Argentina Full Year 2014: VW Gol new leader in market down 29%

VW Gol Argentina 2014VW Gol Trend

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In 2014, the devaluation of the local currency, rampant inflation and increased taxation supposedly aimed at protecting local production have all combined to incur a 50% surge of the average price of new cars in Argentina (but up to +110% for luxury models), in turn pulling new car sales down 29% to 673,695 registrations. A further tax change for the more up-market models in place from January 2015 means some cars see their price double after tax, and this will certainly not help future sales. Even though the tax increases were originally aimed at high-end vehicles to protect local production – mainly focused on low-end models – against imports, the tax brackets are anything but progressive, meaning large price gaps were artificially created between taxed and non-taxed vehicles, and cheaper cars have seen their price skyrocket to fill these gaps even though they weren’t affected by the tax. This way a Renault Logan can now reach the equivalent of US$23.000.


The graph on the left shows the year-on-year price evolution of the 10 best-selling models in Argentina in December, displaying 50% increases or more even though these models were not affected by the tax increase – an extremely rare situation for any car market in the world. To this situation needs to be added the fact that some locally-produced models (Citroen C4 Lounge, Renault Fluence, Ford Focus, Toyota SW4) are now affected by the higher tax brackets, which has prompted Mercedes to not commercialise in Argentina the Vito it will start assembling locally this year – dedicating it to export markets. According to Ernesto Cavicchioli, vice president of Hyundai Motor Argentina, the new tax changes will mean that “At best many models that are now offered at 240,000 pesos (the new tax-threshold) will see their price increase without having to pay the tax and models that are below them also have more room to go up. The only better alternative if you can not repeal the law is to modify the rates and make them more progressive. In late 2014, more than half of the range of models on the market is missing or endangered. We have an abnormal market that harms all auto consumers of Argentina.” More info (in Spanish) on this hot mess here.

Given the number of factors affecting the Argentinean market this year, it was difficult to expect a quiet year of sales, and agitated it has been. Brand-wise, if Volkswagen holds onto the pole position with 16.6% share by evolving like the market (-28%), the rest of the Top 5 is entirely reshuffled: Ford (-20%) dislodges Renault (-40%) from the 2nd spot, and Fiat (-18%) gains one rank to #4, knocking Chevrolet (-40%) off the podium in the process. Toyota brilliantly gains 21% thanks to the Etios (up 504% to integrate the Top 10 in 2014) but remains in 7th place, while Mercedes (-35%) is the least affected by the luxury tax increase: Audi (-84%) and BMW (-85%) both disintegrate.

Toyota Hilux Argentina 2014. Picture courtesy of Toyota Hilux is up to a best-ever #2 ranking in Argentina in 2014.

After 4 consecutive years in the top spot, the Chevrolet Classic bows in 2014, dropping 31% to #5. The VW Gol Trend (current generation) takes the relay despite sales down 3% to 29,667 and 4.4% share. The 2014 tax changes advantaged pick-up trucks and Toyota Hilux sales are a clear illustration of this bias: up 1% and 5 spots on 2013 to #2 with 27,635 units and 4% share vs. 2.9% last year. The Renault Clio Mio is down 19% but stays third while the Ford Fiesta Kinetic (+34%),  Fiat Palio (+29% and #1 in May and June) and the Peugeot 208 (+55%) are the other stars of the Top 10 in a year that saw 6 different model leaders. The Toyota Etios is #10 for its first full year of sales and the Ford Focus III lands at #12 vs. #25 in 2013 for the previous generation.

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Canada Full Year 2014: Ford F-Series & Ram Pickup break records

Ford F-150 Canada 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comThird consecutive all-time record year for the Ford F-Series in Canada.

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Never before had Canada purchased that many new light vehicles in a single year: up a further 6% on a record 2013 to reach 1,853,001 units. This is an outstanding performance in a completely saturated market with some of the highest car per inhabitants in the world. Symbolically, Canada overtakes France for the first time in history to become the 9th largest market in the world. In this euphoric context, Ford only holds onto the groups pole position by a thread: up 3% to 291,823 registrations vs. 290,004 for Fiat Chrysler Autos, on a impressive uptrend at +11%. Logics would say that FCA should take the top spot in 2015 but anything is possible at this stage. General Motors maintains its market share at 13.5% thanks to sales up 6%, Hyundai-Kia is down 1% and threatened by Toyota (+3%) while Nissan takes off at +26%.

