Mexico April 2014: VW Jetta up to #4 in market down 8%

VW Jetta Mexico April 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comVW Jetta

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Shock, horror: in April the Mexican new car market is going backward and not by a little margin: down 8% to 76,865 registrations, the harshest year-on-year decline since December 2009 and only the 5th downward month in the past 4 years… The year-to-date total also plunges into negative at -1% and 327,989 units. Would Mexican car sales have peaked out already? Answer in the next couple of months. The Chevrolet Aveo remains the best-seller in the country by far with 6.5% share vs. 4.4% for the Nissan Versa and 4.1% for the Nissan Tsuru. The VW Jetta goes against the market: up 13% to #4 with 2,660 sales and 3.5%, while the VW Vento is back up 3 ranks on March to #6 at 2,450 units and 3.2%

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Full April 2014 Top 10 models and Top 30 brands Ranking Tables below.

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Sweden April 2014: Volvo XC60 strong again

VOLVO XC60 D4 163ch AWDVolvo XC60

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New car sales in Sweden continue at full steam ahead: up another 14% year-on-year in April to 27,543 registrations which brings the year-to-date total to 95,346 units, up 19% on 2013. Volvo and Volkswagen monopolise the Top 7 this month, with the Volvo V70 unsurprisingly in the lead at a strong 8.2% share followed by the VW Golf (5.1%) and Passat (4.6%).

Volvo XC90 Sweden April 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frIt’s runout time for the Volvo XC90 before the new generation arrives later this year.

In 4th position the Volvo XC60 delivers another very strong month at 1,196 sales and 4.3% which is its third best-ever market share at home below December 2013 (4.8%) and January 2014 (4.6%), and its 2nd best-ever ranking: only in December last year has it ranked higher (#2). Notice also the VW Polo up 7 spots on March to #7, the Fiat Ducato up 15 to #8 (the mobile-home effect?), the Mitsubishi Outlander also up 15 to #21, the Kia Picanto up from outside the Top 70 in March to #27 this month, the Skoda Rapid up 19 to #36 and the Volvo XC90 up 25 to #42.

Saab 9-3 Sweden 2013Like a phoenix, the Saab 9-3 is reborn from its ashes.

Brand-wise, below Volvo (20.7% share) and Volkswagen (15.4%), BMW is up one spot on March to a fantastic third position with 6.1% share, followed by Audi up two ranks to #4 and Toyota down two to #5. Skoda is up 4 spots to #6 and 4.9% share, Fiat up two to #11 and 3.3% share vs. 2% year-to-date, Saab continues its slow rebuild at #29 with 47 new gen 9-3 sold, up 683% on March while Chevrolet has officially died in Sweden: down 98% year-on-year to just 3 units sold this month.

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Full April 2014 Top 35 All-brands and Top 50 models Ranking Tables below.

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Iceland (brands) April 2014: Ford and Volkswagen lead

Ford Kuga Iceland March 2014. Picture courtesy of autobild.deFord is the #1 brand in Iceland this month.

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The Icelandic new car market continues on its recovery, up 21% year-on-year in April to 768 registrations which brings the year-to-date total to 1,828 units, up 41% on 2013. Ford is the most popular carmaker in the country this month thanks to 116 sales and 15.1% share, way above the 8.9% it commands year-to-date. Volkswagen is up two spots on March to 2nd place at 109 units and 14.2% vs. 11.3% year-to-date while Toyota is kicked down to #3 with just 80 sales and 10.4% share but keeps its year-to-date pole position by far at 369 units and 14.3%. Notice also Suzuki up 6 spots to #5, Mercedes up 6 to #7, Subaru up 5 to #10 and Jaguar Land Rover also up 5 to #15.

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One year ago: Iceland April 2013: Skoda Octavia and Chevrolet Spark dominate

Full April 2014 Top 30 All-brands Ranking Table below.

