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World 1981-1989: Toyota Corolla from strength to strength


1983 Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla spent the eighties reinforcing its domination over world car sales, with estimated yearly sales climbing into 800,000+ units in the first half of the decade, then 900,000+ units afterwards.

Two new generations of the Corolla were launched over the period: the fifth generation (or E80) launched in May 1983, and the sixth generation (E90) appeared in May 1987.

Only official figures I have are world sales of French models in 1987 when the Renault Supercinq led the way with 515,673 units ahead of the Peugeot 205 at 491,300 and the Renault 21 at 367,784. If you have any official world sales data by model over the period please comment on this post!

1987 world sales figures for all French cars below.

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