Ram 1500 Canada 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comThe Ram Pickup is also evolving at record high levels in Canada.

The Top 5 best-selling brands are unchanged and all evolving roughly like the market with Ford in the lead ahead of Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet and Hyundai. Nissan (+27%) and Ram (+14%) pass Dodge (-6%) while GMC (+6%) breaks into the Top 10 at #9, Jeep advances by a gargantuan 58% at #11, Subaru is up 14%, Audi up 20%, Buick up 31%, Land Rover up 22%, Porsche up 34% and Maserati up 120%. Alfa Romeo comes back to North America: a couple of months after re-entering the US sales charts it makes its first appearance back into the Canadian ranking with two 4C sold in December.

Nissan Rogue Canada 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comNissan Rogue sales are up 71% year-on-year.

Seemingly unaffected by the transition to the 2015 F-150, the Ford F-Series impresses once again and lodges a third consecutive record annual volume thanks to sales up a further 3% to 126,277 units. The F-Series has now been the #1 vehicle in Canada for 6 consecutive years, and remains the only nameplate to have managed 6-digit annual sales figure here. This may change in 2015, as the Ram Pickup broke its all-time record volume this year, up 10% to 88,521 sales, even gearing up its sales surge towards the end of the year: +15% in October, +19% in November and +51% in December. The Ram also broke its monthly sales record twice this year: lifting it to 8,339 in April and 9,270 in May.

Honda Civic Canada 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comThe Honda Civic celebrates 17 consecutive years as Canada’s best-selling passenger car.

In third position overall with sales up 3% to 66,057 units (its strongest annual volume since 2008), the Honda Civic has now been the best-selling passenger car in Canada for 17 years in a row, an impressive feat that Honda Canada is pushing hard in its marketing. The Dodge Grand Caravan is back to its former self, up 11% to #4, with the Ford Escape in tow: up 13% to #5, both bypassing the Hyundai Elantra down two spots to #6. The Toyota Corolla benefits from its new generation to gain 10% to #7, the Chevrolet Silverado is up 12% to break into the Top 10 at #9, nudging its premium sibling the GMC Sierra up 2% but down 3 ranks to #8.

Nissan Micra Canada 2014The Nissan Micra is the only new launch to break into the 2014 Canadian Top 100.

Further down, the Nissan Rogue is up a fantastic 71% and 10 spots to a best-ever #16 and 28,827 sales, and the Jeep Cherokee makes a remarkable entrance inside the Top 20 best-sellers, up 675% to #20 and 22,529 sales for its first full year in market, stopping just 528 units short off becoming the brand’s best-seller in Canada (Wrangler up 24% to 23,057). Notice also the Honda Fit up 23% to #39 and the VW Tiguan up 37% to #45. The Nissan Micra is the most successful new launch at #62, followed by the Acura TLX (#142), Lincoln MKC (#151), Audi Q3 (#159), Porsche Macan (#170) and Mercedes GLA (#182). Finally, notice the Lexus NX just missing out on a Top 100 ranking for its very first month in December at #102 with 296 units sold.

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Indonesia Full Year 2014: Avanza resists Honda Mobilio assault

Honda Mobilio Indonesia 2014. Picture courtesy of cartradeThe Honda Mobilio peaked at 10% share in May.

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Whereas the Indonesian new car market evolved at record heights for most of the year, a horrendous last couple of months (November at -19% and December at -20%) mean it is down year-on-year for the first time since 2008 and only the 4th time in the past 15 years at -2% to 1.208.019 registrations. This result puts an end to a string of 4 consecutive record years between 2010 and 2013, in effect doubling the record annual tally from 603.774 sales (2008) to 1.229.902 (2013). The 2014 total is however still the 2nd strongest in the history of automobile in Indonesia, so not all bad news.

Toyota Avanza Indonesia 2014The Toyota Avanza is #1 in Indonesia for the 9th consecutive year.

One in every 3 new vehicles sold in Indonesia in 2014 was a Toyota, ultra-dominant in the brands ranking with just under 400,000 sales and 33.1% market share, also trusting the 2nd spot with its more mass market brand Daihatsu thanks to 185,226 units and 15.3%. Honda gets a boost from the Mobilio (more on this below), rounding out the podium and almost doubling its market share compared to 2013 to 13.2% and 159,147 sales. Suzuki and Mitsubishi also lodge 140,000+ units while Nissan and Isuzu follow way below. Chevrolet (#8) is the only non-Japanese brand in the Top 10!

