Italy Full Year 2015: Panda leads, Fiat 500X & Jeep Renegade superstars

Fiat 500X Jeep Renegade Italy 2015. Picture courtesy motorbox.comThe Fiat 500X and Jeep Renegade are remodelling the Italian car landscape. Picture

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At last a frank improvement for new car sales in Italy for 2015: up 16% or 215.000 units to 1.574.872 registrations, the highest annual volume since 2011 (1.757.649). The Italian market is however still far from getting back to its average level of the last couple of decades, with 2015 sales equivalent to the level it reached back in 1984, but still lagging behind the 1993-1996 crisis years (see 37 year-data set below). A couple of elements confirm this is a true recovery year for Italy – unlike a rather artificial spike in 2014: Private sales grow faster than the market at +18% to 1.009.537 registrations, improving their market share from 62.4% to 63.7%, while rental sales are also up 18% to 311.352 units or 19.8% share (12.1% for lease and 7.6% for short-term rentals) and Company sales lag behind at +5% to 262.729 units. As a result, local manufacturers association UNRAE predicts another dynamic year in 2016 at +7% to 1.68m units.

Italy 1978-2015 – Annual sales:

Italy 1978 2015

Italy 2015 – Monthly sales detail by channel:

Italy 2015 12 Annual sales detail. Picture courtesy unrae.itSource: UNRAE

Fiat retains its throne at home, evolving similarly to the market at +17% to reach 20.9% share and 329.177 sales. Volkswagen is up just 8% to lose share to 7.6% and is one of only five manufacturers in the Top 40 to not post double-digit year-on-year gains in 2015, a testimony to the vigorous recovery the Italian new car market is currently experiencing. The other culprits are Lancia (+2%), Alfa Romeo (+8%), DS (+3%) and Chevrolet (-95%). The Top 7 best-selling brands are unchanged on 2014 with Ford (+19%) rounding up the podium followed by Renault (+16%), Opel (+18%), Peugeot (+18%) and Toyota (+8%). Nissan (+18%) is up 3 spots to #8, with other carmakers lodging impressive gains including Land Rover (+23%), Mitsubishi (+31%), Mazda (+36%), Smart (+52%), SsangYong (+61%), Lexus (+64%), Jaguar (+66%), Infiniti (+129%) and Jeep (+164%) thanks to the Renegade (see further down).

Fiat Panda Italy 2015The Fiat Panda holds onto its crown at home.

The Fiat Panda is the most popular nameplate in Italy for the 4th consecutive year with sales up a very impressive 21% to 126.306 and 8% share, the nameplate’s highest annual volume since 2010. The Panda outsells all carmakers bar Fiat in 2015. Thanks to heavy discounts, the Fiat Punto remains 2nd and manages to limit the damage to just -1% and a lowest-ever 3.6% share at 56.449 sales, just above the Lancia Ypsilon up 9% to 55.326 units and the Fiat 500L down 3% to 49.918. The Renault Clio is once again the best-selling foreigner in Italy: it gains one spot to break into the annual Top 5 for the first time in 12 years – since 2003. It distances the Ford Fiesta (+9%), VW Golf (+5%) and VW Polo (+17%) while the Fiat 500 is down 6% to 6th place.

Renault Clio Italy 2015First annual Top 5 ranking in 12 years for the Renault Clio in Italy.

The main event in the 2015 Italian models ranking is the thunderous landing of the Fiat 500X directly in 10th position, a ranking that should improve vastly in 2016 given the crossover broke onto the podium both in November and December. Its “twin” the Jeep Renegade shoots up to a stunning #17, by far the best-ever ranking achieved by a Jeep in Italy. The Renegade’s success was however tamed by the arrival of the 500X: it never matched the #10 spot hit back in December 2014, with a 2015 best of #13 in November.

Opel Mokka Italy 2015. Picture courtesy larevueautomobile.comThe Opel Mokka is inside the Top 15 in 2015. 

The SUV fever has continued to spread all across Italy, with the Opel Mokka up 36% to #15, the Renault Captur up 29% to #16, Kia Sportage up 26% to #25 and Ford Ecosport up 4-fold to #33 – even hitting a record #23 in November and making Italy the only market in Europe where Ford’s made-in-India SUV isn’t considered a flop. Notice also the Opel Corsa up 28%, Peugeot 308 up 93%, Hyundai i20 up 125%, Mini up 107% and the BMW 2 Series Tourer up to a class-leading #42 for its first full year in market. The Suzuki Vitara (#76) is the most popular all-new entrant for 2015, followed closely by the Hyundai Tucson (#78), Opel Karl (#81) and Land Rover Discovery Sport (#84) while the Renault Kadjar also manages to crack the 2015 Top 100 at #94.

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Full Year 2015 Top 45 All-brands and Top 200 models below.

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Colombia Full Year 2015: Chevrolet Sail #1, Renault gains 2 points share.

Chevrolet Sail Colombia 2015. Picture courtesy autocosmos.comThe Chevrolet Sail is the best-seller in Colombia for the third year running.

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After hitting an all-time record in 2014, the Colombian new vehicle market is hit full frontal in 2015 at -14% to 281.885 registrations, despite a first quarter stable year-on-year. Sales were down 29% in October, 18% in November and 27% in December, indicating 2016 could see another sharp decline. Except taxis with stable sales at 15.191, all segments are affected by the decline, but pickups (-27%), LCVs (-27%) and SUV (-17%) suffer the most, while passenger cars are down 10%. Chevrolet remains the most popular carmaker in the country despite falling harder than the market at -19% to 23.7% market share and is followed like in 2014 by Renault down just 4% to improve its share by two percentage points on 2014 to 17.3%.

