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Europe 2006: Opel Astra triumphs, Focus and Clio close behind

Opel Astra

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2006 was a year off for the VW Golf, losing sales to its Golf Plus version.This threw the models ranking into a spin with no less than 5 cars holding the top spot at some stage during the year. This Opel Astra manages to stay in the lead of the European models ranking with 452,881 sales, down 7%. It was close though as the JATO monthly evolution showed the Renault Clio #1 after 11 months but final figures put the French at #3 with 431,817 sales below the Ford Focus at 440,735.

Renault Clio

In fact, the year was a succession of changes atop the ranking. The Ford Focus started the year with a bang and ranked #1 for the very first time in the nameplate’s life (8 years after its launch) in January with 40,362 sales. The Fiat Punto, boosted by the arrival of the Grande Punto, then took the top spot in February for the first time since 2000, followed by the Opel Astra in March. The Renault Clio took the relay and led the market in April, only its second time ever at #1 in Europe after September 1991. The Focus was back on top in May before being passed by the Clio again in June…

Ford Focus

At half-year, the Ford Focus was #1, followed by the Clio, Astra, Punto and Golf. The Astra was then #1 twice (in July and September) as well as the Golf (August and November), the Clio leading in October and the Focus in December. All in all, the Ford Focus finished the year at a best-ever #2 (-2%), the Renault Clio at #3 (+13%), the VW Golf at #4 (-15%) its worst European ranking in over 25 years, and the Fiat Punto at #5 up a massive 49%.

Fiat Grande Punto

Other significant events this year include the VW Passat ranking above the Golf for the first time ever in January – it finished the year at a best-ever #7 – and the very fast change-over between the Peugeot 206 and 207: the 206 was still in the Top 10 in April and the 207 made its first appearance in it in July! Only 2 months off, an amazing feat by Peugeot.

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Next year: Europe 2007: Peugeot 207 edges VW Golf out

Full Year 2006 Top 60, H1, H2 and January to July Top 10 Ranking Tables and every model sales below.

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Slovenia 2006: Podium 100% Renault with Clio, Scenic & Megane

Renault Scenic

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In a market down 4% in 2006 at 58,462 registrations, Renault establishes its domination further with 3 of its models monopolising the podium. The new Renault Clio III goes above 10% share again at 6,289 sales and 10.8%, nearly 3 times the sales of the #2, the Renault Scenic at 2,264 units and 3.9%.

The Renault Megane rounds up the podium with 2,158 sales and 3.7%, followed by the VW Golf (3.5%) and the Fiat Punto (3.4%) helped by the new Grande Punto. Notice the excellent progression, coming relatively late in its career, of the Citroen Xsara Picasso at #8 (+9 spots).

Full Year 2006 Top 35 Ranking Table below.

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Spain 2006: Seat Ibiza #1 in record market

Seat Ibiza 

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The Spanish car market is up 7% this year to a record 1,634,595 registrations! For only the 5th time in its 22 year-career after 1987, 19961997 and 2003, the Seat Ibiza is the best-selling car in its native country with 60,512 sales and 3.7% share. The Ford Focus is up 2 spots to 2nd place at 59,387 units and 3.6%, up 15% on 2005 and the Opel Astra jumps onto the podium with 51,304 sales and 3.1%, up 1%.

Ford Focus

After a decade of quasi-uninterrupted reign, the Renault Megane gives up its crown and falls to #4 with 51,043 sales, down 37% on 2005. The Citroen C4 is up one rank and 6% to #5 at 49,076 units, just above the Peugeot 307 (-23%). The Seat Leon is up 14% to #7 and the Renault Clio is up 16% to #8.

Citroen C4

The Toyota Corolla reaches a best-ever 6th place in August and finishes the year at #11 (+3), the Peugeot 207 launches in April, breaks into the Top 10 in September (#7) and ranks 6th in November and December while the BMW 3-Series reaches a best-ever #15 in June and September.

Full Year 2006 Top 50 and every Monthly Top 20 Ranking Tables below.

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Japan 2006: New generation enables Corolla to keep the lead

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The Toyota Corolla returns to its traditional Japanese market domination pattern and leads 8 months out of 12. The 10th generation of the model is launched in October and sales reflect it immediately: the Corolla is up 48% year-on-year in November and 52% in December. Full Year 2006 sales are down 4% at 143,176 units.

