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Croatia January 2018: Skoda Octavia triples sales in market up 30.8%

The Skoda Octavia confirms it is the favourite nameplate of Croatian buyers. 

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Thanks to our new partnership with local outlet Promocija Plus, we can share with you today Croatian data for January and the news are excellent: up a whopping 30.8% year-on-year to 3.706 units. Volkswagen trails the market slightly at +26% to 14.2% share and only owes its pole position this month to a meagre 5 units above stablemate Skoda surging 111% to 14.1%. Suzuki is up 80% to #3, Renault up 60% to #4, Opel up 47% to #5, Dacia up 100% to #7, Ford up 35% to #8 and Audi up 42% to #10. Mitsubishi (+220%), Smart (+175%), Mini (+120%) and Mazda (+36%) also shine. Leader in 2017, the Skoda Octavia almost triples its sales year-on-year (+188%) to hit a very impressive 8.1% share in January, followed by the VW Golf (+75%), Suzuki Vitara (+5%), VW Tiguan (-12%) and Dacia Duster (+335%). The Ford Kuga (+3450%!), Suzuki SX4 S-Cross (+379%), Renault Megane (+169%) and Skoda Rapid (+121%) also impress while the Peugeot 3008 breaks into the Top 20.

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Singapore January 2018: Kia & Hyundai buck trend in market down 26%

Kia Niro – Kia sales are up 139% year-on-year in Singapore in January.

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New car sales in Singapore tumble down 26% year-on-year in January to just 5.578 registrations. Honda (-27%) reclaims the lead for the first time since last March, while Toyota (-44%) and Mercedes (-33%) fall faster than the market. Mazda manages a 10% gain to #4, Audi is up 12% to #9, Hyundai surges 109% to #8 and Kia soars 139% to #5. Further down, Peugeot (+248%) and Maserati (+133%) are among the rare gainers while Suzuki (-96%), Ssangyong (-94%), Citroen (-93%), Aston Martin (-86%), Opel (-83%), Infiniti (-82%), Ford (-80%), Jaguar (-76%), Porsche (-71%), BMW (-53%), Nissan (-50%), Subaru (-41%) and  Volkswagen (-34%) are among the hardest hit.

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Israel January 2018: Hyundai up to 16.1% share in market down 13.7%

Hyundai holds 16.1% of the Israeli new car market in January.

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Thanks to our partnership with, we can share with you today January data for Israel. One year ago was the largest monthly volume ever recorded in the country, so sales logically fall 13.7% this time to a still robust 39.019 registrations. Hyundai resists extremely well at -4% to see its share soar to 16.1%, the highest since February 2017. Kia (-12%) and Toyota (-39%) complete a podium identical to the FY2017 ranking. Mazda (+3%), Nissan (+6%), Suzuki (+13%) and Mitsubishi (+18%) all manage splendid growth inside the Top 10 while beyond, Porsche (+71%), Land Rover (+50%), BMW (+19%), Mini (+10%), Chevrolet (+4%), Isuzu (+4%) and Jeep (+4%) are also in positive. At the other end of the scale, Jaguar (-73%), Abarth (-71%), DS (-67%), Opel (-59%), Ford (-48%), Lexus (-47%), Seat (-31%) and Subaru (-29%) all freefall.

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Pakistan January 2018: Suzuki Mehran outsells Toyota Corolla

The Suzuki Mehran is the best-seller in Pakistan for only the third time in four years.

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Thanks to PAMA we have access to sales of locally-produced models in Pakistan which gives a pretty accurate picture of the best-selling nameplates in the country as high duties limit the number of new cars imported. Sales of Pakistan-made models surge 12.8% to 23.562 units, with Suzuki doubling the market growth at +24% to 58.5% share whereas Toyota is down 7% to 22.8% and Honda up 10% to 18.6%. Model-wise, the Suzuki Mehran (+16%) posts a rare win over the Toyota Corolla (-17%): the second time in the past four months (after October 2017) but only the third time in the past four years (July 2014). Suzuki is however scheduled to finally replace the antediluvian Mehran (originally launched in 1984) with the Alto kei car currently sold in Japan sometime during 2018. It already ranks 5th here in Pakistan in the imported used car ranking we published in our Full Year 2017 Report. The Suzuki Wagon R (+69%), Cultus (+50%) and Swift (+24%) also shine, as well as the Toyota Hilux (+24%).