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Photo Report: The cars of Kashgar, South-Western China

Kashgari man Jonway UFO A380Kashgari man and Jonway UFO A380

After exploring the extraordinary pick-up landscape in Kashgar, some 3.400km away from Beijing in South-Western China, we now go into its overall car landscape. In Chinese classification, we have gone from first-tier city (Beijing), 2nd-tier (Chongqing), 3rd-tier (Ürümqi) and now with Kashgar we are at county-level. Although there is now way we can generalise the observations I made in each city to the whole of the country, its gives us a slice of what the Chinese car market looks like as we get into smaller cities and into the countryside, and the differences are massive.

ChangAn EadoChangAn Eado in Kashgar Old Town

In Kashgar the new car to total landscape ratio is much smaller than in Ürümqi, but similarly around 40% of traffic is Chinese – buses and taxis not included. So even though we are the furthest we can be from Beijing, loyalty to local brands is still way stronger than in the capital. However at this stage it is impossible to say whether national loyalty is more of a necessity than a choice: at equal spec, a Chinese model tends to be much cheaper than a foreign one. As usual there is no black and white answer and I would say it is a 60% necessity and 40% choice split.

Kashgar BazaarKashgar Sunday bazaar

Tellingly, the composition of the landscape varies greatly from Ürümqi, especially on the non-Chinese side, with a lot more new Korean models and old VW Santanas. When you add the fact that almost all taxis are either Santana or Santana Vista and that taxis represent roughly 1 in every 4 cars in circulation in Kashgar, that’s a lot of old VWs on the streets indeed.

VW Santana new and oldTwo generations of VW Santana

If taxi companies seem to be moving on to new Jetta (more) and new Santana (less), the public is yet to be convinced. The valiant 1986 Santana is still by very far the most common private Volkswagen, a testimony of almost two decades of domination of the Chinese sales charts and 3 million units produced. Watching the Kashgari car landscape reminds you that the Santana is the car that kick started the Chinese automotive industry, and this observation shows a lot of Santana buyers in Kashgar haven’t had the need or the budget to replace them yet. When it ain’t broke, why replace it?

VW Jetta taxiVW Jetta taxi

If I estimated the new Jetta to lead the Ürümqi sales charts, I only saw a couple of private new Jetta and Santana in Kashgar, and a few more new Lavida, Sagitar, Magotan and Passat, but Volkswagen is nowhere near the market share it held in Beijing, Chongqing and Ürümqi. This makes the decision to build a factory and start assembling Santanas in Ürümqi to regain the budget end of the market in the Xinjiang Uyghur province all the more relevant.

VW SantanaFirst generation VW Santana in Kashgar Old Town

Another observation that chips away at the Volkswagen Group’s domination nationally is the near-absence of Audis in Kashgar, in frank contrast with Beijing and Chongqing, even though we started witnessing the brand’s decline in Ürümqi. That doesn’t mean there are no luxury cars in Kashgar, but the choice of wealthier car buyers seems to be more oriented towards higher-end Japanese models like the Toyota Land Cruiser, Prado, Highlander, Crown or Camry.

Nissan TiidaThe Nissan Tiida is among the top-sellers in Kashgar

There are nearly no new Fords here except a few new gen Kuga and as mentioned earlier more Hyundais and Kias. But the biggest difference with the rest of the cities I visited so far is the surprising strength of Nissan, potentially the #1 brand outright in town, fighting with Wuling. There is a very strong heritage of Tiida and a lot of Livina and Qashqai as well. Honda is selling a very large number of new gen CR-V and Suzuki is the third over performing Japanese brand in town with lots of Lingyang and already quite a few S-Cross spotted.

Chery QQ Kashgar 3Popular: two Chery QQ in Kashgar old town

Among Chinese manufacturers, the particularity of Kashgar is the solid heritage of Chery QQ, especially in the Old Town where they basically form half of the car landscape – note the Old Town is getting smaller and smaller though. Although I spotted 3 new gen QQ, the diminutive model seems to have lost the battle of the minis to the ChangAn Benben Mini lately. Chery stays strong in new cars through the E5, Tiggo 5 and Cowin 1.

