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Kuwait June 2013: Toyota Prado leads, Chrysler 300C up to #5!

August 29th, 2013 No comments

Toyota Prado Kuwait June 2013The facelifted model should help the Toyota Prado reinforce its lead in Kuwait this year.

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New car sales in Kuwait are up 2% year-on-year in June to 10,788 registrations and up 8% year-to-date to 73,731 units. While it had improved from 5.1% in 2011 to 9.7% share over the Full Year 2012, the Toyota Prado continues to progress in Kuwait, passing the symbolic 10% share milestone to hold 10.9% of the market over the first 6 months of 2013 thanks to 8,027 sales and in spite of a month of June slightly weaker at 1,017 units and 9.4%. This score is over double the sales of any other model in Kuwait, with the Toyota Hilux ranking 2nd both in June at 4.2% share and year-to-date at 5% and the Nissan D22 pick-up rounding up the podium in both cases as well at 4.1% and 4.6% respectively.

Chrysler 300 Kuwait June 2013The Chrysler 300C is inside the Kuwaiti Top 5 this month!

Below the Toyota Corolla stable at 3.9% share, the Chrysler 300C delivers the performance of the month in Kuwait, up to a fantastic 5th position thanks to 342 sales and 3.2% and now #8 year-to-date at 2.6%. It even beats the Toyota Camry, down to #6 at 3%. Other gainers in June in Kuwait include the Mitsubishi Lancer up to #8 vs. #13 year-to-date, the Toyota Fortuner up to #9 vs. #22, Chevrolet Silverado up to #12 vs. #17, Ford Taurus up to #15 vs. #45 and the Nissan Navara up to #20 vs. #63. Finally, notice the Bentley Continental GTC rounding up the Top 200 year-to-date with 19 units sold.

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6 months Top 200, June Top 140 models and Top 34 brands Ranking Tables below.

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Lebanon June 2013: Nissan Sunny and Hyundai i10 on top

August 29th, 2013 No comments

Nissan Sunny Lebanon June 2013Nissan Sunny

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3,678 new vehicles found a buyer in Lebanon in June, adding up to 22,839 year-to-date. The brands ranking is reshuffled this month: Nissan leads at 23.4% share ahead of Hyundai (18.4%), Kia (18.1%) and Toyota (17.3%), with no other manufacturer above 3%! Year-to-date, Kia is #1 at 26.5% followed by Hyundai (19.5%), Nissan (18.3%) and Toyota (12.9%). The models charts is also very volatile: while in February the Kia Picanto and Cerato topped the ranking, in June the Nissan Sunny is sovereign with 484 sales and 13.2% share, ahead of the Hyundai i10 at 255 units and 6.9% and the Toyota Corolla with 247 sales and 6.7%.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Lebanon June 2013Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Kia Picanto is kicked down to #4 but remains #1 year-to-date at 1,942 units and 8.5%, while the Cerato is down to #9 but #3 year-to-date at 6.8% below the Nissan Sunny at 7.6%. The Hyundai Accent rounds up the Top 5, followed by the Nissan Micra, Kia Rio and Sportage. The Toyota Avanza ranks 14th, its highest ranking in the region by far, the Toyota RAV4 is up to #15 vs. #29 YTD, the Chevrolet Spark is #17, Jeep Grand Cherokee #19 and the Hyundai Veloster delivers a fantastic 17th place year-to-date.

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Full June 2013 Top 70 models and Top 35 brands Ranking Tables below.

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Jordan June 2013: Hyundai Elantra leads, 16 Koreans in Top 20!

August 29th, 2013 No comments

Hyundai Elantra Jordan June 2013Hyundai Elantra

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After a 4 months hiatus, Jordan is back on BSCB with June sales data. 4,561 vehicles were registered this month, adding up to 28,121 year-to-date. As usual, the Koreans are king in Jordan: Hyundai and Kia together hold 78% of the market so far in 2013! The Hyundai Elantra leads the models ranking thanks to 799 sales and a mammoth 17.5% market share, followed by the Hyundai Accent at 472 units and 10.3% and the Kia Frontier with 392 sales and 8.6%. Year-to-date, the Elantra reigns as well at 15.3% while the Frontier is #2 at 10.8%.