Mazda 3 Colombia 2015. Picture courtesy sales in Colombia is up 3-fold on a year ago thanks to the new model.

Kia rounds up the podium like last year at 9.9% share (-13%). Nissan (-6%) and Hyundai (-15%) overtake Ford (-25%) to rank 6th and 7th respectively and Toyota tumbles down 37%. Mazda goes completely against the grain with a very impressive 39% increase to 15.667 sales, with the Mazda3 the total hero of the year in the models ranking: sales of the compact nameplate are up 3-fold to shoot up from #34 a year ago to #8 in 2015. Suzuki (+8%), Hino (+9%) and Subaru (+36%) are the only other manufacturers gaining ground in the Top 30. Chery is once again the best-selling Chinese brand in Colombia but drops 37% to 3.160 sales ahead of Foton at 2.573 (-17%), JAC at 2.223 (-34%) and Dongfeng at 1.908 (-32%).

Renault Sandero Colombia 2015. Picture courtesy Renault Sandero is #2 in Colombia like in 2015, improving its market share to 5.8%.

Model-wise, the Chevrolet Sail posts a third consecutive year atop the charts, losing less ground than the market at -12% to with 18.031 units sold and Renault monopolises the remaining spots in the Top 4 with all its nameplates improving their market share compared to a year ago thanks to minimal losses: the Sandero (incl. Stepway) is down 1% at #2, the Duster down 3% at #3 and the Logan stable at #4. The Chevrolet Spark GT (-25%), Tracker (-16%) and Spark (+6%) follow. Other great performers this year include the Nissan March (+34%), Kia New Sportage (+86%), Hyundai Super Pony – a bare bones version of the i25/Accent dedicated to taxi use (+280%) and the Mazda CX-5 (+42%). The Nissan Doble Cabina is the best-selling newcomer at #42 and the Chery Tiggo the best-selling Chinese at #47 – however both the Chevrolet Sail (#1) and N300 (#26) are imported from China.

Hyundai Super Pony Taxi Colombia 2015. Picture courtesy carroya.comHyundai Super Pony Taxi. Picture courtesy

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Full Year 2015 Top 50 brands and Top 100 models vs. Full Year 2014 figures below.

Full December 2015 Top 30 brands Ranking Table below.

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Europe Full Year 2015: Market up a snappy 9% to 14.2 million units

VW Passat Europe 2015. Picture courtesy largus.frThe new Passat helped Volkswagen mitigate the “dieselgate” impact in Europe. Picture

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New car sales in Europe deliver a second consecutive year of growth, ending 2015 up 9.3% or 1.2 million sales to 14.201.072 units, the highest annual result since 2009. The trend is accelerating, with the last two months of the year both displaying double-digit gains – December showing the largest year-on-year increase in 3 years at +16%, Q4 sales up 10% and displaying a Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate (SAAR) of 16.52 million units, equivalent to the heyday of pre-recession 2007 levels. 27 of the 29 markets analysed posted a year-on-year gain in 2015, with Estonia (-0.5%) and Luxembourg (-7%) the only decreasing markets. The biggest volume gains came from Italy and Spain, together adding almost 400,000 units to the European year’s total. Spain was at its highest since 2008, Germany – where the Golf celebrated 40 years in pole position – at its highest since 2009, Italy and France at their highest since 2011 and the UK at an all-time high of 2.63 million units (+6%).

Mercedes C Class Europe 2015. Picture courtesy auto-news.deMercedes sales are up 13% and the C-Class sales is up 27% in 2015.

Volkswagen remains by far the most popular brand in Europe but with sales up just 7% to 1.72 million, its market share declines slightly to 12.1%. The German manufacturer manages to mitigate the impact of “dieselgate” with strong Passat sales (see further down) as well as unrelenting support at home in Germany. Ford is up 8% to 1.04 million and 7.3% share, Renault (+11%) overtakes Opel/Vauxhall to round up the podium with 974.000 units and 6.9% while Peugeot remains 5th with 6% of the market. Audi is once again the best-selling luxury brand on the continent, but the gap with its competitors has reduced drastically due to sales up just 6% to 766.504. BMW (+11%) is now only 20.000 units below vs. 49.000 a year ago and Mercedes (+13%) is 24.600 behind vs. 64.600 in 2014. Audi desperately needs the all-new A4 to be a hit to keep its crown in 2016…

Jeep Renegade Europe 2015The Renegade makes Jeep the highest achiever in Europe in 2015 at +116%. 

Jeep turns out to be the best-peforming brand in Europe this year with sales up 116% to 87.338 mainly due to the first full year of sales for the Jeep Renegade (+600% to #85). Ssangyong gains 74% thanks to the Tivoli, Tesla and Smart are both up 72%, Cadillac up 59%, Mahindra up 50%, Lamborghini up 42%, Infiniti up 38%, MG up 36%, Jaguar up 37% and Mitsubishi up 31%. On the other hand, only one manufacturer in the Top 25 loses ground year-o-year: Honda (-1%), and three in the Top 30: DS (-12%), Lancia (-12%) and Alfa Romeo (-4%). Logically as the brand got discontinued across the continent, Chevrolet is the worst offender with sales down 93%, followed buy Chrysler (-90%) and Great Wall (-69%).

Peugeot 308 Europe 2015. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Peugeot 308 is up 32% and peaked at #3 in December.

