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Colombia 6 months 2013: Chevrolet Sail new leader, Tracker in Top10

July 25th, 2013 9 comments

Chevrolet Sail Colombia June 2013. Picture courtesy of autoportal.comChevrolet Sail

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Thanks to Juan Felipe we can go on our biannual update of the Colombian new car market, down 13% year-on-year over the first 6 months of 2013 to 140,269 registrations. We are now looking at 290,000 units for the Full Year 2013, which would be down 8% on 2012 but still the third best result in history for Colombia after the 324,570 units reached in 2011 and the 315,968 units from 2012. Big change atop the models ranking: launched at the end of last year to replace all generations of Chevrolet Aveo (leader over the first 6 months of 2012), the Chevrolet Sail takes the lead thanks to 8,268 sales and 5.9% share.

Chevrolet Tracker Colombia June 2013. Picture courtesy of Top 10 ranking for the Chevrolet Tracker (aka Trax)

As a result the Renault Sandero/Stepway, #1 over the Full Year 2012, is kicked down to 2nd place at 6,259 units and 4.5% while the Renault Logan is up 2 spots year-on-year to #3 in spite of sales down 11% to 5,010 sales and 3.6% share. Both Chevrolet Spark GT (-23%) and Hyundai City Taxi (-16%) drop one rank to #4 and #5 respectively, whereas the Renault Duster is up 42% and 5 spots compared to this time last year to #6 at 4,796 units and 3.4% which is the ranking it held over the Full Year 2012.

Renault Sandero Stepway Colombia June 2013The Renault Sandero (no new gen yet) still ranks at an impressive #2.

Another nice surprise for Chevrolet follows: the Tracker (aka Trax) lands directly inside the Top 10 for its first appearance in the Colombian ranking at #7 with an excellent 4,297 sales and 3.1%. Colombia is the first country in the world where this model has managed a Top 10 ranking so far… Last piece of good news for the American manufacturer: the Chevrolet Sonic, #35 over the Full Year 2012, is up to #11 thanks to 2,678 units and 1.9%.

Chery Yoki Colombia June 2013Chery Yoki

Further down, the Nissan March is up 32% and 11 spots to #13, the Chevrolet N300 (aka Wuling Rongguang) remains the most popular ‘Chinese’ model at #18 in spite of sales down 25%, the Renault Clio is up 5917% (!) to #28, the Ford Ecosport up 177% to #30, Kia new Sportage up 198% to #31, Ford Escape up 205% to #32 while the Ford Focus (#49) and Chevrolet Cobalt (#50) are the other two all-new models in the Top 50 over the period. Notice also the Chery Van at #42 (-46%), JAC Veloce at #46 (+11%), DongFeng Van at #47 (+40%) and Chery Yoki up 15933% to #52.

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Full 6 months 2013 Top 70 models and Top 62 All-brands Ranking Tables below.

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Canada 6 months 2013: Ford F-Series on track for another record

July 20th, 2013 9 comments

Ford F350 Canada June 2013The Ford F-Series is on track for a second consecutive record year in Canada.

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New light vehicle sales are up 2% year-on-year halfway through 2013 in Canada to 884,618 registrations. Even more so than in the US, pick-up trucks are pulling the market up. While in 2012 it delivered the best ever annual volume for any vehicle ever on sale in Canada, the Ford F-Series is up a further 17% on this record after 6 months in 2013 to 61,677 sales, improving its market share from 6.1% to 7%! The Dodge RAM does even better, up a crazy 19% year-on-year to a record 41,907 units and 4.7% share…

Dodge RAM Canada June 2013The Dodge RAM delivers its strongest ever first half sales in Canada.

As we have seen in the June update, the fight for the title of best-selling Passenger Car in Canada has not been that close in over a decade: the Hyundai Elantra leads for now, up 13% to 28,863 sales, but the Honda Civic, #1 for the last 15 consecutive years, is only 305 units below at 28,558 (-11%)… The Dodge Grand Caravan is in difficulty at -15% to #5, while the GMC Sierra and Toyota Corolla remain #6 and #7 respectively.

Volkswagen Jetta Canada June 2013VW Jetta sales are up 23% year-on-year so far in 2013.

Other great performers in Canada over the period include the Ford Escape up 13% to #8, Toyota RAV4 up 36% to #11, VW Jetta up 23% to #14, Hyundai Santa Fe up 22% to #16, Ford Fusion up 26% to #18, Honda Accord up a whopping 162% to #24, Mazda CX-5 up 44% to #25, Kia Rio up 28% to #26 and Nissan Sentra up 45% to #28. There are 3 all-new models in the Top 100: the Dodge Dart at #47, Chevrolet Trax at #63 and Subaru XV Crosstrek at #85.

