South Korea September 2014: New Kia Sorento shoots up to #3

Kia Sorento South Korea September 2014. Picture courtesy of ajunews.comKia Sorento

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Sales of new local models in South Korea are up a very solid 10% year-on-year in South Korea to 110,660 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 1.051.305 units, up 4% on 2013. Brand-wise, Hyundai is losing ground against its brother company Kia at +3% year-on-year to 47,789 sales vs. +20% to 38,605 for Kia. Chevrolet is stable and therefore losng over one percentage point of market share (from 13.1% in September 2013 to 11,9% this month), Renault Samsung is up 20% and SsangYong up 15%.

Kia Carnival South Korea September 2014. Picture courtesy of hankyung.comKia Carnival

The Hyundai Avante keeps the lead at home for the second straight month thanks to 8,738 sales and 7.9% share, while the year-to-date leader the Hyundai Sonata is #2 once again at 8,287 units and 7.5%, But the big event in September is the third position of the new generation Kia Sorento, by far the nameplate’s best ranking since BSCB started following South Korea monthly in 2010 and its first time in the Top 10 since August 2013. It sells 6,908 units for a 6.2% market share vs. 2% and #17 year-to-date. Although extremely impressive, this surge should flatten out in the next couple of month as the novelty effect wears out, in line with the progression of the new generation Kia Carnival, #2 last July but down to #10 this month.

Notice also the Samsung SM5 up 3 ranks on August to #14 with 2,514 sales, the Chevrolet Malibu up 10 spots to #16 and the Samsung QM3 (aka Renault Captur) back up 20 ranks to #30.

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Full September 2014 Top 52 All-models and Top 5 brands Ranking Tables below.

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South Africa September 2014: Mercedes GLA & CLA both in Top 50

Mercedes GLA South Africa September 2014. Picture courtesy of autoblog.hrMercedes GLA

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In spite of the difficult economic situation currently affecting the country, new car sales in South Africa are actually up year-on-year in September and for the first time so far in 2014 by a very robust 11.5% to 60,854 registrations. This brings the year-to-date total to 482,786 units, down just 1.5% on 2013 which is a great performance in the current context. The VW Polo Vivo is back atop the models sales charts thanks to a very strong 7% market share this month, however this is not enough to dislodge the Toyota Hilux from its year-to-date pedestal at 27,901 units and 5.8% vs. 25,339 and 5.2% for the Polo Vivo. The Ford Ranger manages a second straight month on the South African podium with a brilliant 2,629 sales and 4.3%, while the Toyota Corolla overtakes its lil sis the Etios year-to-date to rank 5th.

VW Polo Vivo South Africa August 2014The VW Polo Vivo is the best-selling model in South Africa this month.

Excellent showing of the locally-produced Mercedes C-Class up 5 spots on August to #8 with 2.5% share, of the Ford Figo up to #9, Ford Fiesta up 6 ranks to #11, Chevrolet Aveo at #19 vs. #29 year-to-date, Honda Brio up 11 to #23, Ford Ikon at #30. Finally, the performance of the month is delivered by German manufacturer Mercedes: it places the GLA compact SUV and the CLA compact sedan, both launched within the past year, inside the Top 50 in September: the former at a record-breaking #45 with 236 sales and the latter just below at #46 with 230 units. A stunning performance for two dearly-priced models in this market.

Datsun Go South Africa September 2014 for . Picture courtesy of What Car IndiaFirst month of sales in South Africa for the Datsun Go

Outside the Top 50, we welcome 3 important launches this month in South Africa. Landing directly at a promising 75th position, the BMW X4 sells 111 units, while the Honda Mobilio arrives exactly at the same level as its rival the Suzuki Ertiga in 105th place with 63 sales. Finally, Datsun returns to Africa with the launch of the Go in South Africa, its third country with official sales so far after India and Indonesia. Very shy for now at just 51 units sold in September but this should improve vastly over the coming months.

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Full September 2014 Top 125 models and Top 33 brands Ranking Tables below.