Daihatsu Luxio Indonesia 2014. Picture courtesy of remains the #2 carmaker in Indonesia in 2014.

Traditionally excruciatingly stable, the Indonesian models ranking was completely reshuffled in 2014. Honda launched the Mobilio MPV, instantly hitting the bullseye with Indonesian consumers and becoming the first-ever serious threat to the Toyota Avanza’s domination since the latter took the lead of Indonesian sales charts back in 2006. Launched in January, the Mobilio was already #3 in February and #2 in March and finishes the year directly at #2 with 79,288 sales and 6.6% share. Even more impressively, it peaked at 10% share in May and 10,256 units in June – with the Avanza the only nameplate in Indonesian history to cross the 10,000 monthly unit-mark. In comparison, the Avanza drops 24% and 4 percentage points share vs. 2013 to 13.4% over the Full Year, its lowest annual share in a decade, and went as low as 11.9% in September. The Daihatsu Xenia (-28%) is hit full frontal and tumbles down from a seemingly solid #2 in 2013 to a paltry #8 this year, same story for the Suzuki Ertiga (-26%) going from #4 to #7.

Toyota Agya Indonesia 2014. Picture courtesy of Toyota Agya ranks #3 overall in 2014.

The second momentous event in the 2014 Indonesian models ranking is the first full year of sales of low cost green cars (LCGC) introduced in late 2013. The Toyota Agya keeps going strong, #2 for four straight months from November 2013 to February 2014 and then again in November this year, ending 2014 at a magnificent third place with 67,074 sales and 5.6% share. Its twin the Daihatsu Ayla also manages a Top 10 annual ranking at #9 but never matched its record level of #4 over the last two months of 2013, peaking at #6 in March.

Datsun GO+ Indonesia 2014. Picture courtesy of launch in Indonesia for the Datsun GO+

Commercial vehicles are holding strong this year: the Daihatsu Gran Max Pikap is up 19% to #4, the Suzuki Carry Pikap up 7% to #6 and the Mitsubishi T120SS Pikap down 1% to #11. Finally, ranking at #18 with 17,787 sales is the newly launched Datsun GO+ which peaked at #11 in both September and October, making Indonesia the 2nd country in the world along with Russia where the Datsun brand relaunch has been met with instant success. The GO for its part sold 2.733 units this year in Indonesia.

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Full Year 2014 Top 100 models and Top 10 brands vs. Full Year 2013 figures below.

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China December 2014: Chevrolet Cruze shoots up to 2nd place

Chevrolet Cruze China December 2014. Picture courtesy of autokon.comThe Chinese Chevrolet Cruze now looks very different to the rest of the world.

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Surprise surge of new car sales in China in December: up 12% to 2.41 million units, a new monthly volume record in China. Passenger cars are up a strong 11% to 2 million deliveries, MPVs are up 26% to just under 200,000 units and SUVs are up a stunning 55% to cross the half-million mark for the first time. A record 65 nameplate sell over 10,000 units this month in China, compared to 45 in the USA. To understand how much of a booming market China still is despite a lot of analysts announcing its demise (I’m not one of them), let’s simply notice that 27 out of the Top 50 best-selling models in December break their all-time monthly volume record. That’s an unbelievable feat in a market that will reach 25 million annual sales in 2015.

Baojun 730 China December 2014. Picture courtesy outstanding sales month for the Baojun 730.

For once, the sales surge has benefitted Chinese manufacturers, with 9 of the Top 11 best-selling Chinese nameplates breaking an all-time record: at the top of the ranking the Wuling Hongguang is up a breathtaking 82% on December 2013 to lodge its 2nd best-ever month at 75,900 units, the Baojun 730 breaks into the Top 5 for the first time, selling a record 31,472 units and the Haval H6 breaks its monthly record for the 14th time in the past 18 months at 31,373 deliveries, its third consecutive month above 30,000 sales.

JAC Refine S3 China December 2014. Picture courtesy JAC Refine S3 is testing new heights for the brand at home.