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Full 6 months 2013 Top 260 All-models and Top 38 All-brands Ranking Tables below.

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India 6 months 2013: Maruti DZire & Mahindra Bolero hit records

July 20th, 2013 9 comments

Maruti DZire India June 2013Maruti DZire

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Surprise: over the first half of 2013, the Indian market is down 10% on 2012 to an estimated 1.281 million units when you add  German premium brands. The Maruti Alto is on track to be the most popular vehicle in India for the 9th year straight, even though its sales are down 15% year-on-year to 137,406 units and 10.7% share. The Maruti Swift remains #2 with 106,236 sales and 8.3% but the real hero here is its sedan version the Maruti DZire, up 20% to a record 104,713 units and 8.2%, even taking the lead for the first time in May. At #4 the Maruti Wagon R also impresses at +12% to 78,389 sales and 6.1%.

Mahindra Bolero India June 2013Mahindra Bolero

Another car reaching record levels over the period is the Mahindra Bolero, up 8% to 59,916 units and 4.7% in spite of its old age. Interestingly, the Hyundai i10 is back above its newer counterpart the Eon thanks to sales down just 4% vs. 5% for the Eon. Both the Hyundai i20, up 2% and 3 spots to #8 and the Toyota Innova in spite of sales down 16% but also up 3 ranks to #9, make their appearance in the Indian year-to-date Top 10.

Maruti Ertiga India June 2013Maruti Ertiga

Further down, the Maruti Ertiga is up a whopping 73% to #11 with 32,449 sales, the Renault Duster is the best performing all-new model at #12 and 30,488 units, followed by the Honda Amaze at #21 and 18,405 sales, the Mahindra Quanto at #31 and 10,418 units and the Chevrolet Sail sedan at #33 and 10,048 sales. Finally, notice the Tata Nano down 28 spots and a horrendous 83% year-on-year to #37 and just 8,481 units sold.

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Full 6 months 2013 Top 50 models and Top 17 All-brands Ranking Tables below.

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Russia 6 months 2013: Market transformation continues

July 20th, 2013 1 comment

Lada Granta 2107 Russia June 2013The Lada Granta has replaced the Zhiguli in the hearts of Russian consumers.

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Those who hoped the Russian new car market would cross the 3 million annual-unit mark in 2013 to become the #1 European market will have to wait: after almost 3 years of uninterrupted growth, new car sales in Russia have come to a halt this year and are down 6% on 2o12 halfway through the year to 1,333,314 units. The models ranking continues to undergo a radical and fascinating transformation: whereas two years ago the Top 4 best-sellers were all Ladas (Kalina, Zhiguli, Priora and Samara), there is now only one in the Top 4 and 3 in the Top 10. The Lada Granta is the new Russian favourite with 84,261 sales and 6.3% share, up 87% on 2012 which is when it launched. The Hyundai Solaris is up one spot to #2 thanks to sales down just 2% to 57,009 units for an improved 4.3% share.

Renault Duster Russia June 2013Renault Duster

The Kia Rio is up 3 spots on last year to round up the podium, gaining 5% to 44.236 sales and 3.1%. The big star of the period in Russia is the Renault Duster: launched in early 2012, it is up to a fantastic 4th place over the period at 40,710 units and 3.1%, way above the traditional category leader the antediluvian Lada 4×4, down 17% to #15. #1 last year, the Lada Kalina is down a horrendous 45% to #5, hopefully the new model launched in June will revert this trend somehow. Record showing for the VW Polo, down 2% for up to #6 and reaching a best-ever #5 for a couple of month over the period.

Kia Rio Russia June 2013The Kia Rio is on the Russian podium for the first time in the history of the nameplate.

The Lada Largus, none other than a rebadged previous gen Dacia Logan MCV, is the most popular (and only) all-new model in the Top 25, landing directly at #11 with 24,702 sales. Other great performers in Russia over the period include the Toyota RAV4 up 43% to #16, Kia Sportage up 6 spots and 5% to #19, Kia Cee’d up to #22 and Hyundai ix35 up 17% to #24. Brand-wise, Lada drops from 17.8% to 17% share, Renault stays #2 at 7.8% while both Kia and Hyundai gain one spot to #3 and #4, passing Chevrolet. Geely is up 87% to #25 and Great Wall up 77% to #27.