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USA September 2014 (brands): GM fleet, Jeep, lift market up 9% Big Three back to Top Three!

GMC Sierra USA September 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comGMC Sierra. General Motors sales are up 19% year-on-year in September.

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The US new light vehicle market shoots up a very satisfying 9% year-on-year in September to 1.246.006 registrations, meaning the year-to-date total is now up 5.5% to 12.431.305 units. Off a low Sept. 2013 base, the market is actually cooler than a piping hot month of August in adjusted terms while August was up just 6%: the seasonally adjusted annual sales rate hit 16.4 million, up sharply from 15.4 million a year earlier but well below August’s 17.5 million, the strongest pace since January 2006. Nevertheless, all the positive signs are here: the SAAR has now been above 16 million for 6 straight months and September closes the strongest quarter of sales since 2006. We are now cruising along towards a very encouraging 5th consecutive year of growth for the US market at around 16.5 million units for 2014. Light trucks are pulling the market up: combined sales of pickups, crossovers, SUVs and vans are up 17% vs. just 2% for cars in September, 10% vs. 1% year-to-date!

Chevrolet Impala USA September 2014. Picture courtesy of Motor TrendChevrolet Impala. General Motors fleet sales are up 30% year-on-year in September.

Group-wise, General Motors is without a doubt the performer of the month with overall sales up a tremendous 19% to 223,437 units and playing a large part in the overall health of the market. This is the group’s strongest year-on-year gain since the 20% it gained back in September 2011… Retail volumes are up 17% but fleet jump by an astounding 30%. GMC is up 28%, Chevrolet up 20%, Buick up 12% and Cadillac is the odd one out with flat sales. Segment-wise, GM’s light truck division delivered a massive 42% growth vs. just 6% for cars. Ford Motor Company is back up to 2nd place but down a harsh 3% while Toyota Motor Co. is down to #4 with sales up just 2% year-on-year.

Ram 1500 USA September 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comThe Fiat Chrysler Group is back into the Top 3 with sales up 19%, Ram up 35%.

The other winner in September is the Fiat Chrysler Group, up 19% to 169,890 sales and jumping back into third group overall above Toyota for the first time in over 3 years! This marks the 54th consecutive month of year-on-year improvement for the Fiat Chrysler Group. Keeping in mind Chrysler has been trailing the #3 spot by as much as 50,000 units during some months in 2014, this is no mean feat and means the Big Three are back to the Top Three position at home in the US for the first time since 2011. A momentous time indeed. In the brand detail inside the Fiat Chrysler Group, Jeep is up another 47%, Ram up 35% with pickups up 30%, heck even the Chrysler brand is up 14% while Fiat is up 6% and Dodge down 9%. Here again light truck are by far the strongest division at +30% vs. -7% for cars.

VW Jetta USA September 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comA refreshed Jetta didn’t prevent Volkswagen from lodging a 18th straight month of decline.

Other very healthy manufacturers this month in the US include Honda Motor Co. up 12%, Nissan Motor Co. up 18%, Subaru continuing to smash all records at +31% and now raising its 2014 Full Year target to a historical 500,000 units and Mitsubishi up 39%. Reveresely, Volkswagen endured its 18th straight month of decline at -19% (while Audi keeps getting stronger at +14%), Infiniti is down 13% and Mini down 20%.

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Full September 2014 Top 15 groups, Top 40 brands Ranking Tables below.

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China 8 months 2014: Discover the Top 366 models ranking!

Wuling Hongguang China August 2014. Picture courtesy of bitauto.comAfter just 8 months, the Wuling Hongguang has already broken the all-time Passenger Car annual sales record it set in 2013…

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As is the tradition on BSCB, after exploring the monthly ranking for China, we go into the year-to-date sales charts to try and extract longer-term trends. After 8 months the Chinese new car market is up a robust 11% on 2013 to 12,459,500 units, excluding LCVs. The first striking observation when looking at this year’s models ranking is the Wuling Hongguang now totalling 483,159 units after just 8 months – more than double its result from a year ago after a sales re-adjustment. This projects into around 775,000 sales by the time 2014 comes to an end as the last few month of the calendar year are traditionally the busiest in China. But more significantly it means the Hongguang has already surpassed its Full Year 2013 tally (448,484 units) which was then an all-time annual sales record for any Passenger Car since the creation of automobile! Talk about a smashed record…

VW Tiguan China August 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comThe VW Tiguan is now among the 10 best-selling passenger cars in China.

