Argentina August 2015: Chevrolet Classic dominates market down 12%

Chevrolet Classic Argentia August 2015The Chevrolet Classic is the best-selling model in Argentina this month.

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New vehicle sales are down 12% year-on-year in August to 50.230 units, bringing the year-to-date total to 420.738, down 16% on 2014. Volkswagen stays in charge of the brands ranking, even improving its volume 9% year-on-year to 9.513 and 18.9%, ahead of Chevrolet (-12%), Ford (-7%), Renault (-3%) and Toyota up 8%. Fiat (-33%), Peugeot (-51%), Citroen (-26%) and Honda (-33%) implode. Chery (+41%), Hyundai, Kia (both at +42%) and Audi (+55%) excel on the other hand. Over in the models ranking, the Chevrolet Classic manages to top the sales charts for the second time in the past 3 months thanks to 2,963 deliveries for a 5.9% market share vs. 2.314 and 4.6% for the #2, the VW Gol Trend. This performance earns the Classic the #2 spot year-to-date, overtaking the Toyota Hilux at 18.083 units vs. 17.639. The Gol Trend remains #1 so far in 2015 at 19.667 sales. Notice also the VW Amarok up 16% to #9, the Renault Duster up 61% to #16 and the Honda HR-V up 18 spots to a record #23 with 574 sales, already representing 73% of Honda sales in Argentina this month.

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New Caledonia (France) August 2015: Dacia Duster confirms leadership

Dacia Duster New Caledonia August 2015. Picture courtesy of largus.frDacia Duster

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New car sales in New Caledonia, a French overseas territory located north-east of Australia, are down a harsh 12% year-on-year in August to 738 units, pulling the year-to-date total to 6.069 registrations, down 10% on 2014. Ford remains the most popular manufacturer on the archipelago but skids 42% to below 10% share vs. 12.4% (-14%) year-to-date. It distances Toyota up to 9.1% share vs. 7% year-to-date with Dacia rounding up the podium thanks to sales up 18%. Nissan (+26%), Suzuki (+133%) and Isuzu (+41%) also shine. In the models ranking, the Dacia Duster celebrates a 2nd consecutive month in pole position at 5.4%, dominating a herd of pickups: five of the Top 7 best-sellers in August belong to that segment: Ford Ranger (#2), Isuzu D-Max (#3), Nissan Navara (#4), Toyota Hilux (#6) and Mazda BT-50 (#7). Also impressive this month are the Toyota Land Cruiser at #9, Subaru XV at #10, Toyota RAV4 at #14, Chevrolet Aveo at #17 and Suzuki SX4 S-Cross at #22.

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South Africa August 2015: VW Polo Vivo takes control in market down 8%

VW Polo Vivo South Africa August 2015. Picture courtesy of Polo Vivo

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The South African market is hit 8% year-on-year in August to 51.055 registrations, pulling the year-to-date total down 3% to 407.753 units. Toyota (-9%), VW Group (-2%) and Ford (-2%) continue to dominate the manufacturers ranking while GM/Isuzu (-10%) overtakes Hyundai-Kia (-18%). The VW Polo Vivo is the best-selling vehicle in the country for the first time since January thanks to 2.711 sales but remains #3 year-to-date at 19.561. The Ford Ranger edges past the Toyota Hilux (2.472 vs. 2.449) and reduces the gap to 154 units year-to-date, with the Hilux still in the lead. Notice also the Datsun GO valiant at #20, the Chevrolet Aveo up 12 spots on July to #22, the VW Up up 15 to #26, Renault Captur down two to #33, Honda HR-V up 12 to #38 and the Opel Mokka holding its own inside the South African Top 50 at #49.

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Uruguay August 2015: Suzuki leads, Fiat up to 11% share

Fiat Uno Way Uruguay August 2015. Picture courtesy is up to third place overall in Uruguay in August.

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The Uruguayan new car market is stuck in recession with sales down 15% year-on-year in August to 3.584 units, bringing the year-to-date total to 32.653 units, down 6% on 2014. Suzuki confirms it is the new uncontested leader in the country with another strong month at 14.5% market share, distancing Volkswagen at 11.7% while Fiat is up one spot thanks to a very vigorous 392 units and 10.9% share. Chevrolet, #1 only last year, drops under 10% of the market to a paltry fourth position. Citroen jumps 5 spots on July to #9 with 4.2% vs. 2.3% so far this year and Geely is back up 10 ranks to #13. As a whole, Chinese carmakers hold 16% of the Uruguayan market in August as well as year-to-date.

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Full August 2015 Top 40 brands Ranking Table below.

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China August 2015: Baojun 560 soars to #3 SUV in 3rd consecutive market decline

Baojun 560 China August 2015Hitting the Chinese market’s soft spot: the Baojun 560.