Shanghai Englon SC7Shanghai Englon SC7

That’s it for the brands, now onto the best-selling new cars in Kashgar. As always it is extremely difficult to estimate this with any kind of reliability based on just the cars I saw in 72 hours, but here goes. I would say the Wuling Hongguang, Nissan Tiida, Kia K2, Chana Taurustar and Shanghai Englon SC7 are all fighting for the top spot.

Wuling HongguangWuling Hongguang

If most models were also strong in Ürümqi, it is fascinating to notice the progressive gearing-up of the Wuling Hongguang the more we go into the hinterland, confirming that its national pole position has a lot to do with success outside the biggest cities in the country.

Great Wall Voleex C30Watching the Great Wall C30s go by…

Other models that could pretend at a Top 10 spot in Kashgar include the Honda CR-V, Chana Minibus, ChangAn CX20, Kia Sportage previous and current gen, both still on sale in China, Great Wall Voleex C30, Chana Honor, GAC Trumpchi GS5, Nissan Qashqai, Honda City and Landwind X5. That’s 8 Chinese models vs. 7 non-Chinese, confirming the strength of local brands in the Chinese hinterland.

Chana MinibusChana Minibus

Other popular new models in Kashgar include the SsangYong Korando, Shanghai Englon SC6, Chevrolet Sail, ChangAn Eado, Hyundai Tucson, Great Wall Voleex C10 and Haval M4, BYD F3 Surui, GAC Gonow Aooseed G5, Jonway UFO A380, Hyundai ix35 and Elantra Yuedong. Let’s also note quite a few Chevrolet Malibu, ChangAn CS35, BYD S6, JAC Refine S5 and Liebao/Leopaard Q6 (aka Mitsubishi Pajero). I also spotted one Hyundai Mistra already as well as two Ford F150 Raptor, my first Liebao CS6, two Linian S1 and one Iran Khodro Sahir (aka Samand). Remember we are closer to Tehran than Beijing!

GAC Trumpchi GS5GAC Trumpchi GS5

Lastly a lot of you have asked about pollution levels in Chinese cities. Well in Kashgar a mix of questionable exhaust fumes and heavy dust had me yearn for a shower at the end of each day like rarely I ever have in my life! It’s simple, the mere fact of stepping outside instantly covers you with a thin layer of dust and as far as cars are concerned the only time they are clean is within 5 minutes of having been washed – at most.

Kashgar Electric scootersElectric scooters in Kashgar

Kashgar’s solution to pollution for now is to seemingly make all scooters available here electric. The fact is there are way more scooters than cars in town so it gives for a weirdly futuristic experience of walking down the street with completely silent scooters whizzing past all around you at breakneck speed… Some electric scooter brands I noticed include Huawin, Benod, Hong Psi, Xuanma, Yadea and Luvju.

That’s all for Kashgar! I hope you enjoyed. Next we go on the legendary Karakoram Highway to stop just short off the Pakistani border, so stay tuned!

The full Photo Report (33 photos) continues below.

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Egypt March 2014: Chevrolet TFR #1, Peugeot 2008 inside Top 50

Chevrolet TFR Dabbabah Egypt March 2014Chevrolet “Dabbabah” TFR

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The Egyptian market confirms it is on the road to recovery with sales up 34% year-on-year in March to 22,943 registrations, bringing the First Quarter result to 62,817 units, up 27% on 2013. For the second time this year after January and coinciding with an all-new model being launched in the country, the Chevrolet TFR (aka Isuzu D-Max), nicknamed “Dabbabah” here (the tank), takes the lead of the sales charts thanks to 2,020 sales and 8.8% share. However this is not enough to dislodge the valiant Hyundai Verna (an Accent from two generations ago) from its year-to-date pole position at 5,714 units vs. 5,910.

Peugeot 2008 Egypt March 2014. Picture courtesy of livelifedrive.comGood start for the Peugeot 2008 in Egypt

The Nissan Sunny resists in third place and 6.8% share while the Geely Emgrand 7 continues to impress month after month at #4 with 1,228 sales and 5.4%, its 8th consecutive month within the Egyptian Top 4. Further down, the Hyundai ix35 is up a massive 63 spots on February to land in 9th position with 2.9% share while the Peugeot 301 maintains itself inside the Top 10 at #10 and now also ranks 10th year-to-date. Notice also the Skoda Octavia up 17 ranks to #16, the Citroen C-Elysée up 25 to #35, the Opel Insignia up 7 to #39 and the Peugeot 2008 landing at a beautiful 41st place for its very first appearance in the Egyptian sales charts.