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Norway January 2018: Zoe pulls Renault up 16% in market down 29.5%

The Renault Zoe is up to #3 overall in Norway in January. 

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Just as January 2017 was boosted by delayed sales due to lower taxes in 2017 compared to 2016, this month the opposite is true: higher taxes from January 1, 2018 triggered forward sales in December and a dismal -29.5% year-on-year freefall to 9.207 registrations. The top three carmakers fall slower: Volkswagen (-18%), Toyota (-24%) and BMW (-27%) contain their decline but Volvo (-44%) and Skoda (-42%) implode. Both Ford and Peugeot drop 17% in 5th and 6th places respectively while Renault actually gains 16% and ranks 9th vs. 17th over the Full Year 2017. Notice also Land Rover (+111%), Subaru (+79%), Opel (+12%), Mini (+6%) and Citroen (+3%) also going against the grain and posting year-on-year improvements. Tesla, #1 in December for the first time in history with 15.3% share, drops 41% to #16 in January. Over in the models ranking, the VW Golf reclaims the top spot it has held for 10 consecutive years, even managing a 2% year-on-year gain to 8.2% share, ahead of the BMW i3 (-1%) while the Renault Zoe surges 39% to #3 overall vs. #15 in FY2017. The Volvo V90 (+12%) is the only other Top 10 model to gain ground at #6. The Peugeot 5008 is up 82-fold (!) to #13, just below its smaller brother the 3008 at #11. The VW T-Roc (#28) leads all recent launches (<12 months) ahead of the Hyundai Kona (#62), Opel Ampera-e (#73) and Opel Grandland X (#74).

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Netherlands January 2018: VW places Polo, Golf, Up and Tiguan in Top 4

The VW Polo is the best-selling vehicle in the Netherlands in January.

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Dutch new car sales shoot up 15.2% year-on-year in January to 59.367 units but the Top 4 best-selling carmakers all beat the market: Volkswagen is up 24% to 17.7% share vs. 10.4% over the FY2017, Opel and Renault are both up 22% and Peugeot is up 23%. In the Top 10, Hyundai (+54%), Skoda (+45%), Audi (+23%) and Ford (+20%) also outpace the market while below, Jeep (+165%), Mitsubishi (+33%), Seat (+32%), Smart (+31%) and Ferrari (+25%) shine whereas Infiniti (-92%), Aston Martin (-91%), DS (-33%), Tesla (-33%), Land Rover (-26%), Alfa Romeo (-25%) and Fiat (-25%) implode. Traditionally very strong in January after paltry results in December, Volkswagen once again places four nameplates in the Top 4 in the Netherlands this month: the Polo (+20%) wins above the Golf (+43%), Up! (-0.4%) and Tiguan (+19%) with the Ford Fiesta up 45% to #5 and 2017 leader the Renault Clio down to #6 but up 29% year-on-year. The Hyundai i10 (+66%) and Opel Karl (+49%) also shine in the Top 10 while the VW T-Roc shoots up 119 spots on December to end January only 9 sales off its very first Top 20 ranking. Among recent launches, the Opel Crossland X (#32), Kia Stonic (#60), Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross (#62) and Seat Arona (#67) also make themselves noticed.

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Finland January 2018: Toyota soars 29% in market up 6.5%

The Auris (+63%) helps Toyota up 29% in Finland in January. 

