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Israel Full Year 2011: Toyota Corolla threatens Mazda3


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Thanks to Enrique from Spanish Autoblog, for the first time on Best Selling Cars Blog I can share with you a Top 80 models for Israel! The Israeli new car market reaches the record level of 225,949 registrations in 2011, up 5% year-on-year. Once ultra-dominant in the country, Mazda is no longer the best-selling brand in the country with Hyundai taking a definitive advantage at 33,060 units and 14.6% share vs. 21,145 and 9.4% for Mazda.

Toyota Corolla

For at least the 7th consecutive year, the Mazda3 is the best-selling model in Israel, with Australia the only other country in the world where it leads. However while in 2009 it commanded 12% of the market, this year it is down to 5.2% and 11,642 sales, only 221 units above the Toyota Corolla, #2 at 11,421 units and 5.1% share. The Hyundai i30 rounds up the podium with 8,901 sales and 3.9%, the first of 6 Hyundais in the Top 25!

Chevrolet Cruze

Compact cars are definitely the favourite car size in Israel with the Chevrolet Cruze at #4 with 6,909 units and the Ford Focus at #5 with 6,286 sales. The Hyundai i20 is the best-selling small car at #6 and 6,098 units, followed by the Mazda2 at #7 and the Suzuki Alto at #8. The Kia Rio and Renault Fluence close the Top 10.

Buick LaCrosse

Further down the ranking, notice the new Hyundai i25 (aka Accent) at #15, Mitsubishi Lancer at #16, Nissan Juke at #18 with 3,341 sales (vs. 1,851 for the Qashqai), Suzuki SX4 at #19 and Hyundai i35 (aka Elantra) at #20. Two US imports otherwise pretty discreet in the region rank within the Top 70: the Chevrolet Malibu at #55 and Buick LaCrosse (instead of the Opel Insignia) at #63.

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Full Year 2011 Top 80 Ranking Table below.

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Poland Full Year 2011: Skoda Octavia and Fabia still in command

Skoda Octavia

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Thanks to a tip from Antek I can now share with you a Top 100 models ranking for Poland for the first time on Best Selling Cars Blog! This ranking includes Light Commercial Vehicles. In 2011 Polish consumers bought 319,854 new vehicles, down 9% on 2010. The Skoda Octavia is the best-selling car in the country for the third year in a row with 16,042 sales and 5% share, down 8%.

Skoda Fabia

In second place for the third consecutive time thanks to an excellent end of year, the Skoda Fabia sells 11,258 units for a 3.5% market share. The Opel Astra stays #3 with 11,148 sales, down 6%, ahead of the Ford Focus (-11%), Fiat Panda (-3%) and Toyota Yaris (-24%).

The VW Golf jumps 8 spots and 17% to #9 with 5,998 sales, the Ford Fiesta is up 11 ranks and 36% to #10, the Fiat Ducato is up 10 spots to #16, the Kia Sportage up 43% to #20, Dacia Duster up 78% to #28, Nissan Juke up 343% to #31 and Hyundai ix35 up 77% to #32.

ZX Auto Grand Tiger

Notice the only Chinese model in the ranking, the ZX Auto Grand Tiger, selling 24 units this year. In December, both Octavia and Fabia are above their yearly levels at 5.4% and 3.8% respectively, the Toyota Yaris is strong at #4 and the Nissan Juke shines at #17.

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Full Year 2011 Top 100 and December 2011 Top 20 Ranking Tables below.

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France 17-23 January 2012: Renault back in shape

Renault Megane

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The French market is still suffering from a year-to-year comparison with the last weeks of scrappage schemes in 2011, down 26% this week at 29,464 registrations. After a couple of weeks of wild fluctuations, Renault is back in 2nd place of the brands ranking with 4,894 sales (-44%) behind Peugeot at 5,135 units (-35%) and ahead of Citroen at 4,734 (-32%). Still not back to its traditional level but getting there.

