Argentina February 2016: Volkswagen and Gol Trend back in charge

Peugeot 2008 Argentina February 2016. Picture courtesy new Peugeot 2008 is not turning Peugeot’s fortunes around in Argentina just yet. 

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The Argentinean new car market is smiling in February: up 13% year-on-year to 47.662 registrations, which reduces the year-to-date fall to -3% at 104.173 units. Outsold by Chevrolet in January, Volkswagen reclaims the top spot this month with 8.359 sales and 17.5% share but is up just 3% vs. +64% for Chevrolet at 8.253 units and 17.3%. Year-to-date, Volkswagen is back to #1 for… four sales but drops 17% on 2015 vs. +14% for VW. Renault shines in 4th place (+28%) as does Toyota at #5 (+35%). Honda (+78%), Nissan (+46%), Agrale (+155%) and BMW (+194%) post spectacular gains. Model-wise, the VW Gol Trend is back in charge with 2.179 sales above the Chevrolet Classic (1.904) and Toyota Hilux (1.793) but remains #2 year-to-date below the Fiat Palio for 8 sales. The Toyota Etios impresses in 5th place (+50%), the VW Amarok is up to #7, the Chevrolet Onix up 63% to #11, the Prisma up 68% to #15 and the Tracker up 207% to #20. Not quite surfing on the SUV wave just yet, the Peugeot 2008 is sill very shy for its first full month of sales at #80 with 30 deliveries.

Previous month: Argentina January 2016: Chevrolet outsells Volkswagen in market down 15%

One year ago: Argentina February 2015: Gol Trend and Ecosport top market down 28%

Full February 2016 Top 35 All-brands and Top 170 All-models below.

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Mexico February 2016: Nissan Versa sails off in market up 13.5%

Nissan Versa Mexico February 2016The Nissan Versa is the new Mexican market leader. 

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Nothing can stop the Mexican car market, up another 13.5% year-on-year in February to a record 110.077 registrations and lifting the year-to-date total up 14.5% to an all-time high 230.477 units after two months. Once again leader Nissan follows the market closely at +13% to 28.530 sales and 25.8% share, widening the gap over its direct follower to more than 10 percentage points: Chevrolet is up just 2% to 17.199 units and 15.5% while Volkswagen is up 14% to 15.938 and 14.4%. Below, Ford (+10%), Toyota (+22%) and Honda (+17%) are within 1.000 sales of each other. Once again the big story is the outstanding performance of newcomer Kia, improving its record volume and share further to 3.146 and 2.8% and beating sister brand Hyundai (2.307 and 2.1%, up 52%) for the second consecutive month. Ram (+35%), Mercedes (+30%), Peugeot (+50%), Infiniti (+31%) and Cadillac (+30%) also shine.

Chevrolet Sonic Mexico February 2016. Picture courtesy Chevrolet Sonic breaks into the Mexican Top 10 just as the Aveo crumbles.

In the models ranking, we are witnessing a once in a five year occurrence with a new leader making its mark: the Nissan Versa, up another 31% to 6.437 sales and 5.4% share, frankly distancing the VW Vento (4.2%) and Nissan Pickup (4%). Leader for four consecutive years until 2015, the Chevrolet Aveo crumbles down 31% to 8th overall and has already lost virtually all chance to remain in the pole position for 2016. Were the Versa to confirm this newfound leadership all through the end of 2016, it would be the first Nissan nameplate to top Mexican sales since the Tsuru in 2010. Partly responsible for this shakeup is the drop of the Matiz from the Chevrolet Mexico lineup which has had a domino effect on sales of its entire lineup: the Spark (+23%) benefits and ranks 4th overall while the more recent Sonic is being strongly marketed by the brand and cracks the Top 10 in February (+188%), however the Aveo has suffered.

Nissan X-Trail Mexico February 2016. Picture courtesy autocosmos.comMexican Nissan X-Trail sales are up 71% in February. 