The Toyota Hilux is the most popular Japanese model and the only one in the Top 9 (!) at #4 and 7.4% share, up from 4.9% year-to-date. The Kia Cerato, Hyundai Tucson, Sonata, Santa Fe and Kia Sorento follow. The Mitsubishi L200 saves the Japanese honour at #10, and is accompanied by the Isuzu NPR and Mitsubishi Lancer in the Top 20. This means 16 of the 20 best-selling models in Jordan this month are Korean! Notice also the Ford Ranger up to #26 vs. #53 year-to-date and the Chevrolet Silverado up to #27 vs. #62.

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Full June 2013 Top 40 models and Top 30 brands Ranking Tables below.

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Algeria July 2013: Toyota Hilux leads, Dacia Logan back up to #4

August 28th, 2013 3 comments

Toyota Hilux Algeria July 2013Toyota Hilux

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For the first time since we’ve been following Algerian new car sales monthly, the Toyota Hilux is up 8 spots on June to become the best-selling vehicle in the country thanks to 1,712 sales. It is however still #7 year-to-date at 10,451 units. The Peugeot 301 is back up one rank to a spectacular 2nd place with 1,667 sales, and is also #2 year-to-date at 17,138 units. A readjustment of Dacia Logan sales indeed put it above the 301 for only 40 sales at 17,178 units. While we’re with the Logan, thanks to the new generation now widely available across the country, the Dacia sedan is back inside the Algerian Top 10 this month at #4 with 1,363 sales. That’s 127 less than its twin sister the Renault Symbol, #3 at 1,490 units. Renault indeed sells both models in the country, with the Logan less equipped and priced below the Symbol to avoid cannibalisation. Finally, notice the Chevrolet Spark up to #7 with 1,134 sales.

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Full July 2013 Top 10 models and brands Ranking Tables below.

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World 6 months 2013: Focus maintains lead over Corolla

August 27th, 2013 14 comments

Ford Focus World June 2013. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comThe Ford Focus is the best-selling model in the world so far in 2013.

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After going through the Top 300 best-sellers for the month of June, as is the tradition on BSCB we now explore the year-to-date ranking in more detail to try and extract longer-term trends. Strengthened by another pole position in June, the Ford Focus remains the #1 model worldwide so far in 2013 thanks to 559,153 sales, up 11% year-on-year thanks to strong sales in China, vs. 551,933 for the Toyota Corolla, also up compared to the same period one year ago, but by just 1%. The Hyundai Elantra is up 7 spots vs. 2012 to become the third most popular model in the world over the period thanks to 468,836 units sold, a massive 106,188 or 29% more than at the same time last year, mainly due to the last generation’s very successful launch in China. Note that when i30 sales are added, the hatchback/sedan combo lands extremely close to the leading duo at 547,022 sales, up 22% on 2012…

Ford F-Series World June 2013The Ford F-Series is up 20% to #4

Another excellent performer so far in 2013 is the Ford F-Series, up 5 ranks and 20% on last year to jump to #4 worldwide at 438,878 units, solely pushed by outstanding performances in North America. The Toyota Camry is down 3% and two spots to #5, the VW Passat up one to #6, the VW Golf down 3 to #7, Chevrolet Cruze down 3 to #8, Ford Fiesta up two to #9 and the VW Polo is down 5 ranks to #10.

Chevrolet Silverado World June 2013. Picture courtesy of www.motortrend.comThe Chevrolet Silverado is up 22% to #21

Further down, the Honda CR-V is up 9% to brilliantly knock at the worldwide Top 10’s door at #11, the VW Jetta is up 35% to #13 thanks to its performance in China, the Chevrolet Silverado is up 22% to #21, Ford Kuga (aka Escape) up 35% to #24, Wuling Hongguang up 76% to #25, Nissan Sentra up 65% to #27, Hyundai ix35 (aka Tucson) up 33% to #28 and the VW Lavida up 100% to #33.

Peugeot 208 World June 2013. Picture courtesy of autobild.deThe 208 is now Peugeot’s best-seller worldwide at #56.

