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Austria January 2016: Opel Mokka up to #8 in market up 3%

Opel Mokka Austria January 2016Opel Mokka

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New car sales in Austria are up 3% year-on-year in January to 24.019 registrations. Volkswagen continues to dominate the brands ranking by far with 17% share ahead of Skoda at 8.7% while Opel gains 12% to 7.9% share in third position. Audi (+12%), Ford (+27%), Fiat (+45%), Dacia (+19%), Mazda (+18%) and Suzuki (+48%) are the other manufacturers frankly outpacing the market in the Top 20. Model-wise,  the VW Golf is sovereign once again despite sales down 4% to 1.243 while the Skoda Octavia is up 26% to 836. Heavy discounts ahead of the arrival of the new generation push the VW Touran up 137% to #6, the Opel Mokka is up to #8, the Ford Fiesta up 142% to #14, the Audi A4 up 66% to #18 and the Skoda Rapid up 63% to #19. The Hyundai Tucson ranks 20th.

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