Other notable performers this month in Mexico include the VW Jetta up 72% now that the older generation “Clasico” has been discontinued, the VW Gol up 66% to #11, Nissan X-Trail up 71% to #12, the Chevrolet Silverado up 40% to #17 and leading U.S. pickups, the Toyota Yaris up 54%, Hyundai Grand i10 up 73% and Ford Ranger up 50%. Among recent launches, the Honda HR-V (#19), Kia Sportage (#22), Dodge Attitude (#23) and Ford Figo (#31) lead the way while the VW Up breaks into the Top 50 for its 2nd month on sale.

Previous month: Mexico January 2016: Nissan Versa #1, Kia > Hyundai in market up 15%

One year ago: Mexico February 2015: Market shoots up 22% to record level

Full February 2016 Top 40 All-brands and Top 225 models below.

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Chile February 2016: Hyundai on top in market up 18%

Hyundai Elantra Chile February 2016The new Elantra has just launched in Chile. 

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The Chilean market confirms it is on the mend by lodging a second consecutive month in positive after a 16-month drought: February sales are up 18% to 21.571 registrations, meaning the year-to-date total is now up 12% to 47.055 units. Perennial leader Chevrolet is toppled this month: Hyundai is up 51% to take the overall lead with 2.088 sales just as the American manufacturer tumbles 41% to 2.009 deliveries. Kia isn’t far below at 1.995 sales, down 1% on February 2015. Further down the ranking, Nissan (+42%), Ford (+87%), Peugeot (+59%), Mazda (+38%), Mitsubishi (+44%), Renault (+153%) and Fiat (+162%) frankly beat the market to deliver exceptional growth rates.

Previous month: Chile January 2016: Chevrolet down 18% but holds off Kia

One year ago: Chile February 2015: Chevrolet reclaims top spot in market down 29%

Full February 2016 Top 55 All-brands Ranking Table below.

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Colombia February 2016: Renault edges closer to #1 Chevrolet

Renault Logan Colombia 2015Renault is up 10% in a market down 11% in February.

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After losing a harsh 21% in January, the Colombian new car market slows down its decline in February at -11% to 20.294 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 37.057 units, down 16% on the same period in 2015. Perennial leader Chevrolet remains in the top spot, even improving its market share slightly at 24.4% thanks to sales down 9% to 4.949. But the Renault threat is getting more pressing each month: thanks to a renewed lineup, the French carmaker manages to lift its sales by 10% to 4.300, resulting in a much improved 21.2% share. Kia and Nissan both drop 7% but Mazda impresses once again at +23% to 1.433 sales in 5th place. Mercedes (+23%), Hino (+6%) and Volvo (+97%) are the only other manufacturers gaining ground in February.

Previous month: Colombia January 2016: Chevrolet resists on top, Mazda up to 4th place

Previous year: Colombia Full Year 2015: Chevrolet Sail #1, Renault gains two points share

Full February 2016 Top 30 models Ranking Table below.

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Uruguay January-February 2016: Suzuki holds fort, market down 23%

Suzuki Celerio Uruguay February 2016Suzuki is #1 in Uruguay so far in 2016

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The Uruguayan new car market is in great difficulty in this start of 2016 with January sales down 21% to 3.225 units and February deliveries down 27% to 2.908, pulling the year-to-date total down 23% to 6.133. Suzuki holds onto the #1 spot it acquired for the first time last year at 12.3% share over the first two months of the year but drops to #2 below Chevrolet in February. Volkswagen (-6%) ties for 2nd place with the American manufacturer so far this year. Nissan and Renault are in positive in February, Chery (#7) returns to the top of the ranking with 5.6% share that month but was outsold by Geely in January, with BYD (#10), FAW (#15), Great Wall (#17), Dongfeng (#19) and JAC the other Chinese in the February Top 20. Chinese brands hold 17.4% of the Uruguyan market so far in 2016, in decline over the same period in 2015 when they commended a 20% share.

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One year ago (Feb): Uruguay February 2015: Suzuki takes off, cements new leadership

Full January and February 2016 Top 40 All-brands Ranking Table below.

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USA Full Year 2015: Exclusive State by State rankings now available

Chevrolet Silverado USA 2015. Picture courtesy caranddriver.comThe Chevrolet Silverado wins 19 U.S. states in 2015 vs. 15 in 2014.

