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Greece August 2011: 3 Toyotas in Top 6

Toyota Auris

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Big event in Greece this month: at 7,296 registrations, new car sales are up 2% on August 2010 which was however down 67% on August 2009… The year-to-date figure is still down 38% at 72,496 units. The Opel Corsa continues to be the unchallenged leader this year, #1 for the 7th month out of 8 with a very strong 6.9% market share and 504 sales.

Toyota catches up on earthquake-induced lost sales and places no less than 3 models in the Greek Top 6 this month! The Yaris is up 2 spots on July to #2 at 405 units and 5.6%, the Auris is up 6 spots to #3 with 347 sales and 4.8% and the Aygo is up 8 spots to #6 at 283 units and 3.9%.

The Opel Astra (4.4%) and Ford Fiesta (4%) also have a good month, while the new gen Kia Picanto jumps up 13 spots on July to #13 with 132 sales and 1.8%. Other good performers include the Dacia Duster up 14 spots to #25, the Citroen C4 up 26 spots to #30 and the Mini Countryman breaking into the Greek Top 50 for the first time.

Previous month: see the July 2011 Greek Top 50 best-selling models here.

Full August 2011 Top 50 Ranking Table below.

Greece August 2011:

1Opel Corsa5046.9%14,2715.9%13
2Toyota Yaris4055.6%43,2324.5%21
3Toyota Auris3474.8%92,2293.1%87
4Opel Astra3194.4%72,5083.5%55
5Ford Fiesta2904.0%62,6553.7%42
6Toyota Aygo2833.9%141,4402.0%1314
7Hyundai i102613.6%121,5792.2%108
8VW Polo2603.6%52,9704.1%34
9VW Golf2112.9%111,5642.2%119
10Hyundai i201742.4%31,4081.9%1412
11Nissan Micra1522.1%22,3413.2%618
12Fiat Panda1492.0%82,2303.1%76
13Kia Picanto1321.8%265940.8%37 –
14Suzuki Swift1311.8%249681.3%2121
15Citroen C31231.7%251,0611.5%1915
16Seat Ibiza1131.5%231,4902.1%1217
17Nissan Qashqai1071.5%179331.3%2311
18Skoda Octavia1051.4%101,5992.2%910
19Skoda Fabia1001.4%161,0871.5%1823
20Peugeot 1071001.4%151,0461.4%2042
21VW Passat1001.4%306420.9%3446
22Chevrolet Spark951.3%211,1451.6%1526
23Smart Fortwo951.3%181,1321.6%1620
24Mitsubishi ASX851.2%357741.1%2789
25Dacia Duster821.1%394600.6%4684
26Kia Ceed771.1%367421.0%2924
27Ford Focus731.0%421,1021.5%1719
28Nissan Juke711.0%417241.0%3099
29Toyota Avensis701.0%325750.8%3831
30Citroen C4670.9%564360.6%5047
31Seat Leon640.9%297981.1%2632
32Fiat 500620.8%209651.3%2227
33Opel Meriva590.8%434500.6%48 –
34Fiat Grande Punto570.8%198461.2%2522
35Audi A1550.8%505340.7%4287
36Ford Ka550.8%344290.6%5143
37Opel Insignia540.7%278731.2%2413
38Peugeot 207540.7%337491.0%2825
39BMW X1540.7%403660.5%56 –
40Toyota iQ540.7%573140.4%6139
41Mercedes A-Class530.7%136190.9%36 –
42Audi A3490.7%385450.8%4135
43Alfa Romeo Giulietta480.7%226971.0%3271
44VW Scirocco450.6%625220.7%4328
45Toyota RAV4450.6%n/a2440.3%7037
46BMW 3-Series430.6%554450.6%4940
47Alfa Romeo Mi.To420.6%375000.7%4555
48Suzuki Alto410.6%453990.6%5429
50Mini Countryman370.5%n/a2600.4%69 –


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