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Finland 1971: Fiat 600 & Toyota Corolla shine, Moskvitsh Elite #6

Fiat 600

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It’s a ranking of another time, but one that shows the Italian, Japanese and Russian influences the Finnish car market displayed at the start of the seventies. The Fiat 600 is the best-selling car in the country in 1971 and by very far, selling more than double the amount of the #2 at 7,579 sales vs. 3,641 for the Opel Kadett. The Toyota Corolla brilliantly rounds up the podium at 3,479 units only a few year after starting to be exported outside of Japan, showing that Finnish consumers were early adopters of Japanese models.

Moskvitsh Elite

This trend is confirmed by the 4th place of the Datsun 1200 with 2,854 sales, while the Datsun 1000 ranks #15 and the Mazda 1300 is #17. Coming from neighbour Sweden, the Volvo 140 ranks 5th with 2,481 units while the Moskvitsh Elite delivers an outstanding 6th position with 2,322 sales, Finland being one of the few countries in the world the model got exported to. Notice also the Saab 96 at #7, the VW 13oo at #12 and the Mercedes 220 at #16.

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Full Year 1971 Top 20 Ranking Table below.

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UK 1968-1971: Austin Morris 1100/1300 reclaims pole position

1968 Austin Morris 1100

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The UK new car market hits a bump in the road over the period with sales stable in 1968 to 1,103,862 but down 13% in 1969 to 965,410. It rises back strongly afterwards though, up 12% in 1970 to 1,076,865 and up a further 19% in 1971 to 1,285,661. The most striking event in the UK car landscape in those years is the imports market share going from 8.3% in 1968 to 19.3% in 1971. This share would continue to increase greatly over the next years.

Model-wise, after one year of Ford Cortina interruption, the Austin Morris 1100/1300 is back on top of UK car sales in 1968 with 151,146 units and 13.7% share, up 15%. It stays in pole position for 3 more years up to 1971, stabilising from 1969 to 133,455 sales, 132,965 in 1970 and 133,527 in 1971.

Ford Escort MkI

The Ford Cortina is extremely regular and stays #2 up to 1970, its best two years being 1968 at 137,636 units and 12.5% and 1970 at 123,256 sales and 11.4%. The third place is held by the Vauxhall Viva in 1968 at 9.2% share, the newly launched Ford Escort in 1969 (8.8%) and 1970 (8.9%) while in 1971 the BMC Mini, back up 26% year-on-year to 103,180 units and 8% share to deliver its first year above 100,000 units since 1965, jumps up to second place.

Full Year 1968, 1969, 1970 and 1971 Top 10 Ranking Tables below.

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France 1969-1971: Peugeot 204 dominates

Peugeot 204

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For the first time since the end of the War, a Peugeot leads the year-end sales ranking in France. #2 in 1968, the Peugeot 204 passes the Renault 4 in 1969 to become the best-selling model in the country with 150,000 sales and 11% market share. Sales figures for 1970 and 1971 are unavailable.

Citroen Ami 8

In 1969, the Citroen Ami 6/8 ranks 2nd at 123,000 units and 9% share, ahead of the Renault 4 at 116,000 sales (8.5%), the Renault 6 at 95,600 units (7%) and the Renault 16 with 88,700 sales (6.5%).

Renault 4

If you have detailed data for 1970 and 1971, Production or Sales, please make sure to get in touch by commenting on this post, thank you!

Full 1969 Sales, 1969 and 1971 Production Ranking Tables below.

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Italy 1970-1971: Fiat 500 leads, Fiat 128 up to #2

Fiat 500

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1970 and 1971 are the last two years of reign for the legendary Fiat 500. Over the first 5 months of 1970 it still sells 140,111 units, down 13% over the same period in 1969. The event that year is the arrival of the Fiat 128 on the podium at 61,679 units, pushing the Fiat 850 down to #3 with 51,205 sales, down 47%. Notice also the arrival of the Fiat 127 in 1971 with 100,523 sales over the full year (that’s the only models data I have for that year).

Fiat 128

NSU Prinz

In 4th place the Fiat 124 drops 27% and the Alfa Romeo Giulia is down 8% at #5. The NSU Prinz is the best-selling foreign model in the country again, up an impressive 20% year-on-year to 23,120 sales in 6th place. The two best newcomers in the Top 30 are the Autobianchi A112 up to #11 and the Ford Capri up to #16.

Thanks to the UNRAE team, I can now share with you the Top 20 best-selling brands for both years (see ‘Read more’ to check it out).

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Full 5 months 1970 Top 30 Ranking Table: see ‘Read more’ below the Capri pic.

Ford Capri

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Norway 1971: Volvo 140 takes the lead

Volvo 144

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Norwegian car sales are up 16% year-on-year to 81,472 registrations. Massive event in 1971: after 12 consecutive years of VW Beetle leadership, the Volvo 140 Series becomes the most popular model in the country thanks to sales up a huge 65% year-on-year to 7,637 for a 9.4% market share. The Beetle is down to #2 at 5,768 units and 7.1%.

Mazda 1500

Excellent year for the Ford Taunus reappearing in the Top 10 directly in third place with 5,017 sales and 6.2%, followed by the Opel Kadett and Opel Rekord/Caravan. The Mazda 1500/1600/1800 becomes the highest selling Japanese model in the country, reaching a record 6th position with 3,511 sales and 4.3% share, up 125% on 1970!

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Full Year 1971 Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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