With sales up 3% to 533.584, the VW Golf is the best-selling nameplate in Europe for the 8th consecutive year and the 28th time in the past 33 years starting in 1983 with sales up 11% to 520,958 – its best score since 2009. The Golf ranked first each and every month of 2015, extending a stretch of 69 consecutive months in the European pole position – almost six years: the last time it did not rank #1 in Europe was in March 2010. The Golf has now held the #1 spot during 95 out of the past 100 months. The Top 6 best-sellers are unchanged compared to a year ago and all lose market share, with the Ford Fiesta (+2%), Renault Clio (+1), VW Polo (+8%), Opel Corsa (+7%) and Ford Focus (+6%) all gaining less ground than the market.

Nissan Qashqai Europe 2015. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Nissan Qashqai ranks 7th in 2015, the highest ever European ranking for a Japanese model.

The Nissan Qashqai takes full advantage of its new generation to lift sales up 14% and land at a best-ever 7th place, the highest annual ranking ever reached by a Japanese model in Europe and cementing its place as the #1 SUV on the continent. The VW Passat is the hero of the 2015 Top 10 with sales up a gigantic 49% thanks to the new model to shoot up to #9, surging to #4 in August, an all-time record European ranking for the 42 year-old nameplate, beating its previous best of #5 reached in December 2005April 2011 and July 2015. The Skoda Octavia is knocked down one spot but delivers its 2nd consecutive (and ever) European Top 10 ranking, equalling its best-ever monthly ranking at #5 in August – also reached in October and November 2013.

Opel Mokka Europe 2015The Opel Mokka is up 28% to break into the European Top 20. 

The Peugeot 308, boosted by an exceptional December result (#3), stops 3.000 units short off a historical Top 10 ranking with sales up 32% to 214.907. Notice also the Renault Captur up 18% to #14 and posting two monthly Top 10 rankings (June and December) like in 2014, the Mercedes C-Class up 27% to #17, the Opel Mokka up 28% to #19 and the Skoda Fabia up 39% to #20, pointing its bonnet inside the Top 10 in August for the 2nd time ever, making it two Skodas in the Top 10 (with the Octavia) for the first time in history. Finally, the Toyota Yaris (#15) broke its monthly European ranking record in September, lifting it to #9.


BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer Europe 2015The BMW 2 Series Active/Gran Tourer stops just 122 sales short off a Top 50 ranking in 2015.

Further down, let’s notice the Mini hach up 44% and 16 spots to #26 and the VW Golf Sportsvan up 61% to end its first full year inside the Top 40 with a six-digit sales figure at #39 and 103.637. The Renault Twingo (+18%), Audi A6 (+14%), Hyundai i30 (+10%) and Toyota Aygo (+25%) also cross the symbolic #50 mark whereas the BMW 2 Series Active/Gran Tourer, without a doubt one of the biggest success story of the year, stops just 122 units short off a Top 50 ranking at #51 and 86.087 units, up 7-fold on its initial result in 2014. Notice also the Nissan X-Trail up 147% to #113, the Ford Ecosport up 208% to #114, Smart Forfour up 913% to #116, BMW X4 up 114% to #145, Renault Espace up 204% to #153 and the Volvo XC90 up 198% to #155, most above result due either to a first full year of sales or a new generation.

Fiat 500X Europe 2015The Fiat 500X is the most successful all-new model in Europe in 2015… 

The most popular newcomer in Europe in 2015 is the Fiat 500X – it did sell a minuscule 135 production units in December 2014, landing at #63 with 74.700 units and boosting even further the success (and profitability) of the 500 family for FCA. The 500X will rank inside the 2016 Top 50 as it peaked at #36 in November 2015. The only other all-new nameplate to make it inside the 2015 European Top 50 is also an SUV: the Renault Kadjar at #94 and 49.153 units, displaying even greater potential with a peak of #30 in December. In fact, all best-selling newcomers this year are SUVs…

Renault Kadjar Europe 2015. Picture courtesy…followed by the Renault Kadjar.

The all-new Suzuki Vitara, a huge hit in Eastern Europe notably, lifts the Vitara/Grand Vitara total up 642% to #103 (no split available yet), the Hyundai Tucson returns to the ranking at #119 (but #37 in November and the Land Rover Discovery Sport is a success at #125 – all the while the Evoque is at #89 and unaffected with is great news for JLR. Further down, we fine the Opel Karl/Vauxhall Viva at #132, the Mazda CX-3 at #140, Mercedes GLC at #157, Jaguar XE at #163 and Honda HR-V at #206.

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Full Year 2015 Top 63 brands and Top 355 models vs. Full 2014 figures below.

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Ukraine Full Year 2015: Renault Logan triumphs, market down 52%

Renault Logan Ukraine 2015. Picture courtesy autocentre.uaThe Renault Logan is the best-selling car in Ukraine in 2015. 

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Brought to a standstill by the Crimean crisis, the Ukrainian new car market falls further into oblivion in 2015 at -52% to just 46.546 registrations, less than the sales lodged during the last Quarter of 2013 (48.572)… Toyota evolves exactly like the market (-52%) to remain the most popular manufacturer in the country at 10.5% share, while Renault leaps four spots on 2014 to land in 2nd place thanks to sales down just 20% to 4.215 for a 9.1% share vs. 5.4% a year ago. ZAZ (-64%) stays in third position above Nissan (-44%) and Ford (-42%) while Hyundai (-54%) and Volkswagen (-58%) both drop two spots to #6 and #7 respectively. #2 overall last year, Chinese carmaker Geely implodes in 2015 at -83% to crumble to a paltry 12th place.