The VW Lavida (332,813) and Ford Focus (260,993) remain on the podium but slow down their growth due to declines in August. The rest of the Top 6 is 100% Volkswagen like last month with the Santana up 104% to #4, the Sagitar up 12% to #5 and the Jetta up 27% to #6, now all above 200,000 sales. The Haval H6 remains the best-selling SUV in the country thanks to sales up 52% to a record 195,372 units in 7th place. The only change in the year-to-date Top 10 is the VW Tiguan up two spots on last month to #10 with 168,234 units (+26%), relegating the Chevrolet Cruze into #12 while the Buick Excelle XT/GT and VW Bora overtake the VW Passat to rank #12 and #13 respectively. The Hyundai Elantra Langdong is back to being the brand’s best-seller and now ranks above the Verna and the Chevy Sail at #15.

BYD S6 China August 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruThe BYD S6 is the 8th Chinese Passenger Car inside the Top 50 so far in 2014.

There are 8 Chinese models inside the Top 50 like last month: below the Hongguang and Haval H6, the ChangAn Eado is up one spot to #26 (+88%), the Chana Honor remains #31 (+78%), the Dongfeng Future is down one to #33 (+20%), the Emgrand EC7 stays at #38 (-30%) as does the Venucia D50/R50 stable at #48 (+14%) while the BYD S6 (#49) replaces the ChangAn CS35 (#52) and the Roewe 350 is down 4 spots to #50. Close behind we have the Dongfeng Joyear (#51), BYD F3 (#55) and Great Wall M4 (#56).

Honda Jade China August 2014. Picture courtesy of Honda Jade is one of 6 all-new models in the Chinese Top 100.

As far as newcomers are concerned, with the new generation Ford Mondeo now one year-old, there is only one all-new nameplate inside the Top 50: the Hyundai Mistra gaining one spot to #34 with 83,944 sales. The next best thing is the Chery Tiggo 5 at #65 with 55,871 units (+2), followed by the Toyota Yaris L at #70 (-2), the Peugeot 301 at #71 (stable), Chery E3 at #83 (-2) and the Honda Jade at #93 (+5). Other notable new models atop the Chinese ranking this year include the Zotye T600 at #118, the Suzuki S-Cross at #123, the Chevrolet Trax at #140, the Peugeot 2008 at #144, Audi A3 at #181, the Baojun 730 landing directly at #183 and the Fiat Ottimo at #192.

10. Wuling Light TruckWuling Light Truck in Kashgar – Xingjiang Uyghur

Thanks to LMC Automotive, we now also have access to the best-selling Light Commercial Vehicles in the country for August, and this time the Wuling Hongguang shoots back up 7 spots on July to #3 overall with 33,481 sales vs. #4 year-to-date while the Wuling Sunshine is down 7 to #10 at just 22,779 units. The Wuling Light Truck is the only mass-selling LCV to perform well over its year-to-date level at #12 with 21,735 sales vs. #23 so far in 2014. Note also the Chana Mini Bus down to #23 vs. #9 year-to-date, the Foton Forland down to #28 vs. #12 but the Beijing Auto Minibus up to #46 vs. #56.

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Full Top 366 passenger cars and Top 50 models Ranking Tables below.