Compared to last week, there are two more Renaults in the models Top 10: the Megane at #3 with 1,371 sales and Twingo at #6 with 785 units make their first appearance in the weekly Top 10 this year and join the Clio, #2 with 1.373 sales. The Peugeot 207 keeps the lead at 1,497 units.

Volkswagen continues to deliver outstanding numbers week after week, now up 22% to 2,676 sales and placing the Polo at #7 and the Golf at #8. Note that in the cumulative ranking from 1 to 23 January the VW Polo is still #2 with 3,816 units and 4.2% share, ahead of the Clio at 3,736! The Golf is #5 with 3,214 sales. If VW maintains its level for one more week we will see both the Polo and the Golf in the monthly Top 5 which would be a first in the French market…

Previous week: France 10-16 January 2012: Peugeot 207 back to #1, VW Polo still #3

Full weekly Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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Uruguay Full Year 2011: Chery now third best-selling brand!

Chery Fulwin 2

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Like Brazil, Argentina and Colombia, the new car market in Uruguay reaches record levels in 2011 at 51,443 registrations, up 21% on 2010 which was already a record year! There is no models ranking available, only the fact that the Chevrolet Classic is the top seller in 2011 as it has been for many years. However the brands ranking is a fascinating one as Uruguay is one of the few countries in the world where Chinese manufacturers have had a very significant impact to date.

FAW Vita. FAW sales are up 95% in Uruguay in 2011

If Chevrolet and Volkswagen still dominate the ranking head and shoulders with 25.3% and 12.1% market share respectively this year, who else but Chery claws its way on the podium in 2011! Manufacturing locally in the Oferol factory from Barra de Carrasco, Chery sees its sales jump by 71% in 2011 to reach 3,394 units for a 6.6% market share, 4 units above Fiat and also passing Nissan. It even reached an amazing 2nd place with 12.2% of the market in June!

BYD F6. BYD sales are up 78% in Uruguay in 2011. BYD also launched a swanky new website

Granted, there are no other Chinese brands in the Top 10 but no less than 9 in the Top 20 (vs. 6 in 2010), making Uruguay a comfortable nest for Chinese manufacturers and a cool jumping board for a further extension in South America. BYD is up 78% to #12, Great Wall up 12% to #13, FAW up 95% to #16, DongFeng up 1% to #17, Geely up 74% to #17%, Effa down 5% to #18, Chana up 19% to #19 and Lifan up 46% to #20.

Chana Mini Benni

In December, the trend is confirmed: Chevrolet is down to 24% share, VW to 8.7% while Chery is up to 7.9%. 6 of the other 9 Chinese brands in the Top 22 are on or above their Full Year 2011 levels with JAC appearing in the Top 20 for the first time and Chana the most impressive at #14 and 1.8% share.

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Full Year and December 2011 Top 20 Ranking Tables below.

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World 2011: Toyota Hilux leader in 34 countries UPDATED

Toyota Hilux

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Now that nearly all 2011 data is out, I can share with you a summary of which models appear in pole position the most often. This information is exclusive to Best Selling Cars Blog, you won’t find it anywhere else! This is not a reflection of the highest sales volumes which are the object of another post, only how many times a specific model manages to rank #1 in any country.

Toyota places no less than 8 models in pole position in at least one country, Chevrolet & Ford 5 and Nissan & Volkswagen 4.

Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Hilux is king of the world at this little game: it is #1 in 34 countries, albeit including 25 in Africa where the volumes are very low. As a result the Hilux is actually only #22 in the world in terms of sales. The Toyota Corolla follows with 18 countries, including 10 in Africa and 5 in Asia. The Corolla is the only model to rank #1 in at least one country of each continent: Africa, Asia, Europe, America and Oceania.

The Skoda Octavia is the best-performing European model, #1 in 8 countries

Then until a few months ago we used to find the VW Golf, but it is now the Skoda Octavia, going from #1 in 4 countries in 2010 to #1 in 8 countries in 2011! Excellent performance of Skoda here with a 3 year-old model that is slowly but surely growing on Eastern and Western European consumers alike.

