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Switzerland September 2011: Honda Jazz and Nissan Juke shine

Nissan Juke

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The Swiss market is at +19% in September at 26,479 registrations and +8% year-to-date at 232,738 units. The September podium is identical to the 2011 year-to-date ranking with the VW Golf in the lead at 1,377 units and 5.2% share, ahead of the Skoda Octavia at 3.7% and the VW Polo at 2.6%. Volkswagen places 4 models in the Top 5: the Passat is #4 and the Touran #5.

Great performers in Switzerland this month also include the Honda Jazz at #7, the Mercedes C Class at #8, the Nissan Qashqai at #9, the Suzuki Swift at #11, the BMW 1 Series at #12 and the Nissan Juke at #14 (vs. #36 year-to-date).

Subaru WRX

In the year-to-date ranking, the BMW X3 is up 76 spots on 2010 at #37, the Dacia Duster is up 43 spots to #42, the Audi A1 up 71 spots to #44 and the Subaru WRX is up 129 spots to #84.

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Full September Top 15 and 9 months 2011 Top 120 Ranking Table below.

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  1. October 16th, 2011 at 06:36 | #1

    Hi Andrea! I´ve got your point and because my life philosophy is peace of mind (hate polemics) and be kind and correct to everybody, I would like to point out that when a say, and I´m going to quote the sentece you wrote “but too much VW propaganda” is due to same topic lines all about refering to VW and sometimes ignoring the other marques that have excellent sales all over the world such as Ford, Opel – G.M., Toyota, Nissan, Renault and so many other. I confess that I´m sick and tired of the VW group and I assure you that here in my country, Portugal, this marque is bad connected, was regarded as a disapointement (VW reliability is quite poor and what saves the marque is the tradition and the name image created a long time ago) in spite of beeing second best selling marque, ( a paradox) this only because the prices are quite attractive and a golf VI is cheaper here than a Focus or Mégane and we are through a huge economical and social crisis, almost in bankropt as Greece is. About the Italians be proud of their cars I still think they are not! The French are 100% chauvinistics and proud of their Renaults Peugeots and Citroens but the Italians aren´t at all about Fiat, Alfa and mainly lancia due to the problems these marques offered in the seventies and eigthies. Now the marques made fine cars that can compete with the Japanese, Germans or americans. As a Alfa fan since my childhood and my favourite car of all times is teh Alfa Giulia GT bertone which a rated as the worlds most beautiful car from all angles, I ´d like to see Italians give premacy to the Alfa 159 instead of the Audi A4, bmw serie 3 or Ford Mondeo or buying more lancias Deltas instead of Golfs. Everything imported from Germany is a must in Italy! You have to make sure and realize once for all times that you can do the same or better than other foreign products!!

  2. Andrea
    October 16th, 2011 at 02:26 | #2

    Hi Miguel,

    first of all let me state one thing clearly: I don’t want and don’t need to attack anyone, nor to be polemic :) I’m simply expressing my thoughts, just like you and any other people visiting this great website. I’ll take that “my idea is absurd”, but your statement “… but too much VW propaganda!!! It´s a fact.” led me to write whatever I wrote… of course, I may have just misunderstood.

    I’m Italian, yes, and (quite) proud of it and of the cars our lovely country churns out, but could you please explain better what you mean? I love Alfa Romeo as well and would consider to buy a Fiat if Fiat built the car that suits my requests best (which I did, actually – I own a Panda), but everyone has different tastes and needs… and anyway, Fiat is still the market leader in Italy and (I think) will always be. Let me know if you meant something different, I’ll be happy to reply.

  3. October 15th, 2011 at 09:36 | #3

    Andrea, with all respect, I just have two things to tell you: Obviously is not matt´s fault and I did not mention or even think about it. Your idea is absurd! The other, I supposed you´re Italian by the “Ciao” in the end, so I wonder, many years ago, why the Italians are not proud of their automobiles like the Germans, French, Americans, Japanese or Sweden!!!!!! You have great marques with charisma and history but prefer the foreig products! My favourite marque is Italian, is Alfa romeo since my childhood but honestely I feel quite sad to notice that this marque do not have acceptation in its own country!!! Be proud of your cars. Preserve your industry in actual crisis times.

    • matgasnier
      October 15th, 2011 at 12:23 | #4

      Hi Miguel,
      What is your favourite Portuguese car brand these days?

  4. Andrea
    October 15th, 2011 at 07:20 | #5

    @Miguel Figueira
    Propaganda? Is it Matt’s fault (if we can speak of “faults” here) if people all over Europe keep buying Volkswagen?

    He just does an awesome work in collecting datas, arranging them and giving out information, but I don’t think I ever heard him push VW in any other way then mentioning the Golf is #1, or whatever.


  5. Max
    October 15th, 2011 at 04:05 | #6

    Bad month for French cars.

  6. October 15th, 2011 at 00:11 | #7

    … As I already told you and forgive me if I´m repetitive, I´m a special fan of your site; good information, superior graphics, photos, presentation… but too much VW propaganda!!! It´s a fact.

  7. October 15th, 2011 at 00:08 | #8

    Well Matt, I think we are free to comment, or aren´t we?? I agree with you concerning to costumers choice but concerning to be reliable and weel designed I´m not at all! VW is one of the least reliable marques, see http://www.reliabilityindex.com. Audi is not strong in terms of reliability and design…?? Skoda suffers from a very weak legacy and Seat is a disaster!

  8. October 14th, 2011 at 18:08 | #9

    Two markets in Europe are monopolised by VW: the Swiss and Austrian. VW must have shares in those countries.

    • matgasnier
      October 14th, 2011 at 19:40 | #10

      Hi Miguel,
      You seem to make the same comment every month about VW being successful in Switzerland and Austria. How about it is because the consumers in these country appreciate the brand because they think their cars are reliable and well designed?

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