The Toyota Vitz takes advantage of the previous gen Corolla running out of steam mid-year to take the lead in April, July and August. It sells 117,641 units this year, down 11% but still ahead of the Honda Fit, #1 in September and #3 overall at 101,793 sales (-19%).

Toyota Estima

The best performing new model this year is the revamped Toyota Estima (aka Previa/Tarago) up 172% year-on-year in 4th place with 95,626 sales. It was #2 in February and March and #3 in April, July, October and November, peaking at 16,663 units. The Nissan Serena also enjoys the effects of its substantial facelift, up 9 spots to rank 5th overall with 80,901 sales.

Nissan Serena

The Honda StepWGN and Toyota Ractis both confirm their 2005 sales surge by ranking 6th and 8th overall respectively. The new gen Toyota bB (aka Scion xB) is a total success: it is 4th in January (6,884 sales) and 5th in February (9,358 sales) and finishes the year at #15 at 62,964 units, up 15 spots and 61%.

16 years after the US launch, the Lexus brand is finally deployed in Japan in 2005. In October 2006, a Lexus model, the LS460, breaks into the Japanese Top 30 for the very first time at #28 with 2,570 sales. It ranks #21 in November (3,860 units) and #26 in December (2,835).

You can check every monthly Top 30 for 2006 here.

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Next year: Japan 2007: 37th year of Corolla domination (it’s the last one)

Full Top 30 Ranking Table: click on ‘Read more’ below the Lexus LS460 pic.

Lexus LS460

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Vietnam 2006: Toyota Innova starts with a bang

Toyota Innova

Launched in January 2006 to replace the best seller Zace, the Toyota Innova is an instant hit in Vietnam and takes an out-of-this world share of the market at over 23% for its first year! The Innova sells 9,934 units over the full year, a new record for the country.

All other models lose ground this year, but the Ford Everest at only -14% climbs two spots to reach the 2nd place with 1,672 sales, followed by the Toyota Vios, down one spot at 1,580 units (-28%). The Mitsubishi Jolie is down 13% but up to #4 with 1,372 sales and the Honda Civic lands in 5th

Top 10 Ranking Table: click on ‘Read more’ below the Mitsubishi Jolie pic.

Ford Everest

Mitsubishi Jolie

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Switzerland 2006: Golf leads, BMW 3 Series up to #2

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The VW Golf is once again the best selling car in Switzerland in 2006, but this time the #2 is the BMW 3 Series, boosted by the new generation going on sale this year. This is the best performance ever for a BMW model in Switzerland.

The Audi A4 comes in #3 for the 3rd consecutive year, and the new gen VW Passat gains 65% and 9 spots at #4. It is followed by the Skoda Octavia (-1 spot) and the Opel Astra (-4 spots).

Previous year: Switzerland 2005: Golf and Astra dominate, Octavia up 72%

Next year: Switzerland 2007: VW Golf, BMW 3 Series and Skoda Octavia on podium

Full Year 2006 Top 45 Ranking Table below.

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Germany 2006: Golf at lowest ever, cannibalised by Golf Plus

VW Golf Plus

Up 4% at 3,467,931 registrations, the German car market has its best year since 1999. It’s official: the VW Golf has its worst full year since the launch of the nameplate in 1973, falling 12% to 148,879 sales and a paltry 4.3% market share. All this while the VW Passat is up 27% to reach #2 overall at 124,611 units and 3.6% share, peaking at 4.8% in January. The culprit is still the VW Golf Plus, up a further 21% on an already outstanding first year to break into the annual Top 10 at #9 and 76,533 sales.

VW Passat

The monthly ranking add up sales of the Golf, Golf Plus and Jetta so on paper the Golf is still #1 every month. However given in the full year the Golf accounts for only 63% of the Golf family sales, we have the VW Passat leading the German market in January with 10,624 sales and 4.8% vs. an estimated 8,468 and 3.8% for the Golf. This is (unofficially) the first time since March 1992 or 177 consecutive months that the VW Golf is not #1 in the German monthly ranking…

Audi A3

At #3 the BMW 3 Series has a very solid year with 115,753 sales, up 20% and ahead of the Opel Astra and Audi A4. The VW Polo hits its best year-end position in Germany since 1997 at #7, even ranking #3 in November at 11,727 sales. The Audi A3 continues its irresistible ascension, breaking into the year-end Top 10 for the first time ever at #8 with 77,044 sales and ranking within the Top 10 for 11 months out of 12.