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New car sales in Finland are up 6.5% year-on-year in January to 13.472 registrations. Toyota confirms it is the new favourite carmaker in the country with deliveries surging 29% year-on-year to 14.5% hare, distancing Skoda (+4%) while Volkswagen (-2%) is relegated to third place. Volvo drops 11% but remains 4th, followed by Ford (+8%) while Audi (+44%) posts the largest year-on-year gain in the Top 10 where Kia (+13%) also shines. Below, Fiat (+257%), Land Rover (+129%), Dacia (+95%), Peugeot (+83%), Porsche (+82%) and Hyundai (+71%) are the most dynamic whereas Renault, freak #1 in December thanks to tactical sales, freefalls 51% to #22. Model-wise, the Skoda Octavia reclaim the lead it has held for the past 4 years in spite of sales down 7%. It distances the Nissan Qashqai also in negative (-9%) while the Toyota Auris (+63%), Yaris (+40%) and Avensis (+37%) all post spectacular gains below, along with the Volvo XC60 (+54%) and Ford Fiesta (+46%). The Hyundai i30 (+268%), Opel Insignia (+206%), VW Polo (+177%) and BMW 5 Series (+115%) are also boosted by new generations while the Skoda Kodiaq breaks into the Top 20 at #19.

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USA January 2018: Toyota & Nissan pull market up 1.2%

The Nissan Rogue climbs onto the U.S. podium for the first time in history. 

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Up 1.2% on January 2017 to 1.157.407 units, the U.S. mew light vehicle market records its third year-on-year gain in the past five months after last September and November, seemingly indicating sales are headed towards a plateau. However the 2018 forecast is a first drop below 17 million annual units in 3 years, with most analysts aiming at a 16.7-16.9m range. The Seasonally Adjusted Annualised Selling Rate (SAAR) hits 17.18m this month, down 1.4% on the 17.43m of January and down on the 17.86m of December 2017. As it has been the case for the past few years, sales are prepped up by booming light truck sales and generous incentives.

The Chevrolet Equinox hits a record-breaking 6th place in January.

Light trucks are up 8% to 773.433 or 66.8% of the market, an all-time share for January, whereas passenger cars drop 10.8% to 381.452 or a paltry 33.2% share. In the detail, crossovers gain 13.6% to 399.204, pickups are up 5% to 186.831 and SUVs are up 0.2% to 124.244 while midsize cars are down 12.6% to 158.803 and small cars down 13% to 161.936. According to ALG, the average new-vehicle incentive shoots up 9.8% to $3,812 this month, and with an average transaction price up 4% to $36,270 (source Kelly Blue Book), incentives exceed the symbolic 10% of sticker price for the 18th time over the past 19 months.

The Tacoma (+34%) helps Toyota up 17% in the U.S. this month.

General Motors follows the market with a 1.3% gain (its fourth consecutive positive month) as retail deliveries are down 2% but fleet sales surge 16%, commercial and government deliveries combined soar 44% and daily rental sales are down 7%. Chevrolet (+5%), Buick (+4%) are up but Cadillac (-3.9%) and GMC (-11%) struggle. Toyota Motor posts its largest year-on-year gain since May 2014 at an impressive +16.8% on the back of fleet deliveries surging 69% according to Cox Automotive. Toyota is up 17% and Lexus up 15%. In contrast, Ford Motor ends a four-month winning streak at -6.3%, with deliveries hampered by cars down 23%, fleets down 12% and retail sales down 4.3%. The Ford division is down 5.2% and Lincoln down 27%.

Subaru posts a 74th consecutive month in positive.

FCA extends its negative streak to 17 months with a harsh 12.1% drop in January triggered by fleet sales down 50% and in spite of retail volume up 2% to 83% of its total for the month. Jeep is up 2.2% but Ram (-15.8%), Chrysler (-20.9%), Dodge (-31.2%) and Fiat (-43.2%) are among the worst-performing brands for the month. Nissan Motor soars 17.5% with the Nissan brand up 12.1%, Mitsubishi up 31.3% but Infiniti down 8%. Honda Motor skids 1.7% with Honda down 1.6% and Acura down 3.2%. Hyundai-Kia posts a 14th connective month of year-on-year decline at -6.4% with Hyundai down 11.3% but Kia edging up 0.01%. Subaru (+1.1%) on the other hand extends its winning streak to 74 consecutive months of year-on-year gains. Mercedes (-0.3%) tops luxury brands above BMW (+5%), Lexus (+15%) and Audi (+9.9%) extending its winning streak to 99 consecutive months of year-on-year gains. Other big gainers include Alfa Romeo (+1426%), Volvo (+60.3%), Tesla (+36.4%), Lamborghini (+15.4%) and Mazda (+15%).

