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USA 1974: Ford Pinto and Plymouth Valiant dominate

Ford Pinto

* See ‘Read more’ for the Top 80 best-selling models! Thanks DC for the data *

Thanks to DC and, I am able to share with you the Top 80 best-selling American passenger cars in 1974 (no imports sorry). Launched in 1970 to counter the success of such small imports as the VW Beetle and Datsun/Toyota, the Ford Pinto is the best-selling American model in 1974 with a very impressive 360,688 sales.

Plymouth Valiant

It is followed by the Plymouth Valiant at 337,585 units and the Chevrolet Chevelle with 333,405 sales. The Chevrolet Vega takes the 4th spot at 326,307 units, ahead of the Chevrolet Impala with 311,696 sales and the Chevrolet Nova at 302,811, making it 4 Chevrolets in the Top 6!

Chevrolet Vega

AMC Hornet

Notice also the Ford Mustang at #7, the Ford Gran Torino at #10, the Dodge Dart at #11, the Cadillac DeVille at #14 and the AMC Hornet at #20.

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Full Year 1974 Top 80 Ranking Table below.

USA 1974:

1Ford Pinto360,688
2Plymouth Valiant337,585
3Chevrolet Chevelle333,405
4Chevrolet Vega326,307
5Chevrolet Impala311,696
6Chevrolet Nova302,811
7Ford Mustang II277,075
8Chevrolet Monte Carlo275,450
9Oldsmobile Cutlass271,324
10Ford Gran Torino248,819
11Dodge Dart232,848
12Ford LT D228,323
13Ford Maverick217,580
14Cadillac DeVille158,703
15Buick Century152,101
16Chevrolet Caprice137,370
17Plymouth Fury132,875
18Chevrolet Camaro130,446
19Pontiac Le Mans129,922
20AMC Hornet118,006
21Dodge Coronet110,981
22Ford Torino105,296
23AMC Gremlin102,648
24Buick LeSabre102,432
25Ford Station Wagon94,811
26Pontiac Catalina92,412
27Buick Electra 22591,701
28Plymouth Gran Fury89,615
29Chevrolet Station Wagon82,787
30Mercury Comet82,565
31Pontiac Grand Prix81,547
32Mercury Montego77,421
33AMC Matador72,233
34Pontiac Firebird65,303
35Oldsmobile 9864,461
36Ford Galaxie 50063,709
37Oldsmobile Delta Royale63,686
38Chrysler Newport59,518
39Pontiac Ventura59,280
40Lincoln Mark IV47,643
41Buick Apollo47,413
42Ford Granada47,265
43Ford Thunderbird46,365
44Mercury Marquis45,586
45Oldsmobile Omega41,979
46Dodge Sportsman39,698
47Dodge Royal Monaco38,800
48Oldsmobile Delta 8837,060
49Lincoln Continental37,050
50Cadillac Eldorado36,360
51Pontiac Grand Ville31,461
52Chevrolet Corvette29,114
53Chrysler New Yorker28,334
54Ford Elite25,592
55Oldsmobile Toronado23,582
56Mercury Monterey21,934
57Ford Custom 50021,349
58Pontiac Bonneville20,434
59Chevrolet Bel Air20,198
60Chevrolet Sportvan20,010
61Ford Club Wagon19,939
62Plymouth Station Wagon19,016
63AMC Javelin18,975
64Pontiac Station Wagon18,797
65Cadillac Fleetwood18,608
66Buick Riviera18,310
67AMC Ambassador17,569
68Mercury Monarch16,878
69Oldsmobile Station Wagon14,090
70Buick Station Wagon13,261
71Chrysler Cordoba12,590
72Mercury Station Wagon12,489
73Chrysler Imperial12,252
74Plymouth Voyager11,537
75Dodge Challenger9,672
76Dodge Station Wagon9,082
77Chrysler Station Wagon7,540
78Plymouth Barracuda6,648
79Cadillac Calais6,322
80Dodge Charger SE6,143

Source: Auto Katalog,



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