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USA: 1908-2017 Historical Data now available

The Chevrolet Chevette was the last Passenger Car to dominate the US ranking – in 1981.

See the direct links to 45 USA Historical Data posts below.

I can now share with you full models ranking for the USA between 1985 and 1993, slowly but surely filling up the holes in US Historical Data on BSCB. I have recently purchased The Encyclopedia of American Cars which compiles annual production data for all American models ever produced, so stay tuned as US Historical Data will shortly be further updated on here… For now I can give you pre-war production figures, intermittent detailed models ranking throughout the seventies, and at least a Top 10 ranking for each year from 1985 onwards without interruption.

The Ford Model T still holds the annual production volume record in the US.

It all starts in 1908 with the launch of the Ford Model T, later on reaching a record 2,011,125 units produced in 1923, still to this day the highest annual production figure ever achieved by a single model… The Ford Model A took the relay, peaking at 1.9 million units in 1929. Then there is a big gap in US data which I hope to fill in the next couple of months, and we jump to 1965 when the Chevrolet Impala sold 1,074,925 units, the highest postwar annual sales volume achieved by a single model in the country.

The Oldsmobile Cutlass was America’s most popular vehicle in 1975 and 1976.

In the seventies the US models ranking was changing fast, crowing the Ford Pinto in 1974, the Oldsmobile Cutlass in 1975 and 1976 and the Chevrolet Impala/Caprice in 19771978 and 1979. In 1980 the Chevrolet Citation takes the lead before being passed by lil sis the Chevrolet Chevette in 1981. And this would mark the last year a Passenger Car topped the US sales charts, because the Ford F-Series jumped into pole position in 1982 and has not let go of it since, holding the title of best-selling vehicle in the country for 35 years in a row and peaking at 939,511 sales in 2004.

The Ford F-Series became America’s best-selling vehicle in 1982 and never looked back…

The locally-produced Honda Accord was the first model by a foreign brand to top the Passenger Car ranking in 1989, the Ford Taurus gave the title back to the US from 1992 to 1996 before the Toyota Camry started its reign in 1997 to then become the best-selling Passenger Car in the country for 19 of the following 20 years.

The Ford Taurus is the last American model to have led the US Passenger Car ranking – in 1996.

USA 1908-2013 Historical Data:

USA 1908-1927: Ford Model T makes the automobile popular

USA 1927-1932: Ford Model A sells 4.8 million units in 4 years!

USA 1960-1970: Chevrolet Impala breaks records

USA 1972: Chevrolet Vega threatens VW Beetle

USA 1974: Ford Pinto and Plymouth Valiant dominate

USA 1975: Oldsmobile Cutlass and Ford Granada on top

USA 1976: Oldsmobile Cutlass still America’s favourite

USA 1977: Chevrolet Caprice/Impala takes the lead, Ford F-Series now best-selling truck

USA 1978: Chevrolet Impala/Caprice #1, Ford Fairmont best-selling new car ever introduced

USA 1979: Chevrolet places Impala/Caprice and Chevette on podium

USA 1980: Oldsmobile Cutlass reigns Supreme, or Chevrolet Citation?

USA 1981: Chevrolet Chevette leads, VW Rabbit up to #4

USA 1982-1984: Ford F-Series takes command

USA 1980-1985: The last time the French really tried

USA 1985: Ford F-Series and Chevrolet Cavalier on top

USA 1986: Chevrolet Celebrity leads passenger cars

USA 1987: Ford places F-Series, Escort and Taurus in Top 4

USA 1988: Chevrolet C/K pickup and Corsica impress

USA 1989: Honda Accord first foreign model to lead passenger cars

USA 1990: Can the Honda Accord ever lead the overall market?

USA 1991: Honda Accord ever closer to overall pole position

USA 1992: Ford Taurus leads passenger cars for the first time

USA 1993: Ford F-Series and Taurus keep the lead

USA 1994: Ford F-Series and Chevrolet C/K stronger

USA 1995: Ford F-Series and Explorer impress

USA 1996: Ford F-Series at 780,000 sales, new Dodge Ram lands

USA 1997: Toyota Camry takes command of passenger cars

USA 1998: Ford F-Series above 800,000 sales

USA 1999: Ford F-Series, Chevrolet C/K and Toyota Camry on podium

USA 2000: Ford Explorer climbs onto podium

USA 2001: Ford F-Series breaks record, Honda Accord best-selling passenger car

USA 2002: Toyota Camry back to passenger car lead

USA 2003: New Ford F-Series leads, pickups monopolise podium

USA 2004: Best year ever for the Ford F-Series!

