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USA 2007: Chevrolet Silverado threatens Ford F-Series

Chevrolet Silverado

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The Ford F-Series leads the US models ranking for the 26th time in a row with 680,589 sales, down 13%, however the fight with the Chevrolet Silverado was a little less one-sided this year. The F-Series peaked at 71,481 units in March, but the Silverado managed to rank #1 in February and May and otherwise trailed the Ford very closely throughout the year, peaking at 67,486 sales in August.

The Toyota Camry is the best-selling passenger car in the US for the 6th year in a row, up 5% to 473,108 sales, still to this date its highest ever year-end volume in the country. It peaked at 50,126 units in May. The Honda Accord, thanks to the new generation launched this year, reclaims its #2 passenger car spot at 392,231 units, up 11%. It peaked at 47,360 sales in August, the only time it managed to pass the Camry in the monthly ranking.

Toyota Tundra

2007 is the year Toyota nailed trucks. The new generation Tundra is the first Japanese pick-up truck to break into the monthly US Top 10, ranking #9 in July with 23,150 sales. It finishes the year at #13 with 196,255 sales, up 58% and 24 spots.

Toyota Prius

2007 is also the year Toyota nailed hybrids… The Prius also breaks into the US Top 10 for the first time, up to #9 in May at 24,009 units, and ranks 14th over the full year with 181,221 sales, up 69% and 31 spots. Other great performers this year include the Honda CR-V, up 29% and 10 spots to #10 and 219,160 units, the BMW 3 Series, up 19% and 14 spots to #25 and 142,490 sales. The best newcomer in the Top 50 is the Ford Edge launched in December 2006, ranking #32 at 130,125 units.

Previous year: see the 2006 US post here.

Full Year 2007 Ranking Table below.

USA 2007:

1Ford F-Series690,589-13%796,0391
2Chevrolet Silverado618,257-3%636,0692
3Toyota Camry473,1085%448,4453
4Honda Accord392,23111%354,4416
5Toyota Corolla371,390-4%387,3884
6Dodge Ram P/U358,295-2%364,1775
7Honda Civic331,0955%316,6387
8Chevrolet Impala311,1287%289,8688
9Nissan Altima284,76223%232,4579
10Honda CR-V219,16029%170,02820
11GMC Sierra208,243-1%210,73612
12Chevrolet Cobalt200,620-5%211,44910
13Toyota Tundra196,55558%124,50837
14Toyota Prius181,22169%106,97145
15Dodge Caravan176,150-17%211,14011
16Toyota Tacoma173,238-3%178,35115
17Ford Focus173,213-2%177,00617
18Honda Odyssey173,046-3%177,91916
19Toyota RAV4172,75214%152,04729
20Ford Econoline168,722-7%180,45713
21Ford Escape165,5965%157,39527
22Pontiac G6150,001-5%157,64426
23Ford Fusion149,5525%142,50232
24Chevrolet Tahoe146,256-9%161,49124
25BMW 3-Series142,49019%120,18039
26Toyota Sienna138,162-15%163,26923
27Chrysler Town & Country138,151-13%159,10525
28Ford Explorer137,817-23%179,22914
29Ford Mustang (e)137,311-18%166,53021
30Hyundai Sonata (e)135,000-10%149,51330
31Chevrolet TrailBlazer134,626-23%174,79719
32Ford Edge130,125new2,201n/a
33Chevrolet Malibu128,312-22%163,85322
34Toyota Highlander127,878-1%129,79436
35Jeep Grand Cherokee120,937-13%139,14833
36Chrysler 300120,636-16%143,64731
38Dodge Charger119,2894%114,20141
39Jeep Wrangler119,24349%80,27163
40Honda Pilot117,146-23%152,15428
41Nissan Sentra106,522-10%117,92240
42Chevrolet HHR105,1754%101,29849
43Lexus RX 350/400h103,340-5%108,34844
44Dodge Caliber101,07910%92,22455
45Chrysler PT-Cruiser99,585-28%138,65034
46VW Jetta98,951-4%103,33146
47Chrysler Sebring93,13034%69,35780
48Jeep Liberty92,105-31%133,55735
49Hyundai Santa Fe (e)91,31943%63,93182
50Ford Expedition90,2874%87,20359
51Chevrolet Equinox89,552-21%113,88842
52Toyota 4Runner87,718-15%103,08647
53Pontiac Grand Prix87,622-19%108,63443
54Hyundai Elantra86,967-12%98,85350
55Toyota Yaris84,79921%70,30878
56Saturn VUE84,767-4%88,58157
57Dodge Avenger83,804new0 –
58Chevrolet Suburban83,6738%77,21167
59Buick Lucerne82,923-14%96,51551
60Lexus ES 35082,8679%75,98769
61Nissan Versa79,443260%22,044n/a
62Subaru Legacy78,428-7%84,44260
63Chevrolet Express/G Van77,375-37%123,19538
64Nissan Murano76,358-6%81,36262
65Chevrolet Colorado75,716-19%93,87653
66Dodge Nitro74,825340%16,990n/a
67Kia Spectra73,4741%72,55772
68GMC Acadia72,765new0 –
69Ford Ranger72,711-21%92,42054
70Chevrolet Uplander69,88519%58,69986
71Chevrolet Aveo67,02815%58,24487
72Nissan Titan65,746-9%72,19273
73Nissan Frontier64,397-17%77,51066
74Scion tC63,852-19%79,12564
75Mercedes C-Class63,70127%50,187101
76GMC Yukon63,428-11%71,47674
77Nissan Pathfinder63,056-14%73,12471
78Jeep Commander63,027-29%88,49758
79Ford Crown Victoria60,901-3%62,97683
80Saturn Aura59,964204%19,746n/a

Source: manufacturers.

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