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Europe January 2011: VW Golf and Polo dominate

The European car market is stable in January, down only 1% at 1,070,231 registrations thanks to France and Germany holding well. The VW Golf is distant leader at 38,860 sales and 3.6%, and the VW Polo is back to #2 with 28,882 sals and 2.7%. Both are very close to…

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Historical Data now available for 10 additional countries

The VW CitiGolf was #3 in South Africa in 2005. Historical Data has now been uploaded for 10 additional countries: Belgium (up to 1989), Colombia (up to 2002), Croatia (2003), Ireland (2000), Mexico (2003), New Zealand (2004), Pakistan (1995), South Africa (2004), South Korea (1997) and Taiwan (2007). Witness the dominance of the…

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Croatia Full Year 2010: VW Polo or Opel Astra #1?

In 2010, the Croatian car market is down 14% on an already slow 2009 with 38,587 registrations. The leadership of the Opel Astra, #1 for 6 consecutive years, is challenged this year: Croatian car websites have published an article saying the VW Polo is actually the best selling car in…

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