Outside the Top 10, the Geely Emgrand EC7 is at an all-time high 25,841 units at #14, the JAC Refine S3 has imposed itself as a blockbuster SUV only a couple of months after launch, continuing to improve at 17,133 sales in 22nd place and #4 SUV in the country, the Chery Tiggo 3 is up 153% year-on-year to #25 and a record 16,632 units while its larger stablemate the Chery Tiggo 5 also breaks its monthly record, up 126% on December to 12,469 sales at #42. Two additional Chinese SUVs break records: the Beijing Auto Huansu S3 is up a further 22% on November to 14,512 units and the Haval H2 is up to 12,259 sales at #44. We also have one record-breaking Chinese MPV in the Top 50: the Dongfeng Fengguang boosted by its new “360” SUV variant and up 91% to 14,481 units at #36. Finally, once #1 in China the BYD F3 is back in favour with Chinese car buyers, reaching its highest monthly volume since May 2011 at 16,078 sales.

Zotye T600 China December 2014. Picture courtesy aitupian.comThe T600 is the first Zotye nameplate to sell over 10,000 monthly units in China.

Further down, notice also the Zotye T600 breaking the 10,000 monthly unit-mark for the very first time exactly one year after launch at a best-ever #56 and 10,551 sales, the Chery 2 (formerly known as Fulwin 2) back up 37% to #58 and 10,414 sales, the Geely Vision up fourfold on a year ago at #72, the GAC Trumpchi GA3S smashing its all-time monthly record by 54% to 8,585 sales and breaking into the Top 100 for the first time at #73, the Beijing Senova D50 doing the same by 15% at #85 and the Beijing Huansu S2 taking off at +196% on November to 6,200 units for its 5th month in market.

Honda Fit China December 2014. Picture courtesy auto.163.comThe new generation has lifted Honda Fit Chinese sales to never-seen before heights.

Great December sales performances are not confined to Chinese nameplates, and far from it. Boosted by its facelift making it unique in the world, the Chevrolet Cruze spectacularly shoots up to 2nd place overall, up 46% year-on-year to smash its monthly volume record by almost 10,000 units at 35,603 sales (previous best: 26,273 in October 2013). The Nissan Sylphy lodges a 2nd month in a row at an all-time high third position thanks to an extremely robust 32,908 sales, outselling both the Ford Focus (31,944) and VW Lavida (28,221), this year’s two best-selling passenger cars. Honda traditionally delivers huge December figures due to heavy discounts and this year is no exception: the Accord is up 32% YOY to a record 29,184 units, the Crider is up 17% to a best-ever 26,387 and Fit sales are up a gargantuan fivefold on a year ago to an all-time high 15,886.

Toyota Corolla VW Lavida China December 2014. Picture courtesy of iweeklyauto.comThe Toyota Corolla outsells the VW Lavida for the first time.

Among other nameplates to break their all-time volume record in the Top 50, let’s single out the Toyota Corolla tripling its sales year-on-year to a 29,019 and outselling the VW Lavida for the first time, the Hyundai Elantra Langdong up 63% to 27,054, both the Kia K2 (+41% to 16,402) and K3 (+60% to 18,010), the Chevrolet Malibu at 17,080, Skoda Octavia at 16,750, Toyota Vios at 14,624, Hyundai Mistra at 13,036 and Ford Kuga at 12,830. Illustrating the exceptional month we are dealing with here, a few tried-and-tested nameplates also reach career highs, such as the Hyundai ix35 hitting 17,431 sales, the Audi A4L at 13,307 and the Citroen C-Elysée at 12,324.

DS 6 China December 2014. Picture courtesy of DS 6 already accounts for 73% of the DS brand’s sales in China this month.

As far as recent launches are concerned, the Toyota Levin delivers its third consecutive month above 10,000 sales at 11,006, both the Honda Vezel and Buick Envision impressively cross the same benchmark for their 3rd month in market at 11,639 and 10,008 units respectively, the Hyundai ix25 is up a further 21% on November to a record #82 and 8,038 deliveries with the Kia K4 behaving similarly at +19% to #84 and 8,017 sales and the DS 6 is up 69% to #167 and 3,325 units, making up for horrendous results from the brand’s two other nameplates, the DS 5 (-31% year-on-year) and DS 5LS (-72% on November).