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Canada June 2013: Honda Civic-Hyundai Elantra fight gets heated

July 19th, 2013 2 comments

Honda Civic Hyundai Elantra Canada June 2013. Picture courtesy of autoguide.comOnly 27 units separate the Honda Civic from the Hyundai Elantra in June…

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New light vehicle sales in Canada are up 1% year-on-year in June to 171,825 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 884,618 units, up 2% on 2012. Even though their volumes slow down slightly compared to last month, both the Ford F-Series and the Dodge RAM are still way ahead of the competition and of their year-ago scores: up 12% and 16% year-on-year respectively to 11,051 and 7,344 units, bringing their respective year-to-date totals to 61,677 (+17%) and 41,907 (+19%). The other two pick-up trucks in the Top 30 are also on fire: the GMC Sierra is up 3 spots on May to #5 and the Chevrolet Silverado up 5 to #8.

Honda Accord Canada June 2013 Honda Accord sales are up 162% year-on-year in June.

In the meantime, the battle for the title of best-selling Passenger Car in Canada – which has been the property of the Honda Civic for an astounding 15 consecutive years – is heating up: only 27 units separate the two models this month and if the Civic has the advantage in June (5,750 vs. 5,723), it is lagging behind the Elantra year-to-date (28,558 vs. 28,863)… The second half of the year will be fascinating to follow and Hyundai would achieve a very significant milestone in Canada is the Elantra managed to beat the Civic over the Full Year… Notice also the Kia Sorento up 58% on June 2012 to #23, the Hyundai Sonata up 42% to #24, Nissan Sentra up 32% to #27,  Honda Accord up 162% to #28, Chevrolet Trax up 31 spots to #49 and the Dodge Dart down 10 to #56.

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Full June 2013 Top 250 All-models and Top 36 All-brands Ranking Tables below.

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Brazil mid-July 2013: Fiat Palio passes Uno, Hyundai HB20 back up

July 17th, 2013 4 comments

Fiat Palio Brazil July 2013Fiat Palio

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After India and Russia, it looks like traditional high-performer Brazil could also be starting to cough a little. New car sales are down year-on-year for the third fortnight in a row halfway through July, and not by a little at -13% to 145,854 registrations. The year-to-date total is still ahead of 2012 but just, at +3% to 1,853,670 units. The VW Gol holds onto its pole position at 7.1% share, but for the 2nd time this year after February, the Fiat Palio passes its little sister the Uno to rank #2 thanks to 7,896 sales and 5.4% vs. 7,446 and 5.1% for the Uno.

Hyundai HB20 Chevrolet Onix Brazil July 2013Hyundai HB20/Chevrolet Onix: there is still some oomph under these bonnets…

The Ford Fiesta delivers another excellent month thanks to the new generation at #4 with 5,874 units and 4%, followed by the Fiat Strada at a strong 3.7% and the Chevrolet Classic impressive at #6 and 3.5% vs. #11 and 2.6% year-to-date. The Hyundai HB20 is not done speaking yet: after falling to #11 in June, it is back up inside the Top 10 over the period at #8 and 3.4% vs 3.6% year-to-date while the Chevrolet Onix is down 3 spots to #10 and 3.1% vs. 3.4% ytd. Notice also the Hyundai HB20S up 2 to #22 and the Renault Fluence up 17 to #42.

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Full mid-July 2013 Top 75 models and Top 20 brands Ranking Tables below.

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Puerto Rico (USA) June 2013: Kia places Rio and Forte in Top 5

July 17th, 2013 No comments

Kia Forte Puerto Rico June 2013Kia Forte

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Once again, as the mainland US market continues to be very dynamic at +9% in June, Puerto Rican sales are down 2% year-on-year to 9,388 registrations. The year-to-date total is however still in positive halfway through 2013 at 49,540 units, up 2% on 2012. The Toyota Corolla confirms it’s the new darling of Puerto Rican car buyers, up to 7.7% share thanks to 725 sales in June and reinforcing its 2013 year-to-date leadership at 3,603 units and 7.3% vs. 2,814 and 5.7% for the Toyota Yaris, #1 in 2012 but down to #3 this month. But the big movements are below. Firstly, the Nissan Versa is up a further two spots on May to #2 with a formidable 508 sales and 5.4% share.