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The Chinese light vehicle market endures its third consecutive month of year-on-year decline in August at -3.4% to 1.44 million registrations, pulling the year-to-date total to 12.78 million units, now just up 2.6% on the same period in 2014. In a strikingly contrasting outlook, SUV sales are up 48% on August 2014 just as sedans drop 19%, MPVs are down 8% and microvans down 29%. Only a handful of foreign manufacturers manage to swim upstream: General Motors drops 5%, Ford is down 3%, Nissan down 5.5% while Honda surges 51%. In the luxury aisle, Audi is down 4% to 45.196 units, BMW down 2% to 36.300 whereas Mercedes surges 53% to 32.763 deliveries, boosted by the C-Class (+330%!), E-Class (+35%), GLA (5.900 sales) and GLK (+33%). Year-to-date, Audi is now up just 0.8% to 361,316 sales, BMW up an equally shy 0.9% to 301.520 and Mercedes shoots up 28% to 227.624. The above figures include imports.

Segment Aug-15 Aug-14 Evo
Sedan 766,511 916,644 -16%
SUV 469,062 317,254 48%
MPV 131,293 142,837 -8%
Microvan 71,000 100,000 -29%
Total SUV/MPV/Microvan 671,355 560,091 20%
Total Passenger Cars 1,437,866 1,476,735 -3%

Landwind X7 China August 2015. Picture courtesy qctt.cnThe Evoque clone X7 helps boost Landwind sales up 77% in August.

If we look at the brand detail for locally-assembled vehicles, Volkswagen slows down its fall from a dramatic -31% in July to -8% in August at 199.157 units, Buick gains two spots on last month at 14% year-on-year in 2nd place at 79.491 units above Honda up a spectacular 43% to 74.552 units, spectacularly outpacing Hyundai (-16%), Nissan (+9%), Changan (+16%) and Toyota, surprisingly weak at -20%. SUV specialist Haval continues its fantastic run with sales up 44% to 47.260 deliveries, Chevrolet falls 23% and Baojun takes off at +155% and 40.763 units thanks the instant blockbuster status of the 560 SUV as we will detail further down. Notice also Beijing Auto (+23%), JAC (+140%), GAC (+117%), MG (+126%) and Changfeng (+131%) all taking off essentially thanks to new SUV offerings.

Buick Excelle GT China August 2015. Picture courtesy autoifeng.comThe Buick Excelle GT breaks the 30.000 monthly unit-mark for the first time.

The Wuling Hongguang holds onto the models pole position despite sales down 22% to 44.269, distancing the VW Lavida down 5% to 33.180. The recently revamped Buick Excelle GT breaks the 30.000 monthly sales mark for the first time ever at 30.159 units (+77%) in third place, with the Haval H6 (+6%), Nissan Sylphy (+36%) and Baojun 730 (+91%) in tow – the latter now above 200.000 deliveries so far in 2015. After last month’s precarious -31%, Volkswagen is back to a strong showing with no less than 8 nameplates inside the August Top 16: the Lavida at #2, Tiguan at #7, Sagitar at #8, Jetta at #9, Golf at #10 – the very first time the Golf ranks inside th Chinese Top 10 – the Bora at #14, Passat at #15 and Polo at #16.

GAC Trumpchi GS4 China July 2015The GS4 accounts for 77% of GAC August sales in China.

The big news in the ranking is the 30 spot-surge of the all-new Baojun 560 SUV, following on the tracks of the 730 MPV a year ago, landing in third place in the SUV ranking below just the Haval H6 and VW Tiguan at #13 overall with 17.128 deliveries, already claiming the title of most successful launch of 2015. The GAC Trumpchi GS4 comes close at #21 and 14.317 units and is one example of a Chinese carmaker relying solely on one SUV to do volume: the GS4 represents an astounding 89% of GAC sales in August with no other model in the range selling more than 530 units. The other two striking examples are MG with the GS at 71% of the brand’s sales and just this month Soueast launched the DX7 SUV it unveiled at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, already accounting for 77% of the brand’s sales this month as we will describe in more detail in the monthly focus on all-new models coming up shortly.

Beijing Auto Weiwang M20 China August 2015. Picture courtesy of Beijing Auto Weiwang M20 is up 82% in August vs. -22% for its inspiration, the Wuling Hongguang.

With the JAC Refine S3 at #19 (+626%), the Changan CS35 at #22 (+98%), Changan CS75 at #26 (+124%) and Haval H2 at #27 (+229%), the Geely EC7, still China’s best-selling domestic sedan, is only the #10 Chinese vehicle in August, the first nine being either SUVs or MPVs…  There are 19 additional Chinese vehicles in this month’s Top 100. Significant achievements by the Honda XR-V (#23), Beijing Auto Weiwang M20 (+82% to #35), Skoda Superb (+284% to #42), Toyota Levin (+28% to #50 and spectacularly outpacing the Corolla at #57), Hyundai Sonata (+164% to #52), Ford Edge (#68), Brilliance V3 (#78) and Changfeng Leopaard CS10 (#95) are also to be noted.

