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Greece May 2012: A Citroen leads for the first time since July 1999

Citroen C3

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Another depressing result for Greek car sales, down 48% year-on-year in May to 5,265 sales, which brings the year-to-date total to 26,853 units, down 41% on 2011. For the first time in 13 years, exactly since July 1999 when the Citroen Saxo topped the Greek models ranking, a Citroen is in pole position: the C3 beats its record for the third consecutive month and sells 302 units for a brilliant 5.7% market share. It is now #6 year-to-date with 779 sales and 2.9% vs. #22 in 2011.

The last Citroen to top the Greek monthly ranking was the Saxo in July 1999

The Toyota Yaris is up one spot to #2 at 288 units and 5.5%, followed by the Opel Corsa down 2 to #3 with 274 sales and 5.2%. Year-to-date, the Corsa is still leader by far at 1,953 units and 7.3% vs. 1,466 and 5,3% for the Yaris. Good month for the Nissan Micra up 8 ranks to #4, ahead of the Opel Astra (-1). The Citroen C4 maintains itself in the Top 10 at #9 while the Citroen C1 is up a huge 40 spots to rank #10 and make Citroen the best-selling brand in the country this month.

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Full May 2012 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Greece May 2012:

1Citroen C33025.7%27792.9%622
2Toyota Yaris2885.5%31,4665.5%22
3Opel Corsa2745.2%11,9537.3%11
4Nissan Micra1943.7%125892.2%98
5Opel Astra1763.3%41,1644.3%35
6Ford Fiesta1472.8%59483.5%44
7Fiat Panda1452.8%96152.3%77
8VW Polo1322.5%149383.5%53
9Citroen C41272.4%83281.2%2452
10Citroen C11222.3%502020.8%4230
11Suzuki Swift1132.1%65932.2%817
12Skoda Octavia1102.1%155121.9%1212
13Seat Ibiza1001.9%433631.4%1913
14Lancia Ypsilon971.8%103441.3%21100
15Toyota Auris941.8%174211.6%176
16Ford Focus941.8%312470.9%3218
17Nissan Qashqai891.7%135272.0%1124
18Hyundai i20881.7%285071.9%1414
19Fiat Grande Punto861.6%113631.4%2020
20Hyundai i10811.5%205121.9%1311
21VW Golf771.5%195282.0%1010
22Skoda Fabia771.5%224451.7%1616
23Peugeot 107741.4%244601.7%1521
24Kia Picanto741.4%412991.1%2638
25Mercedes A-Class731.4%n/an/an/an/a37
26VW Tiguan601.1%373831.4%1828
27BMW 1-Series601.1%302601.0%3039
28Peugeot 208561.1%n/an/an/an/a –
29Opel Insignia561.1%362761.0%2925
30Renault Clio561.1%352571.0%3140
31Peugeot 207531.0%73401.3%2226
32Fiat 500521.0%273291.2%2323
33Alfa Romeo Giulietta490.9%232911.1%2732
34Volvo S60480.9%442330.9%3554
35BMW 3-Series470.9%551250.5%n/a53
36Nissan Juke460.9%452300.9%3734
37Audi A1450.9%391750.7%4543
38Suzuki Splash420.8%401180.4%n/a71
39Audi Q3410.8%342410.9%34n/a
40VW Passat400.8%332851.1%2827
41Suzuki Alto400.8%162460.9%3355
42Kia Rio400.8%1980.7%43n/a
44Smart Fortwo370.7%292290.9%3815
45Toyota Aygo360.7%253121.2%259
46Audi A3350.7%212310.9%3636
47VW Beetle340.6%n/an/an/an/a
48Honda Jazz280.5%542050.8%4145
49Opel Meriva280.5%1590.6%4751
50Audi A4280.5%1030.4%n/a58


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  1. Well, most of the cars in top-ten are small cars. Only Astra and C4 are compact-cars. And from january to april 2012 car-sales in Greece lost 39,1 % compared to the year before.

  2. I have to agree with Constantin. Greece is in a terrible economic situation, most of the Greeks withdraw their money out of the banks and the not the cheapest car is at the top of car sales? Good luck for them in the future…

  3. i expected the C3 to surpass the Corsa.The C3 diesel costs around 10.000 euros after a 5.000 euro discount while Opel only offers 2.000 euro discounts.Expect the C3 to rise even higher.

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