Notice also the Renault Duster up 57% to #39, the Peugeot 208 up 310% to #56 and now by far the brand’s best-seller worldwide and the Subaru Forester up 68% to #101. The BYD F3 is the best-selling Chinese passenger car worldwide at #81 with 112,491 sales across two generations, followed by the Emgrand EC7 at #98 and 91,340 units and the Great Wall Haval H6 at #102 with 88,828 sales.

Opel Mokka World June 2013The Buick Encore/Opel Mokka/Chevrolet Trax lands at #108

Among newcomers, notice the Buick Encore/Opel Mokka/Chevrolet Trax landing at #108 with 87,166 units, the Chevrolet Onix/Prisma at #117 and 83,152 units, Hyundai HB20 at #144 with 70,842 sales, Fiat 500L at #288 and 29,196 units, Peugeot 301 at #304 with 22,185 sales and the Renault Captur at #309 and 20,397 units.

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Full 6 months 2013 Top 200 Ranking Table below.

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World June 2013: Discover the Top 300 best-selling models!

August 27th, 2013 13 comments

Chevrolet Cruze World June 2013Chevrolet Cruze

* See the Top 300 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Austin *

Always with a little bit of delay as it takes time to compile all the data, I give you the 300 best-selling vehicles in the world in June! Remember this is as close an estimation as you will get online, in the absence of official sales figures released by manufacturers and taking into account all the worldwide data accumulated on BSCB. The fight for the title of best-selling car in the world continues to rage, with the Ford Focus taking advantage of the generation change for the Corolla sedan to climb back into pole position with 96,985 sales vs. 95,040 for the Corolla, while the Ford F-Series maintains itself on the podium at #3 and 80,577 units. The Hyundai Elantra remains #4 with 79,373 sales but teases the Focus and Corolla when sales of the i30 hatchback are added: the Hyundai compact car adds up to 94,776 units in that case…

Ford Kuga World June 2013. Picture courtesy of autobild.deThe Ford Kuga is now #15 in the world: the Honda CR-V is in sight…

Excellent operation of the Chevrolet Cruze up 4 spots to #5 with 75,179 sales, its best worldwide ranking since last September, partly thanks to a best-ever performance in the USA due to the success of the new Turbo Diesel version. The Ford Fiesta is up one further rank to #7 at 65,312 units and the Renault Logan/Sandero is up 2 to #8 with 64,230 sales, now that the 2nd generation of the combo is starting to make waves worldwide. #38 over the Full Year 2012 and #24 in 2013 so far, the Ford Kuga continues to progress, up 4 more spots on May to land at a fantastic 15th position with 51,549 units and now teasing the Honda CR-V (#12 at 58,207 sales) to become the world’s best-selling SUV…

Peugeot 2008 World June 2012. Picture courtesy of LargusThe Peugeot 2008 is among the 300 best-selling models in the world in June (#243).

Further down, the Renault Clio is up 13 ranks to #19, the Toyota RAV4 remains extremely robust at #23 vs. #32 year-to-date and the BMW 3 Series is up 7 spots to #26. As far as newcomers are concerned, the Nissan Dayz landing directly at #139 in the world thanks to 12,231 units sold in Japan, the Renault Captur up 101 spots on May and breaking the 10,000 monthly units mark for the first time at #168 with 10,563 sales and the Peugeot 2008 making its very first appearance within the worldwide Top 300 at #243 with an estimated 6,565 units.

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Full June 2013 Top 300 models Ranking Table below.

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Thailand Pick-ups July 2013: Toyota Hilux kills it

August 26th, 2013 3 comments

Toyota Hilux Mazda BT50 Ford Ranger Thailand July 2013Mazda BT-50, Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger

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As is the tradition on BSCB we have a look at the Thai pick-up ranking each month. Why? Because Thailand is the 1 ton pick-up factory of the world and it’s always interesting to see how these fare ‘at home’. The biggest surprise this month is the 30% decline of pick-up sales compared to July 2012 to 37,313 units… After beating record after record in 2012 and 2013, it would appear the Thai new vehicle market, vastly influenced by the pick-up segment, is starting to cough…

In July the Toyota Hilux kills everyone, selling 15,863 units for a 42.5% market share (vs. 38.5% year-to-date) while the Isuzu D-Max is down to 12.430 sales and 33.3% (vs. 35.6%). The Mitsubishi Triton is back up one spot to its traditional third place at 2,297 units and 6.2%, followed by the Ford Ranger, Mazda BT-50 and Chevrolet Colorado.

