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China 2003: VW Jetta, Santana and Passat in command

2003 is the year the Chinese market took off: no less than +70% on 2002 for a total of 2,082,581 registrations!

The VW Jetta is still the best selling model, this time with 143,121 sales and 6.9% share, up 18%. The veteran VW Santana stays 2nd with sales up 24% at 122,663 units, just above the VW Passat at 122,445, up 55%.

The Tianjin Xiali is 4th again, at 96,180 sales (+15%) passing the VW Santana 2000 at 92,892 units (-2%). At +141% and 89,988 sales, the Buick Regal is the best performing new entrant in the Top 10 in 6th position, ahead of the Honda Accord in 7th at +78% with 80,450 units.

Full Top 30 Ranking Table: click on ‘Read more’ below the Buick Regal pic.

Buick Regal

China Full Year 2003:

1VW Jetta143,1216.9%18%121,1289.9%1
2VW Santana122,6635.9%24%98,6638.1%2
3VW Passat122,4455.9%55%78,7946.4%5
4Tianjin Xiali96,1804.6%15%83,7206.8%4
5VW Santana 200092,8924.5%-2%95,1177.8%3
6Buick Regal89,9884.3%141%37,3253.0%14
7Honda Accord80,4503.9%78%45,2093.7%11
8VW Bora78,0683.7%51%51,6104.2%8
10Suzuki Alto61,3022.9%26%48,8234.0%10
11Audi A653,1082.6%52%34,9622.9%15
12Hyundai Sonata51,9502.5%new1,0020.1%
13Chevrolet Sail51,6792.5%-7%55,7824.6%6
14VW Polo50,9882.4%79%28,5212.3%16
15Toyota Vios49,4572.4%new2,0400.2%
16Citroen Elysee48,0532.3%69%28,3962.3%17
17Citroen ZX46,6122.2%-12%53,1834.3%7
18Chery Fengyun45,9302.2%-8%50,1554.1%9
19Dongfeng Fengshen44,7802.2%9%41,0603.4%13
20Hyundai Accent43,9342.1%new1,8710.2%
21Mazda Familia42,3872.0%289%10,8940.9%26
22Suzuki Swift38,7161.9%139%16,1951.3%21
23Buick Excelle36,0011.7%new00.0%
24Soueast Lioncel33,5571.6%new00.0%
25Changfeng Pajero29,8441.4%92%15,5311.3%22
26FAW Red Flag27,0181.3%1%26,6342.2%18
27Brilliance Zhonghua25,6001.2%190%8,8160.7%27
28Chery QQ25,1861.2%new00.0%
30Buick GL823,5201.1%33%17,6561.4%20

Source: Automotive Resources Asia Ltd

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