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Egypt August 2014: Chevrolet TFR leads, teases Verna for #1 YTD

Chevrolet TFR Dabbabah Egypt August 2014Chevrolet ‘Dabbabah’ TFR

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Devastated by internal trouble a year ago, the Egyptian new car market is mechanically up 128% year-on-year in August to 26,465 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 182,280 units, up 47% on 2013. Brand-wise, Chevrolet (24.1% share) and Hyundai (16%) move like the market at +127% and +138% respectively, however Toyota (+86%) is outpaced while Nissan is coming in strong at #4 and 9% share. Notice also Kia up 248% to #5 and Suzuki up 147% to #7. The Chevrolet TFR (a rebadged Isuzu D-Max) takes the lead of the Egyptian models ranking in August thanks to an excellent 2,326 sales and 8.8% share, earning it the right to tease the year-to-date #1 the Hyundai Verna at 15,735 sales and 8.6% vs. 15,831 and 8.7% for the Verna. The last months of the year will be fascinating to follow in order to see which of these two will come out the 2014 winner. The new generation Nissan Sunny rounds up the podium like it does year-to-date, while the Chevrolet Lanos is back up 5 spots on July to #4, overtaking the Geely Emgrand 7. Notice also the Hyundai Elantra (#8), Skoda Octavia (#10) and Kia Sportage (#13) clearly overperforming this month.

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Full August 2014 Top 150 All-models and Top 15 brands Ranking Tables below.

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Philippines August 2014: Toyota Wigo up to 7th place

Toyota Wigo Philippines August 2014. Picture courtesy of livelifedrive.comToyota Wigo

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New car sales in the Philippines continue on their record-breaking run: up another 28% year-on-year in August to 20,521 registrations which brings the year-to-date total to 170,921 units, up 25% on 2013 which was already a record year. Toyota continues to be ultra-dominant in the country, even monopolising the models podium this month: the Vios is the best-selling model here by far with a huge 2,197 sales and 10.7% share, ahead of the Innova at 7.9% and the Fortuner at 6.1%, relegating the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport down to 4th position at 5.8% share. There are 4 more Toyotas inside the Top 10, including a newbie: the Wigo (aka Agya) is up to a fantastic 7th place thanks to 818 sales and 4% share, along with the Hiace (#5), Avanza (#9) and Hilux (#10). Notice also the Mitsubishi Mirage G4 at #12, the Ford Ecosport up to #13 vs. #25 year-to-date and the Chevrolet Spin at #31 vs. #40.

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Full August 2014 Top 140 models Ranking Table below.

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Uruguay August 2014: Suzuki remains in 2nd place with 10.8%

Suzuki Ciaz Uruguay August 2014. Picture courtesy of Top GearSuzuki just unveiled the Ciaz in Uruguay

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The Uruguayan new car market is down a harsh 16% year-on-year in August to 4,198 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 34,709 units, down 4% on 2013. Chevrolet remains the most popular brand in the country with a very stable 11.8% market share (vs. 11.9% year-to-date) while Suzuki improves further on an already very strong month of July at 454 sales and 10.8% share in 2nd position vs. #4 and 8.1% so far in 2014. Volkswagen (8.9%) overtakes Fiat (8.1%) and Nissan stays 5th at 7.4%. As far as Chinese manufacturers are concerned, Chery is two spots on July to #6, BYD is down one to #11, Lifan up 5 to #13, Geely up two to #15 and Chana down one to #17. All-in-all, the Chinese hold ‘just’ 21.1% of the Uruguayan market in August vs. 28% year-to-date.

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Full August 2014 Top 40 brands Ranking Table below.

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Canada August 2014: Jeep, Lincoln, Porsche up in record market

Lincoln MKC Canada August 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comLincoln MKC – Lincoln sales are up 90% year-on-year in Canada this month.

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The Canadian new car market is setting new records almost every month this year: up a further 8% year-on-year in August to 171,744 registrations, the best August in history in the country, lifting the year-to-date total to a record-breaking 1,258,337 units. Canada overtakes France to rank #9 largest car market in the world so far in 2014 below Russia. Ford (+1%), Toyota (+7%), Honda (-3%), Hyundai (+4%) and Chevrolet (-1%) dominate the brands sales charts as they do in the same order year-to-date, but it’s below that we can witness some spectacular progressions: Nissan is up 36% to #6, Ram up 18% to #7, Jeep more than doubles its sales vs. August 2013 at +139% and 7,192 units, BMW is up 26% to #15, Mitsubishi up 49% to #18, Audi up 32% to #19, Buick up 21% to #20, Lincoln up 90% to #25 and Porsche up 66% to #27 thanks to the Macan, now the brand’s best-seller in Canada.