U.S. VW Tiguan sales shoot up 138% year-on-year in January.

Model-wise, the Chevrolet Silverado (+15%) advances faster than the market leader, the Ford F-Series (+2%), for the third consecutive month and the 4th time in the past 5 months. The Nissan Rogue surges 26% to climb onto the overall U.S. podium for the first time in the nameplate’s history, dislodging the Ram Pickup (-13%). Note U.S. Rogue sales figures include the Rogue Sport, aka Qashqai. The Toyota RAV4 is up 20% to #5 but the Chevrolet Equinox posts the largest year-on-year gain in the Top 20 at +50% to #6 overall, its highest ever, eclipsing the #7 hit in April 2015 and December 2017. The Toyota Camry (+21%) tops passenger cars but ranks at a low 7th place (#6 in 2017).

The Ford Ecosport makes its very first appearance in the U.S. sales charts.

Inside the Top 50, notice also the Jeep Compass (+222%), VW Tiguan (+138%), Mazda CX-5 (+67%), Honda Pilot (+62%), Nissan Murano (+56%), Subaru Crosstrek (+45%), Chevrolet Traverse (+41%), Toyota Tacoma (+34%), Nissan Sentra (+32%) and Hyundai Tucson (+28%). The VW Atlas (#78) tops all recent launches (<12 months) ahead of the Toyota C-HR (#84), Range Rover Velar (#145), Kia Stinger (#171) and Tesla Model 3 (#174). This month we welcome the Ford Ecosport (#208), Jaguar E-Pace (#261) and Volvo XC40 (#275) into the U.S. charts.

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France January 2018: Peugeot up 10.5% to highest share this decade

The Peugeot 3008 hits a new record market share at home in January. 

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The French new car market starts the year with a 2.5% year-on-year gain in January to 156.851 registrations. For once private sales beat the market with a 3.4% improvement to 77.212 and 49.2% share, well above the 47.8% they held over the Full Year 2017. Company sales surge 15.7% to 24.8% share vs. 22.8% in FY2017, of these long term leases are up 24.5% to 23.004 and 14.7% share  whereas tactical sales, such as manufacturer self-registrations (-16.2% to 2.230) and demo sales (-1.9% to 21.570) now add up to just 15.2% of the market vs. 16.5% in FY2017. Similarly, short-term rental sales are down a harsh 16.2% to 16.532 or 10.5%, slightly below their FY2016 level of 11%. Diesel sales continue their descent to hell: after falling below 50% for the first time since 2000 last year at 47.3%, they plunge a further 12% in January to just 41.1% whereas petrol sales soar 16% to 52.6% vs. 47.6% over FY2017. Hybrid sales are up 19.5% to 4.7% share vs. 3.3% in FY2017, while PHEV sales shoot up 128% to 0.7%. Electric car sales on the other hand mark a pause at -42.6%, handicapped by the generation changeover of one of its best-sellers, the Nissan Leaf (-77%) as well as a particularly strong comparison base for the Renault Zoe (-61%) whose new 300km range variant launched exactly a year ago.

The new Duster (+53%) propels Dacia to 4th brand for the third time in history. 

Peugeot is the hero of this start of the year at home, soaring 10.5% to cross the 20% share milestone for the first time this decade at 20.1%. Private sales do even better at +19.4% to 14.905 thanks to the 208 (+31% to 4.747), #1 above the 2017 leader the Dacia Sandero (4.314) while company sales are up 38.6% to 10.800 units. Going against the market, Peugeot sees its diesel sales go up 3.4% to reach 22.6% market share thanks to the 3008, leader for this fuel segment with 5.003 sales above the Renault Clio at 3.929, and the 5008 ranking #7 in the segment (1.860). Peugeot (+17.9%) also leads petrol sales at 20.4% share vs. 16.4% for Renault (+24.7%). Renault which is relegated to #2 in the overall brands ranking like in January 2017, down 0.7% to 17.4% share and traditionally weak in start-of-period months after loading December with artificial sales. Fleet sales are up 11% to 9.419 but private sales are down 6.4% to 11.940. After falling to possibly its lowest share in 97 years last month and being outsold by Volkswagen for the first time, Citroen rallies back up 2.7% to 11%, its highest level in a year. Its private sales are up a very encouraging 15.2% year-on-year to 9.687 or 56% share vs. 49.2% for the market.