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Full July 2013 Top 8 pick-ups Ranking Table below.

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Argentina: 1962-2013 More detailed Historical Data now available!

August 26th, 2013 5 comments

The Ford Falcon was a regular fixture atop Argentina’s ranking in the sixties and seventies

NOW UPDATED with 11 additional articles for the 1962-1989 period and the most produced models in Argentina since 1951

The direct links to 29 Historical articles are below!

Thanks to Bruno, I can now give you Historical Data for Argentina spanning exactly 50 years! We now have the #1 model for each year since 1962 except 1964, 66, 67 and 68. For 1988 and each year from 1994 onwards there is at least a Top 10 best-selling models ranking!

Renault 12 Alpine Argentina. Picture courtesy of Renault 12 topped the Argentinean sales charts 9 times between 1976 and 1988!

The IKA-Renault Dauphine is the oldest known best-seller in Argentina (in 1962) with the sixties dominated by the Fiat 600 (in 1969 and 1970). An Argentina-specific Ford Falcon manages to hold the pole position for 6 years, the first time in 1965 and the last nearly two decades later in 1983… The Renault 12  does even better, best-seller 9 times between 1976 and 1988…

Fiat Duna Argentina 1995. Picture courtesy of Fiat Duna was #1 in Argentina from 1990 to 1994.

The Peugeot 504, launched in 1969, is the most produced car in the country’s history at 494,693 units and still ranked inside the Top 10 in 1996 in a facelifted version only sold in Argentina! It however never managed to rank #1 at year-end… Argentinean consumers are big fans of sedans and made the Fiat Duna, a Uno Sedan, their favourite from 1990 to 1994 whereas at the same time the Uno hatchback struggled to break into the Top 10… At first, the VW Senda (sedan) was also more successful than its hatchback version, the Gol…

1996 is the first year the VW Gol ranked #1 in Argentina (1987 in Brazil)

This changed from 1996 onwards, when Volkswagen’s best seller in South American started a reign that would last for 11 years until 2008, only interrupted in 1997 by the Renault 19 and in 2001-02 by the Renault Clio, before the Chevrolet Corsa took the lead in 2009 and hasn’t looked back…

You can see the ranking of all models produced in Argentina here:

Argentina – Historical Data:

Argentina 1962: Locally produced IKA-Renault Dauphine most popular

Argentina 1963: IKA Rambler takes the lead

Argentina 1965: Ford Falcon instant best-seller

Argentina 1969-1970: Fiat 600 sovereign

Argentina 1971-1972: Ford Falcon reclaims leadership

Argentina 1973-1975: Fiat 128 and Ford Falcon fight it out

Argentina 1976-1978: First years of Renault 12 reign

Argentina 1979: Ford Falcon comes back

Argentina 1980: Renault 12 best-seller

Argentina 1981: Last hurrah for the Fiat 128

Argentina 1982: The only year the Ford Taunus tops the charts

Argentina 1983: Swan song for the Ford Falcon

Argentina 1984-1988: Renault 12 dominates for 5 years in a row (with Top 10 for 1988)

Argentina 1989: Fiat Spazio surprise (and quick) leader

Argentina 1990-1993: Fiat Duna leads the way

Argentina 1994: Fiat Duna and Spazio on top

Argentina 1995: Renault 9 and Fiat Duna fight it out

Argentina 1996: VW Gol takes the lead

Argentina 1997: The only year the Renault 19 finished #1

Argentina 1998-1999: VW Gol, Fiat Palio and Chevrolet Corsa on top

Argentina 2000: VW Gol leads, Peugeot 206 on podium

Argentina 2001-2002: Renault Clio on top

Argentina 2003-2005: VW Gol dominates

Argentina 2006-2008: VW Gol, Chevrolet Corsa and Peugeot 206 on top

Argentina 2009: Chevrolet Corsa new leader, Peugeot 207 Compact #2

Argentina 2010: Chevrolet Corsa Classic best-seller

Argentina 2011: Chevrolet Classic #1 in record year

Argentina 2012: Chevrolet Classic #1, Renault Duster shines

Argentina 2013: Chevrolet Classic #1, Renault Clio Mio on podium in record year

Source: ADEFA and ACARA

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Indonesia July 2013: Chevrolet Spin up to #13 in record month UPDATED

