongatapu.

Tonga locationTonga location (picture courtesy Wikipedia)

Tonga is one of the smallest new car markets in the world, with just 80 sales in 2019, a 29% year-on-year surge. Toyota (+10%) continues to hold a suffocating grip on the Tongan market at 68.8% share, with Mazda (stable) and Hyundai (+25%) rounding out the podium like last year. Note this year 7 private imports (no available brand) have been registered vs. none in 2018. Model-wise, the Toyota Hilux (+40%) reclaims the top spot off the Hiace (-22.7%) to sign a 5th win over the past 6 years while the Toyota RAV4 (+100%) leaps onto the podium.

Previous year: Tonga Full Year 2018: Toyota holds 80.6% share, Hiace overtakes Hilux for #1

Two years ago: Tonga Full Year 2017: Toyota holds 84.1% share in market up 12.5% (with 2016 figures)

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