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Greece (Athens) 1963: Ford leads thanks to Cortina

Ford Cortina Greec 1963Ford Cortina

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Thanks to Bill, today we go back in time 50 years to explore the best-selling brands in Athens, Greece in July 1963! A long time ago indeed. Ford leads the way by far with 149 sales and 16.9% share, thanks to the all-new Cortina, very popular in the country at the time. It is followed by Fiat at 13%, Volkswagen at 11.5% and Peugeot at 7.7%. We now have data for the 11 months of the year and the Top 4 is unchanged, with Ford up to a fantastic 18.1% market share.

Full July Top 7 and 11 months 1963 Top 4 brands Ranking Table below.

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Germany 1962-1963: Beetle & Opel Rekord on top, Kadett lands

Opel Rekord

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The German car market is back on the up in 1962 at +11% and 1,217,440 units and in 1963 at +4% and 1,271,000 registrations. The VW Beetle is again distant leader over the period and celebrates 15 years on top of the German ranking in 1962 with 321,288 sales and 26.4% then sells 269,632 units in 1963 for a still extremely impressive 21.2% market share.

Ford 17M

The Opel Rekord stays #2 both years with 146,499 sales and 12% in 1962 and 168,176 and 13.2% in 1963, taking advantage of the arrival of the new generation. The Ford 17M ranks 3rd in 1962 and with 100,879 units it is only the third car in the history of German automobile to see over 100,000 units in a single year, however it drops to #5 and 83,605 sales in 1963.

Opel Kadett

In 1962 the first units of what would become a legendary nameplate, the Opel Kadett, are sold but the model really takes off in 1963 when it reaches an excellent third place with 96,186 sales and 7.6% share. The Ford 12M is also in strong progression that year at #4 and 93,242 units (+66%). Notice the Mercedes W110 and NSU Prinz stable at #7 and #8 and the DKW F 12 landing directly in 9th position in 1963.

Full Year 1962 and 1963 Top 20 Ranking Tables below.

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Italy 1956-1963: Fiat 600 the people’s favourite UPDATED

Fiat 600

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Launched in 1955, the Fiat 600 is an instant success with Italian consumers. It would be the best-selling car in the country for 8 years in a row between 1956 and 1963. If you have more detailed information about Italian car sales by model during this period please make sure to get in touch!

Thanks to the team at UNRAE I can now share with you a ranking by brand for Italy from 1960 to 1963. It’s a time of exponential growth for the Italian market: going from 381,385 sales in 1960 to 951,704 in 1963!

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Full Year 1960-1963 Top 20 brands Ranking Tables below.

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Norway 1963: VW Beetle and Ford Cortina dominate

Ford Cortina

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Car sales in Norway are up 8% in 1963 to 48,031 registrations. The VW Beetle is the best-selling model in the country for the 5th year in a row with 8,079 sales and 16.8%, ahead of the Ford Cortina delivering an amazing first full year with 5,747 units sold and a huge 12% share.

Like in 1962, the Opel Rekord/Caravan rounds up the podium at 3,449 sales and 7.2%. The Volvo Amazon gains 66% to rank #4 at 6% while the Opel Kadett makes its first appearance in the Norwegian Top 10 at #5 and the Ford Taurus 12M/15M is up to #6. Notice also the Fiat 1100/1300/1500 at #10, a very rare appearance of the Italian brand at this level in the country.

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Full Year 1963 Top 10 Ranking Table below.

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