August 25th, 2013 4 comments

Chevrolet Spin Indonesia July 2013. Picture courtesy of review1st.comThe Chevrolet Spin could break into the Indonesian Top 10 in the coming months…

* NOW UPDATED with the Top 22 best-selling models & Top 10 brands! Click on title to see *

If you thought the Indonesian new car market had reached its maximum by passing the 100,000 monthly units milestones 7 times since June 2012, think again. In July, new car sales in Indonesia smash their monthly record to 112,195 sales, up 10% year-on-year, and beating the previous best established in October 2012 at 106,806 units. Year-to-date, sales are up 12% on 2012 to 714,425 units. Toyota obviously dominates the brands ranking once again thanks to 39,212 sales and 34.9% while Suzuki resists in 2nd place at 16,838 units and 15%, earning it a third spot year-to-date at 12.9% share in between Daihatsu (14.5%) and Mitsubishi (12.9% also).

Toyota Avanza Indonesia July 2013No less than 21,307 Toyota Avanzas found a buyer in Indonesia in July alone!

Model-wise, the Toyota Avanza is more than ever the vehicle of choice for Indonesian consumers: the 21,307 units delivered this month (19% market share, its 2nd best in the last 16 months) could well be an all-time monthly record for the nameplate… The Suzuki Ertiga manages to rank #2 for the 2nd month in a row and the 4th time in the last 6 months with 6,834 sales and 6.1%. It is still #4 year-to-date however at 39,281 units and 5.5%, below the Daihatsu Xenia at 43,548 and 6.1% and the Toyota Kijang Innova at 40,512 and 5.7%.

Suzuki Ertiga Indonesia July 2013The Ertiga pushes Suzuki to stratospheric heights in Indonesia.

But the most striking evolution in the Indonesian models ranking this month comes further down: after breaking into the country’s Top 20 best-sellers for the very first time last month, the Chevrolet Spin gains a further 5 spots to land at #13 with 1,966 sales and 1.8%, pushing Chevrolet up to another record-breaking month at 2,290 units and 2%, #8 manufacturer and now teasing Isuzu. Needless to say the Spin is the only non-Japanese model in the Indonesian Top 20 this month…

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Full July 2013 Top 22 models and Top 10 brands Ranking Tables below.

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Puerto Rico (USA) July 2013: Kia Rio lands on podium

August 25th, 2013 3 comments

Kia Rio Puerto Rico Puerto Rico July 2013Kia Rio

* See the Top 182 All-models and Top 28 All-brands by clicking on the title! Thanks Roberto *

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After two months of decline, the Puerto Rican new light vehicle market is back into positive territory in July , up 2% year-on-year to 8,110 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 57,650 units, also up 2% on 2012. The Toyota Corolla (7.4%) and Yaris (6.2%) keep the lead but Kia delivers another outstanding month, #2 brand on the island for the 2nd time in a row thanks to 981 sales and 12.1% share and now #3 year-to-date. The Korean manufacturer places the Rio in third position in the models ranking at 434 units and 5.4%, up one spot on June while the Forte is down 4 to a still excellent #9 and 2.4%. The Toyota RAV4 also excels thanks to the new generation, up 4 ranks to #4 and 3.8%.

Ford Fiesta Puerto Rico July 2013The Ford Fiesta manages a spot in the Top 10 in Puerto Rico this month.

It’s a relatively good month for US models (compared to traditionally mediocre results), with 6 of them in the Top 26 best-sellers this month. The Jeep Wrangler leads the way as usual at #7 (+2), followed by the Ford Fiesta, up an excellent 12 spots to #10, the Ford Escape at #19 (+6), Chevrolet Sonic at #22 (+11), Jeep Grand Cherokee at #23 (-5) and Ford F-Series at #26 (+8). Notice also the Mitsubishi Outlander down 6 to a still very solid #18, the Fiat 500 up an astounding 44 spots to #29, Mazda CX-5 up 8 to #32 and the Scion tC up 34 to #42.

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Full July 2013 Top 182 All-models and Top 28 All-brands Ranking Tables below.

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