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Ireland March 2012: Nissan Qashqai leads at 8.8% market share!

Nissan Qashqai

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The Irish new car market is down 9% year-on-year in March at 13,010 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 45,628 units, down 4% on 2011. Big surprise on top of the models ranking: the Nissan Qashqai has a huge month, clocking up 1,140 sales for an enormous 8.8% market share and leading Irish sales for the first time ever… It jumps up to #2 in the 2012 year-to-date ranking at 2,255 units, only 14 below the Ford Focus, #3 this month with 529 sales.

Nissan Juke

The VW Golf is up one spot to #2 at 642 units and 4.9%, the VW Passat is up two to #4 and 2.8%, the Skoda Octavia stays 5th and the Renault Fluence is up 4 ranks to #6. The rest of the Top 10 is in big progression on February, including the Opel Astra at +10 to #7, the Nissan Micra at +16 to #8 and most impressive of all, the Nissan Juke up 21 spots to #10. This makes it 3 Nissans in the Top 10 and to celebrate, Nissan leads the brands ranking this month at 14.4% share!

Nissan Note

Further down, the Audi Q3 breaks into the Irish Top 50 for the first time, up 17 ranks to #37 with 102 sales and 0.8%, the Seat Leon is up a massive 66 spots to #40 and the Nissan Note is up 28 ranks to #46.

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Full March 2012 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Ireland March 2012:

1Nissan Qashqai1,1408.8%42,2554.9%27
2VW Golf6424.9%31,9194.2%32
3Ford Focus5294.1%22,2695.0%11
4VW Passat3672.8%61,4323.1%64
5Skoda Octavia3582.8%51,3963.1%712
6Renault Fluence3402.6%101,1192.5%95
7Opel Astra3382.6%179422.1%1616
8Nissan Micra3362.6%248181.8%2018
9Renault Megane3242.5%139872.2%139
10Nissan Juke3052.3%316851.5%2222
11Opel Corsa2802.2%238411.8%1819
12Toyota Avensis2692.1%11,8504.1%43
13Toyota Auris2622.0%211,0332.3%1113
14Ford Fiesta2511.9%91,2132.7%86
15Opel Insignia2361.8%128621.9%1714
16BMW 5-Series2271.7%149822.2%1417
17Toyota Corolla2201.7%151,0812.4%108
18Toyota Yaris2151.7%71,4443.2%510
19Renault Clio2031.6%81,0002.2%1211
20Ford Mondeo2011.5%267051.5%2120
21Kia Sportage1921.5%116531.4%2337
22Hyundai ix351901.5%168301.8%1921
23VW Polo1861.4%189762.1%1515
24Skoda Superb1801.4%206361.4%2427
25Seat Ibiza1781.4%334310.9%3125
26Skoda Fabia1771.4%255401.2%2826
27Hyundai i301641.3%572870.6%4132
28Mercedes E Class1511.2%295881.3%2624
29Hyundai i401481.1%225941.3%2599
30BMW 3-Series1461.1%512170.5%5236
31Audi A41431.1%354431.0%3023
32VW Jetta1271.0%305391.2%2941
33Audi A61130.9%275431.2%2735
34Kia Rio1130.9%324040.9%3230
35VW Tiguan1130.9%343240.7%3851
36Citroen C41110.9%622670.6%4454
37Audi Q31020.8%541730.4%57200
38Peugeot 508980.8%373980.9%3353
39Honda Civic980.8%462220.5%5045
40Seat Leon910.7%1061450.3%6563
41Kia Cee’d900.7%283590.8%3531
42Ford C-Max880.7%423460.8%3628
43Volvo S40860.7%722210.5%5149
44Skoda Yeti840.6%413090.7%3944
45Mercedes C Class830.6%443070.7%4039
46Nissan Note790.6%742340.5%4869
47Peugeot 207770.6%522510.6%4633
49Fiat 500730.6%681350.3%6767
50Peugeot 308670.5%432800.6%4338


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  1. Hello Carsmetics, it is great that the Qashqai is doing so well in Ireland and all over Europe, like most of the rest of Europe we in the UK are in recession it is nice to have cars made here, the Qashqai and Evoque that are successes, the 208 has had good reviews here so far so maybe it will change Peugeot’s fortunes, keep up the good work Matt, love the site, please send us some Australian weather it is raining here for a change.

    1. Thanks very much for your praise Ian!
      Unfortunately the weather is not great at all here so i wouldn’t do you a favour by sending some your way! 🙂

  2. The Qashqai is killing it in Ireland! If it can end 2012 in this position, that will be a HUGE step-up from 2011. That being said, I would hate to be the Peugot right about now.

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