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Japan Kei Cars Full Year 2013: Honda N-BOX takes control

Honda NBOX Custom Japan 2013The Honda N-BOX enjoys its first year-end pole position in Japan.

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I know readers, this is not your favourite update as Japanese Kei cars look confronting at best. However this category is not to be discarded as it plays a big part in the fortune (or mis-) of Japanese manufacturers at home, with no less than 2,112,991 units sold this year. This is up 7% on 2012 and more than the entire French market for example! For the first time, the Honda N-BOX takes control of the Kei cars ranking thanks to 234,995 sales, up 11% on 2012 while last year’s winner the Daihatsu Mira is down 28% and 3 spots to #4. A logical win for the N-BOX which topped the monthly ranking 5 times this year, the most of any model. The Daihatsu Move is up 41% and 3 ranks to #2 with 205,333 units and ranked #1 four times. It is followed by the Suzuki Wagon R down 5% but still third with 186,090 sales, topping the monthly charts once.

Daihatsu Tanto Honda N-BOX Suzuki Palette Japan 2013. Picture courtesy of response.jpDaihatsu Tanto, Honda N-BOX, Suzuki Spacia

Down 15% to 5th place but up to a fantastic pole position in December (+93% to 19,211 units) we find the Daihatsu Tanto, while the Honda N-ONE lands in 7th place for its first full year of sales with 107,583 registrations. Two all-new entrants follow: the Suzuki Spacia at #7 with 107,193 units and the Nissan Dayz at #8 with 78,855. Notice also the Mitsubishi eK up 73% to #11 and the Toyota Pixis Space stuck in 12th position (-8%).

Honda N-WGN Cutsom Japan 2013. Picture courtesy of cliccar.comHonda N-WGN Custom

Finally, the Honda N-WGN arrives at #23 with 11,510 sales in only two months including a splendid 8,600 in December (#7). Brand-wise, Daihatsu maintains its lead in spite of sales down 2% to 660,186 units and 31.2% share, while Suzuki is up 6% to 622,415 and 29.5% in second place. Honda rounds up the podium, up a cool 27% to 407,050 and 19.3% ahead of Nissan at 8.8% (+21%) and Mitsubishi at 4% (+5%).

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December and Full Year 2013 Top 40 models Ranking Tables below.

Japan Kei cars December 2013 – models:

1Daihatsu Tanto19,21193%2144,62954
2Honda N-BOX18,12833%1234,99512
3Suzuki WagonR14,71518%6186,09033
4Daihatsu Move11,68725%3205,33325
5Daihatsu Mira10,943-16%4157,27641
6Suzuki Spacia9,387new5107,1938 –
7Honda N-WGN8,600new1311,51023 –
8Nissan Dayz8,526new778,8559 –
9Suzuki Alto7,80724%8111,36166
10Honda N-ONE6,737-36%9107,583717
11Nissan Moco3,326-7%1055,037107
12Mitsubishi eK2,76331%1148,3951113
13Toyota Pixis Space2,29933%1229,7081212
14Subaru Stella1,66450%1623,4391414
15Suzuki MR Wagon1,6064%1528,7111311
16Mazda Flair Wagon1,356257%1414,35619n/a
17Suzuki Every Wagon1,249-5%1818,2951615
18Suzuki Jimny1,169-24%1715,5901818
19Mazda Flair1,13126%1920,31915n/a
20Subaru Pleo88974%2011,82222n/a
21Honda Life656-48%2113,0652010
22Daihatsu Atrai61438%229,4772420
23Mazda Carol490-24%238,9702519
24Honda Vamos346-29%245,8482622
25Subaru Lucra111-33%251,7422925
26Mazda Scrum Wagon96-34%n/a1,7612831
27Mitsubishi i-MiEV82-40%n/a1,4913132
28Subaru Dias59-12%n/a1,0273336
29Mazda AZ Offroad138%n/a4423537
30Nissan Otti8-98%n/a3,2882724
31Mitsubishi i8-92%n/a1,0383229
32Nissan Roox6-100%n/a16,071179
33Mitsubishi Toppo6-97%n/a1,7133026
34Daihatsu Copen10%n/a63833
35Suzuki Palette0-100%n/a12,239218
36Mazda AZ Wagon0-100%n/a5773416
37Mitsubishi Pajero Mini0-100%n/a3473621
38Honda Zest0-100%n/a1283723
39Daihatsu Terios Kid0n/an/a43934
40Mitsubishi Town Box0n/an/a34038

Japan Kei cars Full Year 2013 – models:

1Honda N-BOX234,99511%211,1552
2Daihatsu Move205,33341%146,0165
3Suzuki WagonR186,090-5%195,7013
4Daihatsu Mira157,276-28%218,2951
5Daihatsu Tanto144,629-15%170,6094
6Suzuki Alto111,361-1%112,0026
7Honda N-ONE107,583498%18,00117
8Suzuki Spacia107,193new0 –
9Nissan Dayz78,855new0 –
10Nissan Moco55,037-17%66,4607
11Mitsubishi eK48,39574%27,80913
12Toyota Pixis Space29,708-8%32,28412
13Suzuki MR Wagon28,711-25%38,10711
14Subaru Stella23,4397%21,82114
15Mazda Flair20,319587%2,958n/a
16Suzuki Every Wagon18,295-14%21,37815
17Nissan Roox16,071-67%48,8109
18Suzuki Jimny15,5906%14,73318
19Mazda Flair Wagon14,356250%4,103n/a
20Honda Life13,065-70%43,93510
21Suzuki Palette12,239-80%60,1368
22Subaru Pleo11,822n/an/a25
23Honda N-WGN11,510new0 –
24Daihatsu Atrai9,477-5%10,01720
25Mazda Carol8,970-14%10,46319
26Honda Vamos5,848-25%7,81922
27Nissan Otti3,288-55%7,27924
28Mazda Scrum Wagon1,761n/an/a31
29Subaru Lucra1,742-74%6,60025
30Mitsubishi Toppo1,713-73%6,35426
31Mitsubishi i-MiEV1,491n/an/a32
32Mitsubishi i1,038n/an/a29
33Subaru Dias1,027n/an/a36
34Mazda AZ Wagon577-97%21,36316
35Mazda AZ Offroad442n/an/a37
36Mitsubishi Pajero Mini347-96%8,35421
37Honda Zest128-98%7,73823
38Daihatsu Copen6n/an/a33
39Daihatsu Terios Kid4n/an/a34
40Mitsubishi Town Box3n/an/a38

Japan Kei cars December 2013 – brands:

 –Others70.0%250% –1060.0%80% –

Japan Kei cars Full Year 2013 – brands:

 –Others1060.0%80%590.0% –


Source: JMVA, many thanks to Stephen for helping compile the data!

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  1. It is a great achievement by Honda that they get this much sell in this year with their new model . without any doubt they make a stylish and compact car . Honda always take care of their consumer and in this model they also maintain it .

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