BYD S7 China December 2014. Picture courtesy of S7

Out of the 12 all-new nameplates hitting the market place in November, a few are already shooting up the ladder: if the Haval H1 is up ‘just’ 15% on last month to 6,983 sales and down two spots but staying inside the Top 100 at #99, the most spectacular progression is delivered by the BYD S7 going from #220 and 1,002 units in November to #116 and 5,547 units this month, already above its bar for success I set at 4,500 units but cannibalising sales of the BYD S6 down 41% to #104. Also impressive are the Dongfeng Fengshan AX7 up 113% and 42 spots to #145 with 4,171 sales (bar for success 5,000), the Chery Arrizo 3 also up 113% to #155 and 3,777 units (bar for success 5,000), Zotye Z500 up 212% to #179 with 2,841 deliveries (bar for success 4,000). The Lifan X50 is up 264% to a still discreet #212, the Infiniti Q50L up 45% to #225, the Haval H9 up 27% to #178 and the Chery eQ up 199% to #281. With the Kia K3S now incorporated into K3 sales, this means 9 out of the 11 nameplates launched last month are up. A good crop indeed.

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Full December 2014 Top 362 All-models Ranking Table below.

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Europe 11 months 2014: Discover the Top 357 models & all brands

Lamborghini Huracan Europe November 2014. Picture courtesy of caranddriver.comThe Hurácan lifts Lamborghini sales up 29% this year in Europe.

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Time for the last year-to-date update for the 2014 European market, on track to lodge its first year-on-year gains in 7 years at 11.945.609 registrations after 11 months vs. 11.346.647 a year ago (+5%). This return to form for new car sales in Europe is illustrated by the fact that all Top 20 manufacturers register year-on-year volume improvements. Volkswagen and Ford top the brands ranking but grow slightly slower than the market at +4%, while Opel (+8%), Renault (+9%) and Peugeot (+6%) outpace it. Premium German brands all evolve at record heights: Audi is up 4% to 675,177 sales, BMW up 5% to 615,409 and Mercedes up 5% to 605,316. Citroen and Fiat round up the Top 10 but are threatened by Skoda up a fantastic 14% in 11th place, spending most of the 2nd half of the year in the Top 10.

Infiniti Q50 Europe November 2014Infiniti is selling twice as many cars in Europe this year than in 2013.

Dacia remains the best performing mass marque across the continent, with sales up an indecent 28% on 2013 to 334,407, securing the low-cost brand a spot inside Europe’s Top 15 for the first time in its history. Seat (+13%), Volvo (+11%) and Mazda (+20%) also benefit from a renewed range and dynamic sales. Further down, notice (in order of sales) Mitsubishi up 32%, Porsche up 21%, Jeep up 55%, Tesla up 181%, Maserati up 306% and Infiniti up 95%. In the bad news aisle, Smart is down 20% but should return in black shortly with the new Fortwo and Forfour, Subaru is down 15% and Chevrolet takes a bow at a logical -72% in 29th position.

Ford Kuga Europe November 2014The Ford Kuga breaks into the European year-to-date Top 50 this month.

Readjusted figures mean the Top 10 models look slightly different from our last November update: the Audi A3 replaces the Skoda Octavia at #9 and gives the Nissan Qashqai at #8 a little more room to breathe, with the 3 nameplates respectively adding up to 186,783 (+20%), 186,243 (+23%) and 188,448 units after 11 months. December will decide of the final order. The Fiat 500 keeps pushing just outside the Top 10, up 14% to #11, while the Toyota Yaris passes the BMW 3 Series to rank #14 and the Fiat Panda overtakes the VW Passat to #18. The Mercedes C-Class is up to #23, the Dacia Duster up to #28, Opel Mokka up to #31, Nissan Juke up to #39 and the Ford Kuga makes its entrance inside Europe’s Top 50 at #49 with 78,582 sales, up a stunning 31% on 2013.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur Europe November 2014587 Bentley Continental Flying Spur found a buyer in Europe so far this year.

The VW Golf Sportsvan leads the all-new entrants at #77 with 50,340 sales, with the Mercedes GLA the only other new nameplate inside the Top 100 at #98 and 40,243 units. These two superstars are followed by the Peugeot 108 at #119, Citroen C4 Cactus at #121, BMW 2 Series at #133, Porsche Macan at #156, Ford Ecosport at #166, BMW X4 at #187, Mercedes V-Class at #188, Nissan Pulsar at #218 and Jeep Renegade at #232. In the luxury aisle, notice the Maserati Ghibli at #235 with 3,984 sales, the BMW i8 at #279 with 905 deliveries, Bentley Continental Flying Spur at #290 with 587 units and the Lamborghini Huracan at #318 with 199 sales.