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For the second year in a row and thanks to JATO Dynamics we can share with you today separate rankings for the Top 5 best-selling cars and trucks for each U.S. State. This data is exclusive to BSCB, you won’t find it anywhere else. JATO Dynamics splits the sales of the Ford F-Series into F-150, F-250 Super Duty and F-350 Super Duty, which makes for a lot of interesting insights into the varying customer tastes all across the U.S. The market push towards light trucks is confirmed: a truck is #1 in 43 States out of 51 vs. 39 in 2014, with cars winning just 8 States vs. 12 a year ago.

Ram 1500 USA 2015. Picture courtesy caranddriver.comThe Ram Pickup wins just one less State than the Ford F-150 in 2015. 

At this little game, the Chevrolet Silverado is the runaway leader with no less than 19 States won in 2015, up from 15 in 2014. The Silverado’s largest volume wins are in Michigan (33.247), Ohio (20.874) and Pennsylvania (19.685). The Ford F-150 drops from 12 to 8 wins to find itself just one win above the Ram Pickup, itself going from 5 wins in 2014 to 7 this year. The Ford pickup’s best-performing State in once again Texas (78.329), followed by Georgia (16.357) and Missouri (10.880). As for the Ram Pickup, its area of predilection is the northwest of the country, with wins in Alaska, Montana, Oregon, Utah and Wyoming, as well as New Mexico. Its largest winning volume is achieved in neighbouring Colorado (9.087).

State wins by model – Full Year 2015 vs. 2014:

2015 2015 2015 2014 2014 2014
Model Overall State Wins Cars State Wins Trucks State Wins Overall State Wins Cars State Wins Trucks State Wins
Chevrolet Silverado 19 22 15 17
Ford F-150 8 9 12 16
Ram Pickup 7 8 5 6
Toyota Camry 3 18 6 15
Honda CR-V 3 6 3 7
Nissan Altima 2 9 1 10
Toyota RAV4 2 2 0 1
Ford Transit 1 1 0 0
GMC Sierra 1 1 1 1
Honda Accord 1 2 3 4
Honda Civic 1 2 0 0
Subaru Forester 1 1 1 1
Toyota Corolla 1 2 1 1
Toyota Tacoma 1 1 1 1
Subaru Outback 0 9 0 8
Ford Fusion 0 7 0 6
Chevrolet Cruze 0 1 0 5
Hyundai Elantra 0 1 1 1
Ford Escape 0 0 1 1

2015 Toyota Camry USA. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comThe Toyota Camry is #1 overall in just three States this year (6 in 2014). 

Justifying its 14th consecutive year as the best-selling passenger car in the country, the Toyota Camry is one of only two cars to win more than one State but its 2015 tally has thawed dramatically to 3 (District of Columbia, Maryland and North Carolina) vs. 6 a year ago. It however wins in the car category 18 times vs. 15 in 2014. The Nissan Altima drops Tennessee but wins Nevada and Delaware to add up to two wins this year, as well as winning in the car category nine times in 2015 vs. ten in 2014.

Toyota RAV4 USA 2015The Toyota RAV4 is victorious in two states in 2015, it had none in 2014.

The Honda CR-V wins 3 States like in 2014 including the hotly contested New York State (27.490 sales) where it distances the Honda Accord and Chevy Silverado. The Toyota RAV4 makes its appearance in the State win table this year thanks to two overall victories: in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. It had none in 2014. The other SUV to win a State in 2015 is the Subaru Forester, in Washington State.

Toyota Tacoma USA 2015b. Picture courtesy Toyota Tacoma wins Hawaii again in 2015. 

Six additional nameplates are #1 in just one State this year: the Ford Transit posts the first ever win of its short career in Arkansas – most probably due to the concentration of rental sales there, and is the only van to top any State in the U.S. in 2015. Two pickup trucks hold onto their unique U.S. pole position: the GMC Sierra is unbeaten in Vermont like in 2014 and the Toyota Tacoma is the most popular nameplate in Hawaii for the fourth consecutive year.

Toyota Corolla USA 2015. Picture courtesy caranddriver.comThe Toyota Corolla becomes the most popular nameplate in Florida in 2015. 