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Full August 2015 Top 365 All-local models and Top 65 All-local brands below.

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India August 2015: Hyundai breaks record, Ford Aspire lands at #13

Hyundai Creta India August 2015. Picture courtesy zigwheels.comThanks to the Creta (#8), Hyundai sells over 40.000 units in India this month – a record.

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The Indian new car market is up a satisfying 4% year-on-year in August to 225.168 registrations including selected luxury brands, bringing the year-to-date total to 1.765.461 deliveries, up 6% on 2014. According to Autocar India, the car sales gain is mainly in anticipation of an increase in demand for the upcoming Diwali festive season. Indian data is indeed wholesale deliveries to dealerships, not end-consumer purchases, so August data reflects the anticipated sales by dealers for the coming months. Brand evolutions vary widely however, and the carmakers with new offerings are the only ones improving year-on-year.

Ford Aspire India August 2015. Picture courtesy team-bhp.comInstant blockbuster: the Aspire is Ford’s best-seller in India for its first month on sale.

Market leader Maruti Suzuki outpaces the average growth at +9% to 47.4% share but the big news comes from Hyundai in 2nd place: thanks to sales up 20% on August 2014, the Korean manufacturer breaks its all-time monthly sales record in India at 40.505 units, the first time it sells north of 40.000 cars in a single month in the country. This performance is mainly due to the success of the Creta SUV as we’ll see in more detail below. Honda (-7%), Mahindra (-7%) and Tata (-4%) all lose ground whereas Toyota is stable and Ford gains a splendid 22% thanks to the arrival of the new Aspire sedan, also known as the Ford Ka sedan in Brazil.

Mercedes C Class India August 2015. Picture courtesy highlineautomotive.inThe Mercedes C-Class is the best-selling luxury model in India this month.

Volkswagen is up 5%, Datsun up 34% but still extremely shy at 0.7% market share. On the other end of the scale, Chevrolet is down 47%, Renault down 53% now that the Lodgy has levelled out (only 271 sales this month) and Nissan plunges 54%. This month we also have access to rare luxury brand data, showing declines across the board: Audi leads the charge at #14 overall but drops 6%, followed by Mercedes (-7%) while BMW lags significantly lower and is down 10%. Model-wise, the Mercedes C-Class (#56), E-Class (#57), Audi A6 (#63), BMW X1 (#66), 3 Series (#67) and Audi Q3 (#69) all manage to squeeze inside the August Top 70.

Maruti Celerio India August 2015. Picture courtesy indiatoday.inMaruti Celerio

For the first time the Top 10 best-selling models in India this month are either Maruti Suzuki or Hyundai. The Alto reclaims the pole position it has been holding annually for a decade now thanks to sales up 7% to 23.017, knocking the Maruti DZire down to #2 with the Swift and Wagon R holding their traditional #3 and #4 ranks. The Hyundai Elite i20 (+61%) and Grand i10 (+54%) lodge spectacular gains to rank #5 and #6 respectively. The all-new Creta SUV is down one spot on July to #8 but at 7.437 deliveries, it obliterates the SUV competition: the Ford Ecosport is down 36% to #24 and the Renault Duster down 64% to #36. The Maruti Celerio is very solid at #7 (+19%) as are the Maruti Omni at #9 (+33%) and Eeco at #10 (+16%).

Maruti S-Cross India August 2015. Picture courtesy todaysbuzz.inSolid performance by the Maruti S-Cross for its 2nd month in market.

Just outside the Top 10, the Honda City is up 7-fold on the previous gen last month to #11, the Honda Jazz confirms it is a successful relaunch at #12 and 5.404 but the most impressive performance is delivered by the all-new Ford Aspire, landing directly at #13 with 5.176 sales and instantly becoming the American manufacturer’s best-seller above the Ecosport (3.137). The Maruti S-Cross soars 3-fold and 15 spots on its opening score last month to climb to an excellent 16th place. The Tata Nano enjoys the AMT effect with sales up 3-fold year-on-year to 2.235 and the Tata Zest (#30), Datsun GO+ (#40), Tata Bolt (#43) and Datsun GO (#45) are stuck at depressing levels.

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Colombia August 2015: Mazda and Mercedes lodge double-digit gains

Mazda2 Colombia August 2015. Picture courtesy autobild.deMazda sales are up a whopping 45% year-on-year in Colombia.

