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Japan Kei cars November 2013: Daihatsu Tanto strong, Honda N-WGN lands

Honda N-WGN Japan November 2013. Picture courtesy of autoc-one.jpHonda N-WGN

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Sales of new Kei cars in Japan continue on their great run: they are up a splendid 21% year-on-year in November to 180,971 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 1,944,246 units, up 5% on 2012 and more than the entire French car market… The Honda N-Box holds onto its pole position thanks to sales up 19% year-on-year to 19,513, but is threatened this month by the Daihatsu Tanto boosted by the new model and up 56% to 19,246. The Daihatsu Move also impresses at +51% to 12,677 units. The N-Box is now assured to finish the year at #1 for the very first time, with sales adding up to 216,867 after 11 months vs. 193,646 for the Daihatsu Move.

Daihatsu Tanto Japan November 2013. Picture courtesy of autoc-one.jpDaihatsu Tanto

Further down, the Suzuki Spacia is down 3 spots from a fantastic 2nd spot last month to a still very satisfying #5 at 12,192 sales, the Nissan Dayz is down one to #7 and 9,055 units, the Mitsubishi eK is up 83% year-on-year to #11 and 3,707 sales and the Toyota Pixis Space is stable at #12, still the brand’s only offering in the Kai car category. Finally, we welcome an all-new model in the sales charts this month: the third iteration of Honda’s N-range: the N-WGN lands directly at #13 with 2,910 sales.

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Full November 2013 Top 25 models and Top 8 All-brands Ranking Tables below.

Japan Kei cars November 2013 – brands:

 –Others290.0%81% –1000.0%75% –

Japan Kei cars November 2013 – models:

1Honda N-BOX19,51319%1216,86712
2Daihatsu Tanto19,24656%8125,41854
3Daihatsu Move12,67751%4193,64625
4Daihatsu Mira12,415-16%3146,33441
5Suzuki Spacia12,192new297,8068 –
6Suzuki WagonR11,586-19%5171,37533
7Nissan Dayz9,055new670,3299 –
8Suzuki Alto7,97024%7103,55466
9Honda N-ONE6,174-36%9100,846717
10Nissan Moco3,822-10%1151,711107
11Mitsubishi eK3,70783%1045,6321113
12Toyota Pixis Space3,00034%1227,4091212
13Honda N-WGN2,910new –2,91027 –
14Mazda Flair Wagon1,691195%1313,00019n/a
15Suzuki MR Wagon1,499-17%1427,1051311
16Subaru Stella1,225-10%1521,7751414
17Suzuki Jimny1,211-7%1714,4211818
18Suzuki Every Wagon1,159-22%1817,0451615
19Mazda Flair1,113-7%1619,18815n/a
20Subaru Pleo1,017223%1910,93322n/a
21Honda Life754-44%2112,4092010
22Daihatsu Atrai68331%208,8632320
23Mazda Carol527-7%228,4802419
24Honda Vamos440-37%235,5022522
25Subaru Lucra141-39%251,6313025

Source: JMVA, many thanks to Stephen for helping compile the data!

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  1. The score for the Toyota Pixis Space also includes the Pixis Epoch (based on the Daihatsu Mira), two very different models with sales combined under the collective Pixis nameplate – much like Daihatsu Move including Move and Move Conte, or Suzuki Alto including Alto, Alto Eco and Alto Lapin.

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