The Pyeonghwa Samchunri is #1 in North Korea

The VW Golf follows, #1 in 7 countries, then we find the Toyota Camry, #1 in 5 countries (to be taken with caution as they are all BSCB’s estimates), and the Hyundai Accent/Verna and Toyota Land Cruiser, both #1 in 4 countries. There are 6 models #1 in 3 countries, 15 cars #1 in 2 countries and 28 models #1 in just one country.

See ‘Read more’ for the full list of all 57 #1 models and in which countries they do so.

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Egypt Full Year 2011: Hyundai Verna #1 again, new Elantra excels

Hyundai Verna taxi in Cairo. Photo by Hossam.

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Car sales in Egypt are down 15% year-on-year in December at 17,711 units, bringing the final 2011 total to 176,157 registrations, down 29% on 2010. The Hyundai Verna, an Accent from two generations ago, keeps its title of best-selling car in Egypt and even manages to increase its market share from 8.8% in 2010 to a square 10% in 2011 thanks to 17,690 sales, down 20%. The Verna owes its #1 spot to its success with taxi companies: a third of its sales or 5,622 units were taxis.

Hyundai Elantra

The Chevrolet TFR (aka Isuzu D-Max) stays in 2nd position and behaves exactly like the market at -29% to 13,789 units and 7.8% share. In fact the podium is unchanged vs. 2010 with the Chevrolet Lanos still valiant in third place with 10,475 sales and 5.9%, down 38%. The big change comes just after: launched early this year, the new generation Hyundai Elantra is an instant hit with Egyptian consumers and flirted with the pole position most of the year, reaching it in November and finishing 2011 in 4th place at 8,535 units and 4.9% share.

Hyundai Accent 

The new generation Hyundai Accent also starts with a bang, directly #5 with 7,658 sales and 4.3%, ahead of the Chevrolet Aveo up 3 spots to #6 (-12%), Kia Carens (-38%), previous generation Hyundai Elantra (-53%), Chevrolet Optra (-37%) and Nissan Sunny (-55%). Other good performers this year include the Toyota Hilux up 4% to #13, the Mitsubishi Lancer up 19 ranks and 126% to #17, Renault Sandero up to #29 and Renault Duster up to #34. The best-selling ‘Chinese’ model is the Speranza Tiggo at #14 with 3,326 sales (-27%).

Speranza A113

In December, the new generation Hyundai Elantra continues to impress after its November pole position, down to a still outstanding 2nd place behind the Verna at 1,459 units and 8.2%. The Skoda Octavia A5 has an exceptional month at #4, the Renault Logan is strong at #8 as is the Speranza Tiggo at #9, the Speranza A113 at #11, Renault Duster at #24, Kia Sportage at #25 and Speranza M11 at #29.

Previous post: Egypt October 2011: Chevrolet TFR in the lead

Previous year: Egypt Full Year 2010: Hyundai Verna reclaims top spot

Full Year 2011 Top 120 and December 2011 Top 75 Ranking Tables below.

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Mauritius Full Year 2011: Chevrolet Cruze best-seller UPDATED

Chevrolet Cruze

* NOW UPDATED with sales for the Top 5 models and Top 10 brands! Click on title to see *

Thanks to Lorenzo I can share with you for the first time on Best Selling Cars Blog an official models ranking for Mauritius. My previous observations through YouTube had made me think that Nissan would place a couple of cars atop the models ranking but it is not the case, with just one Nissan in the Top 5 ranking, a varied mix of economical Korean cars, a stylish Japanese SUV and a luxurious German sedan. Nissan is however still the best-selling brand in Mauritius with 12.6% share ahead of Kia (10.5%) and Hyundai (10.4%).

Mercedes C-Class

The best-selling car in Mauritius in 2011 is the Chevrolet Cruze with 264 sales and 4.8% share, confirming its strength on every corner of the planet, from the USA to China to Australia. The second place is a surprise: the Mercedes C-Class, ranking higher than in its native Germany and just one unit below the Cruze at 263! The nimble Hyundai i10 rounds up the podium with 207 units and 3.8%, a good fit for Mauritian winding roads.