UKR Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2013 11,989 13,591 22,565 26,115 15,091 14,887 17,984 22,195 20,333 16,081 15,444 17,047
2014 11,875 15,215 10,964 7,754 5,675 6,209 6,818 6,402 5,788 5,891 6,802 7,629
2015 2,597 2,924 2,259 3,057 2,994 3,372 5,344 3,464 4,376 5,596 5,144 5,419

BMW X5 Ukraine July 2015. Picture courtesy bit.uaBMW sales are up 43% in Ukraine this year…

BMW delivers by very far the best performance of any manufacturer in Ukraine in 2015 with sales up an incredible 43% to go from #24 and 1.3% share in 2014 to #11 and 3.9% this year. Notice also Mazda (-7%), Chevrolet (-7%), Suzuki (-10%) and Volvo (+17%) all going against the grain. On the other side of the scale, Lada (-60%), Mitsubishi (-64%), SsangYong (-71%) and Daewoo (-81%) all but disappear.

Mazda CX-5 Ukraine 2015The Mazda CX-5 ranks 5th in Ukraine this year. 

Model-wise, the Renault Logan is up two spots to end two consecutive years of ZAZ Sens domination thanks to sales down just 34% to 1.639 vs. 1.147 (-63%) for the Sens. The Toyota Camry is up 12 ranks to land in third place with 1.125 units, edging past the ZAZ Lanos (-44%) at 1.124. The Mazda CX-5 is another excellent performer with sales actually up 5% to surge from #24 a year ago to #5 in 2015. The Renault Duster is up 55% to #8, the BMW X5 up 92% to #9, the Renault Sandero up 17 spots to #11 and the Ford Kuga up 19 to #15.

Chery Tiggo Ukraine 2015. Picture courtesy olx.uaThe Chery Tiggo is the most popular Chinese nameplate in Ukraine.

The Chery Tiggo (-7%) is the best-selling Chinse nameplate at #25 above the Geely Emgrand 7 down a devastating 86% and going from #2 overall in 2014 to #31 this year. The Suzuki Vitara is the best-selling newcomer, landing at #41, above the Mercedes GLE (#62).

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Full Year 2015 Top 69 All-brands and Top 435 All-models vs. Full 2014 figures below.

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China December 2015: Focus on the All-new models

Dongfeng Fengxing S500 China December 2015. Picture courtesy

After studying December sales figures in detail, as is the tradition on BSCB we now detail the all-new nameplates making their first appearance in the Chinese sales charts this month. Note this update is only for the locally-produced models. Imports are covered in separate updates. In December we welcome no less than nine models, seven of which are Chinese, a testimony to the ground that local carmakers have been catching up on lately.

1. Dongfeng Fengxing S500 (#68 with 10.858 sales)

Not satisfied with an already very imposing presence in the MPV segment, Dongfeng just released the seven-seater S500 after unveiling it at the Shanghai Auto Show in April. Priced from 60.900 to 99.900 yuan (US$ 9.250 – 15.200), the S500 is powered by a 1.5L or 1.6L petrol engine both coming from Mitsubishi and is produced by the Liuzhou branch of Dongfeng Motor (DFM). At 4.62m long, the S500 slots above the Fengguang (4.36m), the only Dongfeng selling more units in China this month. Yes you have read that right, the S500 lands directly as the 2nd best-selling Dongfeng in the country with 10.858 sales in December, one of the most impressive entrances of any all-new nameplates in the past couple of years. Like the Fengguang, the S500 takes its design inspiration from the VW Touran. It has put a dent into the ageing Dongfeng Future’s sales, down 28% year-on-year this month to 7.624. The Future – or Fengxing Lingzhi is also produced by Dongfeng Liuzhou, is larger (4.71m-5.11m) and more expensive (97.900-133.800 yuan) but a lot older. With such a start, it seems reasonable to expect a sales peak around 20.000 monthly units for the S500.

Bar for success: #25 or 20.000 monthly sales

Suzuki Vitara China December 2015

2. Suzuki Vitara (#152 with 4.550 units)

Already a runaway success in Eastern Europe, it was only a matter of time until Suzuki launched the all-new Vitara in SUV-crazed China. After debuting in September at the Chengdu Auto Show, the Vitara makes its grand entrance in the Chinese sales charts with an already solid 4.550 sales. Built by the Changan-Suzuki joint venture in Chongqing, the Vitara is priced between 99.800 and 159.800 yuan (US$ 15.200-24.300). Only a bargain basement 1.6L engine variant enables the Vitara to stay below the symbolic 100k yuan, unlike its brother the Suzuki S-Cross (109.800-154.800). Suzuki offers five versions of the other engine, a 1.4L turbo. It is the first time the Suzuki Vitara nameplate is produced locally in China.

The Vitara is one of the cheapest foreign SUVs in China, competing with Ford Ecosport (94.800-127.800 yuan), the Peugeot 2008 (99.700-137.600 yuan), Citroen C3-XR (108.800-171.800) and Chevrolet Trax (119.900-155.900 yuan). The S-Cross peaked at 5.122 sales in March 2014, so the Vitara’s initial score indicates it will climb much higher and could help lift Suzuki sales in the country to never-seen before heights, that is if its cannibalisation of S-Cross sales is limited which is not a given.

Bar for success: #75 or 7.500 monthly sales

Chevrolet Lova RV China December 2015

3. Chevrolet Lova RV (#154 with 4.544 deliveries)

With the Lova RV, Chevrolet revives a nameplate that disappeared in 2011 when the Lova sedan (the first generation Aveo-Sonic) was replaced by the Aveo (2nd generation) here in China. Halfway between a hatchback and a wagon, the Lova RV is produced by the SAIC GM joint-venture and is 4.20m long with one engine option: an 80kW petrol 1.5L. The Lova RV is priced between 74.900 and 99.900 yuan (US$ 11.400-15.200), a significant premium on the Sail sedan on which it is based (59.900-73.900) let alone the Sail hatchback (56.800-66.800). Yet and despite this overpricing, very low-end interior and dated mechanics, this was a great idea by Chevrolet. Replicating Volkswagen’s successful venture into the “hatch-wagon” segment (Gran Lavida, Gran Santana), the Lova RV sells more in its initial month (4.544) than the Sail hatchback in the whole of 2015 (3.170)!