Three passenger cars manage to snap one State up this year. The Honda Accord drops from 3 wins in 2014 to just New Jersey this year, one beneficiary being its smaller sibling the Honda Civic, overtaking the Accord to win California with a very impressive 66.759 sales. Finally, the Toyota Corolla bypasses the Camry to become king in Florida with 44.100 deliveries. Looking into the cars ranking in isolation, the Subaru Outback (9 wins) and Ford Fusion (7 wins) are also very successful, both improving on their 2014 scores, while the Chevrolet Cruze and Hyundai Elantra both score one win.

Ford F-350 Super-Duty USA 2015. Picture courtesy caranddriver.comThe Ford F-350 Super Duty is #4 in Montana in 2015.

Now for the detail of the Top 5 cars and trucks in each State. Splitting the Ford F-Series into all its variants means the Super Duty models also make their appearance among the Top 5 best-selling trucks: the F-250 Super Duty is #5 in Louisiana, New Mexico, Texas (25.963 sales) while the larger F-350 Super Duty does even better, reaching #4 in Montana, and also ranking #5 in Utah and Wyoming. Other performing trucks include the Chevrolet Equinox (#2 in Illinois and Michigan), Ford E-Series (#3 in District of Columbia), Nissan Rogue (#3 in New Jersey), Ford Escape (#4 in Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky and Missouri) and the Jeep Grand Cherokee (#4 in New Jersey).

Toyota Prius USA 2015. Picture courtesy caranddriver.comCalifornia is the only U.S. State where the Toyota Prius breaks into the Top 5.

Among passenger cars, the Chevrolet Impala (Montana), Malibu (Michigan, Nebraska), Ford Focus (Maine, Missouri) reach #2, the Hyundai Sonata (Alabama) and Toyota Yaris (Montana) hit #3 while the Kia Soul (Oregon), Nissan Sentra (Mississippi) and Subaru Impreza (Colorado) lift to #4. Finally, let’s deliver a special mention to the Toyota Prius. Absent of absolutely all Top 5 cars ranking in all U.S. States bar one: California where it sells an impressive 42.995 units, despite being in sharp decline over the previous years. The new generation could help the Prius back up the Californian ranking in 2016, but the pole position will be a challenge when petrol prices are at 12-year lows.

Alaska and Hawaii, partly due to their isolation from the rest of the 49 States, display widely different purchasing patterns and will be covered in detail Exclusive Special Reports shortly. You can see their Top 10 best-sellers along with all other U.S. States below.

Original USA 2015 post: USA Full Year 2015: 15 year-old annual record eclipsed: 17.470.659 units

Previous year: USA Full Year 2014: Exclusive state by state rankings now available

Full Year 2015 Top 5 trucks and cars U.S. State below.

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Belarus Full Year 2015: VW Polo resists Renault assault

VW Polo Belarus 2015. Picture courtesy abw.byThe VW Polo is the best-selling car in Belarus for the third straight year. Picture

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New car sales in Belarus are up 6% year-on-year in 2015 to 26.190 registrations, however these figures do no include manufacturers that do not subscribe to the Belarus Automobile Association (BAA) such as Geely, Honda, Suzuki, UAZ, UZ-Daewoo and Zotye. In 2014 these manufacturers accounted for 13% of the total Belorussian market. In this context, Renault has a surreal year with sales up 79% to 8.070 to hold a mammoth 30.8% share, more than double any other manufacturer in the country. The French manufacturer can put a big green tick next to Belarus, one of the countries used to clear the overflowing stock resulting from the Russian crisis, Ukraine being another successful one. Volkswagen (+5%) remains 2nd but Nissan (+61%), Lada (+27%) and Skoda (+20%) all progress in the ranking whereas Toyota (-15%) and GAZ (-43%) fall.

Renault Logan Belarus June 2015. Picture courtesy ruh.byRenault is by far the most popular carmaker in Belarus. The Logan is up 3-fold in 2015.