Previous month: Egypt February 2014: Nissan Sunny stays on podium

One year ago: Egypt March 2013: Geely Emgrand 7 up to 6th place!

Full March 2014 Top 147 All-models Ranking Table below.

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Philippines March 2014: Toyota up 38% to just under 40% share

Toyota Vios Philippines March 2014. Picture courtesy of carguide.phToyota holds 39.7% of the Filipino car market this month.

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New car sales in the Philippines continue on their impressive and continuous growth in March: up 22% year-on-year to 22,181 registrations which brings the First Quarter total to a record 60,133 units compared to 49,558 at the same time last year, at the time also a record. Toyota is on fire: up 38% to nearly hit 40% market share (39.7% exactly) thanks to 8,807 sales. Once again that’s more than double the #2 Mitsubishi up 20% to 4,345 units. Most impressive year-on-year gains go to Chevrolet (+153%) and Kia (+87%).

Previous month: Philippines February 2014: Ford and Chevrolet most impressive

One year ago: Philippines March 2013: Market at record levels

Full March 2014 Top 20 brands Ranking Table below.

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Photo Report: The cars of Ürümqi, Xinjiang Uyghur, Western China (Part 2/2)

Hyundai VernaHyundai Verna in Ürümqi (click on any picture to enlarge)

This is Part 2 of my Ürümqi Photo Report, you can check out Part 1 about the surprising strength of budget Chinese brands here.

Yesterday I reported on how the Shanghai Englon SC7, SC3 and SC6, Dongfeng Fengshen S30 and H30 Cross and the Great Wall Voleex C30 all stroke a chord with Ürümqi car buyers, shedding light on the preferences of the capital province furthest away from Beijing. However these models, although ranked high, would struggle to top the Ürümqi sales charts outright.

Urumqi Street SceneÜrümqi centre

The new generation VW Jetta is particularly successful here and I would bet on it holding the pole position in Ürümqi based on what I saw in 24 hours, keeping in mind remained within the centre of town most of the time which puts a bias on my observations.

VW Jetta TaxiVW Jetta Ürümqi taxi

Still in line with the budget trend described in Part 1, the Jetta should be battling with the Hyundai Elantra Yuedong (previous generation) for the top spot. Korean carmakers are more successful here than they were in Chongqing and Beijing, with the Hyundai Verna, Kia K2, Sportage, K3 and Hyundai Elantra Langdong (current gen) also very popular in this order.

Kia K3Kia K3

VW SantanaThe VW Santana is now assembled in Ürümqi

The new generation VW Santana, assembled in town since August 2013, is starting to show its bonnet as well and will almost certainly reach the podium in the coming year. Other models towards the budget end of the scale I noticed more often here include the Chevrolet Sail and Skoda Octavia.

Nissan SylphyNissan Sylphy

Nissan confirms it is the favourite Japanese brand nationally by a very strong presence in Ürümqi, notably of the recently launched Sunny and Sylphy. The Qashqai is a lot more frequent than anywhere I’ve been before. Weirdly in China it is still a slightly facelifted version of the very first model, not the one sold in Europe until early this year and not even close to the 2nd generation yet.

Toyota PradoToyota Prado

A few “off-budget trend” observations, I have called them “steppe trends” as they tend to be similar to what I observed in Siberia and Mongolia last year, two regions that are not too far from Ürümqi. The Buick Encore has started with a bang here and is already very frequent in town, as is the new generation Hyundai Santa Fe. I also spotted more Toyota Land Cruiser and Prado than their national sales would suggest, as well as one Ford F150 Raptor and one Toyota Tundra!

Renault KoleosSurprise: Ürümqi car buyers are very fond of the Renault Koleos.

