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Reunion (France) Full Year 2017: Renault overtakes Peugeot but 208 #1

Renault passes Peugeot to become the best-selling carmaker in Reunion in 2017.

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New car sales are up 6.7% to 31.036 registrations in 2017 in the Réunion Island, an overseas French territory located East of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean and home of 800,000 inhabitants. Note this data isn’t included in the France data. In the detail, passenger cars are up 6.8% to a new all-time record at 25.322 units, beating the high of 25.142 in 2005 and up 30% on the low of 19.464 in 2013. Light commercial vehicle sales are up 6.2% to 5.714. In the brands ranking, Renault overtakes Peugeot to hit 19.6% share vs. 18.8%, however Peugeot keeps its crown in the passenger car segment at 3.973 sales and 15.7% vs. 3.781 and 14.9% for Renault. Citroen (9%) and Dacia (6.8%) follow, while Hyundai (5.9%) manages to outsell Volkswagen (5.7%). Audi (2.5%) retains the premium crown above BMW (2%) and Mercedes (1.4%) both surging 26% year-on-year. The Peugeot 208 should remain the most popular nameplate on the island with over 2.100 sales or 8.3% share of the passenger car segment.

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