In fact we are witnessing a strong concentration of the Belorussian market towards the Top 5 manufacturers this year: up by 42% on 2015, they account for an imposing 73% of the total market, with all manufacturers outside the Top 5 bar Jaguar (+31%) seeing their sales drop sharply: Kia is down 69%, Opel and Citroen down 68%, Volvo down 66%, Chevrolet down 65% and Mazda down 63%. In the models ranking, the VW Polo (+29%) is in the top rank for the third consecutive year, resisting a very aggressive Renault assault: the Sandero is up 55% in 2nd place, the Logan up 176% at #3 and the Duster up 91% at #4. Below, the Nissan Almera (+57%), Skoda Rapid (+87%) and Lada Largus (+73%) also impress, while the 39 year-old Lada Niva maintains itself inside the Top 10.

Previous post: Belarus 1st Half 2015: Renault places 3 models in Top 4

Previous year: Belarus Full Year 2014: VW Polo and Renault Sandero on top

Two years ago: Belarus Full Year 2013: VW Polo takes lead, two Renaults on podium

Full Year 2015 Top 30 brands and Top 195 All-models vs. Full 2014 figures below.

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China February 2016: VW Lavida #1 but 8 in Top 12 are Chinese in market down 1.5%

VW Lavida China February 2016. Picture courtesy auto.fengniao.comThe VW Lavida is the only foreign nameplate in the Top 5.

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This year the weeklong Lunar New Year holiday – grinding the entire country to a halt- fell in early February which helped boost car sales in January, but damaged February data: light vehicle sales are down 1.5% year-on-year to just 1.38 million units. In February once again the market is kept alive by the SUV segment seeing sales up 43% to 477.670 units while MPVs are up 10% to 173.927 units but sedans crumble down 18% to 670.015. For the second month running, sedan sales are now just 40% above SUV sales vs. 61% in December. Thanks to January sales up 8%, the year-to-date picture is a little rosier with light vehicle deliveries up 5.1% to 3.61 million units, lifted by SUVs up 55% to 1.27m, MPV up 14% to 436k but dragged by sedan sales freefalling down 13% to 1.78m.

Dongfeng Fengguang 370 China February 2016. Picture courtesy auto-163.comThe Dongfeng Fengguang celebrates its very first monthly Top 10 ranking at home…

Brand-wise, Volkswagen continues its descent to hell at -13% to 193.083 sales, followed this time by ChangAn (+4%), Buick (+10%) and Ford (+6%). Baojun (+123%) shoots up to 5th place overall, kicking Toyota (+11%) down to 6th. Hyundai (-28%), Wuling (-21%) and Chevrolet (-37%) slip down heavily, whereas Honda (+43%), Haval (+30%), Dongfeng (+22%), Beijing Auto (+42%), JAC (+36%), Brilliance (+90%), Zotye (+53%), Mercedes (+40%) and GAC Trumpchi (+116%) all post very strong results. Nissan freefalls to 18th place overall vs. #7 over the Full Year 2015 but traditionally is weaker in February. Peugeot (-19%), BMW (-31%), Citroen (-29%), Mazda (-15%) and FAW (-40%) worry us a little.

JAC Refine S3 China February 2016. Picture courtesy…as does the JAC Refine S3.

February sales charts show a definitive push towards domestic fares: if the VW Lavida takes advantage of a particularly weak showing of the Wuling Hongguang (-20%) to reclaim the top spot for the first time since last May with 47.233 deliveries (+4%), it is the only foreign nameplate in the Top 5: the Haval H6 (+64%) ranks third just above the Baojun 560 at a record 4th place with a stunning 30.970 sales and the Baojun 730 (+21%) at 29.711. The seven most popular SUVs in the country are all Chinese (!): the Dongfeng Fengguang (slicing its record ranking in two at #9), JAC Refine S3 (at a record #10), ChangAn CS75 (+67%), Brilliance V3 (record #16), GAC Trumpchi GS4 and ChangAn CS35 all outsell the VW Tiguan, down 35% to a paltry 28th spot overall…

In fact, with the help of the Chana Honor at #11 (16.952 sales), 8 of the 12 best-selling nameplates in the country are Chinese, a ratio we have never witnessed before in the entire history of automobile in China. Adding LCV vehicles tip the balance even further towards Chinese models, as we’ll detail shortly.

