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Malaysia Full Year 2011: Perodua Myvi and Proton Saga rule

Perodua Myvi

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The Malaysian car market is down 12% year-on-year at 47,954 registrations, bringing the final 2011 total to 600,123 units, down just 1% on 2010. Note these figures include light commercial vehicles. The Perodua Myvi is the best-selling car in Malaysia for the 6th year in a row, boosted by its facelift mid-year with sales up 5% to 81,904 units and 13.6% share.

Proton Saga

The Proton Saga was #1 year-to-date up until October and finished the year at 74,258 sales and 12.4%, up 3% on 2010. It peaked at a record 15.5% in June. The Perodua Viva rounds up the podium like in 2010, down 12% to 60,675 units. The rest of the Top 6 is also unchanged: the Proton Persona is #4 (+5%), the Perodua Alza #5 (-11%) and the Toyota Vios #6, the best-selling non national model for the 4th consecutive year.

Proton Inspira

The Top 10 is a close-circuit, with the best-performing newcomer the Proton Inspira up 41 spots and 890% to #11 for its first full year of sales at 9,849 units. The Naza Forte also shines, up 3 ranks and 12% to #17 and 5,829 sales. The Honda Insight is the best new model this year, landing directly at #21 with 4,566 units and peaking at a fantastic 10th place in July.

Honda Insight

Other great performers this year include the Nissan Teana up 810% to #23, Ford Fiesta up 753% to #24, Hyundai Sonata up 157% to #28, VW Golf up 136% to #32, Toyota Prius up 1141% to #34, VW Polo up 589% to #48 and Peugeot 207 up 1275% to #50.

In December, the Perodua Myvi shoots up to 17.8% share, possibly its second highest ever after its 20.1% of last October, the Perodua Viva is back in 2nd position for the first time since June, delivering a brilliant 12.4% market share, its best in one year. In 4th place the Perodua Alza reaches its highest market share at 7.8% thanks to 3,732 sales. Only piece of good news this month for Proton: the Inspira up to #9 at 1,101 units and 2.6%.

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Full Year Top 50 and December 2011 Top 40 Ranking Tables below.

Malaysia December 2011:

1Perodua Myvi8,54717.8%181,90413.6%11
2Perodua Viva5,93312.4%360,67510.1%33
3Proton Saga5,16010.8%274,25812.4%22
4Perodua Alza3,7327.8%537,4026.2%55
5Proton Persona3,0766.4%446,4157.7%44
6Toyota Vios2,0024.2%629,8205.0%66
7Proton Exora1,3802.9%821,0643.5%87
8Toyota Hilux1,3102.7%721,4713.6%79
9Proton Inspira1,1012.3%109,8401.6%1151
10Nissan Grand Livina9131.9%1312,2042.0%910
11Isuzu D-Max6141.3%185,9611.0%1717
12Mitsubishi Triton5781.2%98,2991.4%1213
13Suzuki Swift5501.1%145,1430.9%1921
14Toyota Innova5451.1%164,7670.8%2218
15Naza Forte5381.1%195,8291.0%1820
16Nissan Navara3960.8%213,9110.7%2625
17Hyundai i103890.8%272,7760.5%3126
18VW Polo3620.8%381,7910.3%50 –
19Toyota Prius3280.7%152,4570.4%35 –
20VW Golf3150.7%422,5510.4%33 –
21Toyota Hiace2810.6%372,0810.3%4142
23Toyota Rush2400.5%302,4760.4%3428
25Nissan Teana2370.5%244,4300.7%23 –
26Ford Ranger2340.5%332,3490.4%3632
27Mercedes C-Class2240.5%342,3130.4%3930
28Toyota Camry2200.5%127,5751.3%1311
29Honda Insight2170.5%284,5660.8%20 –
30Peugeot 2072120.4%431,6640.3%49 –
31BMW 5 Series2100.4%392,2400.4%3846
32Chery Eastar2040.4%352,6620.4%3027
33Hyundai Sonata1880.4%502,9280.5%2849
34Mercedes E-Class1810.4%452,1010.4%3729
35Toyota Fortuner1700.4%321,7610.3%4833
36Nissan Urvan1690.4%311,8400.3%4640
37Naza Citra1590.3%461,8960.3%4335
38Honda Accord1550.3%264,4870.7%2115
39Nissan Sylphy1530.3%512,6720.4%2922
40BMW 3 Series1520.3%471,8700.3%4531

Note: this December ranking is based on the Full Year Top 50 and therefore doesn’t include models like the VW Passat or Lexus CT which were in the November Top 30.

