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Greece October 2011: Opel Corsa #1 for 9th time this year

Opel Corsa

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After two months up, the Greek car market falls back into negative in October at -36% and just 5,023 registrations. The year-to-date total is down by 36% also at 84,237 units. No surprises on top, the Opel Corsa is #1 for the 9th month out of 10 this year with 273 sales and 5.4% share. The VW Polo and Ford Fiesta follow, well above their 2011 levels at 4.7% and 4.4% respectively.

The Toyota Auris is stable at #4 with 3.6% share while the Aygo is down 3 spots to a still very respectable 3.2% and the Yaris is back in shape at #6 and 3.1%, making it 3 Toyotas in the Top 6 for the 2nd time this year after August. Other great performers this month include the Fiat Grande Punto up 8 spots to #13, the Audi A3 up 26 spots to #17, the Volvo S60 up 33 spots to #19, the Citroen C5 up to #22 and the Peugeot 508 ranking within the Greek Top 50 for the very first time at #31 with 49 sales.

Previous month: Greece September 2011 Corsa, Aygo and Astra on top

Full October 2011 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Greece October 2011:

1Opel Corsa2735.4%15,0176.0%13
2VW Polo2364.7%63,4014.0%34
3Ford Fiesta2224.4%53,1393.7%42
4Toyota Auris1793.6%42,7053.2%67
5Toyota Aygo1623.2%21,9802.4%914
6Toyota Yaris1583.1%413,4384.1%21
7Opel Astra1533.0%32,9653.5%55
8VW Golf1222.4%81,8572.2%109
9Hyundai i201212.4%71,7242.0%1312
10Skoda Octavia1162.3%121,8552.2%1110
11Fiat Panda1092.2%92,5093.0%86
12Skoda Fabia1042.1%181,2731.5%1623
13Fiat Grande Punto1042.1%211,0271.2%2422
14Hyundai i10941.9%161,7882.1%128
15Suzuki Swift911.8%101,2251.5%1821
16Nissan Micra851.7%152,5423.0%718
17Audi A3781.6%436700.8%3835
18Nissan Qashqai761.5%271,0791.3%2211
19Volvo S60711.4%524260.5%57 –
20Hyundai i30701.4%367570.9%3516
21Smart Fortwo651.3%201,2741.5%1520
22Citroen C5611.2%n/a2100.2%80 –
23Seat Ibiza601.2%111,6932.0%1417
24Citroen C1591.2%138671.0%2744
25Kia Ceed591.2%338581.0%2924
26Peugeot 207571.1%318641.0%2825
27Alfa Romeo Giulietta571.1%348111.0%3371
28VW Passat531.1%297590.9%3446
29Citroen C3511.0%481,1531.4%2115
30Ford Focus491.0%371,2051.4%1919
31Peugeot 508491.0%n/a1090.1%n/a –
32Honda Jazz481.0%175890.7%4245
33Mercedes C-Class460.9%145440.6%4748
34VW Tiguan450.9%258401.0%3134
35Fiat 500430.9%261,0781.3%2327
36Dacia Duster430.9%465460.6%4684
37Peugeot 107420.8%231,1631.4%2042
38Opel Insignia410.8%289831.2%2513
39Seat Leon390.8%328941.1%2632
40Ford Ka390.8%455120.6%4843
41Nissan Juke360.7%308211.0%3299
42Audi A4360.7%473930.5%58 –
43Daihatsu Terios360.7%683580.4%6333
44Chevrolet Spark350.7%241,2521.5%1726
45Renault Clio340.7%594920.6%5138
46Skoda Yeti340.7%706180.7%4130
47Renault Megane340.7%822670.3%71 –
48Audi A1330.7%356240.7%4087
49Toyota iQ320.6%503850.5%6039
50Toyota Avensis300.6%406540.8%3931
51Honda Civic300.6%663400.4%6549


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