Hyundai Sonata Canada August 2014. Picture courtesy of caranddriver.comHyundai Sonata sales are up 120% year-on-year in Canada this month.

The Top 4 best-selling models are identical to July and year-to-date with the Ford F-Series leading the way as usual, up a massive 18% year-on-year, ahead of the Ram Pick-up (+14%), Honda Civic (+1%) and Dodge Grand Caravan, up an impressive 29%. The Ford Escape is up 22% to #5, the Toyota Corolla up 18% to #7, Toyota RAV4 up 32% to #11, Nissan Rogue up 74% to #14, Hyundai Accent up 36% to #17, Jeep Wrangler up 48% to #18, VW Golf up 56% to #23 and the Hyundai Sonata is up 120% to #25.

Porsche Macan Canada August 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comPorsche Macan

Further down, notice the Jeep Grand Cherokee up 106% year-on-year to #29, the Chrysler Town & Country up 57 spots on July to #31 vs. #46 year-to-date, the Chevrolet Trax up 56% to #47, the Nissan Micra still strong at #52 and now #77 so far in 2014, the Mitsubishi Lancer up 47% to #56 and Chevrolet Malibu up a huge 117% to #58. The Lincoln MKC breaks into the Canadian Top 100 for the first time and for its third month of sales at #95, the Audi Q3 lands directly at #114 with 282 sales, the Porsche Macan remains the brand’s best-seller at #140, the BMW X4 is up 22 ranks on July to #183 and the Ford Transit up 34 to #201.

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Full August 2014 Top 250 models and Top 34 brands Ranking Tables below.

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USA 8 months 2014: Discover the Top 273 best-selling models!

Chevrolet Silverado USA August 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comThe Chevrolet Silverado is back into positive territory year-to-date.

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After exploring the monthly US ranking, as is the tradition on BSCB we now study the year-to-date ranking to try and extract longer-term trends. As a reminder the US new light vehicle market is is great shape so far in 2014: up 5% year-on-year over the first 8 months to 11.19 million units. And things keep getting better with August hitting a seasonally adjusted annualised sales rate (SAAR) of 17.5 million, the highest since January 2006! Brand-wise, below Ford down 1% to 1.64 million sales, Toyota is now breathing on Chevrolet’s neck at 1,386,729 units (+6%) vs. 1,388,993 (+2%), and with a 22,000 unit-advantage in August alone, the Japanese carmaker could overtake its American counterpart as early as next month.

Nissan Sentra USA August 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comNissan is starting to threaten Honda for 4th place overall in the US brands ranking.

Nissan excels at +13% to a record-breaking 883,274 units, remaining in 5th place but now trailing Honda by only 53,000 sales vs. 162,000 one year ago. Jeep is still the fastest growing mass brand by very far at +45% to an all-time high 461,156 units in 7th place. Other great gainers this year so far in the US include Subaru at #10 (+19%), Ram at #12 (+24%), Lexus at #17 (+16%) and catching up with Mercedes (+9%) and BMW (+12%), Audi at #20 (+15%), Mitsubishi at #25 (+29%) and Maserati at #34 (+319%). Reversely, only Ford (-1%), Honda (-1%), Volkswagen (-13%) and Chrysler (-9%) lose ground in the Top 20.

2015 Ford F150Ford is entering the all-important changeover period to the aluminum-body 2015 F150.

Model-wise, the Ford F-Series is down 0.4% at 497,174 units and is entering its challenging changeover period to the aluminium-body 2015 F-150, set to begin arriving in showrooms in November. Ford’s main truck plant in Dearborn, Michigan is idled until late October in preparation for the launch. According to Automotive News, Ford dialled back F-Series incentives to conserve inventory ahead of the changeover, in case it does not go as smoothly as hoped. The old and new F-150 will continue to be manufactured concurrently for a short period of time to avoid any potential output breakdown for the nameplate as a whole. Having said that I just saw a $13,000 rebate advertised on the F-150 in Texas, its strongest state…

RAM 1500 USA August 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comThe Ram Pickup is the biggest gainer in the US Top 12 so far in 2014 at +21%.