Previous month: China January 2016: Baojun 560 threatens Haval H6 for SUV title

One year ago: China February 2015: Ford Escort and VW Lamando impress

Full February 2016 Top 367 All-China-made models and Top 68 brands below.

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Canada February 2016: Elantra and RAV4 up in record market

Hyundai is clearing Elantras ahead of the arrival of the 2017 model (picture). 

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There’s no stopping the new light vehicle market in Canada: up another 9% year-on-year in February to hit an all-time record for the month at 119.452 deliveries, lifting the year-to-date total to a record 228.246 units (+9%). Light trucks (pickups, crossovers, SUVs and vans) now represent a staggering 67% of the overall Canadian market vs. just 33% for passenger cars. Group-wise, FCA Fiat Chrysler Automobiles holds onto its newfound leadership but loses share with sales up just 1% to 18.813 (15.7%) above Ford Motor (+22%) and General Motors (+14%). Toyota Motor (+10%), Honda (+15%) and Nissan (+14%) also lodge double-digit gains whereas the Volkswagen Group is down 16%, pulled by its namesake brand down an alarming 28% in the wake of its never-ending emissions scandal.

VW Golf Canada February 2016Volkswagen sales crumble down 28% in Canada in February. 

Ford (+23%) remains the most popular brand ahead of Toyota (+10%), Chevrolet (+18%) and Honda (+19%). Ram is up 20%, Jeep up 34%, Mitsubishi up 31%, Land Rover up 50% and Cadillac up 45% but Dodge is down 26% and Chrysler down 42%. In the models ranking, the Ford F-Series is as dominant as ever with sales up a very strong 26% to 9.981 sales, widening the gap with its immediate follower the Ram Pickup, itself up 20% to 6.909 units. Hyundai is clearing Elantras ahead of the arrival of the 2017 model and as a result it becomes the best-selling passenger car in Canada at #3 overall with sales up 74% to 3.793.  The Honda Civic remains #1 year-to-date at 6.576 vs. 5.886 for the Elantra, despite a stop-sell ordered on some of its lineup end-January.

Ford Edge Canada February 2016. Picture courtesy caranddriver.comFord Edge sales are up 122% year-on-year in Canada. 

The Toyota RAV4 is once again the best-selling SUV in the country, up to an outstanding 5th position overall at 3.136 units. Notice also the Jeep Cherokee up 58% to #12, Ford Edge up 133% to #22, Kia Forte up 124% to #28, Toyota Tacoma up 54% to #34 and Chevrolet Malibu up 165% to #36. Among recent launches, the Mazda CX-3 leads the way at #49, followed by the Honda HR-V at #64 (vs. #39 in January), Jeep Renegade at #93 and Scion iM at #120.

Previous month: Canada January 2016: Market up 10% to best January since 2002

One year ago: Canada February 2015: GMC Sierra/Chevy Silverado on fire

Full February 2016 Top 15 groups, Top 35 brands and Top 252 models below.

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Angola Full Year 2015: Suzuki Alto 800 and Chevrolet N300 reign

Suzuki Alto 800 Angola 2015The Suzuki Alto 800 is the best-selling model in Angola in 2015.

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For the first time in the history of BSCB, we can share with you detailed data for Angola over the Full Year. In 2015, 20.584 new light vehicle found a buyer in the country, placing Angola among the largest markets in Africa. Suzuki continues to lead the brands ranking with 18.9% share above Toyota (13.9%), Chevrolet (12.1%) and Hyundai (11.6%). Renault ranks 6th, Ford 7th while Volvo snaps an impressive 10th spot.

Chevrolet N300 Angola 2015The Chevrolet N300 is #2 in Angola this year. 

Model-wise, the bargain-priced Suzuki Alto 800 is the most popular with 9.4% market share above the Chevrolet N300 (aka Wuling Rongguang) at 7.1%. The Kia Picanto (4.4%) and Hyundai Grand i10 (3.4%) follow while the Toyota Hilux leads all pickup trucks and the Renault Sandero and Ford Ecosport also shine.

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Two years ago: Angola Full Year 2013: Hyundai i10 most popular

Full Year 2015 Top 10 models and Top 20 brands below.

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