First Top 10 ranking for the Citroen C3 Aircross.

Low-cost brand Dacia has a historic month in January: up 14.3% to 6.3% share, it manages to snap the 4th spot overall for only the third time in French history after March 2010 and August 2017. Its private sales are up 4.2% to 7.944. Dacia is one of the rare brands that see their diesel sales progress: up 27.5% thanks to the Duster (+70%), sold at 90% in diesel. Volkswagen is in great difficulty this month at -17.7% to just 5.5% share, potentially its lowest this decade in France, with the Tiguan down 37%. Toyota on the other hand is in excellent shape, up 6.9% to hit a stunning 5.1% market share, its highest since August 2014 (5.6%). Its private sales do even better at +11% to 60.5% share.

The Toyota Yaris is the best-selling foreign nameplate in France this month.

Ford (-2.6%) sees its private sales drop 4%, its demo sales down 43% but its short-term rentals double. Opel posts exactly the same volume as January 2017, with private sales up 2.9% where the Crossland X is its best-seller above the Corsa. Fiat (+3.6%) is above Nissan (-5.6%) but its growth is artificial: lifted by demo sales up 19.7% and short-term rentals up 20.7% whereas its private sales are down 12.6%. BMW is the best-selling premium brand in France this month but is down 3 spots on December to #11 and down 10% year-on-year. It is followed by Audi imploding 28.3% and Mercedes up 39.4% but traditionally very weak in January at 1.8% share vs. 3.2% in FY2017. Mercedes is however the only of the three to see its diesel sales progress at +23% vs. -33% for BMW and -34% for Audi. Further down, Hyundai shoots up 17% thanks to private sales up 26.7%, Skoda is up 15% and Mini up 23.9%.

The Opel Grandland X breaks into the French Top 100 for the first time at #57…

Model-wise, the Renault Clio (+8%) and Peugeot 208 (+5.3%) are back on top like they have been over the past five years, but for the second time in the past three months, the Peugeot 3008/5008 tandem is the unofficial best-seller in France thanks to 9.800 deliveries vs. 9.397 for the Clio. The 3008 is up 30% to 4.7% share, a new record for the nameplate eclipsing the 4.4% from last November while the 5008 is up 620% to #16. The Citroen C3 is up 37% to a solid 4th pace, the Peugeot 2008 is down 7% to #5 above the Peugeot 308 (+0.02%), Dacia Sandero (-1%) and Renault Captur (+2%). Thanks to the arrival of the new generation in concessions (1.316 demo sales) the Dacia Duster is up 53% to #9, its second consecutive Top 10 placement and highest monthly ranking since July 2016 (#8).

…as does the Kia Stonic at #60.

Among recent launches (<12 months), the Citroen C3 Aircross is up 12 spots on December to post its first ever Top 10 at home at #10, and the next four best-sellers all beat their ranking record also: the Opel Crossland X is up 24 spots to #42, the Opel Grandland X up 47 to #57, the VW T-Roc up 27 to #58 and the Kia Stonic up 42 to #60. The Seat Arona (#81) and new gen Jeep Compass (#87) also lodge their very first Top 100 ranking in France. The locally-produced Toyota Yaris shoots up 32% year-on-year and 5 ranks on December to #11 and best-selling foreigner and, incredibly, the only one inside the Top 16, far above the VW Golf (#17), Polo (#18), Ford Fiesta (#19), Nissan Qashqai (#20) and Fiat 500 (#22).

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Italy January 2018: Fiat 500X repeats at #2, Jeep Compass soars to #11

The Fiat 500X is the 2nd best-seller at home for the 2nd month running.