Bar for success: #70 or 8.000 monthly sales

Zhi Dou D2 China December 2015

4. Zhi Dou D2 EV (#171 with 3.777 sales)
5. Zhi Dou D1 EV (#198 with 2.387 units)

Just as the year closes, a slew of electric models launched earlier in the year “miraculously” appear in the Chinese sales charts in December – see also the Kandy EV by Geely at #149. Not so rare these days, we welcome a new manufacturer in the ranking: Zhi Dou Electric Vehicle Corporation, a subsidiary of the Xindayang Group. Zhi Dou also manufactures micro electric cars for Zotye. The D2 (3.777 sales) and D1 (2.387) manage quite impressive scores, but it is impossible to know whether these figures actually are for the past 6 months since the two models have been on the market, or just December. 2016 data will give a better indication of the success or lack thereof of these two diminutive electric offerings.

The D2 is priced at a very attractive 49.800 yuan (US$7,600), making it one of the cheapest electric cars in China – and the world. That’s thanks to huge central and local government subsidies of 109.000 yuan ($16.600). For this price, the D2 comes with a lot of tech indeed: a touch screen infotainment system controlling phone, GPS, TV, internet, music and radio, in-built wifi for connectivity in and around the car and, incredibly for this price, an ‘Advanced Driver Assistance System‘ (ADAS) including lane-departure and anti-collision warning systems as well as a ‘dozing off’ warning system connected to a camera constantly pointed at the driver! No this is not a Tesla, but a Zhi Dou…

Bar for success: #150 or 3.000 monthly sales

Beijing Auto Senova X55 China December 2015. Picture courtesy

6. Beijing Auto Senova X55 (#228 with 1.502 deliveries)

Only two months after the Senova X25 and less than a year after the Senova X65, Beijing Auto lifts its Senova SUV range to three models with the Senova X55 landing directly at #228 with over 1.500 sales. The X45 is coming in 2016… The X55 debuted as a semi-concept at the Shanghai Auto Show and was officially unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November. It shares its platform with the Senova D50 sedan, is 4.40m long and powered by a turbocharged 1.5L engine matched with a 6MT or CVT. The Senova X55 is tightly priced between 76.800 and 119.800 yuan (US$ 11.700-18.200). So far this is how the Senova SUV lineup has fared: the X65 peaked at 3.971 sales in October and the X25 shot up to 5.571 units this very month of December, so expectations for the X55 should be in line with this. There is still plenty of room for Chinese SUVs indeed.

Bar for success: #120 or 5.000 monthly sales

ChangAn Oushang China December 2015. Picture

7. Chana Oushang (#264 with 972 sales)

The Oushang is a 7-seater MPV built by the commercial division of Changan Auto: Chana. The Oushang was unveiled with much fanfare at the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2015 (and I was very impressed), now finally hitting Chinese dealerships. The seating layout is 2+3+2, a variation on the traditional 2+2+3 layout. The Oushang is a generous 4.46m long and powered by a choice of two engines a 1.5L and a turbo 1.0L. A modern exterior design hides a more ‘commercial’ interior yet the mandatory touch screen is present on the dashboard. Where the Oushang strikes hard is in the price aisle: from just 51.900 to 64.900 yuan (US$ 7.900-9.900), a lot less than the 70.000-90.000 yuan price range originally estimated and only slightly more than the smaller, older and definitely less sophisticated Honor (44.900-60.900).

With such a tiny pricing Changan positions the Oushang full frontal against no less than the #1 nameplate in the whole of China, the outrageously successful Wuling Hongguang (44.800-69.800 yuan), while operating completely below the Baojun 730 (69.400-81.800 yuan). While there is no way the Oushang will reach the same sales levels as the aforementioned models, it will definitely reinforce Changan’s position on the MPV map, especially given its other offering, the popular Honor, doesn’t seem to be affected yet (+41% in December).

Bar for success: #50 or 10.000 monthly sales

Zotye E30 China December 2015

8. Zotye E30 (#290 with 572 units)

Another mini EV appearing in the sales charts this month, the Zotye E30 is a 2.80m long all-electric two-seater unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show. It strangely looks like an angry Smart Fortwo, with Zotye not worried in the least with copying the German microcar body structure, nor is it worried with copying the Tesla Model S extra-large touch screen on the central console. According to Zotye, the E30 can drive up to 80km/h (swoosh!), a questionable claim with only 24hp.

Zotye E30 interior. Picture courtesy chinaautoweb.comZotye E30 interior

Why 80km/h? Simply because in order to benefit from green-car subsidies, a car must qualify as a ‘real’ electric car, not an LSEV mini car. Only cars able to drive at 80km/h and above are considered ‘real’ electric cars. The E30 joins an already large Zotye EV family, but with the E20 disappearing from the ranking this month, it is unclear whether this month’s sales figure of 572 is for just December or more, making it difficult to forecast long time sales accurately.

Bar for success: #220 or 1.000 monthly sales

ChangAn CS15 China December 2015

9. ChangAn CS15 (#362 with 40 deliveries)

Last but not least this month, the ChangAn CS15 lands in the charts ahead of its official launch in early 2016. Unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November, the CS15 is 4.10m long and powered by a petrol 1.5L engine of natural aspiration mated to a five-speed manual or a five-speed DCT. Priced between 55.000 and 75.000 yuan (US$ 8.400-11.400), the CS15 is slotted below the hugely successful CS35 (78.900-92.900 yuan) that sold 169.332 units in 2015 (+68%). The other ChangAn SUV, the CS75, did even better at 186.623 units, so expectations are very high for the CS15 that will compete with  the JAC Refine S2 (6.485 sales in December), Beijing Auto Senova X25 (5.571), FAW Junpai D60 (2.912), Lifan X50 (1.699) Beijing Auto Huansu S2 (1.346) and Weichai Enranger G3 (932). While the aforementioned names are not exactly setting the market on fire, count on ChangAn to break new sales ground with the CS15, as it did with the CS35 then the CS75.