One very interesting observation that will please French fans: I was very surprised to see many Renault Koleos in town, about 10 in only a few hours. Given they have to be imported at high cost, this is a very encouraging trend for the French manufacturer which will start production in China shortly. Similarly to neighbouring Russia and Kazakhstan, the Renault Duster should sell like hot cakes here!

Honda AccordHonda Accord near Ürümqi Bazaar

Finally Honda (considered as premium in China) is very strong here with the City, Crosstour, Accord and particularly the CR-V all hitting the mark. Range Rover is doing a killing here especially with the new model and the Evoque. There is still a healthy amount of Audis notably the A6L but way less than in Beijing and Chongqing. However this may change soon as Ürümqi gets wealthier and Audi launches cheaper products: I even saw my first A3 sedan of the whole trip here.

Next we go further out: into the hinterland of the hinterland… So stay tuned…

More photos below.

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Malaysia March 2014: Toyota close to 17% share

Toyota Vios Malaysia March 2014The new Vios helped Toyota up to 16.8% share this month.

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The Malaysian new car market is up 2% year-on-year in March to 58,919 registrations, bringing the First Quarter total to 159,910 units, up just 1% on 2013. Perodua at 27.7% share and Proton at 20.9% are very close to their year-to-date levels (27.5% and 20.5% respectively), but Toyota shoots up to 16.8% share thanks to 9,886 sales in March vs. 15.1% so far in 2013. Boosted by strong sales of the all-new Vios, can Toyota threaten Proton for the 2nd spot overall later this year? The entire Top 8 brands are identical in March vs. year-to-date. Let’s also salute Kia back up 6 spots on February to #9 and Chevrolet up two to #8

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One year ago: Malaysia March 2013: Market back up 8%

Full March 2014 Top 45 All-brands Ranking Table below.

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Uruguay (brands) March 2014: Fiat up to second place

Fiat Siena Uruguay March 2014The Siena was Fiat’s best-seller in Uruguay in 2013.

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New car sales in Uruguay are stable in March to an estimated 4,151 registrations, bringing the First Quarter total to 12,977 units, up 5% on 2013 which was already a record year. Chevrolet remains the most popular carmaker in the country with 502 sales and 12.1% share, but this month Fiat is only 11 units below at 491 and 11.8%. Volkswagen remains #3 at 8.7% but #2 year-to-date at 9.3% while Suzuki is up one spot on February to #4. Up to a record 2nd place last month, Chinese carmaker Chery is back down to #8 in March but still ranks at an excellent 5th place so far in 2014. FAW (#10), BYD (#11), Geely (#13) and Dongfeng (#15) are the other Chinese brands inside the Uruguayan Top 15 this month.

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Previous month: Uruguay February 2014: Chery up to 2nd place and 9.3% share!

Full March 2014 Top 45 All-brands Ranking Table below.

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Auto China – Beijing 2014: First impressions

Zotye fun Beijing 2014bRemember when Auto Shows were fun and carmakers didn’t take themselves too seriously?

Today was the Press Day of Auto China 2014 in Beijing, the biggest annual Chinese Auto Show alternatively hosted in Shanghai and Beijing. My first striking impression is that even though China is now by far the biggest car market in the world and on target to equal the US and Europe put together by 2030, this is still mainly an Auto Show by Chinese carmakers for Chinese journalists. Non-Chinese colleagues are a small minority for the most part confined to Western brands stands, and it is very difficult to find staff at any carmaker stand (Chinese or otherwise) that speaks English, making the ‘Press’ in Press Day pretty much a one way street: taking pictures without asking much.

Dongfeng love Beijing 2014Dongfeng Love

If you are a regular BSCB reader you will know my particular interest for Chinese brands and their fast evolution at home, so I was literally like a kid in a candy store all day. I will cover each Chinese brand exhibited at the Beijing Auto 2014 in much more detail shortly. Let’s just say that their enthusiasm, abundance of new models and (for some) fun launch mise-en-scènes reminded me of a lost time (at least in Europe and the States) when carmakers were all about celebration without taking themselves too seriously. And you will see the fun Chinese carmakers are not the ones you’d expect – actually I’m not sure I actually expected any of them to be fun at all.