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Full 11 months 2014 Top 62 All-brands and Top 357 models below.

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Chile Full Year 2014: Chevrolet leads in market down 11%

Chevrolet Sail Chile 2014Chevrolet Sail

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New light vehicle sales are down a harsh 11% year-on-year in Chile to 337,594 registrations, and local manufacturers association predicts an even worse 2015 down 18% to just 275,000 units. Chevrolet remains the most popular marque in the country but sees its sales slide down faster than the market at -17%, resulting in a shrunk market share of 13.9%. Hyundai (-6%) and Kia (-1%) complete the podium and both improve their share to 9.7% and 9.3% respectively. Toyota and Suzuki bypass Nissan (-31%) while Mitsubishi is the best performer in the Top 10 with deliveries actually up by 33% to 14,160 in 7th position.

Great Wall H3 Chile 2014Great Wall is the best-selling Chinese manufacturer in Chile.

Like in many Latin American markets, Chinese manufacturers are a force to be reckoned with in Chile with no less than 26 brands present in market (out of 65 ranked) even though their overall share is down to 10.6% in 2014 vs. 12% in 2013 due to sales down 22% to 35,711. Great Wall is the only Chinese carmaker in the Chilean Top 20 at #13 (-13%). It is followed by Chery (#21), JAC (#24), ChangAn (#25), Dongfeng (#26), BYD (#27) and Geely (#28).

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Full Year 2014 Top 65 All-brands vs. Full 2013 figures below.

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South Africa Full Year 2014: Hilux #1, Ranger and Corolla shine

Toyota Hilux South Africa 2014. Picture courtesy of Hilux

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The South African new vehicle market is down just 0.7% year-on-year in 2014 to 644,523 registrations, a solid performance in an uncertain economic climate and despite industrial action over the course of the year, rising inflation and interest rates. Toyota remains the most popular manufacturer with 127,534 sales and just under 20% market share ahead of Volkswagen Group at 16.7%, Ford at 11.6%, Hyundai-Kia at 10.8% and General Motors at 9.6%. Local assemblers Mercedes (5.7%) and BMW (4.1%) continue to be strong in South Africa.

VW Polo Vivo South Africa 2014. Picture courtesy of VW Polo Vivo is assembled locally.

This year and for the first time on BSCB I give you an All-models ranking for South Africa (compared to a Top 50 in 2013), keeping in mind Hyundai, Kia and Great Wall do not communicate sales by model here, and Mercedes reverted to not sharing that type of data either over the last 2 months of the year. In this context, the models podium is unchanged on 2013, with the Toyota Hilux is pole position with 5.8% of the market, followed by the VW Polo Vivo at 5.4% and the VW Polo at 4.6%. The Ford Ranger is up 45% and one spot to #4 and even managed to snap up the top spot in November.

Ford Ecosport South Africa 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Ford Ecosport is inside the South African Top 20 for its first full year.

Boosted by the new model, the Toyota Corolla is up 43% and 4 ranks to #5 with 21,265 sales, knocking the Toyota Etios down 23% to #6. Further down, notice the Chevrolet Spark up 29% to #15, the Ford Ecosport up threefold to #18 for its first full year in market, the Renault Sandero up 38% to #20, Renault Clio IV up 50% to #21, the Audi A3 shooting up to #23 thanks to the new sedan, the Toyota RAV4 up to #25 and the Renault Duster up 252% to #27. The Datsun GO lands at #68 and peaked at #20 in November.

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Full Year 2014 Top 35 manufacturers and Top 275 All-models vs. Full 2013 figures below.

Full December 2014 Top 35 manufacturers and Top 100 models below.

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Russia Full Year 2014: Lada Granta survives foreign push

Kia Rio Russia 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruThe Kia Rio outsold the Lada Granta to rank #1 in November.

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There is now a Top 434 All-models ranking available here

Economic sanctions on the back of the Ukraine situation coupled with rising inflation have resulted in a second consecutive year in negative for the Russian new car market, down 10% in 2014 to 2,491,404 registrations and hitting its lowest level since 2010 (1.91 million units). Scrappage schemes helped stabilised the market which returned to year-on-year growth in December. 2015 may not be as gloomy as most analysts predict. Lada logically dominates the brands ranking as it has been the case in Russia since 1970, however its sales dropped faster than the market at -15% to 387,307 units, resulting in the brand’s lowest-ever annual market share at home: 15.5%. Kia (-1%) overtakes Renault (-7%) to claim the second spot overall with 195,691 units, Hyundai (-1%) remains 4th while Nissan (+11%) is up 3 spots to #5, Toyota (+5%) is up two to #6 and Mitsubishi (+2%) is up 3 to #10. Volkswagen (-18%), Opel (-20%), Chevrolet (-28%) and Ford (-38%) crash down. In the premium race, Mercedes (+11%) is now 15,000 units above BMW (-18%) and Audi (-6%).

