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Switzerland 1970-1979: VW Golf interrupts Opel domination

VW Golf

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Thanks to Rene I can now share with you a Top 25 by decade in Switzerland, giving us a great insight into the best-selling models in the country at that time. This decade marks the arrival of the VW Golf atop the Swiss models charts, VW’s Beetle replacement managed to take the lead for its first full year of sales in 1975 and never looked back, even raking #1 over the decade with just 5.5 years of sales at 92,108 units.

Opel Kadett

The Opel Kadett with 83,667 sales and Opel Rekord at 80,534 shared the top spot during the first half of the decade. In 4th place overall we find the Ford Taunus at 73,841 units, the Volvo 142-245 at 64,361 (first non-German model) and the Opel Ascona at 59,888.

Opel Rekord

The VW Beetle is still valiant at #7 with 58,451 sales, ahead of the Fiat 128, Mini and Toyota Corolla, by far the best-selling Japanese model at #10 and an exceptional performance for the time. The Renault 4 is the best-selling Frenchie at #11, followed by the Peugeot 504 and Citroen GS. Further down the ranking, notice the Renault 5 at #16, the Fiat/Seat 127 at #18, Opel Manta at #21 and Citroen 2CV at #24.

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Full 1970-1979 overall Top 25 Ranking Table below.

Switzerland 1970-1979:

1VW Golf92,1084.0%
2Opel Kadett83,6673.6%
3Opel Rekord80,5343.5%
4Ford Taunus73,8413.2%
5Volvo 142-24564,3612.8%
6Opel Ascona59,8882.6%
7VW Beetle58,4512.5%
8Fiat 12855,2562.4%
10Toyota Corolla50,7972.2%
11Renault 444,7311.9%
12Peugeot 50443,8961.9%
13Citroen GS43,0061.8%
14Audi 8042,3891.8%
15VW Passat35,8431.5%
16Renault 534,1591.5%
17Audi 10033,4041.4%
18Fiat/Seat 12733,4101.4%
19Fiat 12431,4831.4%
20Ford Escort30,6851.3%
21Opel Manta28,6361.2%
22Renault 1226,6331.1%
23Ford Granada26,5591.1%
24Citroen 2CV25,7701.1%
25Peugeot 30425,5521.1%

Source: Autostatistik, many thanks to Rene for sharing the data!

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