JAC glamour Beijing 2014JAC Glamour (I never thought I’d write these two words in the same sentence)

To me today the Chinese manufacturer that seemed to have the most fun at the Show was small carmaker Zotye. From models interacting with the audience in a natural way (see the first picture of this report) to salesmen greeting you with a genuine smiley face (and voice), actually interested in knowing what you think of the cars, opening the ones that were supposed to be closed “just for you” and wowed when learning I would publish some pictures of their cars on my blog, this was a very refreshing stand indeed.

BAIC Senova D60 AeroBAIC Senova D60 Aero

Dont mess with my Dongfeng Beijing 2014Don’t mess with my Dongfeng

Dongfeng was not far behind, with models either playfully glamourous or self-depreciatingly serious (see above), JAC compensated their so-so cars with overly sultry models, Venucia was way more youthfully slick than I was expecting and GAC surprised me with their huge stand, aggressive cars and very official Transformers endorsement complete with Michael Bay videos and actual Transformers characters strolling the alleys of the Show.

Matt BumblebeeGood old me with Bumblebee

Haval Dakar Rally RacecarGreat Wall SUV brand Haval had an impressive display at the Show.

Haima unveiled its all-new S5 SUV with a live show from local popstar and The Voice of China runner-up Wu Mochou featuring a video clip of her song perfectly integrating the car (I will publish the video shortly), while Great Wall chose to not exhibit any passenger cars and instead produced an enormous stand for its SUV brand Haval, with lots of surprises in it.

Beyonce Toyota Beijing 2014Beyonce endorses Toyota in China (and Japan).

In the Western world car celebrity endorsements are almost a thing of the past. Not so in China. Beyonce was everywhere you set your eyes on through enormous billboards of her Toyota Yaris L and Vios endorsement, Peugeot made sure you knew they signed tennis player Novak Djokovic and Lifan had Portuguese superstar soccer player Luis Figo on their stand which triggered a mini-riot among the Chinese press!

Honqi H7 detail Beijing 2014Hongqi H7 grille detail

Luxury FAW brand Hongqi lived up to its reputation with a very sophisticated stand, a PHEV version of its H7 flagship and a new L5 “revival” treated with the reverence you normally see on a Lamborghini stand.

Toyota Levin Beijing 2014Toyota Levin

If journalists may not have caught up with the fact that China is the present and future of the car industry, worldwide manufacturers have, thank you very much. The Lincoln MKX Concept is the first ever Lincoln revealed outside the US, Chevrolet unveiled a new Cruze which, granted, looks like a Ford Focus from the front but is way better than the grossly made-up US Cruze revealed in New York earlier this week, and while still selling both the 9th and 10th generation Corolla in China, Toyota launched its 11th iteration along with the Levin, looking suspiciously similar to the US Corolla. 4 Corolla variants in one country yes, but only in China.

Denza EV Beijing 2014Denza EV – Why do most EV cars have to look fugly?

There were a few disappointments too. BYD-Daimler unveiled the first model of their new EV brand Denza, and in my view it just confirmed that EV cars will have to be forced down consumers’ throat and wallet if all manufacturers continue to make them so ugly (Tesla is the exception here).

DS 6WR Beijing 2014The DS 6WR is just an SUV version of the DS 5LS (pictured behind). Oh I miss the Wild Rubis!

The much awaited all-new and only-for-China DS 6WR SUV, supposedly inspired by the mouth-watering Wild Rubis concept, turned out to be a mere 4WDish variant of the relatively featureless DS 5LS sedan. Its 4 cylinder engine and common looks made one French colleague of mine compare the 6WR to – shock, horror – the Dacia Duster… I won’t go that far. Let’s hope the Chinese will succumb to its charms nevertheless.

Mitsubishi embarrassment Beijing 2014 v2Someone please give Mitsubishi a designer. Now!

Finally, not that it was really a surprise, Mitsubishi presented a dumbfounding PHEV ‘concept’ that made even the model posing next to it embarrassed…

Stay tuned for the complete coverage of the Beijing Auto Show 2014!