Two models break into the German monthly Top 10 for the first time this year: the BMW 1 Series in January (#9) then again in December at #8 and 2.4%, and the Mercedes B Class in August (#10). Other good performers include the Skoda Fabia, reaching a best-ever 11th place in March and the VW Transporter up to #12 in January.

Like last year the Skoda Octavia leads foreign models at #18 with 56,745 sales, its highest volume ever, ahead of the Skoda Fabia at #21 and the Renault Clio at #25. That’s only 3 foreign models in the Top 25, the strongest German showing ever.

Full Year Top 100 and every Monthly Top 30 below.

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Netherlands 2006: Opel Astra reclaims pole position

Opel Astra

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Six years after holding the top spot for the last time, the Opel Astra is back in pole position in the Netherlands in 2006, however with 13,343 sales and 2.8% it is the weakest share market ever for a best-seller in the country, to be compared to the 10% share the Opel Kadett commended in the mid-1980s…

The Peugeot 307 falls 24% to a still very respectable 2nd place with 11,779 sales and 2.4%, followed by the Ford Focus, down 8% to 11,661 units, the VW Passat up 58% to 10,697 sales and possibly at its highest rank ever in the Netherlands, and the Renault Scenic down 15% to 10,621 sales and 2.2%.

The VW Golf falls outside the Dutch Top 5 for the first time in 25 years (!), handicapped by the success of the Golf Plus, its MPV version (#40 at 0.9%). Notice the Opel Zafira up 54% to #7 and the Toyota Yaris up 44% to #8. The Renault Clio doubles its sales to land in 10th position, the Fiat Punto is up 36 spots to #13 and the Peugeot 207 holds a promising 14th position with only a few months of sales.

Full Year 2006 Top 330 and each Monthly Ranking Table below.

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Greece 2006: Ford Focus new leader

Ford Focus

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New car registrations in Greece are stable in 2006 at 267,241 units. 5th in 2005, the Ford Focus jumps 4 spots to take the lead of the Greek models ranking for the very first time with 9,441 units changing hands for a 3.5% market share. The Toyota Corolla is #2 after three years on top, down 5% to 8,908 sales and 3.3% share.

The VW Golf stays solid in third place at 8,595 units and 3.2%, followed by the Opel Astra at 3% and the Hyundai Getz at 2.6%. The Skoda Octavia breaks into the yearly Top 10 for the first time at #7 with 6,416 sales (+14%) and the Suzuki Swift doubles its sales and gains 24 spots to land at #13 with 4,611 units and 1.7%.

Previous year: Greece 2003-2005: Toyota Corolla reigns

Next year: Greece 2007: New gen Opel Corsa in command, Astra #2

Full Year 2006 and every Monthly Top 50/302 Ranking Tables below.

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Canada 2004-2006: F Series, Civic and Caravan on podium

Ford F-Series

Honda Civic

Dodge Caravan

Canadian car sales are pretty stable over the years as the same three models consistently rank on the podium: the Ford F-Series, Honda Civic and Dodge Caravan.

The Ford F-Series is the best selling vehicle in Canada in 2004, 2005 and 2006, however its margin over the #2 reduces dramatically: from 8,231 sales over the Dodge Caravan in 2004 to 1,043 over the Honda Civic in 2005 and 2,100 over the same model in 2006.

Both the F-Series and Civic peak in 2006, respectively at 72,128 and 70,028 sales, whereas the Dodge Caravan, #2 in 2004 but #3 in 2005 and 2006, peaks at 65,002 units in 2005. There is a gap between the top 3 models and the 4th, a place occupied by the Toyota Corolla in 2004 and by the Mazda3 in 2005 and 2006.

Full Year 2004, 2005 and 2006 Top 50 Ranking Tables below.

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