Datsun Russia 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruDatsun is the success story of the year in Russia.

No less than 6 new manufacturers launched in Russia in 2014 despite the depressed context. Winner by far is Datsun, relaunched as Renault-Nissan’s low-cost brand (Dacia does not exist in Russia). While it had mixed results in India, Datsun hits the bull’s eye in Russia, securing 11,414 sales in just four months and placing its sole model the on-DO inside the December Top 10. Absolute success for the brand so far. The other newcomers are far below, led by ChangAn at #45 with 1,144 sales ahead of Acura (1,106), Brilliance (955), JAC (424) and Alfa Romeo making a discreet return in Russia with just 96 units sold this year.

ChangAn CS35 Russia 2014ChangAn is the most successful Chinese launch this year in Russia.

This brings the number of Chinese manufacturers present in Russia to 12, but despite a late return to form in December, it has been a tough year for China. Lifan leads the charge once again, up 3 spots on 2013 to #21 in spite of sales down 14% to 23,619 units. Geely (-31%) follows at #28 just above Chery (-9%) while Great Wall (-25%) is distanced at #32. FAW (-55%) at #44, BAW (-28%) at #47 and Haima (+152%) at #48 lodge minuscule sales figures.

Lada Granta Russia 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruLada Granta

In the models ranking, the Lada Granta remains the best-seller for the second year in a row, roughly following the market at -8% to 152,810 sales and 6.1% share despite the addition of a liftback variant. In a 45-year first, it was outsold by the Kia Rio in November, the first time a foreign model ranks #1 in Russia since the Lada brand was created in the late sixties. A sign of things to come? The Rio finishes the year at #3 like in 2013 with sales up 4% to 3.8% share, below the Hyundai Solaris up 1% to 4.6% share. With the Datsun on-DO being a cheaper rebadged Granta and new versions of the Solaris and Rio hitting Russian dealerships in 2015, the Granta might have a few reasons to fear for its pole position this year…

Renault Logan Russia 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruRenault Logan sales are up 19% in 2014 in Russia.

Below the Renault Duster at #4 again, the Lada Kalina (-3%) and Largus both improve their rankings to #5 and #6, while the Renault Logan takes full advantage of its new generation to slice its 2013 ranking in two to 7th place with sales up 19%. Notice also the Nissan Almera cracking the annual Top 10 for its first full year of sales, the Skoda Octavia up 158% to #15, the Hyundai ix35 up 8 spots to #16, Mitsubishi Outlander up 5 to #22 and the Mazda CX-5 up 12 to #25. Disaster stroke for the Ford Focus crumbling down 59% and 15 ranks to a paltry #23.

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Full Year 2014 Top 25 models and Top 63 All-brands vs. Full 2013 figures below.

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Russia December 2014: Datsun on-DO breaks into Top 10

Datsun on-DO Russia December 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruThe on-DO is the first Datsun to crack the Top 10 anywhere in the world.

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A flicker of hope: just as analysts predict the Russian new car market will be down 25% in 2015 (I disagree), new registrations are up year-on-year in December and for only the second time in the past 22 months at +2% to 270,653 deliveries. However 2014 ends on a harsh -10% drop to 2.49 million units. Let’s get straight to the big event of the month: the Datsun on-DO continues its incredible run, up 27% on November to 5,104 sales and #10, earning Datsun its very first monthly Top 10 since its relaunch as a low-cost brand early in 2014. This is great news for Datsun as its other main launch in India hasn’t been met with the expected success: the GO frankly disappointed there with a personal best of #22 in April. In Indonesia, the GO+ peaked at #11 in September and October while in South Africa the GO is up to #20 so far.