Bar for success: #50 or 10.000 monthly sales

Russia Full Year 2015: Solaris teases Granta in market down 36%

Hyundai Solaris Russia 2015. Picture courtesy YoutubeThe Hyundai Solaris ends the year 4.314 sales below the Lada Granta.

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A lot of elements combined to make 2015 one of the worst years for Russian car sales in the past two decades. The Russian economy is going through its worst recession since 1998, partly triggered by the fall in commodities prices such as petrol and Ukraine crisis-related economic sanctions imposed to the country. The ruble crumbled down 23% against the dollar in the past year, inflation rose up to double-digits, household purchasing power imploded. The Russian new car market has only seen two months of growth in the past 35 and posted its steepest year-on-year declines in the last two months of the year at -43% in November and -47% in December. As a result, annual sales stumble down 36% to just 1.601.216 units to return to its recession-plagued 2009 level (1.465.762).

Lada Vesta Russia 2015Lada is counting on the Vesta (above) and XRAY to stay afloat at home in 2016.

Lada manages to salvage market share by falling slightly slower than the market at -31% to 269.096 units, but the winners of 2015 are Korean: Kia is down just 16% to 163.500 and 10.2% share vs. 7.9% in 2014 and Hyundai does even better at -10% to 161.201 and 10% vs. 7.2% a year ago. Below, Renault (-38%), Toyota (-39%), Nissan (-44%) and Volkswagen (-39%) all lose market share. General Motors has stopped sales of mainstream Chevrolet models (-60%) and retired Opel (-74%) from the market altogether.

Ssangyong Actyon Russia 2015. Picture courtesy auto-motor-und-sport.deSsangYong sales are down a devastating 79% in Russia in 2015.

A significant number of carmakers see their Russian sales all but disappear this year: Subaru (-61%), Suzuki (-67%), Citroen (-72%), Chery (-73%), Peugeot (-73%), Jeep (-75%), Honda (-78%) and SsangYong (-79%) lose over half of their volume in the space of one single year. Among the Chinese, Lifan (-36%) and Geely (-38%) follow the market to become the only two significant players still in activity and the only ones remaining in the Top 30.

Porsche Macan Russia 2015. Picture courtesy of autobild.dePorsche sales ignored the recession: up 12% year-on-year.

All is not doom and gloom in the brands ranking as some manufacturers benefit from a sales transfer towards SUV and luxury fares: UAZ is down just 2% to #11 and gains one percentage point share to 3%, with Mercedes (-15%), BMW (-20%) and Audi (-25%) also outpacing the market. Lexus for its part actually improves at +6% thanks to the NX, as does Porsche (+12%) thanks to the Macan. Datsun ranks at a very satisfying 15th place for its first full year in market but fell 54% in December. Dongfeng (#40) is the only new carmaker launching in 2015.

Kia Rio Russia 2015The Kia Rio sells just under 100.000 units in a depressed Russian market.

In 45 years of Russian car sales records, never before had a foreign nameplate been so close to the annual best-seller title. The Lada Granta sees its advantage over Hyundai Solaris thaw from 38.166 sales in 2014 to a meagre 4.314 this year. In November 2014, the Kia Rio sent shockwaves through the Russian market and became the first foreign model to top monthly Russian sales since the first Lada launched in 1970. The past 12 months have seen this revolution unfold: the Hyundai Solaris took charge of the Russian charts no less than 7 times in 2015, including 5 straight months from July to November. If the Granta “miraculously” reclaims the lead in December to secure its third annual win with 120.182 sales, the crowning of either the Solaris (115.868) or the Rio (97.097) in 2016 seems inevitable.

UAZ Patriot Russia 2015Excellent result for the UAZ Patriot at #23.

For the first time since the seventies, Lada only places one nameplate among the Top 7 best-sellers: the Largus (-40%) and Kalina (-45%) are relegated to #8 and #9 respectively while the venerable 4×4 (aka Niva) is up 3 spots to #10 thanks to sales down just 18%. Even Renault does better with the Duster (#6) and Logan (#7). The GAZ Gazelle (-28%) shoots up 3 spots to #4, the VW Polo (-23%) is up four to #4, the Rapid becomes Skoda’s best-seller thanks to 24.547 sales for its first full year in market, the Datsun on-DO improves to #18, the venerable UAZ Bukhanka is up 14 ranks to #19 thanks to incredibly stable sales at 21.408 and the UAZ Patriot is down just 5% to land at a best-ever #23.

Datsun mi-DO Russia 2015. Picture courtesy zr.ruThe Datsun mi-DO is the best-selling all-new nameplate in Russia in 2015. Picture

Further down, let’s single out the Lexus NX shooting up 211 spots to a shining 36th place (10.328 sales), the Lifan X60 remaining the best-selling Chinese nameplate in Russia and the only one in the Top 60 at #37 and despite sales down 51%, the Datsun mi-DO snapping the title of most popular all-new nameplate at #38 (8.165 sales) above the Ford Fiesta (#57), Lifan X50 (#101), Lada Vesta (#104), Mercedes GLE (#105) and Mercedes GLC (#125). Flying in the face of the current depressed economic context, the BMW X5 is up 50% to #53, the Mercedes C-Class is up 2% to #60, the Mercedes S-Class also up 2% to #69, the Mercedes GLA up 10% to #80 and the Audi Q7 up 52% to #87.