USA 2005: Ford F-Series and Chevrolet Silverado break monthly records

USA 2006: Toyota Camry and Corolla lead passenger car ranking

USA 2007: Chevrolet Silverado threatens Ford F-Series

USA 2008: Tormented year sees Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla shine

USA 2009: Worst year since 1982, Ford F-Series still leads

World December 2012 Roundup: Has the Chinese invasion started?

The DongFeng S30 is #1 in Venezuela this month…

* See the full article by clicking on the title! *

Now that most December data is in, it’s time for our much anticipated World Roundup. Last month, all spotlights were on Brazil where Hyundai broke into the monthly models Top 10 for the first time with the locally-produced HB20. This month the focus is on Chinese carmakers abroad, with no less than 3 countries crowning a Chinese model this month – something the car industry had never seen before!

… while the Great Wall Steed is #1 in Bulgaria…

In Venezuela, on the back an unprecedented 4,000-unit batch specifically exported to the country, the DongFeng S30, distributed by Civetchi, takes off and gains huge 25 spots on November to take the lead of the models ranking there with 583 sales and 7.1% share! But wait there’s more: in Bulgaria, now that Great Wall has established its very first European factory in the country, the Great Wall Steed jumps to #1 in the Bulgarian models ranking thanks to a very impressive 161 sales for a 6% market share.

…and the Geely CK is #1 in Ukraine.

Finally in Ukraine, while we thought its July performance would be an exceptional one-off, the Geely CK manages to climb into the models ranking pole position once again in December thanks to an outstanding 907 sales and 4.4%, over one percentage point above the #2, the Skoda Octavia, #1 in the country over the Full Year…

BMW 1 Series

Just as its archenemy the new gen Mercedes A-Class is starting to get traction, the BMW 1 Series takes the brand into uncharted territories this month. First at home in Germany where it is up to a best-ever #2 and 3.2% share, enabling BMW to place two models in the German podium for the first time ever with the 3 Series at #3. Then in the UK where the 1 Series is up to a record 5th place after already beating its ranking record in October (#8).

BMW 3 Series

Here too BMW breaks a record as a brand, placing two models in the Top 6 (like Ford and Vauxhall!) for the first time ever in the country. As a result the BMW 3 Series manages to climb into the overall European Top 10 for the third time this year after April and June but only the 4th time in the last 4 years after December 2008, up 21% year-on-year to #8 at 15,171 units, its highest European ranking in over 5 years, since September 2007 exactly…

Dacia Sandero

Renault continues to thank the heavens for its low-cost range, kicking goals again worldwide this month: the Duster breaks into the monthly Russian Top 5 for the first time this month, the new generation Sandero is back within the French monthly Top 10 for the first time since August 2010 at #7 is also up to a record third place in Spain. The Sandero could surprise many in 2013 and rank much higher than the #11 spot I have predicted for France

See the rest of the article by clicking on ‘Read more’ below

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World March 2012 Roundup: Toyota Prius breaks a leg

See the Full World December 2012 Roundup below.

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France 1-21 January 2013: Dacia Sandero up to #4

Dacia Sandero

* See the Top 10 best-selling models and brands by clicking on the title! *

First 2013 figures are now available for France thanks to Auto Plus. Over the first 3 weeks of the month, the market is down a worrying 16% year-on-year to 66,036 registrations. Brand-wise, Peugeot is in the lead with 15.8% share but drops 19% year-on-year whereas Renault is up 15% to #2 at 9,780 sales and 14.8%, only 33 units above Citroen at -18%. The Peugeot 208 keeps the lead at 3,783 units and 5.7%, a comfortable margin above its archenemy the Renault Clio IV at 2,822 sales and 4.3%.

But the best performance over the period is without a doubt delivered by the Dacia Sandero. Now that the new generation is in full flight, the French-Romanian low-cost model is up to a fantastic 4th place thanks to 2,442 units sold and 3.7% share, up 31% year-on-year. If the Sandero keeps this ranking up until the end of the month, it will be its second highest ever below the #2 spot it hit in March 2010. There are two foreigners in the Top 6: the usual VW Polo and Golf, however down 39% and 38% respectively on a huge start of 2012.