Chevrolet Niva Russia December 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruChevrolet Niva

Chevrolet Niva 2015 Concept Russia December 20142015 Chevrolet Niva Concept

After being toppled by the Kia Rio in a shock move that saw a foreign model crowned in the Russian monthly sales charts for the first time since 1969, the Lada Granta reclaims its due title in November with 13,405 sales (+4%) vs. 9,502 (+8%) for the Hyundai Solaris and 9,298 (+34%) for the Kia Rio. Just below the Renault Duster (-18%), excellent performance of the Chevrolet Niva up to #5 with 6,489 sales, simply its best monthly ranking since BSCB started following monthly Russian charts in 2010. This is potentially the consequence of both the scrappage scheme in place at the moment, making the Niva even cheaper than usual, and heavy discounting in the wake of the arrival of the new generation (pictured above) in 2015.

VW Jetta Russia December 2014VW Jetta

Below, the Lada 4×4 is up an incredible 98% on December 2013 to #13 (also the result of scrappage schemes), the Mitsubishi Outlander up 49% to #15, the VW Jetta up 144% to break into the Russian Top 20 for the first time at #19, the Mitsubishi ASX up to a best-ever #20, Mazda CX-5 up 49% to #24 and the Opel Mokka up 148% to #25, the nameplate’s third ever appearance inside the Russian Top 25.

Mazda CX-5 Russia December 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruMazda CX-5 – Mazda sales are up 61% year-on-year in December.

In the brands ranking, Lada is down a further 9% year-on-year to drop to 13% share, the brand’s lowest-ever level. Reversely, the next 6 best-selling manufacturers all gain ground: Kia is up 26% to #2, Nissan up 15% to #3, Renault up 2% to #4, Toyota up 19% to #5, Hyundai up 8% to #6 and Volkswagen up 2% to #7. Chevrolet tumbles down 28% in 8th position just above Mitsubishi lodging the largest YOY increase in the Top 10 at +51% to #9. Notice also Mazda up 61% to #13, Datsun passing Mercedes to #16 and now just below Skoda (!), Subaru up 59% to #24 and Infiniti (+69%) back above Lexus (+1).

Lifan Celliya Russia December 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruLifan Cellyia – Lifan breaks all its monthly Russian records in December.

Chinese manufacturers had taken a beating this year, but in December they seem to have flamboyantly recovered, potentially helped by the scrappage schemes making their low prices even lower. Lifan is up 21% year-on-year and 9 spots on November to #18 with 3,866 sales and 1.4% share, astoundingly hitting its best-ever ranking, volume and market share this month. Chery is up 39% and 10 ranks to #21, Geely up 5 spots on last month to #23 and Brilliance is up 129% on November to a best-ever #40 and 305 sales.

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Full December 2014 Top 25 models and Top 54 All-brands below.

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Israel Full Year 2014: Toyota Corolla takes the lead

Toyota Corolla Israel 2014. Picture courtesy of Corolla

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New car sales in Israel are up a very dynamic 13% year-on-year in 2014 to 239,771 registrations. Hyundai maintains its grip on the brands ranking despite sales down 2% to 31,376 units and a market share down two percentage points to 13.1%. On the other hand, Toyota (+20%) and Kia (+26%) improve their footprint to 11.4% and 11% respectively, with Toyota even leading the way in April and December and Kia doing so in August. Mazda resurrects at +62% to #4, Mitsubishi doubles its sales to #7 and just as Chevrolet died in Europe, it is up 81% in Israel to crack the Top 10 brands at #8. Dacia makes a last minute entrance in the ranking with its first 4 units sold in December.

Mitsubishi Attrage Israel 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrivia.comMitsubishi Attrage

The new generation boosts the Toyota Corolla to pole position this year in Israel with sales up a magnificent 46% on 2013 to 13,694 units, knocking the Kia Picanto off its pedestal despite sales up 10% to 10,599. After a couple of hellish years, the Mazda3 – last #1 in Israel in 2011 – is up 7-fold on 2013 to third place with 8,365 deliveries. It is followed by the Skoda Octavia up 66% and four consecutive Hyundais: the i35 (aka Elantra at -15%), i10 (+236%), i20 (-15%) and i30 (-36%). The Suzuki SX4 Crossover lands at #11 with 4,720 sales while the Mitsubishi Attrage is the most successful new launch of 2014 at #14 and 4,116 units, even reaching an incredible 2nd place in December just below the Corolla…

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Full Year 2014 Top 45 All-brands and Top 285 All-models vs. Full 2013 figures below.

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