General Motors is trying to make the most of this situation: for September, Chevrolet is offering special leases and rebates under a Truck Month promotion and dangling bonus cash for Chevrolet dealers who hit Silverado retail sales targets, said Automotive News. GM will pay a bonus of $1,300 for every sale of 2014 and ’15 pickups to dealers who hit their U.S. targets. In August and for the first time in 2014, the GM full-size pickups (Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra) outsold the F-Series at 69,048 vs. 68,109. The Silverado is even back into positive territory year-to-date (+1%) thanks to an incentive-fuelled 13% surge in August. The Ram pickup is however still the gaining champion in the Top 12 at a cool +21% partly thanks to the new diesel variants like Albert, the one I am currently driving across the country.

Toyota Corolla USA August 2014. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comThe Toyota Corolla is up 13% year-on-year in 2014.

The other great gainers in the Top 20 are the Toyota Corolla, logically up 13% and two spots year-on-year thanks to the new generation to go up to #6, the Toyota RAV4 up 24% and now #13, the Ford Explorer up 17% to #18 and the Nissan Rogue up 21% to #19, now looking at breaking into the annual US Top 20 for the very first time by the time 2014 comes to an end. Let’s also salute the Nissan Sentra up 42% to #22, the Subaru Forester up 43% to #27, Kia Soul up 26% to #29, Mazda CX-5 up 29% to #48, Hyundai Santa Fe up 25% to #50, Toyota 4Runner up 46% to #66, Acura MDX up 44% to #78, Lexus IS up 77% to #91 and the Buick Encore up 65% to #93.

Lincoln MKC USA August 2014Lincoln MKC

As far as new nameplates are concerned, the Jeep Cherokee is head and shoulders above the rest, now inside the Top 25 thanks to 113,933 sales. The next best thing is now the Mercedes CLA at #139 and 15,676 units but it will disappear next month as it launched in September 2013. The Mitsubishi Mirage (#161) and Ram ProMaster (#175) are the only other newcomers inside the Top 200. They could be joined next month by the Lincoln MKC up 13 ranks to #203 and the Porsche Macan up 8 to #207. The Volvo V60 and Chevrolet SS have not convinced: they are already down to #210 and #237 respectively. Good starts for the Acura TLX landing directly at #234 and the BMW i3 up 7 to #236.

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Full 8 months 2014 Top 273 models and Top 40 brands Ranking Tables below.

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South Africa August 2014: Toyota Hilux back in charge

Toyota-Hilux South Africa August 2014.-Picture-courtesy-of-saudishift.com_Toyota Hilux

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The South African new car market is holding pretty well given the difficult context in which it is currently evolving (social unrest and galloping car price inflation), down just 1% year-on-year in August to 55,722 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 421,932 units, down 4% on 2013. After two months in second place below the VW Polo, the Toyota Hilux is back in charge of the South African models ranking in August thanks to 3,238 sales and 5.8% share, cementing its year-to-date pole position at 23,994 units and 5.7% vs. 21,076 and 5.1% for the VW Polo Vivo, also back to #2 this month. The VW Polo ends its historical run atop the sales charts abruptly: down 3 spots to #4 and just 4.1% share which means the Ford Ranger upgrades to a podium ranking at #3, potentially the nameplate’s best-ever ranking in the country! Notice also the locally-produced BMW 3 Series up 5 ranks on July to #10, the Ford Ecosport solid at #18, Chevrolet Aveo up 9 to #19, Ford Kuga up 5 to #21 and the BMW 1 Series up 15 to #24.

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Full August 2014 Top 100 models and Top 35 brands Ranking Tables below.

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