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Full 1-21 January 2013 Top 10 models and brands Ranking Tables below.

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Sweden: 1950-2017 Historical Data now available

The Saab 96 was #2 in Sweden from 1966 to 1970

See the 36 Historical Data posts below.

Thanks to Nils from Auto Motor & Sport Sweden, there is now a Swedish models ranking on BestSellingCarsBlog without interruption since 1987! Thanks also to Rene, Torbjörn and STAC, I can share with you Swedish historical data from 1950 onwards! There is now a full Top 50 ranking for 19911993, 1994 and 1996. 

The VW Beetle dominated the ranking during the fifties but was challenged by the Volvo PV444/544. The Volvo Amazon then took the lead from 1965 to 1967 before passing the relay to the Volvo 140 Series, best-seller in Sweden for 7 years from 1968 to 1974.

The Volvo Amazon was #1 in Sweden from 1965 to 1967

Then we witnessed the decade-long reign of the Volvo 200 from 1975 to 1984 , peaking at 21.6% share in 1981 and then passing the relay to the Volvo 700 in 1985 when it reached its best share at 14%. The Volvo 900 then took the lead in 1991 before being passed by the Volvo 850 in 1993 on its way to 14.4% share in 1995.

The Volvo 900 was the Swedish best-seller in 1991 and 1992

From 1997 to 2015 the Volvo V70 was the best-selling model in Sweden, that’s 19 consecutive years and the longest reign of any model in the country. In 2016, just as the V70 got discontinued and replaced by the V90, the VW Golf took the reins of the Swedish market and became the first non-Volvo to do so since 1962. That freak event was cancelled the following year in 2017 with the first annual win for a crossover: the Volvo XC60.

The Saab 9-3 was #2 in Sweden in 2007 and 2008.

Meanwhile it is interesting to notice that although extremely successful, Saab never managed to place a model in pole position in its native country. The Saab 96 ranked #2 during the second half of the sixties and in 1970. The Saab 900, launched in 1978, finished on the podium most years up to 1994, peaking at 10.3% share in 1981, while the Saab 9000 was a regular favourite in the nineties, ranking #2 from 1990 to 1992. Finally, the Saab 9-5 was #2 from 2000 to 2004 and in 2006 whereas the Saab 9-3 was #2 in 2007 and 2008, before the brand disappeared in 2011.

Sweden Historical Data:

Sweden 1950: VW Beetle best-seller

Sweden 1955: VW Beetle and Volvo 444 head-to-head

Sweden 1960: VW Beetle and Volvo PV dominate

Sweden 1961-1964: VW Beetle gives way to Volvo Amazon or PV

Sweden 1965: Volvo Amazon and VW Beetle lead the way

Sweden 1966-1967: Volvo Amazon at end of reign, Saab 96 #2

Sweden 1968-1969: Volvo 140 Series on top

Sweden 1970: Volvo 142/144 at 18.9% market share

Sweden 1971-1974: Volvo 140 continues to dominate

Sweden 1975: Volvo 240 close to 20% share for its first full year

Sweden 1976-1977: Volvo 240 most popular

Sweden 1978: Volvo 240, Saab 99 and Volvo 340 on top

Sweden 1979-1980: Volvo 24o and Saab 900 dominate

Sweden 1981-1982: Volvo 200 and Saab 900 at their highest

Sweden 1984: Last year of reign for the Volvo 200

Sweden 1985-1987: Volvo 700 takes the lead

Sweden 1988: Volvo 700 leads, VW Golf #2 in record market

Sweden 1989-1990: Volvo 700, Saab 9000 and VW Golf on podium

Sweden 1991: Volvo 900 takes the lead

Sweden 1992: Volvo 900 and Saab 9000 on top

Sweden 1993-1994: Volvo 850 new best-seller

Sweden 1995-1996: Volvo 850 at its best

Sweden 1997: Volvo V70 and V90 dominate

Sweden 1998-1999: Volvo V70 #1, Saab 9-5 and Volvo S80 up

Sweden 2000-2001: Volvo and Saab dominate at home

Sweden 2002-2003: Volvo V70 and Saab 9-5 dominate, Megane a hit

Sweden 2004-2005: Volvo V70 #1, V50 arrives

Sweden 2006-2007: Volvo V70 leads, Saab 9-5 and 9-3 shine

Sweden 2008: new Volvo V70 #1, Saab 9-5 and Volvo V50 on podium

Sweden 2009: Volvo V70 and V50 on top, Passat #3

Sweden 2010: Volvo V70, VW Golf and Passat on top

Sweden 2011: Volvo V70 leads for 15th consecutive year

Sweden 2012: Volvo V70 #1, VW Passat at best ever

Sweden 2013: Volvo V40 lands at #5, still lukewarm

Sweden 2014: Volvo V70 celebrates 18 consecutive years on top

Sweden 2015: First podium ranking for the Volvo XC60

Sweden 2016: #1 car not a Volvo for the first time in 54 years

Sweden 2017: Volvo reclaims #1 models spot with old gen XC60

World 11 months 2012: Discover the Top 185 best-selling models!

Hyundai Elantra

* See the Top 185 best-selling models by clicking on the title! *

In spite of leading the monthly ranking for the third consecutive month in November, the Ford Focus still lags behind the Toyota Corolla year-to-date after 11 months in 2012 with 929,751 sales vs. 1,022,996. The big change atop the ranking is once again delivered by the Hyundai Elantra: thanks to another 80,000+ sales month, it is up 2 spots vs. after 10 months to #3 at 722,149 units.

Kia K3

As a result, the VW Golf is kicked down to #4, however the Ford F-Series is up one rank to #5 while the Toyota Camry is down 2 to #6… The VW Passat (#7) and Chevrolet Cruze (#8) exchange positions while the VW Jetta (#9) and Ford Fiesta (#10) are stable. Notice also the Honda Civic up 2 to #14 as its sales figure now includes the Ciimo Si Ming, the Hyundai Tucson/ix35 up 3 to #29, the Renault Logan up 2 to #35 and the Kia Forte/Cerato/K3 also up 2 to #51.

Great Wall Haval H6

Further down, the ChangAn Minibus and Toyota Prius C/Aqua are both up 4 spots to #59 and #60 respectively, the Chevrolet Sail is up 3 to #69, the Honda City is up 18 to #80 now that its sales include the Linian S1, the Hyundai Santa Fe is up 5 to #85, the Ford Explorer up 4 to #99, the Hyundai i20 up 5 to #105, Chevrolet Colorado up 4 to #117, BYD F3 up 9 to #123, Chery QQ up 5 to #128, BMW 1 Series up 9 to #144 and the Great Wall Haval H6 is up 7 ranks to #162.

Previous post: World November 2012: Ford Focus stays ahead of Toyota Corolla

Previous month: World 10 months 2012: Discover the Top 185 best-selling models!

Full 11 months 2012 Top 185 Ranking Table below.

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World November 2012: Ford Focus stays ahead of Toyota Corolla

Ford Focus

* See the Top 150 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Austin *

Now that November figures are all in, I can share with you the Top 150 most popular cars around the planet. Please note these are November figures, not December yet which will be published in February, with a sneak preview in the World December Roundup to come within the next couple of days. Remember this ranking is based on sales in the 60+ countries that are updated monthly on BSCB, except for Ford and Renault/Dacia which are official worldwide figures. So most sales figures for each model are a minimum. Boosted by all-time record sales in China, the Ford Focus manages to top the worldwide ranking for the third month in a row at 94,427 sales.

Nissan Sunny

Now that Chinese consumers are starting to buy Japanese models again, the Toyota Corolla is back up one spot on October to #2 at 84,489 units and has now passed the million-unit mark so far in 2012 at 1,022,996. The Hyundai Elantra slides down to #3 at a still very impressive 80,951 sales. The rest of the Top 10 is pretty stable with the VW Jetta at #4 and 72,889 units, the VW Passat at #5 with 69,095 sales, the Ford F-Series at #6 and 65,755 units and the VW Golf at #7 with 60,486 sales.

Honda Civic

Further down, great performers include the Honda Civic up 6 spots on last month to #12, the Toyota Hilux hanging on at #13, the Nissan Tiida/Versa/Sunny back up 25 to #16 thanks to China, the Kia Forte/Cerato/K3 up a further 4 ranks to #24 vs. #51 year-to-date, the Buick Excelle up 19 to #26, BMW 3 Series up to #27 vs. #47, Fiat Palio/Siena at #29 vs. #48, Renault Duster at #34 vs. #57 and ChangAn Minibus up 24 to #36.


