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Argentina 1962: Locally produced IKA-Renault Dauphine most popular

IKA Renault Dauphine Argentina 1962IKA-Renault Dauphine

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In 1960, Industrias Kaiser Argentina (IKA) and Renault start manufacturing the Dauphine locally in the Santa Isabel factory. The model is similar to the one sold in the USA, and will continue its career in Argentina until 1970. In 1962, it is the best-selling model in the country. More detail on the Argentinean IKA-Renault Dauphine here.

Renault Dauphine IKA logoIKA-Renault Dauphine logo

Norway 1961-1962: VW Beetle and Ford Anglia on top

1961 German VW Beetle. Picture by Sadymenko. All rights reserved

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Thanks to Alex Daniels I can share with you a Top 10 models ranking for Norway in 1961, half a century ago! This is extremely rare information that you will only find on Best Selling Cars Blog! But you know that already… 🙂 The VW Beetle is king of the roads with 9,465 units sold this year for a massive 21.4% market share. There is a mix of cars coming from all corners of Europe in the Top 10…

Ford Anglia

The Ford Anglia takes the 2nd spot with 3,663 sales and 8.3%, followed by the Renault Dauphine at 3,479 units, the Opel Rekord at 2,739 and the Volvo 444/445/544 at 2,032. Skoda, Moskwich and Auto Union DKW are also present…

Renault Dauphine

In 1962 the VW Beetle stays in the lead with 7,822 sales and 17.6%, followed once again by the Ford Anglia at 5.7%. The Opel Rekord/Caravan rounds up the podium at 4.9%, ahead of the Renault Dauphine and Volvo Amazon, up 31% to #5

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Full Year 1961 and 1962 Top 10 Ranking Tables below.

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