Mitsubishi Outlander Puerto Rico June 2013Mitsubishi Outlander

The big winner this month in Puerto Rico is Kia, up from #6 brand with 8.3% share in May to #2 at 13.9%! The Korean manufacturer places two models inside the Top 5: the Rio is up 2 ranks on last month to #4 at 422 units and 4.5%, while the new model pushes the Forte nameplate up a huge 24 spots to #5 with 333 sales and 3.5% and goes from #20 to #13 year-to-date as a result. But wait there’s more: the Kia Sorento is up 29 ranks to #15, the Sportage up 9 to #19 and the Sedona up… 153 spots to #21! Notice also the Mitsubishi Outlander up 37 to #12, only two American in the Top 20 as usual (Jeep Wrangler at #9 and Grand Cherokee at #18) and the Chevrolet Sonic up 29 to #33.

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Full June 2013 Top 192 All-models and Top 26 All-brands Ranking Tables below.

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Brazil 6 months 2013: Hyundai HB20 and Chevrolet Onix shake up the ranking

July 16th, 2013 4 comments

Hyundai HB20 Chevrolet Onix Brazil June 2013bThe Hyundai HB20 and Chevrolet Onix have brought a bit of fresh air into the Brazil sales charts.

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After stagnating at the same stage last year (-0.3%), the Brazilian new car markets is back on track and reaches record heights anew halfway through 2013: up 5% to 1,707,814 registrations and now comfortably installed in 4th place worldwide above Germany and below only China, the USA and Japan. Normally very stable, the Brazilian models ranking had a bit of a shake up this year, thanks to the arrival of the Hyundai HB20 and Chevrolet Onix. Produced in Hyundai’s very first local factory inaugurated late last year, the HB20 single-handedly pushed Hyundai up 132% year-on-year to #6 with just under 100,000 sales and 5.8% share. It ranks #6 so far in 2013 at 61,837 units and 3.6% with the Chevrolet Onix close behind at #7 with 58,522 sales and 3.4%. However as we have seen in June these two models may have already reached their max… The second half of the year will give us the definite answer.

Fiat Uno Palio Brazil June 2013. Picture courtesy of Fiat Palio teases the Uno for 2nd place in Brazil.

Atop of the models sales charts the HB20/Onix effect can be seen with 3 of the Top 4 models taking a hit year-on-year. The VW Gol is in the lead once again but down 4% to 7% share, the Fiat Uno is down a more worrying 19% to 5.7% while the VW Fox is down 5% to 3.9%. Only the Fiat Palio, with the new model still gearing up, gains 17% to land in third place with 5.3% share. In fact the other two Fiat models in the Top 10 also post significant year-on-year increases: the Strada is up 18% to #5 and the Siena up a whopping 69% to #8.

Ford Ecosport Renault Duster Brazil June 2013. Picture courtesy of Ford Ecosport is up 126% year-on-year to pass the Renault Duster and rank #15.

Outside the Top 10, other great performers include the Fiat Ecosport up 126% to #15 thanks to the much-improved new model, the Chevrolet S10 is up 49% to #17, Fiat Punto up 39% to #21, Renault Clio up 70% to #33, VW Amarok up 61% to #36 and the Chevrolet Cruze hatch up 212% to #41. Apart from the HB20/Onix couple, there are 5 other newcomers in the Top 60: the Chevrolet Spin at #26, the Toyota Etios and Etios hatch disappointing at #29 and #34, the Hyundai HB20S (for sedan) at #46 and the Peugeot 208 at #53.

Rely Pick-up Brazil June 2013Rely Pick-up

This year the first wave of Chinese manufacturers present in the country take a serious beating: JAC is down 13% to 8,936 sales and 0.5% and Chery divides its market share by 6, down 73% to just 2,504 units and 0.1%. Not to worry, Chinese carmakers are resilient so they will try to crack this market again, and again, and again. For now we have 22 Chinese models inside the Top 200 but only 2 in the Top 100: the all-new JAC J2 at #77 and the JAC J3 down 54% to #91. Among the ones not losing ground, note the JAC J5 up 36% to #124, Jinbei Topic up 50% to #149, Chery Celer and Rely Pick-up both new at #162 and #163 and the Lifan X60 landing at #175.

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Full 6 months 2013 Top 200 models and Top 20 brands Ranking Tables below.

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Mexico 6 months 2013: Chevy Aveo leads, 6 Nissans in Top 10

July 16th, 2013 1 comment

Nissan Tsuru Mexico June 2013. Picture courtesy of David CurryNissan Tsuru in Mexico City, Mexico June 2013. Many thanks to my friend David for the pic!