The Nissan Qashqai at 3.5% and Kia Cerato at 3.4% follow. There is no official data for Commercial Vehicles but it seems the Great Wall Wingle is off to a great start in the country. Brand-wise, Chevrolet is the best performer this year up 61% and 4 spots to #4, with Hyundai (+55%) and BMW (+22%) also faring very well. On the contrary, Mitsubishi (-36%) and Honda (-21%) struggle.

Previous post: Mauritius 2010: Nissan March and Sunny likely leaders

Full Top 5 models and Top 10 brands Ranking Tables below.

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Gulf Full Year 2011: Toyota Hilux, Corolla and Camry on top

Toyota Hilux

* See the Top 120 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Ldman *

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is composed of the states bordering the Persian Gulf: BahrainKuwaitOmanQatarSaudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. 106,191 new vehicles were registered in the region in December, bringing the final 2011 total to 1,212,797 units, in between Iran and Australia. The Toyota Hilux is the best-selling model in the Gulf with 87,117 sales and 7.2% share, ranking on the podium in each country in the region and #1 in Saudi Arabia. Thai floods-related supply issues cost the Hilux the top spot in Oman, UAE and Kuwait.

Toyota Land Cruiser. Picture by Talal Al-Mtn. All rights reserved.

The Toyota Corolla comes in 2nd place at 63,668 units and 5.2%, ranking #1 in UAE, #2 in Bahrain and #3 in Saudi Arabia. The Toyota Camry rounds up the Gulf’s podium making it 100% Toyota with 60,656 sales and 5% share. It is #2 in Saudi Arabia and #3 in Kuwait. An icon in the region, the Toyota Land Cruiser is #4 at 56,628 units and 4.7%, finishing first in Bahrain, Oman and Qatar.

Hyundai Accent

Best-selling non-Toyota in the region, the Hyundai Accent has a fantastic first year in 5th place with 35,244 sales and could aim at a 2012 podium finish in Saudi Arabia. The next 3 models are all Toyotas, making it 7 Toyotas in the Top 8! The Toyota Prado, #1 in Kuwait, ranks 6th in the region at 34,556 units ahead of the Toyota Yaris and Land Cruiser Pick-up. In fact, the entire Top 13 is composed of either Toyotas or Hyundais…

Chevrolet Tahoe

Very solid year for the Hyundai Sonata at #9 with 26,136 sales, followed by two generations of Hyundai Elantra at #10 and #11. The Chevrolet Tahoe is the best-selling US vehicle at #14, ahead of the Ford Crown Victoria at #15 and GMC Yukon at #19. Further down the ranking, notice the Lexus LX at #38, BMW 7 Series at #56, Lexus ES at #57, Mercedes S Class at #67 and Porsche Cayenne at #75. 211 units of the US $300,000+ Bentley Continental Flying Spur were sold in the region this year.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur

In December, with the Hilux incapacitated by supply issues, the Toyota Corolla takes the lead for the first and only time this year with 7,812 sales and 7.4%, ahead of the Toyota Camry at 5.6%, Land Cruiser at 4.8% and Hyundai Accent at 3.9%. Notice the new gen Hyundai Elantra at #8, the Ford Crown Victoria up to #9, the Nissan Patrol up to #20 and the GMC Sierra up to #23.

Previous month: Gulf November 2011: 9 Toyotas in Top 12!

Full Year 2011 Top 120, December and every Monthly Top 100 Ranking Tables below.

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Kuwait Full Year 2011: Toyota Prado passes Hilux to become #1

Toyota Prado

* See the Top 75 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Ldman *

112,569 new vehicles were registered in Kuwait in 2011, including 10,074 in December. Yet another country – the third in the region – where Thai floods and production disruption cost the Toyota Hilux the pole position. The Toyota Prado ends the year in first place in Kuwait with 5,720 sales and 5.1% share. It was #1 3 times this year, peaking at 1,129 units and 8.9% in March. The Toyota Hilux was #1 YTD at end November and ranked #1 6 times but with only 17 sales in December it finishes the year #2 with 5,551 sales and 4.9%. The Toyota Camry, #1 in May and June, rounds up the podium at 4,746 units and 4.2%.