Malaysia Full Year 2011:

1Perodua Myvi81,90413.6%5%77,65713.3%1
2Proton Saga74,25812.4%3%72,30312.4%2
3Perodua Viva60,67510.1%-12%69,04811.8%3
4Proton Persona46,4157.7%5%44,3917.6%4
5Perodua Alza37,4026.2%-11%41,9337.2%5
6Toyota Vios29,8205.0%-11%33,6745.8%6
7Toyota Hilux21,4713.6%15%18,6013.2%9
8Proton Exora21,0643.5%-21%26,7874.6%7
9Nissan Grand Livina12,2042.0%-14%14,1772.4%10
10Honda City10,9951.8%-45%19,9443.4%8
11Proton Inspira9,8401.6%890%9940.2%52
12Mitsubishi Triton8,2991.4%6%7,8501.3%13
13Toyota Camry7,5751.3%-34%11,4742.0%11
14Toyota Avanza6,9851.2%-10%7,7811.3%14
15Honda Civic6,5531.1%-28%9,1531.6%12
16Isuzu D-Max5,9611.0%-1%6,0181.0%17
17Naza Forte5,8291.0%12%5,2090.9%20
18Toyota Corolla Altis5,6120.9%-13%6,4241.1%16
19Suzuki Swift5,1430.9%5%4,9150.8%21
20Toyota Innova4,7670.8%-14%5,5441.0%18
21Honda Insight4,5660.8%new00.0% –
22Honda Accord4,4870.7%-39%7,3271.3%15
23Nissan Teana4,4300.7%810%4870.1%n/a
24Ford Fiesta4,2070.7%753%4930.1%n/a
25Honda CR-V4,1070.7%-26%5,5431.0%19
26Nissan Navara3,9110.7%19%3,2770.6%25
27Proton Satria Neo3,4550.6%-20%4,3380.7%23
28Hyundai Sonata2,9280.5%157%1,1410.2%49
29Hyundai i102,7760.5%0%2,7830.5%26
30Nissan Sylphy2,6720.4%-42%4,5830.8%22
31Chery Eastar2,6620.4%0%2,6530.5%27
32VW Golf2,5510.4%136%1,0790.2%51
33Toyota Rush2,4760.4%0%2,4770.4%28
34Toyota Prius2,4570.4%1141%1980.0%n/a
35Proton Waja2,3940.4%-44%4,2610.7%24
36Ford Ranger2,3490.4%24%1,8970.3%32
37Mercedes C-Class2,3130.4%18%1,9550.3%30
38BMW 5 Series2,2400.4%67%1,3410.2%46
39Mercedes E-Class2,1010.4%-2%2,1540.4%29
40Toyota Hiace2,0810.3%34%1,5580.3%42
42Hyundai Tucson2,0040.3%106%9720.2%53
44Naza Citra1,8960.3%12%1,6940.3%35
45Peugeot 3081,8910.3%19%1,5950.3%38
46BMW 3 Series1,8700.3%-3%1,9320.3%31
47Nissan Urvan1,8400.3%17%1,5790.3%40
48VW Polo1,7910.3%589%2600.0%n/a
49Toyota Fortuner1,7610.3%-7%1,8950.3%33
50Peugeot 2071,6640.3%1275%1210.0%n/a


This Post Has One Comment
  1. Sales in Germany from January 2012: source:

    1.VW 50.029
    2.Mercedes 19.117
    3.Ford 15.195
    4.BMW 15.001
    5.Audi 14.996
    6.Opel 13.579
    7.Skoda 8.425
    8.Hyundai 7.482
    9.Renault 7.239
    10.Citroën 6.093
    11.Toyota 5.063
    12.Peugeot 5.013
    13.Fiat 4.801
    14.Nissan 4.444
    15.Kia 4.059
    16.SEAT 4.058
    17.Dacia 3.022
    18.Suzuki 2.958
    19.Mazda 2.476
    20.Volvo 2.353
    21.Smart 2.131
    22.Mitsubishi 2.108
    23.MINI 2.023
    24.Porsche 1.437
    25.Chevrolet 1.409
    26.Honda 1.253
    27.Land Rover 958
    28.Alfa Romeo 695
    29.Subaru 648
    30.Lancia 353
    31.Lexus 252
    32.Jaguar 176
    33.Lada 115
    34.Infiniti 103
    35.Daihatsu 90
    36.Ferrari 58
    37.GM USA 58
    38.SsangYong 51
    39.Bentley 39
    40.IVECO 35
    41.Aston Martin 34
    42.Cadillac 25
    43.Maserati 22
    44.Saab 7
    45.Lamborghini 6
    46.Rolls Royce 5
    47.Morgan 4
    48.Wiesmann 3
    49.Lotus 2
    50.Maybach 2


    1.VW Golf/Golf plus/Variant/Jetta 18.764
    2.VW Passat 6.618
    3.VW Polo 6.596
    4.Mercedes Clase C 5.485
    5.Audi A6 4.537
    6.Opel Astra 4.528
    7.VW Tiguan 3.912
    8.VW Touran 3.911
    9.Ford Focus 3.852
    10.Mercedes Clase B 3.482
    11.BMW Serie5 3.432
    12.Mercedes Clase E 3.270
    13.BMW Serie1 3.198
    14.Skoda Octavia 3.183
    15.BMW Serie3 2.639
    16.Opel Corsa 2.523
    17.Ford Fiesta 2.450
    18.Audi A3 2.345
    19.Ford C-Max 2.173
    20.Opel Zafira 2.163

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