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After seemingly stabilising in June (-3%) and July (-4%), the Colombian new car market is back to hell in August with sales down 15% to 23.222 units, pulling the year-to-date total down 7% to 185.531 deliveries. Chevrolet remains master in command despite sales down a harsh 31% on August 2014 to 5.096 and 21.9% share with Renault continuing to catch up at +1% to 4.210 units and 18.1%. Kia (-8%) rounds up the podium above Nissan (+3%), Ford (-7%) and Hyundai (-26%). In 7th position, Mazda posts a spectacular 45% year-on-year gain, the largest improvement in the entire market and only one of two manufacturers lodging double-digit gains this month with Mercedes (+21%).

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Full August 2015 Top 30 brands Ranking Table below.

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Chile August 2015: Renault shoots up to 7th place

Renault Captur Chile August 2015. Picture courtesy automoviles.neonline.clRenault has just launched the Captur in Chile.

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The Chilean new car market accelerates its fall in August at -21% year-on-year to 24.374 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 177.114 units, also down 21% on 2014. Chevrolet keeps the lead despite a market share frankly below its year-to-date level at 11.2% vs. 12.8%, while Hyundai overtakes sister brand Kia for a mere 5 units at 2.408 vs. 2.403, both brands holding just under 10% of the Chilean market. Suzuki (9.5%), Nissan (7.7%) and Toyota (6%) follow as per the YTD order, whereas Renault shoots up four spots on July to land in 7th position with 1.049 sales, potentially helped by the launch of the Captur crossover. Fiat shines at #12 and 2.9% share vs. 1.7% YTD, while Great Wall (#16) leads the Chinese force ahead of JAC (#18), Chery (#19) and ChangAn (#23). All-in-all, Chinese carmakers represent 9.2% of the Chilean market in August vs. 8.5% year-to-date.

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Full August 2015 Top 60 All-brands Ranking Table below.

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Venezuela August 2015: Mitsubishi drops out, 3 carmakers remain

Ford F-350 Venezuela August 2015U.S. full size pickup trucks account for half the overall Venezuelan market in August.

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Whereas it had seemed the situation stabilised over the past couple of months (July down just 9%), August Venezuelan data shows a market falling further down into oblivion: down 31% to just 1.167 registrations with the year-to-date total now standing at 13.585 units, up 18% on 2014. With the government still blocking the repatriation of revenue in local currency, the number of manufacturers still maintaining an activity in the country has slimmed down to only three: Toyota (31%), Chevrolet (27.2%) and Ford (26.2%) hold a combined 84.4% market share in August while Mitsubishi drops out at just 44 units vs. 3.008 so far this year. Model-wise, pickups rule: the Chevrolet Silverado holds a gargantuan 23.3% market share thanks to 272 sales but this month the Ford F-350 snaps at its heels with 269 units and 23.1%, these two nameplates accounting for almost one in every two vehicles sold in Venezuela in August. The Toyota Corolla, Fortuner and Hilux are the only other models to sell above 60 units this month.

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Mexico August 2015: Nissan Versa topples Chevrolet Aveo

Nissan Versa Mexico August 2015The Nissan Versa ends 22 consecutive months of Chevrolet Aveo reign.

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The Mexican new car market delivers an astounding 8th consecutive monthly record at 112.038 registrations in August, up 8% on the previous record in 2014. The year-to-date total now stands at an all-time high 833.577 units after 8 months, up a smashing 19% on the same period last year. Manufacturer-wise, Nissan continues its one-man-show, once again outpacing the market with sales up 10% to 29.179 and 26% share, distancing General Motors at 17.9% (-14%), Volkswagen at 13.7% (+17%) and FCA Mexico at 7.5% (+17%). Toyota is up two spots on July to #5, Ford down two to #6 and Honda down one to #7. Hyundai holds its rank within the Top 10 thanks to sales up 82% to lodge a third consecutive record month at 2.553 units while sister brand Kia improves 8% on its launch month to 1.620 registrations at #12. Lincoln is up 35%, Peugeot up 38% and Volvo up 40%.

Nissan March Mexico August 2015At #4, the March is one of six Nissan nameplates in the Mexican Top 10.

We witness a rare event in the models sales charts: for the first time since September 2013, the Chevrolet Aveo isn’t the best-selling nameplate in Mexico. This honour goes to the Nissan Versa, topping the Mexican popularity contest for the first time in the nameplate’s history with 5.673 sales and 5.1% share. This is only the fourth month in the past four years that the Aveo is not #1 in Mexico, the others being in July, August and September 2013 (VW Clasico). Nissan illustrates its domination by placing no less than 6 nameplates in the August Top 10: the Versa (#1), March (#4), Tsuru (#5), Sentra (#6), Tiida (#9) and X-Trail (#10). The VW Nuevo Jetta is up one spot on last month to #3 and the VW Vento falls back to #7.

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