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South Korea Full Year 2015: Hyundai Sonata #1, Ssangyong Tivoli shines

Hyundai Sonata South Korea 2015Hyundai Sonata

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Excellent year for new car sales in South Korea, up 11% on 2014 to 1.824.288 registrations. If local manufacturers show dynamic growth at +9% to 1.579.706 units, foreign carmakers lodge a second consecutive year at +25% to reach a record 244.582 deliveries, the first time in the history of South Korean automobile that foreigners cross the symbolic 200.000 annual sales mark. They also reach an all-ime high 13.4% market share vs. 11.9% last year. Hyundai (+9%) maintains its iron grip on its home market at 39.1% share while sister company Kia (+12%) improves to 28.9. Both carmakers combined hold a staggering 68% of the South Korean market, stable year-on-year.

Peugeot 2008 South Korea 2015. Picture courtesy motorian.krThe 2008 helps lift Peugeot sales up 136% in South Korea in 2015.

GM Korea, which includes the Chevrolet and Daewoo brands, evolves like the market at +10% but the nice surprise of 2015 comes from Ssangyong: up 45% to just under 100.000 sales, overtaking rival Renault Samsung – this mainly thanks to the new Tivoli as we’ll see further down. Foreign carmakers are once again dominated by Germans brands: BMW remains the most popular import at #6 overall (+19%), followed by Mercedes (+32%), Volkswagen (+17%) and Audi (+18%). Lexus shoots up 29% to bypass parent company Toyota (+17%) and break into the overall Top 10 brands. Volvo (+42%), Nissan (+45%), Porsche (+50%), Land Rover (+55%) and Peugeot (+136%) all take off.

Ssangyong Tivoli South Korea 2015. Picture courtesy Tivoli

Model-wise, the Hyundai Sonata posts a second consecutive year in the top spot thanks to stable sales at 108.438. It is the 12th time the Sonata is crowned at home since 2000, with interruptions only in 2004 (Hyundai Santa Fe) and in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013 when the Hyundai Avante (aka Elantra) was #1. The same Avante, boosted by a mid-life refresh, is up 7% and two spots to #2, ahead of the Hyundai Porter (+4%) and Santa Fe (+20%). The Kia Morning at #5 (-8%) and Hyundai Grandeur at #6 (-6%) both lose ground but the Kia Sorento (+104%) and Carnival (+62%) both enjoy the first full year of their new generation inside the Top 10.

Genesis EQ900 South Korea 2015Genesis EQ900

Further down, the Ssangyong Tivoli is by far the most popular all-new model for 2015, landing directly at #15 and hitting a personal best 12th place in November – likely the highest ranking by any Ssangyong model in over a decade – and 5.328 sales in October. Far below, we welcome the Chevrolet Impala at #36 (but up to #19 in December) and last but not least, the flagship model of a new luxury brand launched by Hyundai in December: the Genesis EQ900 at #53 with 530 units sold in the last month of the year.

Mercedes-Maybach S 600 South Korea 2015The Mercedes S-Class is the 5th best-selling foreign model in South Korea in 2015.

The Mercedes E-Class remains the most popular foreign model in South Korea with sales up 12% to 19,658. Like in 2014 it is followed by its direct competitors the BMW 5 Series (+4%) and Audi A6 (+11%) with the smaller BMW 3 Series taking 4th spot (+22%). Extraordinary score from the Mercedes S-Class lifted up 148% to an incredible 5th place and 10.356 sales by the new model. Other great performers include the Mercedes C-Class up 48%, the Mini Cooper up 52%, the Peugeot 2008 landing directly at #12 with 4.048 sales, the Audi A3 up 121%, BMW 4 Series up 105% and the Nissan Qashqai arriving at #29 with 2.218 delivers.

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Venezuela Full Year 2015: Chevrolet Silverado #1, market down 96% on all-time high

Chevrolet Silverado Venezuela 2015The previous generation Chevy Silverado is the one on sale in Venezuela.

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Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, the Venezuelan new car market plunges further down into oblivion in the wake on the continuing political turmoil and economic recession that is plaguing the country: down 26% to just 17.585 registrations. For comparison, the annual 2015 figure is similar to the sales level reached in July and August 2013 alone…, 87% below 2012’s annual score (130.533) and a devastating 96.5% below 2007’s record high 491.899 deliveries. Only eight manufacturers have remained in the market, with five of them selling over 1.000 units: Chevrolet (-11%) is market leader, followed by Toyota (+5%), Mitsubishi (-7%), Ford (-49%) and Dodge (+132%).

The models ranking is totally novel: the Chevrolet Silverado – the previous generation is still the one on sale here – takes the lead thanks to sales up 3-fold on 2014 to 2.405, ahead of the Toyota Fortuner (+34%), Chevrolet Aveo (+19%), Mitsubishi Canter (+92%) and Dodge Forza (+132%). Last year leader, the ZNA Rich / Civetchi Pickup, implodes down 99% to just 42 units at #29.

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South Africa Full Year 2015: Toyota Hilux holds off Ford Ranger threat

Ford Ranger South Africa 2015Ford Ranger sales are up 18% in South Africa in 2015. 

