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Norway February 2019: Tesla Model 3 lands directly at #2, Jaguar i-Pace #7 in first market uptick in 6 months

The Tesla Model 3 has finally landed in the home of EVs: Norway.

Breaking with the rest of Scandinavia, in February Norwegian new car sales manage their first year-on-year gain since last September at a very sturdy +9% to 11.106 units, lifting the year-to-date tally up 3.7% to 20.110. Volkswagen (+33.9%) gallops ahead to cement its domination of the brands ranking at 15.3% share, distancing Toyota (-1.6%) at 9.6% while Tesla (+1154.3%) is up 12-fold on its February 2018 score to 9.1% share and over 1.000 sales thanks to the arrival of the Model 3 (see below). Also boosted by sales of their new EV offerings, Jaguar (+1576%), Hyundai (+179.8%) and Mitsubishi (+119.2%) all post gargantuan gains this month and all place inside the Top 10.

Over in the models ranking, if the VW Golf (+32.7%) posts a very solid result to remain the best-selling nameplate in the country for the third straight month, the hero of the month is the Tesla Model 3, finally reaching the shores of the most EV-friendly market on the planet. And as expected the landing is spectacular, with the Model 3 instantly ranking at #2 overall with 7.1% share. Even though it wasn’t enough for the brand to break its records which remain 2.455 sales in December 2017 and 19% share in September 2018, models records are now in danger: the Model X reached #1 in December 2017 (1.429 sales) and September 2018 (11.6% share) and the Model S hit #1 in September 2013 (1.493 sales and 10.8%), December 2013 and March 2014.

The Mitsubishi Outlander (+135.2%) edges up one spot to climb on teh podium, knocking the 2018 leader, the Nissan Leaf (-35%) down to #4. The Hyundai Kona (+2506.3%) sees its sales surge thanks to the new EV version ahead of the BMW i3 (+5%) with the Jaguar i-Pace back inside the Top 10 at #7, its 2nd highest ranking below the #5 it hit last October. The Ford Focus (+172.3%), Tesla Model X (+166%), Renault Zoe (+139.1%), VW T-Roc (+123.1%), Kia Niro (+56%), Hyundai Ioniq (+52.4%) and VW Tiguan (+48.3%) also post outstanding gains in the remainder of the Top 20.

Previous month: Norway January 2019: Jaguar (+910%), Mitsubishi (+267%), Nissan (+253%) up, Hyundai Kona #6

One year ago: Norway February 2018: Nissan Leaf best-seller in market down 13.5%

Full February 2019 Top 20 brands and models below.

Norway February 2019 – brands:


Norway February 2019 – models:

1VW Golf8687.8%32.7%11,6588.2%17.8%12
2Tesla Model 37917.1%newn/a8084.0%new5 –
3Mitsubishi Outlander5885.3%135.2%41,0045.0%181.2%45
4Nissan Leaf5084.6%-35.0%21,1815.9%43.0%21
5Hyundai Kona4173.8%2506.3%67433.7%1515.2%6n/a
6BMW i33963.6%5.0%31,0155.0%2.4%33
7Jaguar i-Pace3913.5%newn/a4702.3%new9n/a
8Hyundai Ioniq3202.9%52.4%56863.4%71.5%713
9Toyota RAV43132.8%8.3%95282.6%5.2%89
10Toyota Yaris2702.4%-9.4%104572.3%-25.9%106
11VW T-Roc2612.4%123.1%134212.1%99.5%1318
12Skoda Octavia2182.0%-11.0%113781.9%-7.4%1411
13Toyota C-HR2081.9%8.3%84332.2%9.9%1112
14Renault Zoe2081.9%139.1%143631.8%-13.8%1510
15Kia Niro1951.8%56.0%n/a2861.4%13.5%19n/a
16Ford Focus1771.6%172.3%183111.5%137.4%16n/a
17VW Tiguan1751.6%48.3%202931.5%46.5%17n/a
18Volvo XC601741.6%-21.3%74222.1%10.5%127
19Toyota Auris1561.4%-18.3%192851.4%-35.8%2016
20Tesla Model X1411.3%166.0%152911.4%84.2%184

Source: AFV OS

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  1. hate how governments shove electrics down your throat. No freedom of choice. Anyways car industry is destined to die out with all these greens and tree huggers out to close and punish all the 20th century advances. Now no plastic, no gasoline, no meat, no nothing, close all the factories and stay all at home and sleep….

    The new dark ages, the whole world becomes third world…

    good luck with that.

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