Chevrolet Tahoe. Picture by Talal Al-Mtn. All rights reserved.

Excellent performance of the Chevrolet Tahoe in 4th place with 3,470 sales and 3.1%, ahead of the Toyota Corolla (3%) and Land Cruiser (2.8%) and Nissan Altima (2.6%). The Chevrolet Silverado is the second US model in the Kuwaiti Top 10 at #8 with 2,393 units and 2.1%, followed by the Ford Crown Victoria with 2,289 sales and 2%. Notice also the GMC Sierra at #11 and the GMC Yukon at #14.

Mercury Grand Marquis

Kuwait is by far the most volatile market in the GCC region, with models reaching the highest steps of the ranking for a couple of months before disappearing again. The Mercury Grand Marquis was #2 in January and #4 in February before being discontinued, the Suzuki Kizashi was #9 in March and the Suzuki SX4 #2 in April.

Dodge Nitro

In December, the Toyota Corolla tops the models ranking for the first time in 2011, the Ford Crown Victoria is up to an amazing 2nd place, the Dodge Nitro up to a fantastic 7th spot (vs. #52 in Full Year), the Nissan Sunny is up to #11 and the VW Tiguan up to #20.

Previous month: Kuwait November 2011: Toyota Prado shines, some US influence

Full Year 2011 Top 75, December and every Monthly Top 50 Ranking Tables below.

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Saudi Arabia 2011: Toyota Hilux & Camry on top, Hyundai shines

Toyota Hilux. Picture by Nora Al-Soli. All rights reserved.

Toyota Camry. Picture by Ageel. All rights reserved.

* See the Top 100 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Ldman *

The Saudi car market accounts for roughly half of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region with 51,695 registrations in December and 594,299 in the Full Year. The Toyota Hilux is the best-selling vehicle in Saudi Arabia in 2011 with 44,744 sales and 7.5% share, followed by the Toyota Camry at 38,940 units and 6.6% and the Toyota Corolla with 38,708 sales and 6.5%.

Hyundai Accent. Picture by Ahmad Saleh. All rights reserved.

Hyundai had a very strong year in Saudi Arabia. It places the new generation Accent at #4 over the Full Year at 28,634 units and 4.8% but the Accent could well threaten the Toyotas for the pole position in 2012: building up all through 2011, it reached an outstanding 2nd place in September and December when it was only 54 sales below the Corolla!

Hyundai Elantra

For its last year, the previous generation Hyundai Elantra ranks 5th with 23,462 sales and 3.9% and it even managed to do the impossible while in run-out mode: rank #1 overall for 2 months in April and May when it delivered the highest monthly volume of any model in the country in 2011 at 5,252 sales and a record 10.2% share!

Hyundai Sonata. Picture by Ahmad Al-Abdan. All rights reserved.

Below the Toyota Yaris, the Hyundai Sonata delivers a very solid 7th place at 20,181 units and 3.4%, peaking at #3 in March. A Saudi oddity, the Ford Crown Victoria manages to grab the 8th place this year with 16,488 sales. The new generation Hyundai Elantra is an instant hit: launched in April it was already #4 in July and finishes the year at #10. There are 4 American SUVs in the Top 20: the Chevrolet Tahoe at #12, GMC Yukon at #14, Ford Expedition at #19 and GMC Yukon XL at #20.

In December, the Toyota Corolla keeps the lead at an impressive 9.6% share ahead of the Toyota Camry at 7.9% and Hyundai Accent at 6.7%. The Toyota Yaris is up to #4, Ford Crown Victoria up to #5, Toyota Sequoia up to #20, GMC Sierra up to #21, Kia Optima up to #31 and Dodge Charger up to #35.

Previous month: Saudi Arabia November 2011: Hyundai Accent threatens Toyota Corolla

Full Year 2011, December and every Monthly Top 100 Ranking Tables below.

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