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Sweden 1966-1967: Volvo Amazon at end of reign, Saab 96 #2

Volvo Amazon (P130)

Even though I couldn’t access any official car sales data for the period in Sweden, I will venture an estimation: the Volvo Amazon (aka 120 Series outside of Sweden) reached a production figure of 667,323 units at the end of its life in 1970. 60% of these were exported, which means it sold on average 19,000 units per year in Sweden. This should be enough for it to lead car sales in Sweden once the Volvo PV started to decline, so possibly from 1965 to 1967. The Volvo 140 Series then took the relay from 1968 onwards.

Saab 96

In parallel Saab launched the 96 in 1960 and 550,000 units of the model were produced over 20 years, making it an average 15,000 sales in Sweden in the 1960′s. The Saab 96 should logically rank #2 in the country during the period.

If you do have any official car sales data for the period, please make sure to get in touch!

More info on the Volvo Amazon here, on the Saab 96 here.

UK 1967: Ford Cortina takes the lead

1966 Ford Cortina

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The UK new car market is up 6% year-on-year in 1967 to 1,102,266 registrations. After two years of domination by the Austin Morris 1100, the Ford Cortina, helped by the third generation of the model launched last year, is up 30% year-on-year to take the lead of the UK models ranking at 165,123 sales and a fantastic 15% share. The Austin Morris 1100/1300 drops 14% to 2nd place at 131,382 units and 11.9%.

Vauxhall Viva

Also boosted by its 1966 facelift, the Vauxhall Viva is up an impressive 68% this year to 100,220 units and 9.1% share, climbing onto the podium in third place, passing the Austin Morris Mini, down 10% to 82,436 sales and 7.5%. Notice also the thunderous arrival in the Top 5 of the Rootes “Arrow” at #5 with 79,376 units and 7.2% share and the Triumph 1300/1500 up 117%.

Full Year 1967 Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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France 1967: Renault 4 reclaims leadership

1967 Renault 4

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After losing its title of best-selling car in France in 1966 to the Citroen Ami 6, the Renault 4 gets a new aluminium grill and jumps back on top in 1967 with 177,950 sales and 14.5% market share, up 11%. The Citroen Ami 6 drops to #2 at 148,680 units and 12.1% share, down 8%. we welcome a new entrant on the French podium this year: the Peugeot 204, up a massive 36% on 1966 to land #3 with 129,610 sales and 10.5%.

Citroen Ami 6

The Peugeot 404 stays #4 with sales down 7% to 98,640 and 8% share, followed by the Renault 16 up 4 spots and 15%, the Citroen DS/ID up 2 ranks to #6, the Simca 1301/1501 down one spot to #7 and the Citroen 2CV down an alarming 42% and 5 ranks to #8 due to the arrival of the Citroen Dyane at #12.

Fiat 850

There is no foreign model in the Top 12 this year and the Fiat 850 takes the lead of imports in 1967 at #13 with 15,810 sales, ahead of the Opel Kadett at #14 and 13,990, Opel Rekord at #16 and 12,990, Ford 12M at #17, VW Beetle at #18, Austin/Morris Mini at #19 and Fiat 500 at #20.

Full Year 1967 Top 20 Ranking Table below.

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Norway 1965-1967: Beetle, Ford Cortina & Volvo Amazon shine

Ford Cortina

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Norwegian car sales are in constant progression over the period: +2% in 1965 to 56,319 registrations, +7% in 1966 to 60,484 and +8% in 1967 to 65,181. The VW Beetle reigns on the models ranking over the period, grabbing 19% of the market in ’65, 17.1% in ’66 and 17.2% in ’67. The #2 also stays unchanged: the Ford Cortina improves its market share all through the period at 8.5% in ’65, 10.4% in ’66 and 10.8% in ’67.

Volvo Amazon

The Opel Rekord/Caravan stays #3 in ’65 with 4,183 sales and 7.4% but is passed by the Volvo Amazon in ’66 at 5,282 units and 8.7%, up 43% and by far its strongest year in Norway. The Amazon keeps its third place in ’67 in spite of falling by 18% to 4,332 sales and 6.6%. Notice also the VW 1600 landing at #8 in ’66 and the Volvo 140 Series at #9 in ’67.

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Full Year 1965, 1966 and 1967 Top 10 Ranking Tables below.

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