The Toyota Prius C/Aqua beats the Prius for the 2nd month running, improving to #40 vs. #51, the BYD F3 (both generations) returns to the position of best-selling Chinese Passenger Car in the world at #72 with 19,015 sales ahead of the Chery QQ back up 39 spots to #80, the Emgrand EC7 down 5 to #88, Great Wall Haval H6 down 2 to #97 and the Great Wall Voleex C30 up a massive 54 ranks to #98. Finally, notice the Honda Brio up to #111, the BYD L3 up to #154, the Dodge Dart/Fiat Viaggio up to #162, the Hyundai HB20 at #184 and the Chevrolet Onix at #191.

Previous month: World October 2012: Ford Focus and Hyundai Elantra on top!

Previous year-to-date update: World 10 months 2012: Discover the Top 185 best-selling models!

Full October 2012 Top 150 Ranking Table below.

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Ukraine Full Year 2012: Skoda Octavia and Kia Rio shine

Will the 2013 model enable the Skoda Octavia to stay #1 in Ukraine next year?

* See the Top 290 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Igor *

New car sales in Ukraine are down 8% year-on-year in 2012 to 217,581 registrations, and the Top 10 best-selling models get completely reshuffled this year… The Skoda Octavia becomes the most popular vehicle in the country, thanks to sales up 21% to  7,924 units and 3.6%. The Lada Samara remains #2 with 7,378 sales and 3.4%, down 23%, while the Hyundai Accent is up 2 spots to round up the podium at 6,988 units and 3.2% and the ZAZ Sens is up 4 ranks and 19% to #4.

Kia Rio

Other great performers in the Top 10 include the Kia Rio up 28 spots and 192% to #6 thanks to the new model and the VW Polo  up 49% to #7. Special mention to the Geely CK, up 6 ranks and 59% to #9 and amazingly holding the monthly top spot twice: in July and December! Reversely the ZAZ Lanos, leader from 2006 to 2011, is down 51% to #8.

Geely CK

Further down, the Kia Sportage is up 18 spots and 59% to #12, the ZAZ Forza up 8 to #13, Toyota Camry up 20 to #16, Ford Fiesta up 21 to #17, Geely Emgrand EC7 up 55 ranks and 200% to #25, Nissan Juke up 40 to #26, ZAZ Vida (a rebadged previous gen Chevy Aveo) best-performing all-new model at #29, Ford Kuga up 19 to #31, Renault Sandero up 14 to #33, Citroen C4 up 53 to #40, VW Touareg up 22 to #41, Bogdan 2110 up 58 to #50, Mercedes ML-Class up 36 to #63, Geely MK-2/Cross up 52 to #66 and the Fiat Linea up 45 to #70.

Previous post: Ukraine December 2012: Geely CK leads for the second time ever

Previous year: Ukraine Full Year 2011: ZAZ Lanos leader, two Ladas on podium

Full Year 2012 Top 290 Ranking Table below.

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Ukraine December 2012: Geely CK leads for the second time ever!

Geely CK. Picture by photoscience, all rights reserved.

* See the Top 200 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Igor *

The Ukrainian new car market is down 17% year-on-year in December to 20,580 registrations, bringing the Full Year 2012 total to 217,581 units, down 8% on 2011. We thought its July performance would be an exceptional one-off, but the Geely CK manages to climb to the Ukrainian models ranking pole position once again this month thanks to 907 sales and 4.4%, over one percentage point above the #2, the Skoda Octavia at 656 units and 3.2%. The ZAZ Sens rounds up the podium like last month with 650 sales and 3.1%.

Geely Emgrand EC7

The Hyundai Accent is up one spot on November to #4 at 615 units and 3%, last month’s leader the Renault Logan is down to #6 with 576 sales and 2.8% while the Lada 4×4 is up 8 ranks to #8. Geely has an exceptional month, with the Emgrand EC7 up a huge 52 ranks to a record #12 at 357 units and 1.7% and the MK-2/Cross up an even more impressive 124 spots to #19. Notice also the Ford Kuga up 7 to #14 and the Hyundai i30 up 12 to #15.

