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France September 2010

-7% for the French car market in September 2010, which given the phasing out of the scrappage incentive scheme is actually not too bad. The year-to-date numbers are still up by 3%.

The Renault Clio is #1 this month for the 3rd time this year after January and April with a solid 6% market share ahead of the 5.8% of the Peugeot 207. In the Year-to-date ranking though the Peugeot 207 stays ahead with 5.7%.

The 3rd position of the Renault Twingo is a bit of a surprise: it hasn’t ranked that high since February when the scrappage incentive was still in place. Its 4.1% market share is very strong, its highest since March.

Two more Renaults follow: The Scenic climbs back to 4th after a dismal 9th position in August, and the Megane drops to 5th after 3 months spent in 3rd place. In spite of this the Megane climbs to 4th overall in 2010 at 3.5%, passing the Dacia Sandero which suffered from the closure of its Romanian factory in August (only 18th this month).

Full ranking table, Citroen DS3’s performance and more commentaries below.

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Australia September 2010

The Australian market continues its good year: +9% in September at 85,051 units and +15% over the first 9 months (780,671 sales).

Once threatened by the Toyota Corolla when the new model came out a couple of years ago, the Holden Commodore now has quite a comfortable lead in the models ranking with 34,620 units sold in 9 months and a 4.4% market share. However, in spite of a great month at 4.7% in September the Commodore is only 160 sales ahead of the #2, the Mazda3, which has managed an amazing month with 3,878 units sold and a 4.6% market share.

In fact, pretty much all Mazda models have posted incredible scores this month: the Mazda2 is 10th with 2% (vs. 18th in 2010 at 1.4%) and the Mazda CX-7 breaks into the Top20 for the very first time with 1,076 units sold and 1.3% of the market (it is 31st at 1% in 2010).

Full ranking table and more info below.

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Brazil September 2010: Fiat Uno 1,458 sales below Gol

The Brazilian market is in very good shape in 2010 and even if September shows a slight decrease compared to Sept 09 (-2%), the year to date sales total shows an increase of 7% over 2009.

In fact, Brazil has passed Germany, be it in September (291,409 sales vs 259,748 in Germany) or year to date (2,368,932 sales vs. 2,166,852 in Germany), to become the 4th biggest car sales market in the world behind China, the USA and Japan.

In this context, the top 2 sellers in the country achieve very high numbers: the VW Gol is #1 at 25,338 sales. This is more than the VW Golf in Germany this month! (23,205 sales “only”). Nevertheless VW can be a tad worried as the Gol has found its match this year in the form of the new Fiat Uno: with 23,880 sales in September and a 8.2% market share (higher than the Punto’s market share in Italy!), the Fiat Uno is getting closer to the Gol every month. From 1,761 units in August, the difference drops to 1,458 this month.

See the complete ranking table and more info below.

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USA September 2010

Hyundai Sonata

After a very tough year last year, 2010 has seen the US car market go back to normal with an outrageous domination from the Ford F-Series and September is no exception: it gains 40% over to Sep ’09 at 47,433 sales, while the Chevrolet Silverado does even better, up 66% at 32,185 sales. The 2 models are also leading the way in the 2010 Year-To-Date ranking.

Superstars in 2009, the passenger cars are a little shy this year. The Toyota Camry still manages an increase of 20% over 2009 with 30,769 sales in 3rd, 9,000 sales ahead of the Honda Accord, 4th at 21,620 units.

The Toyota Corolla is 5th overall, only 421 sales ahead of the Hyundai Sonata which continues to post remarkable results. At 20,639 units sold in September, the Sonata is 161% ahead of its Sep ’09 numbers and ranks 6th overall (4th passenger car) for the 2nd month in a row. This is an exceptional performance for the Korean manufacturer, and the Sonata is already 10th in the 2010 YTD rankings.

Full ranking table and more details below.

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Italy September 2010

In a market losing 19% vs. 2009, Fiat manages a 1-2-3 this month with the Fiat Punto leading the way at 7% market share (8% over 9 months 2010), ahead of the Fiat Panda at 6.5% (7%) and the Fiat 500 at 4.2% (Vs. 3.6% over 2010). A good performance for the Italian manufacturer.

The Ford Fiesta confirmed it cannot hold the very high sales level it achieved earlier in the year and dropped one place to 4th with 3.9% of the market, compared to its 5.2% market share over 2010.

The VW Golf stays strong in Italy and confirms a 5th place (2.6%) it holds over 2010 too (2.7%). Less than a hundred sales behind, the little sister VW Polo performs well (2.5%) and is slightly ahead of its 2010 market share (2.4%). Even though it will be replaced in a few months, the Lancia Ypsilon stays strong in 7th, ahead of the Citroen C3, surprisingly weak given its recent relaunch.

Full Top 30 ranking table, Mini’s performance and more details below.

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Luxembourg August 2010

BMW 5 Series

It’s very rare to have access to car sales results in Luxembourg (last time I managed to do so was 3 years ago!) so let’s enjoy them while we got them!

No model detail is available but the market is pretty dynamic with 20.189 sales in 8 months, a 5.32% increase over 2009.

Good results for the VW Polo, Golf and Passat, all in the Top10 apparently, as well as the Renault Scenic and Megane, the Audi A4, BMW 5 Series, Peugeot 3008 and Mercedes E Class.

That’s all the detail I could get, so if anyone has access to more info regarding models please click above the picture and leave a comment !