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Over the first 6 months of 2013, the Mexican new car market is up a lovely 9% on 2012 to 501,987 registrations and passing the half-million mark at this stage of the year for the first time since 2008. All indicators are pointing towards a millionaire year in 2013 for Mexico, the first one in 5 years. Nissan continues to dominate the brands ranking by far with 25,3% of the Mexican market, even managing to place no less than 6 models inside the year-to-date Top 10! The Chevrolet Aveo remains the most popular model in the country thanks to sales up 14% to 31,150 and 6.2% share, however the VW Clasico is catching up: after a painful year in 2012, it is back in the game, up 50% and 3 spots year-on-year over the period to #2 with 25,866 sales and 5.2%.

VW Clasico Mexico June 2013. Picture courtesy of David CurryVW Clasico in Mexico City, Mexico June 2013. Many thanks to my friend David for the pic!

The Nissan Versa rounds up the podium at 23,514 units and 4.7%, up 9% like the overall market. Interesting rebound of the antediluvian Nissan Tsuru, market leader for 8 years up until 2010, up 21% to #4 with 22,077 sales and 4.4%. It is followed by the VW Nuevo Jetta (+25%), Chevrolet Spark (+19%) and the Nissan Sentra delivering the biggest year-on-year gain in the Top 10 at +78% thanks to the new model. Nissan also has the Tiida sedan at #8, Chasis Largo at #9 and March at #10! Notice also the all-new Chevrolet Trax selling 7,446 units and the Renault Duster at 4,861 sales.

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Full 6 months 2013 Top 12 models and Top 30 All-brands Ranking Tables below.

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Argentina 6 months 2013: Chevrolet Classic under siege

July 15th, 2013 1 comment

Peugeot 207 Compact Argentina June 2013Could the Peugeot 207 Compact dethrone the Chevrolet Classic by the end of the year?

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After the USA, China and Spain, we continue on our exploration of the Top 20 biggest car markets’ year-to-date rankings halfway through 2013. Next: Argentina, one of 6 markets in the Top 20 with China, Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia and Australia to lodge all-time record sales over the period. Argentinean new car sales are up up 8% on 2012 to reach 498,620 units, which would prompt one to wonder whether the symbolic million annual registrations could be reached this year. Unfortunately it probably won’t be the case, as car sales in Argentina are traditionally weaker in the second half of the year. If we apply the 8% growth rate to the Full Year 2012 result we come to 908,000 units which would still be a new record.

Ford Ecosport Argentina June 2013The Ford Ecosport is up 29% year-on-year to #3.

The Chevrolet Classic, a facelifted 1993 Opel Corsa sedan, has been the most popular vehicle in Argentina for the last 3 years running, and is still the best-seller over the first 6 months of 2013 with 19,870 sales, but it drops 13% year-on-year and loses over one percentage point of market share (from 5.1% last year to 4%). And it’s getting some heat from a couple of models. Firstly the Peugeot 207 Compact (aka 206+): whereas it had only topped the monthly sales charts once before this year (in January 2011), it does it 3 times in the space of 5 months this year! It ranked #1 in JanuaryApril and May and totals 19,194 units and 3.8% over 6 months, only 676 sales below the Classic…

Renault Clio Mio Argentina June 2013The Renault Clio Mio lands directly in 4th position.

But wait there’s more: the Top 5 best-sellers get a big reshuffle over the period. The Ford Ecosport is boosted by the new model and gains 29% year-on-year to reach #3 with 17,026 sales and 3.4%. Launched last December, the Renault Clio Mio (a facelifted 1998 Clio II) lands directly in 4th position at 16,088 units and 3.2% and the Renault Duster is up 10 spots and 68% to #5 with 15,881 sales and 3.2%. Notice also the Toyota Hilux up 33% to #7 and the Ford Fiesta Kinetic exactly doubling its sales year-on-year to gain 16 ranks to #10.

Chery QQ Argentina June 2013Chery QQ sales are up 36% year-on-year in Argentina.

Outside the Top 10, great performers in Argentina include the Peugeot 308 up 89% to #11, the Fiat Siena up 28% to #12 thanks to the addition of the new gen ‘Gran Siena’, the Ford Ranger up 83% to #16, Fiat Palio up 123% to #18 and VW Bora up 129% to #29. As far as newcomers are concerned, salute the arrival of the Citroen Nuevo C3 at #31, Chevrolet Spin at #36, Chevrolet Cobalt at #52 and Chevrolet Onix at #58. Finally, there are two Chinese inside the Argentinean Top 60 vs. none last year: the Chery QQ up 36% to #53 and the Chery Tiggo up 18% to #57.

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Full 6 months 2013 Top 75 models and Top 40 All-brands Ranking Tables below.

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