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It’s a tough year in South Africa with new vehicle sales down for the second consecutive time at -4% to 617.927 registrations, handicapped by a slowdown in the domestic economy, higher interest rates and new car price inflation and despite higher incentives and a strong contribution by the car rental sector which accounted for an estimated 12.5% of new car sales during the year according to NAAMSA. The good news comes from vehicle exports reaching a new all-time high of 333.748 units, up a stunning 20.5% on 2014. 2016 is expected to be another declining year with NAAMSA predicting annual sales will plunge below the 600.000 mark for the first time since 2011 at 598.200, due to “expectations of sluggish economic growth of around 1% at best, a sharply lower value of the Rand translating into upward pressure in new vehicles price inflation, further increases in interest rates and administered prices (electricity, water, fuel) and the severe drought throughout the country also negatively affecting economic growth. Exports will continue to grow though.

Toyota Hilux South Africa July 2015. Picture courtesy Toyota Hilux retains its South African crown in 2015 despite sales down 5%.

Evolving like the market at -4%, Toyota remains the most popular carmaker in the country with just under 20% share and 123.038 sales, above the Volkswagen Group (-9%), Ford (+5%), Hyundai-Kia (-15%) and General Motors-Isuzu (-5%). For the first time in the history of BSCB I can give you a complete models ranking for South Africa including Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes and Great Wall nameplates. The Toyota Hilux is the best-selling vehicle in the country for the third year running despite sales down 5% to 35.684 but the fight was intense with the Ford Ranger, #1 year-to-date from April to June and ending 2015 up 18% and two spots to 33.920 units at #2. The new generation Hilux is in South African dealerships from January 2016 and should help the nameplate stay on top.

Mercedes C Class South Africa 2015The Mercedes C-Class is inside the South African Top 10 in 2015. 

The VW Polo Vivo (-9%) and Polo (-14%) both drop one spot, the Toyota Corolla/Auris/Quest remains in 5th place (+17%) while the Nissan NP200, Chevrolet Utility and Isuzu KB all gain one spot following the ‘demise’ of the Toyota Etios (-13%) now supported by the Aygo (#119). The Mercedes C-Class lodges a stunning Top 10 ranking, the Hyundai Grand i10 falls just short at #11, the Ford Ecosport is up 52% to #13 and the Datsun GO ends its first full year in market at a solid 24th position with 5.647 sales. The Renault Captur is the best-selling all-new nameplate, landing directly at an excellent #41, ahead of the VW Up (#47), Opel Mokka (#70) and Land Rover Discovery Sport (#97).

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Canada Full Year 2015: First FCA win in third consecutive record year

Ram 1500 Canada 2015. Picture courtesy caranddriver.comThe Ram Pickup breaks sales records and helps push FCA to #1. Picture

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At +2.5% in 2015, the Canadian year-on-year gain is more subdued than last year (+6%) but still pushes the market to a third consecutive annual record at 1.900.072 registrations. Passenger cars see their market share drop below 39% whereas SUV/crossover sales shoot up from 32.9% in 2014 to 36.1% this year and pickup trucks go up slightly to 18.4%. For the first time in the company’s 90-year history, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is the top carmaker in Canada thanks to sales up 2% to 293.061, also an all-time record annual volume. FCA distances Ford Motor Company (-5%) and General Motors (+5%), while Toyota Motor (+4%) overtakes Hyundai-Kia (-2%) for 4th place overall.

Lexus NX Canada 2015. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comLexus is the fastest-growing brand in the Top 30 this year in Canada. 

Brand-wise, Ford remains comfortable leader despite sales down 5% to 270.498 above Toyota at 182.365 and Honda at 156.500, both up 2%. Chevrolet (+3%), Hyundai (-2%) and Nissan (+13%) are the only other brands positing 6-digit sales figures for 2015. GMC (+12%), Jeep (+13%), Subaru (+11%), Mercedes (+15%) and Lexus (+25%) lodge double-digit year-on-year gains inside the Top 20, while further down Porsche (+30%), Mini (+31%) and Tesla (+84%) shine.

GMC Sierra Canada 2015The GMC leaps to 4th position overall in the 2015 Canadian models charts. 

The Ford F-Series is the best-selling vehicle in Canada for the 7th year in a row but sees its sales drop  6% to 118.837 units after posting three consecutive record annual volumes. The F-Series remains the only nameplate to ever sell 6-digit annual figures in Canada. Like in 2014 it is followed by the Ram Pickup, up 3% to sign a new sales record at 91.195 units. The Honda Civic is the most popular passenger car in the country for the 18th straight year thanks to 64.950 sales. The GMC Sierra gains the most ground among the best-sellers, shooting up four spots and 12% to 4th overall, followed closely by its mass market twin the Chevrolet Silverado (+11%).

Chrysler Pacifica Canada 2015The Chrysler Pacifica will replaces the Town&Country and the Dodge Grand Caravan in 2016.

Despite sales down 7%, the Ford Escape is once again Canada’s best-selling SUV but the Toyota RAV4 (+15%) and Nissan Rogue (+24%) are catching up fast. Even though it continues to flatly outsell its twin the Chrysler Town & Country in Canada (46.927 sales vs. 9.001), the Dodge Grand Caravan (-9%) will not survive 2016: at the same time next year we will be in a position to establish whether replacing the hugely successful pair of minivans with the lone Chrysler Pacifica will have been a smart move from FCA.

Honda HR-V Canada 2015. Picture courtesy motortrend.comThe Honda HR-V is the most successful all-new nameplate for 2015. Picture

Other notable moves in the Canadian sales charts include the Jeep Cherokee up 41% to #16 and a record 31.833 sales, the VW Golf up 68% to #22 and 20.515 deliveries, the Nissan Micra up 52% to #37 and the Nissan Murano boosted up 115% to #48 by its facelift. The most successful all-new nameplates for 2015 are the Honda HR-V landing directly at #59, the Mazda CX-3 (#70), Jeep Renegade (#150) and Ram ProMaster City (#154).

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