MG 350

Further down, the SsangYong Korando is up to #28, the Fiat Linea up 31 ranks to #37, the MG 350 up to a best-ever #113 with 37 sales, the Saipa Tiba up to #151, MG 6 up to #169 and the Samand Soren imported from Iran selling 6 units.

Previous month: Ukraine November 2012: Renault Logan takes the lead

One year ago: Ukraine December 2011: Geely in Top 10

Full December 2012 Top 200 Ranking Table below.

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Turkey Full Year 2012: Fiat Linea leader for the first time

Fiat Linea

* See the Top 15 best-selling models and Top 43 brands by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Austin *

Preliminary results for Turkey with the overall market (Passenger Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles) down 10% on 2011 to 777,761 registrations. Thanks to Austin we have an All-vehicles Top 15, including LCVs which are traditionally the best-sellers in the country, a bit like in China. However for the first time in potentially a decade, the most popular vehicle in Turkey in 2012 is actually a Passenger Car: the Fiat Linea is up 4 spots to #1 with 33,351 sales and 4.3% and is followed by the Fiat Doblo at 30,239 units and 3.9%, down 19% while 2011’s leader the Ford Transit Connect is down 24% to round up this year’s podium with 28,971 sales and 3.4%.

Fiat Doblo

In fact the entire Top 8 best-sellers all lose ground on 2011: the Ford Transit is down 17% at #4, the Renault Fluence down 11% at #5, Fiat Fiorino down 21% to #6, Ford Fiesta down 10% to #7 and the Opel Astra Hatchback down 17% to #8. Excellent performances of the Opel Corsa up 7 ranks and 31% to #9, VW Polo up 17% to #10, Hyundai i20 up32% to #14 and Honda Civic Sedan up a whopping 86% to #15. Reversely, the Renault Symbol, #2 last year, is down 56% to #11 in 2012.

Previous post: Turkey November 2012: Peugeot 301 and Citroen C-Elysee in Top 20

Previous year (PC): Turkey Full Year 2012: Renault Symbol #1 for the 4th time

Previous year (LCV): Turkey Full Year 2012: Ford Transit Connect stops Fiat Doblo reign

Full Year 2012 Top 15 models and Top 43 All-brands Ranking Tables below.

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China LCV and All vehicles Full Year 2012: Wuling Sunshine #1

The Wuling Sunshine is the most popular vehicle in China in 2012

* See the Top 10 best-selling models by clicking on the title! *

The Light Commercial Vehicles market is up just 1% year-on-year in China in 2012 to 4,957,019 registrations (pushing the total market to just under 20 million units, a record) and the Wuling Sunshine is the most popular LCV in the country for at least the third year in a row in spite of sales down a worrying 28% on 2011 to 523,841 units. In fact the LCV podium is unchanged on 2011 with the Wuling Rongguang/Xingwang taking the 2nd spot with 372,199 sales (-3%) and the Foton Forland at #3 and 346,767 units (-7%). The Wuling Hongguang made its first entrance in the LCV Top 5 in February and never looked back, even ranking #2 for 3 of the last 5 months of the year. It finishes 2012 at #4 with 316,237 sales.

The Ford Focus is the #1 Passenger Car in China in 2012 but #5 overall

Now that both LCV and Passenger Cars figures are in for China, I can share with you a 2012 Top 10 All vehicles ranking for China exclusive to BestSellingCarsBlog. And even though the Ford Focus made its way to #2 overall in November and December thanks to outstanding sales figures, over the Full Year it is clear that Chinese consumers are more fond of Commercial Vehicles than Passenger Cars, with the Top 4 most popular vehicles in the country this year being all LCVs (vs. Top 3 in 2011).

The VW Jetta is #10 overall in China in 2012

The Wuling Sunshine, Rongguang/Xingwang, Foton Forland and Wuling Hongguang dominate and are the only vehicles to sell above 300,000 units this year, while the Ford Focus ranks #5 with 296,360 sales (a new record for a Passenger Car), up 57% and 9 spots on 2011. It is followed by the ChangAn Mini Bus at #6, Chevrolet Sail at #7, Buick Excelle at #8, VW Lavida at #9 and VW Jetta at #10.

Previous post: China LCV December 2012: Wuling Hongguang back to #2

Previous year: China LCV Full Year 2011: Wuling Sunshine sovereign again

Full Year 2012 Top 5 LCV and Top 10 All-vehicles Ranking Tables below.

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