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The Italian new car market is up 3.4% to 179.167 registrations in January, with company and rental sales the sole responsible for the year-on-year gain: private sales plunge 6.3% to 102.168 and 57% share vs. 63% a year ago whereas business sales shoot up 25.7% to 36.126 and 20.2% share vs. 16.6% in January 2017 and rental sales leap up 15.5% to 40.873 and 22.8% share vs. 20.4%. Short term rentals are up 26.2% to 16.379 and 9.1% share vs. 7.5% in 2017 while long term rentals, or leases, are up 9.3% to 24.494 and 13.7% share vs. 12.9%. Continuing a trend that goes against the rest of Europe, diesel sales are on the up in Italy at +3.8% to 98.988 units and 55.2% share whereas petrol sales are down 0.2% to 58.353 and 32.6% share. GPL is down 2% to 11.203, hybrids are up 51.1% to 7.154, methane sales are up 3.5% to 3.209 and electric vehicles are up 38.3% to a meagre 260 units. Sedans+hatches drop a harsh 8.1% to 88.885 and fall below 50% of the market at 49.6% vs. 55.8% a year ago whereas crossovers soar 39.7% to 48.988 and 27.3% share vs. 20.2% a year ago. 4x4s are up 21.8% to 17.185 and station wagons down 4.4% to 10.942.

The Jeep Compass ends January just 51 sales off a first Top 10 ranking in Italy.

Brand-wise, homegrown market leader Fiat records a 6th consecutive month below 20% share at 19.4% and a fourth year-on-year decline in a row at -8%. Volkswagen (+1%) and Ford (-1%) hang onto their FY2017 positions at #2 and #3 respectively, both lodging stronger market shares. Peugeot nudges up one spot to #4 thanks to sales up a very robust 15% on January 2017, distancing Renault (-5%) while Jeep (+108%), Citroen (+24%) and Audi (+17%) also post very impressive gains inside the Top 10. Below, Porsche (+55%), Suzuki (+45%), Tesla (+45%), Nissan (+34%), Skoda (+34%), Mazda (+33%), Alfa Romeo (+28%), DR Motor (+24%), Land Rover (+23%), Jaguar (+20%) are among the most dynamic brands for January but Infiniti (-66%), Lancia (-27%), DS (-26%), Honda (-25%), Maserati (-21%), Subaru (-21%) and Smart (-19%) are the hardest hit.

The Ford Fiesta and Citroen C3 are the best-selling foreign nameplates in Italy in January.

The Fiat Panda remains the best-seller at home but drops a steep 25% year-on-year to 6.3% share. The Fiat 500X surges 83% on January 2017 and manages to stay at a record 2nd place overall for the second month running and ever. In third position, the Ford Fiesta (+28%) reclaims the title of best-selling foreigner it used to hold annually until 2012. It is the first time since October 2016 that the Fiesta is the #1 foreign nameplate in Italy. It distances the Citroen C3 (+40%), itself outselling the foreign leader of the past 4 years, the Renault Clio (-27%), for the 4th consecutive month. The Fiat Tipo (+16%) ranks 5th overall thanks mainly to its station wagon variant representing 39% of its January deliveries.

First Italian Top 50 ranking for the VW T-Roc. All pictures 

After four months outside the Top 20, the Jeep Compass surges 22 spots to end January a mere 51 sales off a historical Top 10 outing at #11, distancing the Renegae (#13) for the first time. The Nissan Micra (+565%), Renault Kadjar (+102%), Dacia Duster (+65%), Peugeot 3008 (+61%), Ford Ka+ (+46%) and Opel Karl (+46%) post the largest year-on-year gains in the Top 50, while the Toyota C-HR breaks its ranking record at #26, the Opel Crossland X equals its highest ranking at #35 (also hit last October), the Alfa Romeo Stelvio records a third Top 50 ranking ever (after last July and November) and both the Citroen C3 Aircross (#38) and VW T-Roc (#46) break into the monthly Italian Top 50 for the very first time.

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Full January 2018 Top 45 All-brands and Top 50 models below.

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